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Dolphin Olympics 2

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We are big fans of the original Dolphin Olympics and this sequel does not disappoint. Although the mechanic and aim of the game are pretty much the same, this has a slightly different look to it, with significantly more detail added to the sea bed and background. Once again, the challenge is in chaining together strings of successive tricks to boost your multiplier and amass some impressive scores. And the trick to that is ensuring that your re-entry to the water is perfect every time. Now other sea creatures will interact with you. In fact, you can earn more points by getting other fish to follow your lead and jump out of the water. There are some new tricks and secrets to discover as you try to swim, leap and tail-slide yourself onto the high score board.

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Loving this as much as the original.


Awesome little game, with a surprising amount of depth! Thanks for pointing it out!


Well, this is nice. However, I'm having trouble getting good height. The tailsliding trick seems to have disappeared since the last Dolphin game, which is fine by me because I never got the hang of it. Any advice on getting some height?


Nooooooo!!! The tailslide mechanics are totally different. I can tailslide, but when I try to flip out of it (and go soaring) by pressing either the right or left arrow button, nothing happens. This makes me a sad dolphin. I was so excited when I saw this sequel; why change the best part of the game?


Oh my god I loved the original, so I'm super excited about this, especially the free swim mode. Love, love, love!

sesquiped August 22, 2007 4:11 PM

So far it seems like there have been some nice additions. I am missing the tail slide boost.


Woooo, sequel!!

Imagine sailors on a boat, and then all of a sudden a dolphin flies out into outer space. "So long, and thanks for all the fish!!!" Hehe.

Either way, I especially like free mode, and outer space. Great physics!
And yet, the leaderboards are already insanely high...


I made it all the way up to Jupiter in free mode but when i smacked into the ocean floor, the game broke and i couldn't do anything!

it also seems that when i space tail slid, whenever i hold accelerate i go faster and faster and faster!

awesome game though, loved the first.


There's a small bug in the game: if you get a group of fish to follow you, say 5 or 6 of them, and you attempt a tailslide occasionally the game sticks a little and the fish repeatedly jump in and out of the water. The cool thing about it, though, is that the game interprets it as if you did a tailslide with maybe 30 or 40 fish, and that gives you a lot of points. You can get a good 100,000 points or so without leaving the water (kind of).


Hah, I can't believe I didn't see the obvious connection to Hitchiker's Guide!


The tailslide speed boost IS still present, it's just a little harder to pull off.

Approach at a decent speed-- maybe two or three jumps to start. JUST BEFORE hitting the surface, LET GO of accelerate (up arrow) and hold down tailslide (down arrow). Wait JUST long enough to hear the dolphin talk to you, then LET GO of tailslide, TAP accelerate, then HOLD accelerate.

The first press of up arrow while in a tailslide breaks the tailslide, but does NOT count as acceleration EVEN IF you keep holding it. This is why you TAP to break the tailslide, then press it again and HOLD for the acceleration- if you don't, you're likely to lose more speed than you gain.

Once you're above the moon, you can get 'starslide'. As a rule, to get starslide, simply keep your dolphin at the same angle you used to approach the surface, and keep holding tailslide (down arrow) until you begin to fall. After the second or third time, you'll hear the tailslide sound and your dolphgin will follow a pretty trail of stars.

Beware- the trail can flip your dolphin around so that you're suddenly going left instead of right.

The first time you starslide, you'll get a little rainbowy echo behind your dolphin. Every time after that the rainbowy echo will get stronger. This echo DRASTICALLY increases the speed effect of your tailslide jumps from the water.

After 3-4 starslides, a tailslide jump out of the water will shoot you fast enough that you won't see the celebration, you'll get a brief glimpse of the first four planets in about as many frames, you'll pass a few blue planets and then shoot off into what may be unending stars.

It's possible there's something higher, but it seems impossible for me to tell- once you go that fast and high, by the time you reach the water again you're going just as fast as you left it; that is, fast enough that you pass through the ocean to the floor in a frame or two.

