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Dopaminium: The Heal Journey

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3.9/5 (158 votes)

The human mind is a very complex thing. A very complex, bizarre, fragile thing which sometimes malfunctions and starts creating all manner of horrors. What horrors, you ask? Step right into Dopaminium: The Heal Journey and see for yourself. In this surreal point-and-click experience, you'll go through different departments of the mind, try to mend an ailing psyche and get utterly creeped out.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Dopaminium: The Heal Journey Walkthrough


  • Open the drawer, take the matches.

  • Use the matches to light the fire underneath the bottle on the stove.

  • Open the other drawer, take the syringe.

  • Use the syringe above the stove, get the handle.

  • Put the handle on the big box/cupboard to the right.

  • Light a fire under the bottle with the matches again.

  • Now you can click on the handle to open the box. Take the huge pair of frilly underwear.

  • Hang the underwear on the hook on the ceiling. When the terror teddy falls out, click on it and take the first pill.


  • Open all the cupboards (one on the left, two in the middle, one on the right). Take the green ball from the left cupboard.

  • Use the green ball on the table.

  • Click on the coloured panes on the ceiling. There is the red one, then a yellow one will appear, then green.

  • Click on the top compartment of the cupboard on the right.

  • Click on the seat of the chair, the astronaut will appear.

  • Move the astronaut until his flames are just above the alien�s eyes. Wait for the alien�s eyes to turn orange. Click on the astronaut to get the next pill.


  • Put all the objects you see on the ground (six in total) in the middle of the room, and they will form a person, sort of.

  • Grey signs will start appearing on the tiles on the wall. Click on the tiles to reveal a face, eyes, a nose, a mouth and a light bulb.

  • Put all the features where the person�s head should be.

  • Put the light bulb in the person�s hand. Click on the light bulb. When the weird creature appears and reaches the circle in the middle of the room, click on it to get the next pill.


  • Wait until the big ball comes above the plum thingy, then click on the ball.

  • Click on the ball again when it�s in the middle of the plum thingy.

  • Add three little clouds to the big one.

  • When the boat stops moving, take the stem from the plum and put it on the boat. Do the same with the leaf and the cloud.

  • When the freaky grey heap appears, click on it to receive a pill.


  • Click on the left drawer in the end table to the left, take the slipper.

  • Click on the sixth leaf on the left side of the branch on the wall.

  • To the left of the branch, on the wall, there is something that looks like two white twigs. Click on them, they turn out to be antlers.

  • Click and drag the skull on the left wall until it�s upright.

  • Put the antlers and the leaf on the skull. Take the weird little skeleton.

  • Put the weird little skeleton into the clock.

  • Put the slippers into the bear�s hand, then click on it to get a pill.


  • Click on the little door at the bottom of the left wall to get a locked box.

  • Click on the picture on the left wall to get the disc and again to make the string fall to the floor.

  • Push the upper button on the right wall next to the lift door. Pop all the balloons and get one.

  • Remember the sequence you see on the floor, then press the button next to the lift door again, and repeat the sequence on the lights to the left of the door. Take the freakish snail.

  • Fish are swimming around the ceiling. Wait until the reddish fish comes, then click on the key it�s carrying.

  • Use the key on the locked box.

  • Put the disc into the box.

  • When the fly lands on the head of the statue in the middle of the room, use the freakish snail on it.

  • Click on the egg that is in the mouth of the second head on the statue. Click on the mouth again to get a needle.

  • Put the balloon on the string, then pop it with the needle. Click on the strange folks to get your pill.


  • Click twice on the big valve on the left wall.

  • Click on the door on the far wall to get a light bulb.

  • Put the light bulb into the socket at the end of the long tube.

  • Take three long thin blue candles. They are sort of hidden: one is on the floor between two planks, the other two in the grooves on the wall on the left and on the ceiling to the right.

  • Click on the valve on the left wall again, then in the middle of the flower. Take the cocoon that comes out of it.

  • Place the cocoon on the object with a lot of holes on the floor. Click on it to get a butterfly.

  • Click on the two buttons on the butterfly�s wings, then put them opposite the three buttons on the window. Wait for the fish and the spongy thing to appear.

  • Stick the candles into the fish.

  • Click on the spongy thing to get a piece of it.

  • Click on the piano keys until the third one falls through the floor. Put the spongy part in the hole.

