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Escape Series #6: The Shack

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4.2/5 (211 votes)

Have you ever wanted to wake up mysteriously in some odd cabin in the woods as your next vacation? Of course not! That is just plain freaky and Shawn Tanner continues his escape series by testing your wits to escape this god forsaken lake-side cabin. Scrounge together whatever you can find to solve puzzles so you won't have to spend another second in this shady shack.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Escape Series #6: The Shack Walkthrough

The Beginning

  • The game starts out with you looking at an iron door with barred windows to each side. The door needs a key to unlock, so in the meantime, click to the left side of the screen.

  • The numbers "5 52" are painted on the wall, but notice the large gap between the two fives. A number belongs there so for now, pick up the gray rectangle directly below the first number five. It is a Morse code chart for use later. There is also a gray panel that is currently locked. Forget it and head back to the door.

Windowed Wall of the Shack

  • Head to the door's right side, and you will see a lighthouse through a window, a large white poster, a Morse Code machine, and a blank screen. Pull down the curtain on the window and notice there is a section cut out of it.

  • Head back to where the painted numbers are and notice the missing number is a seven. Write that sequence so you can use it later. You should make your way back to the window and white poster wall. Zoom in on the white poster for a clearer picture.

White Poster with the Secret Message

  • You can read the poster, but hopefully you noticed the tiny red text written on the black bars of the SOS Morse Code sequence. Zoom in on it for a better look. The inscription reads that you will get a secret message if you count every ten letters from the first one in the poster's text.

  • Zoom out from the text, read the poster's text and write down each tenth letter you come across. The secret message should say:


  • The spaces in the phrase are provided for easier reading. That phrase will be necessary for solving the Morse code puzzle. Zoom out from the poster and zoom in on the Morse code device and screen.

Morse Code Puzzle

  • Notice the little metal 'x' object near the play button. Grab it for use later in another puzzle.

  • Now it is time to tap out the secret phrase you found into the machine. You can refer to the Morse code sheet or look into the next spoiler so you won't have to keep checking the sheet for the right 'dot and bar' sequences. A dot or 'dit' is done by a quick click on the lever while a bar or 'dah' is produced by clicking and holding the click for a second.

    • H = **** or four taps

    • E = * or a single tap

    • L = *-** or tap, hold, two taps

    • P = *--* or tap, two holds, tap

    • I = ** or two taps

    • S = *** or three taps

    • O = --- or three holds

    • N = -* or hold, tap

    • T = - or hold

    • H = **** or four taps

    • E = * or a tap

    • W = *-- or a tap and two holds

    • A = *- or a tap and a hold

    • Y = -*-- or a hold, a tap, and two holds

  • Once the phrase is tapped in properly, a small key will pop out from the bottom right corner ot the screen. Take it, zoom out from the machine, and to your right.

Back Wall of the Shack

  • You are facing a map with a lighthouse, rocks, and a boat on it. There is also a fuse box to the left of that and a battery sitting on the ground near the fuse box. Grab the battery and zoom in on the fuse box. Notice the green wire to the right side of the box and grab it.

Fuse Box Puzzle

  • There are four dials on the box that must be adjusted for the box to open up. The arrows indicate the way in which each dial should be rotated, but they only rotate in a clockwise fashion. Keep that in mind when solving the other dials.

    1. First, click on the leftmost dial once to get it in the correct postion. The sun image should be at the top of the triangle.

    2. Using the position of the first dial, do not click on the second dial because the moon image should be the point of the triangle.

    3. On the third dial, click twice so the star image is at the top of the triangle.

    4. On the final dial, click it twice so the moon image is at the top of the triangle.

  • The red light should turn green and click on the color to open the door.

The Circuitry Puzzle

  • All the power is going to the Morse code screen so the left green circle is lit. Redirect the circuits' energy so the right side green circle is glowing. You can do that by clicking on the gray switches so the energy goes on a different path. I will label each circuit switch with a letter starting at A. The picture will show which circuit switch is which.

  • Screenshot

    1. Click on A.

    2. Leave B alone.

    3. Click on C.

    4. Leave D alone.

    5. Click on E.

    6. Leave F alone.

    7. Click on G.

    8. Click on H.

  • The power should be redirected now to be used on the next puzzle. Zoom out from the fuse box and zoom in on the sea chart.

The Locked Safe Box

  • Use the small key on the keyhole in the lighthouse to the left side of the chart. A yellow key is inside of it, so grab it once the door is open. Head back to the front of the shack where the door is and use the yellow key on the door's knob.

  • You will now be outside on the dock and a lock box will on your left side. Zoom in on the lock box and type in the number code you wrote down from painted numbers and hit enter. Take everything you find in the safe (which includes another repeater and two various sized light bulbs. head back to the sea chart on the shack's back wall.

Sea Chart Puzzle

  • Grab the three other repeaters sitting on the bottom left of the sea chart. Click on the smaller light bulb and place inside the top of the mini lighthouse. Do that by clicking the yellow area of the lighthouse's top. Place the repeaters on the circular spots on the board so the light beam will shine on the boat. A picture is provided to show where they should be put.

  • Screenshot

  • Notice a beam of light shooting out the top of the ship. The locked gray panel from earlier will be unlocked, so zoom out and head to your left. Click on the gray panel and you will be taken underneath the shack.

Seeing in the Dark

  • You see a boat in the darkness, but it is too dark for you to get in it. You will need to combine the items you have to create some type of light source.

    • Combine the wire and the battery to form a Wired Battery.

    • Combine the wired battery and the big light blub to create a Makeshift Flashlight.

  • Click on your Makeshift Flashlight and click on the boat with it. The boat will be illuminated so click on it and get the heck out of this shack.

  • You have escaped the shack!


janetivey00 April 25, 2012 9:07 PM

Yah! I have never been first one in. I will be absolutely NO help :)

dylpickles April 25, 2012 9:27 PM

Short and sweet. Very nice.

merchantfan April 26, 2012 12:09 AM

I had an issue where I redirected the power before solving the Morse Code puzzle and then couldn't finish it or get the key.


Merchantfan, so direct it back.


I made the same mistake the first time I played.

You can return the power to the telegraph by lighting the left green bulb in the fuse box again.


Did any one else notice the face in the left hand wall at the end!?

Neutral0814 April 26, 2012 4:36 PM

I'm so glad to see a brand new excitement after such a long time from my escape series favorite.

sgtdroopy April 27, 2012 9:48 AM

I had to force the lock on the safe outside. I could not find a clue telling me what it as supposed to be, and the walkthrough here is also missing that information. -.-

sgtdroopy April 29, 2012 8:39 AM

Indeed I did, in a sense, sorry about that, Bryan!

I just skimmed them and somehow missed the curtain part, and was also looking for the number X and not the word ex.


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