A couple times I have hit the ocean floor so hard I *bounced*, immobile, OUT of the water up to just below celebration, and back in again. (One of those times I managed to actually hit a speed ring on this bounce, and shot up further to the celebration-- immobile still-- before I fell back down and hit the ocean floor again.

Of course, this is in free swim. It takes me about 16-18 jumps to reach the first starslide, which seems to eat up almost all of the 2 minute mode. Anyone know how to do that better than just a tailslide chain?

Ace_NoOne August 23, 2007 2:32 AM

Has anyone tried this on the Wii?
So far I've refused to pay for the Internet Channel, but this might be worth it...


Ace_NoOne, the Wiimote doesn't have arrow keys... The D-pad scrolls the page, so no luck with that, either.
Unless there's something I'm missing, that is.

Maybe some sort of Keyboard for the Wii would help, though.


Wow. Amazing game. Glad I finally got a TypeKey identity too. Well then. I get the feeling that once again, I'm a little fish in a big ocean (if you'll pardon the pun).
Just starting off here. Thanks for the tailslide tip, it really works. But I still haven't figured out how to get waaayy up there in two minutes.


Actually, there *is* a way..I discovered in free swim that if you an catch a speed ring on your first jump, it reduces the number needed by about five if you do everything you can, (e.g. wraparounds, always landing well, both rolling and flipping at the same time, that sort of thing) and if you catch another couple of rings, you're set.


Can't figure out the tailslide acceleration thing to save my life. I can slide, but then when I try to double tap, I just stay put and then belly-flop (or back-flop) onto the water. Maybe it's firefox?


God, I love this game.

Goda Netoan August 24, 2007 12:16 AM

I liked this game, but I personally like the first one alot more. The star rings messed me up more than a few times. Good game, but loved the original.


Is anyone else having trouble with really horrible slowdown? Particularly when exiting or entering the water?

I really want to play this game, but right now it's unplayable :(


Umm, have you tried landing correctly? I'm not trying to patronize here, just wondering whether it's simple or if it's a lag frag (my term for when a game crashes or stops because of lag).


I have to say, I prefer the first game's look over this one - the vector graphic style was so clean, charming and easy on the eye, which made the game really stand out. The additions, especially free swim, are great, but I'd like to play them on the original game.


The real secret to getting ridiculous speed in this game lies in one thing and one thing alone: the star slides.

Specifically this, when you go around a loop, at the top of the loop, double tap jump as if you were using the tail slide boost and you'll get a tremendous amount of speed, you can catch a couple of them on the way up and you'll rocket *way* past saturn on your first try.

At least, that's what I noticed.


I like this game but im kind of mad that there is some fruity glitch in this game. Sometimes when i start doing a flip, the dolphin wont stop, i screw up hit the water, and out 5 minutes of work to get really high up is blown to heck. If anyone knows how to solve this, could you let me know? It's really frustrating...


Love this game. I impressed myself by getting a 45 move combo on my first try...

Second try, I got to mars (and screwed up directly afterwards)...

A great game. I won't rest until I've done everything!


Make that a 130-move combo in the two-minute mode...
How the heck do people get so high in the free mode? My reactions just aren't good enough to turn around before I hit the sea floor...


I found it unplayably laggy in Firefox (even with detail turned all the way down), but it runs must smoother in IE. (shrug)


Wow! This game is addicting!

When I first started playing, I thought it was pretty boring... but I kept coming back for more!

In fact, once you learn how to star-slide and do the tail-jump boost, you're set for the entire game.

To do the tail jump boost, simply approach the surface of the water nearly horizontally, and cancel the tail slide by pressing up immediately. You'll get a boost in speed! (Be extra careful to approach as horizontal as possible... It seems all vertical speed is lost once you tail slide)

Using this technique, you can get above the moon at 1:10 , and start abusing the star-slides. The last landmark I saw was

the 'Restaurant at the end of the Universe'. which is located at about 2000m height. The bonus was 'So long and thanks for all the flips', worth 2 million bonus points!