  • Click on the piano keys until the floor opens up and reveals the big elephant creature. Click on it to get the last pill.


  • Put all the pills into the bottle and click on the brain for the final scene.


That was, um, interesting. Beautiful art, but hard to call it a "game," since in almost all cases, there's no logic to the puzzles.


A work of art, some of it reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch. I found it more straightforward to play than most room escape games -- whatever that tells you about the workings of my mind! ;)


When at the Phobia part, after I put all the parts on the "face" the light bulb lights up when putting near hand, but will not do anything, is it a glitch?



Nevermind, I was missing the nose- Got it!

Thanks anyway


i just luv weird stuff like this! thank you :)


I'd love it if someone with a psych background could expound on this. The labels almost detracted, as I kept thinking they had nothing to do with the presentation. Might even be better with no labels. A couple of scenes might have had connections, but it was random enough to be coincidental, whether real or surreal or un-real.

coronacoreanici October 15, 2013 7:46 PM

How the hell did this get a G rating?


While I love surreal games like this, trying to connect it to mental disorders doesn't make lots of sense, especially since a lot of the rooms didn't have any clear connection to the disorder and the level names weren't good descriptions of the disorder (maybe there was some translation issue?)
Anyway, as a showcase for the art style it's pretty cool.

merchantfan October 15, 2013 8:46 PM

Seems to be bugged around paranoia. Nice imagery, though could have been better if actually connected to psychological concepts.


A slightly Gilliam-esque bit of weird. If it were a bit more cohesively linked to the psychological themes it would have been great.


Well, I agree with someone who said the rooms didn't have any connection with the desorder. EXCEPT for the paranoia.
That face looking at me in the center of the room REALLY let me paranoid!

darksilvermoon5 October 17, 2013 7:54 PM

Phobia: The items seemed to be linked to certain fears, although that may be cutting it kind of close. The guy on the chair was most certainly frightening. The big thing is that the creature at the end, for me at least, seemed to resemble death and the afterlife.

Paranoia: The room comes with two different views: lights on, lights off. One form of paranoia is thinking that people are hiding things from you.

Dementia: You are not given any tune to play on the piano, you just hit the keys aimlessly as if you no longer remember how to play.

Those were the only levels where I felt a strong connection, but I don't know a lot about psychology.

jwo7777777 October 17, 2013 10:57 PM

Here is the deep message I got from each of the rooms and the game as a whole:

Someone who is not me is really weird. I got absolutely nothing from this disconnected mishmash of an attempt to convey meaning ... or art ... or whatever ...


As the "story" screen indicates, this game has no coherent story--but it's still beautiful. Not everything in this world has to make sense in order to be appreciated.


I can see how some parts might be linked to the disorders the room was named for.

For example, the bear creature (which I have to say, is terrifying) in hallucinations could be a representation of a visual and auditory hallucination.

Others though, not quite so much. To me, the room for mania felt like it fit better for delusions or hallucinations.

The worst part was the descriptions of each of the 'disorders'. They were not medically correct in any way (it felt more like intentionally chosen, random words put together to add to the surreal theme). The description for hallucinations, 'unrealisable dreams', might have fit under delusions instead. 'Ravings' is also inaccurate and does not do good things for stigma.

I think this game just really wanted to blow your mind with surrealism and thought that it'd throw mental health issues into the mix to make it cool and have some deeper meaning.

I felt no emotional reaction or any sense of "Oh wow, that is really what it's like" when playing this. Other games have portrayed mental illness so much more accurately than this game (eg. The Cat Lady, Knock Knock). It's that sense of a slightly (or not so slightly) unhinged mind that this game is trying to create but failing completely. The creator seems to have simply equated it with surrealism. Mental illness could well be explored through such a theme; it's just not done well here.

As someone who volunteers on a committee specifically created to increase awareness about mental health and reduce stigma, I can't helped being really annoyed that a game which chose to 'explore' mental illness didn't even do it accurately.

If this had been just a game which didn't pretend to have a 'story', it might have worked better.

iamPurryCat October 25, 2013 10:22 PM

What a super inventive, amazing experience Dopaminium is! Not knowing if it''s savable and wanting to be sure to enjoy every unique and humorous part of it. I won't mind keeping my browser opened, now night-3, until the very end. I've handed a bear a pair of shoes. Excellent! Wonderfully entertaining- a well thought out game.


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