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If you are going to steal a man's chickens, make sure he doesn't have a shotgun, a magic feather and a flying sidekick... or an action/platformer from Juicy Beast to star in. The latest and greatest incarnation of Dale and Peakot features overhauled levels, new stages, gameplay tweaks, and more.

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Just a note: I don't think the Miniclip manager runs on Chrome; Firefox seems OK

Patreon Contributor kingjulien86 July 20, 2010 9:58 AM

It was good until I go to the end of the third level (I think it was the end).

the part with the rising stakes

I couldn't move and wound up dying for absolutely no good reason.


*breaths contented sigh*


Is their anyway to refight the bosses?

Cyberjar88 July 20, 2010 2:48 PM

I can't seem to activate switches...

PlasmaSheep July 20, 2010 3:15 PM

The fact that the bird autoreturns caused me many moments of intense frustration.
Also, why do I have to spend points to respawn during a boss fight? I don't believe anybody can beat those bosses easily (or even with concentration) on one try.

Good idea, but bad execution.


Some help would be appreciated - the game demands a new version of flash, unlike any other recent browser toy I've played with - upon trying to acquire it I allowed mozilla the requisite permissions, only to have nothing happen upon browser restart, and now a 'download error' every time I try to reacquire the update.

I'd like to play this

Is there a source to manually download and force the install of a flash version?


This game is fun, but a walk through for the achievements would be great, like the chest locations and how to get to them. I find that once I receive a new ability it's good to revisit other levels, but it doesn't always help.



The bosses are hard, but possible with one life. That makes them all the more fun.

There is usually quite a few eggs on the boss levels if you look for them


Fun! A lot of the bugginess that drove me away from the early beta is gone. Lots of challenges buried in there, but also a nice casual platformer if you choose to just "play through". Five shrooms!


Awe man, I can't get past the final boss. I can only get 1500points, need 1600 to re-spawn, what a terrible joke.


Really fun game! I enjoyed the demo and this just improves upon it in pretty much every way.

I'm currently completely stuck, though. :'D

I just got the bronze boots and I have no idea how to get out of the room.


Where do I find the item to

put the wolf heads statues back on their headless bodies? I've seen this enough times next to a door I can't open to conclude this is something I'm missing.


Aha! The power of posting. I found it.

qoalabear July 20, 2010 9:57 PM


The price of respawn goes down with something. I think it's hearts, but I can't seem to confirm this when I just started a new game. I'd collected all the chests up to the final boss, and I could respawn for 1200 eggs.

Kind of an odd choice on the developer's part, but you can't buy a respawn while fighting the final boss if you haven't collected enough _s by that point.


The bronze boots let you see through fake walls in a small radius around Peakot. You'll need to run her around the walls to find a hidden area in order to get out.

If you need more help, here's where the fake wall is:

Go straight right from the chest with the boots, dodge under the spike-wheel, and jump up the ledge. It's to the right.



I think it is a cumulative of all the achievements because I had all the chests, hearts and some other achievements and still my re-spawn cost was 1600. But after going through some levels and completing the egg challenges it went down to 1300.


OOOOOOH I get it. XD That... could potentially be something to fix!

When going through level 12, I completely skipped the bottom half of it just by hopping back up and over the fake flooring near the beginning. Thus, I COMPLETELY MISSED where you're supposed to get the bronze boots! Thus I went on to level 13 and got the bronze boots from where you would normally get the silver boots, becoming stuck in that room with no way to fix the wolf statue. Hehe. Sequence breaking ftw?

wlangford July 21, 2010 3:23 AM

For the number of points required to respawn:

Points = 2000 - (number of coins gotten)*100


I just finished the game and it was good. Better than I expected and way better than most of the platformers out there. Congratulations to the team.


hmmm guys do you have to put the wolf heads on the statues ? if you have to ,then could you please tell me how to do that ?


The final boss is lol

Of course the 'humanoid' villain will turn into a giant head with hands in the background. Reminds me of Oracle of Seasons. Dark Dragon was so hard.


Has anybody found

the statue head

in level 8 (the third snow level)? I've looked everywhere I can think of, but no luck. It's the only level I'm still missing a treasure chest.



Go up using the mushroom and open the door using the cog and lever (hope you know where i mean at this point). Once you've gone over the top, and have just gone BEHIND the two gunners, there is a secret passageway on the right wall. Head is in there. Body is a lot further in the level.

