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Take another trip into the bizarre world of Detarou's escape games. Whether it's from the strangeness or not, it's your mission in Dayori to find a way out of this curious house. Fans of Detarou's work may find this offering somewhat mild compared to the others. That's not to say you won't see their regular cast of characters that we've all grown to love. If you haven't had your hand at a wacky Detarou escape game, this is a great introduction. You may just find yourself giving all their games a try!

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Walkthrough Guide

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Dayori Walkthrough

General Info

  • If the mouse indicates a hotspot but nothing happens when you click, try using an inventory item.

  • You can examine items by double clicking them.

  • There are four endings. This walkthrough will progressively take you through each one from worst to best.

Living Room

  • Click the items on the coffee table to receive a red End button and note.

  • Ending #1

    You need:

    1. The red End button

    • Press the red End button.

    • This ending has the guy with the stone head.

  • Click the note to see a clue on the back.

  • Circle Square Triangle = Nose

  • Examine the clock on the wall. It seems to be stuck.

  • Notice anything familiar on it?

  • The hands have a circle, square and triangle on them.

  • Back up.

  • Examine the cabinet below.

  • The top drawer needs a four digit 'lips' code.

  • Open the bottom drawer and collect the lighter.

  • Back up and examine the door to the right of the clock.

  • It's locked, looking at the panel to the right, we need a three digit 'nose' code.

  • Where have we seen a nose before?

  • The back of the note.

  • How do you know what numbers correspond to the shapes?

  • From the clock hands.

    Circle=5, Square=9, Triangle=6

  • Enter the code and press the nose.

  • Back up and go through the door.


  • Turn right, there are three doors ahead.

  • The middle door is locked so try the left one.

  • Examine the toilet.

  • You know you want that silver key, so go ahead and stick your hand in the toilet water to collect it.

  • Back up to the hallway and try the right door.

  • You can open the door to the shower, but there's nothing to do there.

  • Turn left and examine the sink.

  • Hmm, looks like it's blocked off. You'll need a screwdriver.

  • Back up to the living room.

Living Room

  • Face the guy with a stone head.

  • The door on this wall is locked, so use the silver key (from the toilet through the left door of the hallway) on it.

  • Oof! Poor guy. Go through the door into the bedroom.


  • Examine the closet in front of you.

  • Behind the left door is a bomb you can collect.

  • Behind the right door is a guy in a star outfit with a 1 on top.

  • Back up and turn right. You'll see a guy's face and arms coming out the wall.

  • Ending #2

    You need:

    1. The bomb (from the left door of the bedroom closet)

    2. The lighter (from the bottom cabinet drawer in the living room)

    • Examine the bomb and light it using the lighter.

    • Use the bomb on the wall guy.

    • Enter the hole in the wall.

    • You encounter a familiar face.

    • To the left is a red door, to the right is a blue door.

    • If you pick the red door:

    • You fall down a trap door and get to watch the panda gloat over you. Maybe try the other door?

    • If you pick the blue door:

    • You fall down a trap door and get to watch the panda gloat over you. Both doors lead to the same bad end.

  • Turn right again and you'll see a guy in bed. Examine him.

  • He appears to be embarassed about something. Click him again.

  • Pull back the covers and you'll see he just has natto all over him.

  • Collect the mask(?) object.

  • Go back into the living room.

Living Room

  • Close the door you just came through and examine the guy in the corner.

  • Use the mask object (from under the bed covers in the bedroom) on him and watch him go crazy with telekinetic powers.

  • You need to get him to stop. How can you distract him?

  • Open the door.

  • Aww, poor guy. Examine the stone head.

  • Collect the piece of paper, it has a 'lip' code on it.

  • There's a new symbol here - a star. Where have you seen one before?

  • In the bedroom closet behind the right door.

  • Back up and examine the top drawer of the cabinet.

  • Enter the 'lip' code.

  • Use the correspondence from the 'nose' code plus the new symbol number.


