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Defend Your Castle

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4.6/5 (122 votes)

An odd and addictive little game of violence against stick figures intent on invading your castle. From what I can glean, the gameplay has some depth by allowing you to purchase additional units and upgrades between levels.

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Ah Crap! I'm addicted again! :cries:


i beat the game 310 levels!


This is one of the best Flash games ever! It is totally addictive!!!


This game gets very boaring after awhile, you need to put some better weapons like canapolts and dragons.


this is a great game but i see where jorday is coming from


Need better wepons and cheaper prices and too hard!!


Easy game the second time around...I'm currently on level 31, with 600 archers, 230 mages, and 200 repairmen. My castle has 712000 hp. very fun game..


this game is awsome and u all cant beat me i got to level 350


This is a great game. I have 600 archers, 300 mages and 150 repairmen. I'm at level 30 something. It's easy now. Set on auto run. I can leave it alone and not worry about dying. Hope it gets more interesting.


i like the game but my school blocked it on me. oh well i can always play it at home if i ever had the time.


i got to level 920 omg its so easy. im currently on 952 its gettin hard tho... there are dragons once you get here


This is a good game. However, it need more methods of slaughtering the enemy. Somthing like catapults, or somthing. Other then that it is pretty dang awsome.


why do my archers die all of a sudden?
what do u do to keep your converts alive when they're fighting? it seems random to me

TheGreatJustin!!! February 18, 2005 10:55 PM

Yes same question i have like all these wizards and i don't even get hit but i get units lost how can u guys maintain 300 units mine just die somehow...


You need enough "Spendable points" to pay your men: Mages and archers cost 200 per level and repairmen 50 per level.

Btw. just completed stage 27, 520 archers, 160 mages and 20 repairmen ... and nothin to do *lol*


damn this game rocks... its so addicting!... oh and all you before me are damn straight up nerds... holy crap i couldnt ever play that long... only been to lvl 15, and i keep losing all my men....damn


Spendable points before you start you next round is key to no loosing units, so don't spend all of your money between rounds.I am 40+ need over $250,000.00 per round to keep all my men alive.

If you get enough wizards do you ever learn a fourth spell???


Not sure if anyone is going to read this but anyways..

Quit playing after level 20 because at that point you have seen everything the game has to offer. After that all you do is get more archers, mages and workers which is alot like collecting bottle caps or postage stamps except it's not real. First 20 levels are fun but after that it's the same stuff over and over.

Also, anyone who says they made it to level 952 is either a compulsive liar, had a computer program do it for them or has no life. If each level takes three minutes the game is going to take 2,586 minutes, or ~ 1 day and 19 hours.

awesome March 9, 2005 5:28 PM

im on level 62. I have 1550 archers. 225 wizards, and 151 repair dudes. I can't lose!
are ther ever any other creatures?


Jus started today level 28 250 archers 150 wizards and 50 repairors. Is anything new gonna happen now? cos its gettin kinda borin?

jamie :)


that guy who is on leverl 520...thats alot of levels, alot of hours, and alot of dead stick figures!


Sry to say this but if someone reached 100+ levels it is unrealistic. Lvl 36 took close to 10 minutes, which mean that i have over 640 minutes to go... so long and each lvl gets longer and longer.


dude this game is boring when you almost end it i finished the game at level 1000 and there are big big big dragons so you would need about 50000 archers to win


How do you beat the big black guys that come out once in a while?

brookes April 3, 2005 4:40 PM

Hahaha! It's funny when they die

mountain foo April 6, 2005 7:04 AM

yo what up all? hey how do u buy mages and archers?


I think a max lev a human can make to is 100 (And it is almost impossible), there are no dragons. Everything is a lie. There are no monsters the creators didn't add. so don't lie, because you will just embarass yourself.


Thank God for this game!Or else i wouldnt be doing anything during my computer class and my french class!

some guy April 15, 2005 8:53 AM

yo mountian foo try clicking on the flags :D


where do you buy all this stuff?? I just find buildings to buy, no men anywhere....



ok.... I read the help menu....