For high scoring, the star-slide is key. Try to find a pattern in the star-slides so you can link them together easily, and rack up lots of momentum.

Using just these two techniques, I was able to score 6th on high scores list.

Check it out, 190 million!
Number 6 on highscores!

Cheers, Zhus

Ripperdoc August 27, 2007 4:16 PM

Does anyone how to get the Carnival trick? I did it out of sheer luck and cannot remember how.


A Carnival seems to happen when...

... you execute at least one front flip or back flip and you are continuously flipping from the time you leave the water until the time you perfectly re-enter it.


I suggested this!

One thing I want to know, is how to do all of the moves.

alitlweird August 29, 2007 10:00 PM

i was just reminiscing about dolphin olympics the other day when i came across this wonderful sequel! it seems however, that i was able to fly faster, longer, higher on the original. i cant seem to get above "nebulous" on "2" (and that was in "free swim" mode). this is going to require much practice. im skipping church tonight just to play...


I've been writing down some of the tricks. Hope this helps you get to the top somehow; personaly im still having trouble getting arround the patterns in the starslide thing and always end up going one side instead of up and high.


::50 Nice entry: hit the surface in the correct angle (that is the one the waterdrops or the rainbow trails do)
::150 Schooled: get one fish to follow you
::150 Corkscrew: just hit down while on the air
::250 Extesion: go through the boost rings
::300 Reversal: haven't quite figured how to do it although i get it quite a few times. Has to do with changing direction right when you hit the surface or something.
::500 Front flip & back flip: just hit right (front) or left (back) while on the air.
::600 Wraparound: hit the surface and get out while pressing all the way only right or left (no tailslide boost allowed).
::750 Frontside rewind & backside rewind: once finished one front or back flip start pushing the other direction untill you get another full back or front flip (plus the rewind one, two tricks at the same time)
::1000 Firecracker!: get high up to the firecrakers.
::1500 Carnival: keep fliping one side all the way (nonstop)through the air and land nicely.
::2500 Apollo 18!: get high up to the moon.
::5000 Mission to Mars!: get high up to mars.
::10000 Nebulous: get high up to the nebulous thing.
::15000 School's out: get seven or more fishes to follow you (this one is fun to do at the begining; get about ten fishes and on the way down pass through them so they follow you again and get another school's out; can be done up to four times easily)
:: Wandering star: get high up to Jupiter (thats a long way). I haven't figured yet how much this one is worth since I dont look the score when im going so fast to reach there, but i gess it's a lot ;D
:: 2mill So long and thanks for all the flips: Zhus posted this one before and since he (or she) is still up there in the ranking we should trus this information.
:: Tailslide: aproach the surface almost horizontaly, hit down. Tap up when you feel like your slide has been enough, and push again up to keep going. The bonus depends on how long your tailslide is.
:: Starslide: once you pass the moon there are star trails; if you happen to pass through one, hit down and the dolphin will follow it. Push up whenever you get tired of looping through the trail. Bonus depends on how long your starslide is.

The scoring system:

Left side shows the bonus acumulated by doing tricks (add all of the above as many times as you performed them).
Tailslides and starslides increase the bonus depending on how long your slides are. keep in mind that starslides are way better than tailslides.
Right side is the multiplier: each time you do a new trick it increases by one; if its the second time you've done that trick it increases 0.5; third time 0.33; fourth 0.25; fifht 0.20 and so on (hope you saw the fractions pattern)

Some tips:

