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The gang is back... plus one! Our heroes from the last game have been helping themselves to everything not nailed down and on fire, but are they to blame for the theft of a village's prized jewel? In this quirky, cheeky turn-based RPG, bow-wielding Anna joins the team to conquer more enemies in challenging, strategic battles and face down even more weirdness than ever before.

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LightWarriorK March 11, 2013 1:14 PM

And my work ethic.....disappears!


I found this 5 days ago, and I think I'm a little past halfway through (I just beat the third boss, and now I'm going to finish the optional area before heading for the third city). It seems to be a bit easier than EBF3, or maybe that's just because I'm already familiar with the mechanics, but I'm playing on Epic difficulty and it's merely challenging.

My strategies:

Keep a list of what you need for quests, so you don't accidentally use rare items for upgrades (silk is especially hard to find early in the game).

Assign specials so each ally has as many different options as possible for attack elements and support spells.

When you reach a boss, teleport back to the starting village and re-clear all the places you've visited so far. This should refill the limit break bars and give you enough extra skill points and items for upgrades to make the boss manageable, even on epic.


How do you open the secret doors in the waste disposal plant? There is a list of numbered switches, but I cannot seem to turn them all on or all off without getting stuck in a room.


Scotty - you can't do it until fairly late in the game, after reaching the desert area. Just south of the Temple of Godcat entrance is a door (and switch 10), which lets you back in to the correct area. Use that, the entrance from crystal caverns, and the doors in Whitefall town (you have to re-open one with one of the batteries you were using inside the factory), and you should be able to get to all the areas you need to get just the right switches flipped.

yara.hasa March 14, 2013 9:27 AM

Hey, i have trouble reaching the boss rafflesia, please help!


Thanks Vinca, but how do you get switch II on? It boxes you in and you cannot leave.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkrbUZqwhb6FRIHSyIfAN3Qt4C0RWLOM5c March 15, 2013 4:39 AM

hey scotty, if you have the hammer, you can break the stone and there is a tile hidden behind the left barrel you can walk on to get by, i forgot it was there a bunch of times and thought i was stuck haha


Finally! Wait...I don't have a copper brass key!

bluegriffin18 March 17, 2013 2:21 AM

Can someone help me out?

I can't seem to find the second chocolate cornet for a Stephenie's quest. I know there was one in the market, but I used that for another cpu's quest.

Also can someone tell me what the creature between a big muddy bush and a dark bush is and where to find it? It's the only creature I'm missing.


mrsquigz March 18, 2013 2:43 PM

i need to get the ladder. i am desperatly stuck in deep crap. plz tell me how. ;] also, how do u get in the desert place properly?


I need a copper/brass key. I must have missed one. Where are all of them?


Scotty Coleman

I wen through that frustration as well. You cannot get to the last switch until you are way past the jungle.


that would be a red bush, it looks like dried leaves.

mrsquigz, (ladder)

if you are not to the desert then you will not have a ladder yet. You need to go through the jungle in the upper left first, then the cave, then more jungle, then you will find it on the beach/desert

There are several pieces of ladder

For future reference if you want help you need to be more specific as to where you are at in the game and what you need. IF you just say you need a key, that doesn't mean much, you could be

in the first area of the game where there are no keys

and I could be giving you advice to find something in an are you have not even been to yet.


mrsquigz, (ladder)

I take that back you only need one ladder, I had just received it and not used it when I wrote the comment. You can find it a bit after you get to the ocean.



Whitefall Town, Rare Food and Item Shop, On the drawer by the crybaby NPC (1 Cake, 1 Ham, 1 Chocolate Cornet)


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