What does the demolition lab do? I bought the crap and it didn't do anything.

Jason Rizos May 3, 2005 9:31 PM

If you like this game, try "Storm the House," it is an improvement, in my opinion. http://www.freeonlinegames.com/play/1429.html

Only on this one was I able to get to level 50+, until my processor/vid card could not handle the mess!


actually a human can get a long way past level 100. i made it to 500 b4 i accidently deleted my saved game file. btw there are only the small stick man, small stick men, big stick men. there are NO dragons!

Samurai June 2, 2005 2:37 PM

To use demo lab click on a convert. (after buying the lab, and you have to have a spare convert guy. they are blue headed stick guys on the top right end of your screen.) the convert will walk out of you castle with TNT on his butt. click on him to detonate. he will be walking AWAY from your castle.

4get luv i luv chocs June 6, 2005 1:04 PM

i am sooo addicted 2 this cool game try it NOW!!!


it was a blast at first but then it got way too easy. They should never have put in the enemy kamikazee's.

stonee22us June 7, 2005 6:32 AM

I agree that Storm the House is also a great, addicting game. It did get easier towards the end though.......well, until the very end.They threw so many tanks at me that my computer couldn't keep up and I finally lost on round 62!


This game is so easy 330 wizards 200 archers 250 repairmen, and i just leave the web page up, while i cruise around other sites. You dont have to even play the game to progress, its awesome!!!

DarkKnight June 15, 2005 11:42 AM

Dude Storm the House is so cool, took me a bit to figure out that reload is spacebar =P but its better then defend the castle.. dont get me wrong defend the castle is an awsome game i got to lvl about 34 then the bell rang in school =P take my advice check strom the house out =D

michael July 1, 2005 4:13 AM

So I have about 300 mages, 30 craftsmen, and 1000+ archers. Is there anything left to do in this game?

By the way, your website is beyond badass. Best of luck to you.


i'm in lvl 116 atm.. it's not impossible.. i have 1700 archers 161 mages and 260 workers.. the archers do the whole job for me.. my castle has over 3.000.000 hps..
have 280k casualties
it takes about 20-30 mins to pass a stage in this lvls so it would need weeks to get to level 900+


This game ROCKS!!! I hope more people go on it it is great! Tell all yer mates and family well enjoy coz i did! luv hazxxxx



dude this game is awsome (storm the house) i got a screenshot af it at a very early level and forgot to take another one anyway i actually got up to level 98 2 more 2 100 damn


Hi All

How do i train archer and wizard?

I am at a loss.... do i have to click some special buttons


i think your nuts if you spend all day playing a computer game. i must admit, it is a very addicting game but there is more in life then just playing games. annyone agree?

i am sorry for my spelling, i am from belgium.

MadTerran_kr November 10, 2005 12:53 AM

Hey, I'm on level 21. I should quit. hehe :)

MadTerran_kr November 10, 2005 6:29 PM

Uh, I'm on level 32 now. Awesome game.

MadTerran_kr November 10, 2005 7:49 PM

Stage 41
1000 archeres
250 repairmen
250 mages
Castle's HP:450,000
Total score:6,320,050

Now I don't have to do anything because my castle is invincible. I just watch it for fun.


After about level 20, the game plays itself, and is an amusing background application.

So far I have completed stage 117, have 200 mages, 200 workmen, and 1,000 archers; 100,000 hit points; 38,534,952 spendable points; 59,976,780 total points; and the bad guys have 288,087 casualties.

This is just to let you know this is in fact quite possible.

I'll update again when I finally get bored and stop telling it to play another level while I do other things.


can some1 send a me a screenshot of a decent lvl so prove ANY1 can get past lvl 40

Rammer124 June 8, 2006 11:32 AM

i know a cheat!!!

press tab until it highlights "new game" and then type splattery. it will take you to buy mode, past level one, and it will give you 45k. keep typing it, and it will keep getting you more free men to use, more money, and higher levels.