My best score is below 7 million so i gess someone else should be writing this, but here it goes:
::Things that speed you up: do tricks
::Things that boost your speed faster: the boost rings (for a while), the tailslide (if you get out of it in less than seconds), and the starslide (this one is the key, and learning where to let go of the startrail is the way to get to the highest bonuses)
::Things that slow you down: both the slides eat your energy fast, sol you might consider gettign out of them as soon as possible.
::Sliding:: The tailslide boost has to be done as fast as you can, while the starslide one(remmeber this one is the key to the game) should be done when you're up in the loops. Theres more: pressing down while on water slows you down, but also keeps the bonus intact; so you should practise on the tailslide a lot until you get to the point where the bonus is still there, you dont get slow while on water and get out of the tailslide fast enough.
::Things that get you more bonus: do tricks, of course, but not always the same flip, keep them balanced or the multiplier wont grow much. Some advise: do both the rewinds while on the air (instead of just 500 for a flip you get 750+500=1250 for every flip, except the first one which is 500).

And some stuff i'd like to be answered:
Does pressing up while on air actually speeds you up, does it increase the horizontal speed or what? should i be corkscrewing while fliping on the air so i get more bonus (and easier chances to starslide randomly) or should i be pressing up so i gain more speed.

Well thats all i've discovered. I really hope i finally figure it all out so i can rest and leave this adicting game for good ;D


Hi guys!

I was wrong about the final bonus

'So long and thanks for all the flips'. After checking a few times, its only 1 million. As for the other bonuses, I'll list them out:
'Apollo 18' = Moon
'Mission to Mars' = Mars
'Nebulous' = Nebula... Should be the asteroid belt though :P
'Wandering Star' = Jupiter
'Ringer!' = Saturn
'Wizard Eye' = Neptune... this should be Uranus :P
'Passing Gas' = Uranus :: 250,000pts
'New Horizons' = Pluto :: 500,000 pts
'So Long and Thanks for all the Flips' = Diner (Restaurant at the end of the Universe) :: 1 million
I don't remember the values for the lower planets since they go by so fast.

As for the secret to high scoring, its pretty simple. Don't hang onto the star slides. Jump immediately to reach as high an altitude as possible. After each landmark, there is an accompanying starslide, so you can use these to conveniently rocket yourself upwards. These starslides have the same pattern game from game, so recognize them and figure out the optimal times to chain jumps together.

Use this altitude to build up speed on re-entering the water without hitting rock bottom (well, sandy bottom). The hardest part of this game is avoiding hitting the bottom after falling back down from Pluto (You've got less than 100 ms to react in time... so get ready!). To accomplish this, your dolphin's velocity needs to be mainly horizontal, such that you have the maximal time to recover from the downwards motion. If your dolphin enters the water at an angle greater than 45 degrees, you won't have enough time to recover from a fall from Pluto.

Why is it important to build up speed? The reason is the way the tail slide boost works. It multiplies your initial speed by a factor determined by the number of times you have performed the star slide. You can triple your initial speed from just one tail slide boost! This is the only way to get to the final landmark... and way way beyond to the endless expanse of space!

As you've probably guessed, scoring in this game is non linear. There are a few key plateaus that I've noticed in my scoring... My scores gravitate either at 1M, 10M, 50M, 90M, 160M, and recently 220M. The score is pretty much determined by luck (i.e. If I got a boost ring in the first 10 seconds).

And I've got to hand it to those Brazilians, they sure dominate at this game. I have no idea how 'Arth', the current score leader manages a 250M score...


ryguy5357 August 30, 2007 6:34 PM

Zhus heres a tip to pay you back for yours
if you look for a chain of boost rings and restart youll be at them again with full time

knowing this i still can only get a max of 9 mill :(


Anyone else having the problem that you cannot stop your flips either in or out of water!?

Very annoying

LOVED the first game, a lot less buggy. Any plans on adding free swim to that?