  • Press the lips and back up to open the drawer.

  • Collect the screwdriver.

  • Back up and head back into the hallway.


  • Enter the righthand door and examine the sink on the left.

  • Use your screwdriver (from the top cabinet drawer of the living room) on the plate and collect the gold key.

  • Only one locked door left!

  • Back up to the hallway and examine the middle door.

  • Use the gold key on the door and step forward a few times to the pedestal.

  • Ending #3

    You need:

    1. The red End button (from the coffee table in the living room)

    • Press the red button anywhere in the foggy hall toward the pedestal.

    • You can also place the button on the pedestal before you press it.

    • This ending has the smoking woman in a snail costume.

    Thanks to An Onyx Mouse for additional info on this ending!

    Ending #4

    You need:

    1. The bomb (from the left door of the bedroom closet)

    2. The lighter (from the bottom cabinet drawer of the living room)

    3. The red End button (from the coffee table in the living room)

    • Examine the bomb and use the lighter on it.

    • Examine the pedestal and place the lit bomb on the impression.

    • Step through the hole in the wall.

    • Examine the red End button and press it.

    • You get the whirling worm guy and the best ending. Congrats!


LaraSkadi October 5, 2011 4:11 PM

First comment!!! \o/

Indeed small and very easy compared to the others, but still amusing :D

On a side note, you can have 5 endings total, considering the fact you can

press the red END button anytime

Did anyone

get to do anything with the smoking "lady"?

dylpickles October 5, 2011 5:49 PM

Oh good, our daily dose of "Wait, what?" is here.

lavamuffin October 5, 2011 7:14 PM

i love the part where

the guy behind the door has telekinetic powers


you deck him in the face with the door!

ahh, detarou-san, tottemo sugoi desu ne!


Yeah, I agree with dylpickles... "What is this I don't even"
Did anyone else think the messy guy looked like Justin Timberlake?


Well, I've gotten 2 bad ends so far...

One courtesy of that

(15 seconds of language deemed not only unsuitable for children, but potentially in violation of the Geneva Convention)


nerdypants October 5, 2011 11:45 PM

Ahahahaha, I have no clue what's going on but I love it.


As always, yet another cubic W.T.F. experience from Detarou...! :-D


Why so small Jay?

512 x 288 for a vector drawn game that looks great full screen. This should have been 1024 x 576 at the very least as you can't see the detail that has been put into the graphics without it.

[I bumped it up to 800x450. Not everyone has a large screen monitor, especially those on laptops. -Jay]


what is with the guy in the bed? It's outside my cultural context!


@ Czaerana
The guy in the bed was cover in natto. Its a type of fermented bean ( I think its soybean), this type of japanese dish is rather smelly and has a sticky substance coming from the bean. So the guy was covered in that stuff, went to take a shower only to find the shower rains natto as well. Although you can think of this in a suggestive as well XD

This detarou game is more subtle the the rest but still fun in its wierd way =D


Minor addendum to Kyh's walkthrough concerning Ending 3:

If you use the End Button anywhere in that hallway except for where you use it to get Ending 4, you get ending 3. It can be in the super-foggy part of the hallway, the partially foggy area, or the area with the pedestal without putting the button there.

VoxPopuli42 October 7, 2011 8:25 PM

It's always the Panda.

And have you noticed he always just has a hole in the floor for you? @%$#@^& PANDA


You're kissing your honey and your nose is all runny.
You may think it's funny
but it's not.

That was gross.

Anonymous October 18, 2011 7:51 PM

"There are no human-headed robots, knife-licking maniacs or other such creepy creatures seen in their previous escape games. That's not to say you won't see their regular cast of characters that we've all grown to love in their signature style of graphics."i'll take your word for it


Actually, regarding the shower,

after you discover the natto covered man in the bed, if you go to the shower and open it, it won't be empty (unlike when you open the shower door prior to discovering the natto covered man)


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