Tip: Run the game in low quality, it makes the levels take much less time. I'm at level 44 with 8527250 points. Also, if you leave fewer archers, you can convert loads of emenies quicker making it easy to get thousands of men!! Awesome game


How do you buy stuff like archers and mages???!!!!!!!!!!I only last to like day 12 because I buy all those buildinds but no people!!!! I might just go back to storm the house.


i cant defeat the big guys, any tips? converting takes forever


I agree that after Stage 30 its not worth it to go on anymore because there's no way those stick men are going to do enough damage to really hurt you!

Also, I've tried Storm the House and the only real complaints I have are #1: you can't save after each stage and #2: I wish there was a pause button when I need to get up in the middle of it!


i agree that this game is awesome. but sometimes it makes me mad and it is starting to get dull. oh and the reason you are losing all your men is becasue they all have to be even. like 200 magicians, 200 archers, 200 repairmen. i found that out the hard way. i had 200 hundred magicians and repair men, but about 800 archers. after the round was over, it said i had lost 600 hundred archers whick took me forever to get. i think it would be awesome if someone would redo this game. maybe after every ten rounds get a different person to kill, maybe catapolts,bombs, and actually raise a sqad of stick figures with different strengths and weaknesses and batle other people online. oh and a kool website like that is xgenstudios.com then click on stick arena. you have swords and guns.


if it's true that you lose men because they are not even then how come i lost 30 wizards on round 15...i had 30 wizards and i lost them all and got owned by giants.


I have no earthly idea how to get past level 12. Any help???


hey benjamin, i got past level 12, just keep trying. but i cant get passed 15!!


THIS GAME IS SO ADDICTIVE for like an hour or less. i regret building so many archers. by around lvl 16 it was no longer a castle but a heavily armoured terminator. eventually u can finish levels just with conversion...if you can touch the guys before the archers arch them. they should make a sequel with a lot more variety


LOL - before the archers "arch" them? Lovely, that's my new favorite word. I applaud your creative use of language.

Reminds me of something Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) once said: "Verbing weirds language."


Yeah, this game is really amazing. My only problem with it is once you get 500 some archers all you have to click is "play" and you've won... Even if there WERE more weapons and differnt ways to kill them, the archers would pick them all off before you even got a chance to use them.. I'm on level 24 and it gets WAY to boring. ( I suspose I shouldn't be so good -.-" )


how is it when i go from round to round all my archers dissapear?


how do you buy archers


can you convert more than 1 at a time?


I feel bad for the stick guys ... I'm on level 30 and the're getting slaughtered. I try to convert as many as I can so they don't die


Jees! Im on stage 361 and its just impossible all the guys come running at ur castle really quick! Then hundres of the kamikazi gyz come really fast!
(BTW the only way to get tho the really high levels is to use cheat, press tab until you highlight new game then type splattery, it will take you to the upgrade screen then keep typin splattery to get more money and higher levels!) each time you type splattery it puts you up from lvl 21, 10 levels at a time.


1100 Archers
600 Magicians
600 Craftman

Anonymous May 7, 2007 6:59 PM

1000 craftsmen
80 archers
200 mages

Peschel May 9, 2007 1:08 PM

I am at level 122... 307,000 casualties, 2000 archers, 300 repairmen, 300 mages, and almost 64,000,000 points. Levels are about 1/2 hour each.

defendyourcastledude May 27, 2007 5:37 PM

Hey! This game rocks my socks. i'm done with stage 42: 1000 archers
450 wizards
500 craftsmen
38,211 casualties
my castle has 400,000 hitpoints
and 7,854,900 points

Quick question- is there any way you can get rid of some of your guys? because now that i have 1000 archers, I don't need that many wizards. And its a beach having to spend 315,000 as unit upkeep.

defendyourcastledude May 27, 2007 11:58 PM

Ok now i'm on level 51. And that unit upkeep is getting pretty annoying. Any tips??
my stats are basically the same, now my castle healthpoints is 500,000. and my points is over 10,000,000. oh and casualties- 51,592


i got to level 987 with 134567 archers 23457 mana poop guys 345678 work shop men and my castel has 456789345 hp but i think it takes to long to load when you put a guy in the temple. cool game