RyGuy5357 August 31, 2007 8:33 PM

Another tip for more experienced players

is when you're coming down form Pluto stop pressing up and hold DOWN this will greatly increase your chances of survival


BV i think i know what ur problem with the game is its caused by holding a key and minusing or pausing if u have any programs that might place themselves ontop of it for a second that might be the problem


Wow, I'm pretty hopelessly-addicted to this game. I can't think of a JiG recommendation that I've come back to so often... I think the level of difficulty is just right so that I learn a little something new every time I play, so I have to go back and try it again.

I don't know if anyone else is still banging their head against a wall trying to get the tailslide speed-boost, but I wanted to note that you very well might be getting it without realizing it. _I_ thought that the whole "do a tiny tailslide then hit up twice" wasn't doing anything for me, but I was forgetting that most of my speed was horizontal, at that point -- if you take off straight up for your next jump, you notice the difference. Also, I've found that the speed boost is much more noticeable when you've already got a few high jumps under your belt (i.e. at least to Mars) than when you're just starting off.


I love Dolphin Olympics 2--but for the last couple of days have been unable access it. The sounds load, but nothing shows. I can load the other Rawkins games no problem. Any ideas?


This game is killing my wrist. I have gotten as high up as 110 million, but cannot seem to catch the starslide next to Pluto (it must be smaller than the others). I also can't figure out how to take advantage of the slide patterns when they whizz by so fast!
What a horribly addictive game.


For those of you having the loading problem its from playing on IE and then firefox or other way


I can't give this up. So I've made a bit of a breakthrough that pushed my maximum score from 5 million up to about 30 million. This has been out so long that I doubt this is a spoiler, but I'll put it in spoiler tags anyway:

I believe that many posters have alluded to this: you can get an incredible speed boost from your tailslide out of the water, but not immediately. I've found that, after I've been on a couple of starslides (and have rainbow dolphins flying out of me), that's the time to approach the surface as close to horizontal as possible while holding down -- the second you hear your dolphin talking, hit up twice, and you'll burst upwards. Since you took off at such a shallow angle, the starslides will be flying by you, but so long as you hold down, you'll catch them. I'm not sure if there's a more sophisticated way of dealing with the starslides, but all I do is IMMEDIATELY hit up as soon as I've caught one, then hold down again, then IMMEDIATELY hit up at the next one, etc., and you'll be propelled up soooo friggin' high. I always find that I don't reach this point until after the timer has run out (but the score continues to accumulate until you hit the water), so I've never had to worry about how to land, at the end.


One of the key factors to this game is getting up to speed as quickly as possible so you can get up to the star slides. For me the best method for this is to get do very low jumps that are just high enough to get the nice entry bonus.

It looks like the nice entry bonus is the main way to increase speed at the first, the number of tricks doesn't really matter.

After a certain point I can get the dolphin to 'skim' on the water at a low height where I don't have to change the trajectory but I still get the nice entry bonus. At this point I can get to speed quickly then do a slide and jump up to the starslides. This also sends me at a predictable trajectory so landing and getting back up is pretty consistent.

My high score is a little more than 100 mill but I've never made it all of the way up to the cafe at the end of the universe. From doing tricks at the first and stuff my multiplier is usually around 40x.

RyGuy5357 October 11, 2007 4:04 PM

The Real secret to getting score in the 100+Mill is to...

Get to point where you can go form tail slide to star slide(at moon) quickly(at 0:40 secs left or sooner)then launch your self up high off a tail slide to a star slide and keep rocketing off stars(holding down and letting go of it when you hit a star slide this can get you to Neptune(or higher) fist tail-to-star slide but you may not want to go to high so you can make it back to the water and get the High bonuses from higher planets(see Zhus' spoiler for details) again making your score sky rocket and if you do this with constant tricks your score should be at least 100 mill if you can go from sea to Pluto twice(without breaking combo)(hard) then your score will be amazing.


wheeeeee supa dolphin


You know what i hate is when you're in space and you go down and smash the nose


why isnt the dolphin olympics 2 not workin?!?!?!


Yeah, it won't work for me either.


It works for me. Try updating your Flash Player.


