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Ghost Hacker

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4.6/5 (229 votes)

In the battle between man and machine, what side will you take? You are a human who has volunteered to be "digitized" in an effort to bring a halt to the rogue AIs that are plaguing cyberspace. But who can you really trust? CoreSector's tower defense strategy game is an engaging, addictive title with eye-catching aesthetics, upgrades, enemy types, and an interesting story to tell.

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Am I the only one who sent this in?


It won't load, I'm getting a blank screen. I'm using the latest version of flash so what gives?



Sorry about that bug. It seems to happen when you reload the game the second time.

I'll be releasing a fixed version soon for that but in the meantime I think you can fix it by clearing your Temporary Internet Files (Tools->Internet Options->Delete...). The save games should be unaffected.

Anyways, thanks for adding the game here. I'm a big fan of this site and it's an honor to finally see one of my games here.


Version 1.5 is now up.

Anonymous October 28, 2010 1:01 PM

It has been so long since I've played a tower defense game that didn't leave me wishing it was more fleshed out. I love the customizing system, then variety of enemies and upgrades, then way the money works, everything.
Truly great job. I am currently trying to get the little cube to show up next to every level, and the difficulty is pretty much perfect! Figuring out that level with the healing dudes in that little ring was like a puzzle more than a TD game. Keep up the great work!


Flawless tower defense game. I have nothing but good impressions on this one. The design is cool, the difficulty level is perfect, and so on. Also, it is presumably better programmed than your average flash game, because it never really slows down on my computer, whereas a lot of games do. Great work!


This TD is awesome! Totally agree with said by JIGuest and Mrc before me.


Thanks for fixing the issue so quickly. I really like TD games and this one has a pretty original concept. Reminds me of Tron :)


One of few TD games that I've ever actually beaten. A few of the levels provided a bit of a challenge, and what was particularly nice was the way you often had to strategically move towers instead of just setting stuff down and forgetting. My only qualm was that the last level was FAR too easy, even without using the brute force script.

The entire level could be easily finished by just adding a RGB sentry with splash, fork and the optimizer whenever you can. Nothing even makes it past the first curve if you do that.

Some of the levels were really neat, like the one with all the healers in the ring or the one with the enemies that crawled over the corrupted squares, and one particular one (the one with a short track, a lot of reapers and some stealth and super-users) drove me nuts because I just could not stop them from taking at least one. I eventually cheated and went back with the slow tower, and even that caused me some trouble.

The only thing I was sad about was that I didn't get a special surprise for winning with all the cubes intact. Other than that, fantastic!


This may be the tower defense game I've enjoyed most in the last year. Very fun.

I do have a couple of balance comments. I don't much mind that there are good and bad combinations of upgrades, since it seems like some of the skill in the game is working that out. But as far as I can tell, a lot of the base tower types aren't very useful, which is disappointing.

It seems like Sentry, Ping, and the slow tower are so much superior to the rest that it never makes sense to use anything else (besides Scanner when you have to due to stealthed enemies). Among other things, if the DPS stat is to be believed, Ping and Sentry are the highest DPS towers in addition to their incredibly good special effects and utility against difficult enemies. Particularly, it would be great if the high-end towers, like the two different kinds of laser towers, had more of a niche in the game.


Ah, agreed Epoch, I totally forgot that I never once used the beam or laser towers. I tried each and they just never seemed to be worth it for me. Sure you can upgrade them four times, but it still seemed like the slow and sentry towers were pretty much essential.


Version 1.8 is now up. Change log:

Version 1.6:

  • Minor bug fixes and balance changes

Version 1.7:

  • Minor bug fixes and balance changes

  • Improved the color randomization so that it can no longer generate two similar color sets in a row.

  • Added new monster mode with 3 bonus levels when you collect all the data cores

Version 1.8:

  • Added Easy skill level (+50 starting memory and +25% extra memory from enemies)

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for changing game speed.


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