This Game is so easy once you get the hang of it. hint

you must have enough spendable points to keep all of your men alive when you get to the levels where they send out the little kamikaze black men click on them and they will kill enemies all around them they help you get further in the game than you realize. Plus it really does not matter once you have over 100 of each men they all do the same thing as with 500 which i have 500 of each but it is expnsive

MyKingdomForADragon June 13, 2007 10:17 AM

People, This is game is getting boring:
800 Archers
100 Mages
100 Craftsman

Around ~470 000 points

When do the dragons and such come? All I have seen are
Sucide Bombers
Stick Figures with log things
Stick Figures

Right now I am pretty much invincible
When do the dragons and such come?


don't even think of that splattery cheat cause its a waste of time! try it, cause if you ever got to level 10 before, then you know what its like to play there, so type splattery just once to get there and see how impossible it is to beat.So if you type it 100 times it will be even harder yet.

P.S..........still funny to watch how fast the figures run

kelly the hippoGirl June 26, 2007 5:08 AM

what level do the dragons come?

for anyone that was wondering, the giant men come at level 14 ! :P

Anonymus o.O July 3, 2007 9:08 PM

Dragons only appear in the paid version of Defend your Castle :) I have it, and CRAP is it hard to kill them...Spells don't work on them, and they take about 50k hp outta ur castle every hit...

Here's what I do at start of game...

At the start of the game, get a temple as soon as possible. Then start creating troops, and get archery training. Don't get demolitions lab, it's rather useless. Make some rangers to help you, and after you get 60k points, get a mana pool. Get 16 mages as freaking soon as possible,since it will let you use a spell that can convert enemies in plain field of battle, while making the workshop and having about 5-10 craftsmen. Convert about every 10 seconds, making each enemy on the field yours (also remember the temple, it takes longer, but still helps) and keep getting rangers and mages. After about 25 mages, and 50 rangers, go like crazy with craftsmen (30+) Then be a noob and make rangers as much as you want (200+) Then just relax and see how your little stick men beat the crap out of the other stickies. Then upgrade your wall to over 200k hp and...then get bored :p

Balla-fo-Allah-boy July 4, 2007 7:01 PM

Alright guys... I'm sorry to say, but i've dominated all of you noobnuggets.
lets just say i'm on stage 207.
oh you don't believe me? lemme give you the stats.
Over 195,000,000 points
Over 930,000 casualties
My castle Hp is 5,000,000
I have...
4,000 archers
4,000 craftsmen
500 wizards
.. and yes i do have a life!!! just not a very socially active life.
i just watch the sticks. the game usually takes around 45 minutes, so i usually go do something else, then come back and click 'ok' for it to continue.
so this game.. is awesome. it gets a little old, but i want to see if the game ever ends!!


It may seem hard to play this game in the beginning but with this guide its not that hard. . .

First save all your points until you have enough to buy a temple. Once you have a temple convert as many people as possible by picking them up and dropping them into your castle. Then save your money and don't upgrade anything until you have enough to buy a manna pool. By that time you should have about 15-25 sticks to train as mages. Once you have them trained use the bomb spell to blow up the sticks while converting sticks in you temple. Once you have about 30 mages start using the converting spell which its hotkey is 3 to convert more stick troops. Keep fortifying your walls every now and then so you don't die. Eventually you will get enough mages were it doesn't drain your manna to much about 100 - 150 mages, and then buy the archery range. keep converting and putting them as archers and mages until you have about 300 mages and 800 archers. Now you can buy all the upgrades and your castle is invincible.

Right now I'm on lv 40


The dragons only come if you buy the full version of the game from xgenstudios to buy it go here:

my stats July 19, 2007 1:13 AM




anomnomus July 19, 2007 7:31 AM

The reason why archers/wizards/workmen dissappear is because

you didnt have enough money left over from before the level that you lost the people

anomnomus July 19, 2007 8:10 AM

If you want to keep playing in the later levels without your archers killing all the stickmen you could only have 50 archers and spend most of your people on magic, I do this and I end up converting most of the stickmen that survive the archers

Anonymous July 26, 2007 1:21 PM

im on lvl 40+ with 100 craftsmen, 1400 archers, and 835 wizards. I recommend getting 600 or more wizards so your mana bar will barely budge when using instant covert spell or spell 3. then when you start your lvl just keep your cursor on the very left side of the screen where the invaders come in, hold the number 3 and just rapidly click to convert about a hundred people per level maybe more!!!! yes thats right you can just the the number buttons for the spells you dont have to keep pressing them each time you want to use a spell.