Okay, it works now.



For me, my highest reach was going to far out into space I reached Mars. But the best thing I saw was when I was in space a little flow of stars gathered moving across space. If you see that, make sure the dolphin is touching is somewhat and then press the down button. It is now tail sliding in space! It's amazing because after you do that, dolphin flashes appear after it with rainbows of colors. You have to check it out yourself, but the tail sliding on the stars was actually pretty rare for me... good luck!


how do you jump high off of a slide???


I love this game! So far, my best score is 4,875,737.

It also reminds me of a game I played once, but I forgot the name of it or the website its at. Does anyone else know it?
You are a red alien fish (that kind of looks like a pirannna) For each level, you have to complete a goal, like jump a certain height out of the water or, on one level you have to chase after a UFO. What makes it tricky is that the water level is going down, so you have to complete the goal before the water level is too low to jump out of.


You need horizontal speed to be able to see almost all things above Jupiter; starslides and tailslides depend heavily on that.


I have a few little helpfull tips:
1. the start:
when you start do as following: jump out of the water make one corkscrew and make "nice entry" landing. on the second jump, ensure that you have a angle on the water, around 45, and then flip into that angle, i.e. if you jump left, make backflip, and right, make a front flip, after this, you should hit the water perfeck, making a "carnival". after this, get high altitude, and you're laughing

2. once you're jumping:
once you begin to have some altitude, somewhere around the firecrakers, begin to angle every jump. this way your chance of hitting extensions are higher, and once you get high altitude, your chances of hitting the floor are lesser. keep making this angled jumpout, as once you get above mars, a stright jump will make you hit the floor, killing you score.

3. my advices on getting high scores:
do every trick at least once. the fist time you make a trick, you get +1 to your multiplier, and if you get above a mill*multiplier, then that trick is worth a mill... also, even though starslides give massive points, use them to jump even higher, crossing pluto gives over 200k, and the last entry "so long and thank you for all the flips" gives 500k+...

hard to find tricks:
scholl's out: jump with 8 or mire fishes at one jump
carnival: make one long flip from breaking the water, and untill you hit it again.
rewinds: one flip one way, followed by a flip the other way, on the same jump. if frontside first the trick is a front rewinds, whether a backflip first gives backside rewind.

Corkscrew: this isn't a hard to find trick, simply press down, i just wanted to remind people that doing them slows you flips. also having done half a corkscrew doesn't mess up a "nice entry"


i dont get what people are saying about a tailslide boost, a tailslide stops you completely, not speed you up


To anyone wondering, THERE IS, something higher then pluto and if you haven't guessed by now, it's refferenced to hitchikers guide! It's, that's right! You guessed it, THE RESTAURANT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE :D! Though almost impossible to reach, for me, you have to follow a very specific technique. First you need to get SERIOUS horizontal speed, after the water line is almost idle, you have to do a 45 degree jacknife and is prefferbly to reach atleast mars becuase it has a very nice starline, get atleast 4 startslides before you do the ending tailslide, it will get you ginormous speed and onto the restaurant! At which point you can catch a few star trails on the way to give you some momentum. It might extremly hard, but don't give up :D

sarah michell February 19, 2008 3:44 PM

Ive updated my flash player a million times but it doesnt seem to want to load. I get the sounds and the loading page but if i leave it for even an hour,i get nothing.....so frustrating as i love this game!just cant get the beginning menu up.


I can not get it to load either...just says loading forever...... :(


its actually quite easy to jump past the restaurant. just follow one of the guides you can find on youtube and you will be there in 5 or so tries.
my highest jump so far is 4000 meters, the restaurant is at 2000 meters.

ADDICTEDTOGAMES July 24, 2008 10:43 PM

Ow. Ow. Ow. My fingers are busted. :) THIS GAME ROCKS!!!! I love it! My fingers don't! :P


This game I love. I've got a thing for dolphins, so... I've even got a game on my horribly outdated Palm IIIxe called Igzo the Dolphin.