CookieMonster August 1, 2007 3:00 PM

Press tab until a yellow box is around new game.. Then type in splattery.. You get a lot of spendable points..

CookieMonster August 1, 2007 4:07 PM

I did what "PB" said but i still died!!! Because i didnt buy the things to fix my building because he said not to!!!


No, the game never does end, after a certain point it just generates the next level and increases the difficulty in various ways each level, after a while it becomes impossible to win without hacking, By level 900 I'm quite sure you would have far more than the defeatable amount of guys coming at you.

Anonymous August 12, 2007 3:20 AM

"PB's" tactic does work.


ok you all think your so great cuz you have thousands of guys protecting your building but i am on level 157 and i have 350 archers 400 craftmen and 200some mages that i no longer use. try and see how FEW guys you can have and still get to the next level that makes it more fun and interseting rather then haveing so many guys that it becomes pointless. its just more fun.


how do you get to train archers???? plz answer


Okay, to cover a few points mentioned by a few people:

To train units, you have to first purchase a temple (to convert enemies) and then the respective building for each unit. When you convert enemies, they will show up as blue stick figures under the health of your castle. After you've purchased a building, you click on it's respective flag and one of your converts will become that type of unit.

red flag = archer
yellow flag = wizard
green flag = craftsmen

After you have enough wizards (I think it's somewhere between 15 and 20) you will get an INSTANT conversion spell so you can drop someone in your castle to convert them AND you can convert other people with the spell while they're running towards your castle as long as your mana holds up.

I would skip craftsmen for a little while, but you have to be aggressive with your killing if you do that. Get about 30 archers and 15-20 wizards as quickly as you can and use the explosion spell to kill the giants along with a bunch of the little guys while the archers kill more. Just upgrade your castle to have some more HP and you should be good to go. When you have some spare converts, drop 5 into craftsmen and that will be a good start on that.

Losing units at the end of a level is directly related to how many SPENDABLE POINTS you STARTED that level with, not how many you ended with. You must start each level with enough spendable points to support the amount of units you are starting that level with. Otherwise, you'll lose them at the end of that level.

The cheat almost makes the game harder. You get lots of cash, but it jumps you up 10 levels each time. I got all the cash I wanted, purchased all the buildings, and upgraded my castle's HP to about 150k, BUT it started me on level 311 and it doesn't start you with enough converts to repel the amount of guys coming at you. It was really hard. I got slaughtered in like 30 seconds.

So far, without the cheat, I'm on stage 32 and it's easy.


How do you get archers? I click the flag but then nothing happens... what should I do?


you know if you exit the webpage can you get your game back or do you have to start all over again?

Angus_MacGyver November 1, 2007 3:59 PM

It took me till the third try to make an unbeatable castle. Level 41 with 1200 archers, 1000 wizards and 100 craftsmen. Does anyone know whether there's a need to make more of anything? Does it ever get hard/fast enough to hurt me with this many troops? It is decidedly boring after about level 25 but I wanted to see something new. Haven't for the last 20 levels though.

i like to go >_< November 9, 2007 8:22 PM

Well this game was wonderful until level 16 or so, and then it started killing all my freaking mages and craftsmen!!! Then I had no mages so i couldnt kill the giant stickmen, and no crafters so i died! =( >_


how do you get archers and demolition men?


when do dragons come


200 archers, 25 wizards, 30 craftsmen.
Stage 31.
3,013,100 points.
15,768 casualties...
Castle only has 200,000 HP.
I might need more archers and craftsmen.

Chris Griffin December 1, 2007 7:12 PM

Here are my statistics:

800 archers, 300 wizards, 0 craftsmen.
Castle HP: 50,000
Total Points: 2,472,000
Casualties: 13,515
Stage 26...

I get about 900 points a second! =)

Chris Griffin December 1, 2007 8:21 PM

At the beginning of Stage 36, I have these statistics now:

800 archers, 300 wizards, 0 craftsmen
Castle HP: 50,000
Total Points: 5,275,620
Spendable Points: 1,014,884
Casualties: 27,052

Well, I'm going to watch some videos...

Bye all! (for now)


how do u get archer people?

1c3y 4rr0w December 23, 2007 5:54 PM

Awsome game, im not that great though. Whats the best way to kill those big stick figures? I can only get to level 14 before im killed .=\

Dead Stick December 24, 2007 8:36 AM

yes there are dragons! Look at the picture of the game!!!!Though,it is probably at the last level..

1c3y 4rr0w December 24, 2007 2:07 PM

Finally after 7 tries i got a undefeatable castle... I have 100k hp, 140 mages, 150 archers, and 120 craftsman, and im on level 25. Going to see for myself f there really are dragons in this game.


I'm on level 40 something with only 270 archers, 100 mages, and perhaps 60 or 70 workman. You really don't need any more than that, so you're just wasting money in upkeep if you get them.

I have tons of converts awaiting assignment though, just in case I need them.



if you did not buy the full version from xgenstudios, then there are no dragons.

and this question, as well as others, were all answered earlier on this page so stop posting the same questions over and over.

thx that is all


How do you kill the big black guys?

Mr Potato Head January 19, 2008 8:28 PM

Newgrounds has the full ver. free


how do i use the flags the green, yellow, red and the others coler flags?

Anonymous March 10, 2008 9:24 PM

im on level 962, with 2000 of each kind of unit

after lvl 30, i just left the game on while i did other stuff, then checked back and started the next level

this doesnt even require me to watch what happens since my archers do all the work

i used NO CHEATS. i just beat 30 levels and then let my archers play for me


lvl 81 1k archers 1k repairmen 250 mages 110k casualties about 600 reserves and 22.3mil points

Jason Zhan March 26, 2008 4:44 PM

how do u check the number of reserves once it goes past 10...im only on lvl 38 with 320 mages 570 archers 120 craftsman i dont think ill need more 4 a while

Justin May 4, 2008 5:16 PM

wtf i had more than enough spendable points to keep my men alive and they still died...

MattieShoes May 13, 2008 12:52 AM

I stopped actually clicking around level 25. Now it's just like watching zerglings rush seige tanks.

I wonder if it ever sends enough to make castles un-invincible.

level 33 or so, 17.000+ casualties, 200 archers, 50 wizards, 125 repairmen. *yawn* castle has around 300k hitpoints because i have nothing else to spend money on. it never budges from full hp.

anonymous June 22, 2008 2:24 PM

this is so annoying! i cant get 5000 points! i keep having to spend my money on repairs! >:(


yeah ive got 600 archers that pretty much play for me... theres not really much to look at after level 20.

...except for a massive slaughter of stick figures.


hey, i dont believe any of you that say you're even passed lv 100. i prove me wrong, give us a link to a screenshot of what lv ur on? that would definately weed out the n00bs on here


So, anyone know when the dragons come in? I'm playing the full version on newgrounds btw. I just want to see what these dragons are like, and if they can even pose a challenge to me.

Anonymous August 1, 2008 2:09 PM

I wonder what all those little guys are running from. It looks like they really want to come in...
Level 40. No dragons, no catapults.


For some reason, I had a very hard time picking people up. Very frustrating.

Destroyed_U_All September 1, 2008 9:41 PM

I woke up at 11:55 at night and got up, started the game at 12:00 and left it on till 12:00 the next day. I was at somewhere around 1,500,000,000 casualties, 5000 archers, 2000 mages, and 4000 repair guys.
Beat that!
Oh and around over 1,000,000,000,000,000 points


wellhere is one really good link if you want to get to lvl 100+ like me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVzZJtmPcKA


1) There are dragons after level 912!!!