The graphics in this game are great and it doesn't have an annoying musical soundtrack (any game I play where I can turn off that "feature" I do it ASAP). I still haven't reached the restaurant, but I haven't given up yet. I believe I've gotten as far as Mars and then I usually screw up re-entry.


Alright I thought I could drop my 2 cents real quick here.

This game is amazing and I've been messing around with a few things all day on free swim, my goal being to reach the diner. The way I finally did it, with relative ease, is:

I got used small horizontal jumps and tail slides to gain enough speed to being using the star slides.
When I could jump out of the water at a low angle and reach a star slide, I began to use them, RIDING TO THE END. This is important because it sets you nearly horizontally, allowing you to reach high speeds and not smash in to the sand.
Once I did 7 or more star slides and had some intense speed going, I did a tail slide, which shot me up way past neptune and all the other planets to the big empty space before the diner. By catching a star slide (and riding it to completion) I was able to survive several falls from here.
One final jump off a tail slide and I shot way up past the diner! Although it took a few minutes longer than the allowed 2 minutes, I finally did it and can get to sleep. : )


in Free play, i kinda wish it would show my score, or at least the trick i pulled off. Just so i could feel a little better about myself :)
Other than that minor quibble, I love this game.

Anonymous January 29, 2009 6:29 PM

how do i get to space, i cannot for the life of me figure it out... >:(


Is there anything after the space diner? I've made it a few times and have been way past it but have never seen anything after... Anyone?

Furrymoose March 3, 2009 10:00 PM

Whenever I tailslide, it always has me go a little lower that I should have but when I do my next jump, I am a little higher than if I wouldn't have done the tailslide. Is this supposed to happen? Or are tailslides supposed to immediately launch you out of the water? I don't know if I'm doing it right, but I would like to find out.

hockeyfan19 April 24, 2009 5:45 PM

why wont my score show up i hit submit and i scored over 800 thousand aand it should of been on top for todays high score but doesnt show. why?

dolphin lover!!! May 21, 2009 3:25 PM

Warning, this is a spoiler:

If u go up really high at the top of outerspace there is a diner. It's almost impossible to get up there. The farthest I can go up is to the NEBULA!

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

vaughan June 2, 2009 8:36 AM

hey, I can get dizzying height from speed build up and tailslide boosting, but whenever I starslide any higher than mars, I don't know how to re-enter the water, it seems that whichever way I try, it just ends with a dull thud and a loss of all my speed.
Any advice would be really helpful.

JoyousOne July 19, 2009 3:53 AM

If you resume game after finishing, you'll be stuck in the place you finished but can still move.


Awesome game, very addictive! Farthest up I've ever gotten is Jupiter, but I've heard rumors of things beyond that.... -dramaticvoice-


How do you starslide? Because whenever I do, I get on it but when I press up or down I just go down. Please help!

irock0726 November 5, 2010 7:32 PM

i was flying SOOOO frickin' fast i saw fireworks at Neptune...(on freeplay)

collector123 December 3, 2010 9:26 PM

ok.... so um

well its like impossible but but i think you have to go pass neptune(i thing thats the 8th/9th planet.),star slide the rest of the way..and what ever.Well i havnt even got pass saturn yet so who knows whats there?
the restaurent is at the end of the universe..

Anonymous November 4, 2011 5:37 PM

to use the tail-sliding trick, push the up arrow to get out of it.

to get higher, make it so you can tail-slide higher than the sun. then do at least two star slides in space. this increases your tail slide abilities. return to earth and then tail slide. quickly jump out of it and do star slides in space. you need to quickly jump out of those too. this can get you very high. once you have passed Saturn, the easiest way to get to earth without crashing is to hold down (corkscrew) all the way down and quickly pull back up out of the water

StarGazer770 December 13, 2011 7:31 PM

I Love this game!!


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