2) How do you auto-play or whatever?

3) This game was boring after level 20!


lvl 35. 1002 archers, 250 mages, 100 repairs. all have to do is sit...


I'm on stage 34 with :
.328 archers
.56 mages
.65 repairman

I've just realized that while typing this comment that the game did stage 34 by itself without my help. Weird, huh?


i got to level 501 just by using archers (i started at level 201 thru using a cheat (splattery) and i have 1023 archers and a whole load of people waiting to become archers and i have 10245000 spendable left per level and 102000 castle life it is an easy game


I need to know how to kill the big stick guys! They come out of nowhere and demolish my castle. So annoying!!


How come I lose units? Is it because I spell bomb near my castle? I have like 50 mages on lvl 11 and then after i pwn it, it says Units lost: 50 wizards 0 craftsmen 0 archers or something, I lose all of my units for some reason


i'm at 328 right now 3740 archers 700 craftsmen 250 mages

don't really use mages...


terrible game i got bored at level 20... add somethng better to the game.. or make it have some sort of end

anonymous April 15, 2009 3:27 AM

For all you wondering why your units die at the end of each round, it's because of your money, to put it simply. Your units cost money in order to keep, and the more you got, the more you gotta pay after each round. If you lack funds, your units will die. Starving children don't live long.

Also, I believe the money is counted as being taken away when you begin the day. So if you spend all of your money on walls and repairs, don't count on recruiting a ton of mages that day.

Anonymous April 15, 2009 7:05 AM

when are comming the dragon ???
i am level 100
how many time because, i wait but nothing ...

jamison June 14, 2009 1:24 AM

Why do my guys die after every round? I know I have to pay to keep them alive but they still die when I have lots of money.


Hey. I finally got the hang of it. It just takes a little practice and strategy.

You just build a temple as soon as you can and once you do, convert as many guys as you can. Then save up for an archery range, then make them all archers, then keep getting archers, but save a couple guys for later. Then save up for mana pool, then get as many mages as you can get. 250 is probably good. Then buy whatever you want, but at low levels. Always keep about 10 to 20K money with you. Then later keep about 200K because if you lose your men, you will be messed up. Then save up and buy whatever you want. I suggest that you get 150 crafters so you don't lose health. Get as many archers as you want. Get as many walls as you want, but keep that amount of money I told you so you don't lose guys. I hope this helped you. It helped me so much.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


can anyone help? i get to about level 19, castle has 132000 hp, 50 archers and 30 repairmen. those big black stickmen take me out easily, any tips to help me kill them? p.s. i dont have a lot of spendable points, i have everything but demolition lab and mana pool...


After Level 25 i had:

1000 Archers
250 Mages
20 Craftsmen
32000 Castle HP
407200 spendable points
11274 casualties
2094470 points

with 250 mages, i never ran out of manna!


haha this game is toooo easy. im at the point where i can just sit back and watch my archers to all the damage and my castle hasnt taken a hit in 17 levels. Need a harder version of this


I got to level 2,000,000...HARDDD!!!!!!!!


just jokin' only got to level 201...this is pretty dang hard.


Wow...at first I thought you guys had to be lying, when I read that stuff about 500 guys...now I know your not. 100 of each 100k health wave 25. No point to playing anymore. lolz. Sheesh...and to think this game used to give me so much trouble. Thanks for the tips. XD


Since I don't think anybody has actually answered this question, you create archers and the like by:

* Owning a temple
* "Converting" enemies (drop into the castle) - note that you cannot do more than one at a time
* Owning an archery range, etc
* Clicking the flags when you have converted units with no job
* Note that you need to have money to upkeep them

Be sure to check out "Help" from the main menu - it's only a page long (plus the spell list if you want to see it) and explains most of this.

PS. Don't do like me and get to level 10 without a temple, finally figure out how the game is supposed to work, and finally start trying to train dudes...

Anonymous March 14, 2011 12:40 AM

stage 29, 450 archers, 111 mages, 61 builders. just keep clicking randomly with the jesus thing


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