Nitroximos July 21, 2010 8:55 PM

Seriously, I don't know how to beat Bobo. Can anyone tell me?

MajesticGrey July 21, 2010 10:26 PM

The last boss made me smile because:

He is obviously modeled after the last boss of wario land 3 (his specific attacks are different though; if he catches you, you die automatically).
Not to mention that bobo is a common clown name, and in WL3, the last boss is a clown (but I don't think his name is bobo).

Now that i think about it, I'm pretty sure that they took more than that from WL3

Amazingly fun game!

MajesticGrey July 21, 2010 10:37 PM

The funny thing about the last boss:

It's obviously modeled after the last boss from Wario Land 3 (who was a clown - hence the name bobo). It has different attacks though.

Actually, now that I think about it, I think they took a lot more from Wario Land 3

Amazingly fun game!


ok, i will explain this all for everyone. first off, if you have trouble playing the game, try it on regular internet explorer, and definately accept downloading, otherwise nothing will work.

The coins are the key to a cheaper respawn cost. for each one you have the overall cost is decreased by 100, so say you had 5, your respawn would now be 1500 points, enough to respawn on the final boss.

I will say this though, you can be every boss without respawning. the best piece of advice for collecting everything would be to get gold versions of all peakots equipment. this will make the 20000 per level much easier.

for the x15 multiplyer, you want to do it on the 2nd ice level if i remember, but the important thing is planning.

if you just look around nice and hard you will find all the coins, all the chests, and everything else, just make good use of peakots ability with the boots to see through illusions.



A lot of final bosses are like that.


ARGh sorry but If anyone could answer this that would be OH SO helpfull!!

Where in the WORLD do you find the boots and the guns I can't find them ANYWHERE!! BUT that may be because I stopped trying to progress at the big fortress on the map to go back and find the rest of the stuff.

Adam C. July 22, 2010 4:05 PM

@Binky: I think most of them are either in the fortress, or use the boots found in the fortress to reveal the way forwards. I seem to recall there's ONE gun piece you can get before that, but... carry on a bit more; a lot of this game's secrets are based on new things opening up paths in old levels.


Near-impossible to play on an azerty keyboard...


I having real trouble on level 4,yes, level 4. I can't find the statue head to save my LIFE!! ARGH
help would be appreciated.
thanks so much.

howbigis1gb July 23, 2010 5:07 PM

Controls are customisable, so to whoever finds this unplayable because of the controls, I think it's an unfair complaint

After playing the demo, this seems much more fun and satisfying, especially because of the various upgrades Peakot gets.

Just can't seem to get the last boss done. Maybe if I get 3 more coins.


can someone please help me to find the bronze boots? I have no idea. thanks...please make the directions specific...


Please tell me on which level do we find golden boots of peakot


I cant beat the bear :(
theres a button above the spikey wall but I can't get to it, when I try to shot down the boxes he just throws down more heeeelp

Anonymous July 29, 2010 9:27 PM

i'm going to go crazy. how do i attach the wolf head!!? please, it would be appreciated!


Can someone please help me in finding the bronze boots??? thanks !!!


How do I get thru level7? The second snow lvl. I get to all those wolf looking things and they keep coming and I don't know how to get out?


HELP!!!! how do you pick up the wolf heads?? and could someone please help me with level 4?? maybe a walkthrough cause im reallyyy stuck....:( please help asap.....

124kerururu September 7, 2010 1:10 AM

Hah I've finnished bobo in one try

without the golden boots or the golden gun barrel


Gold boots are in the third ice level I think...

How do I get the coin in level two?
I see where I am supose to go but a metal box is blocking the way, please help.


Here's how to beat the 1st boss (the bear)

To beat the bear, you only have to destroy enough boxes to let the chicken pass and energy shot his ice cream. At that point the spikes will come down and you will be able to push the switch so the platform rises then the crates turn metal and he pushes them at you. Dodge them until you can shoot him then repeat the process until his his beaten. I hope that's clear enough.

Now that I've contributed, I know it's been asked a lot but HOW THE HELL do you attach the statue heads to their bodies? It's really a head scratcher for me, thanks.



I think all of the gun pieces are before the fortress, i'm not sure about the boots. If you have the bronze boots, you acn find the gun barrel in the level that all the dudes in the cave talk to you in

You need the silver boots to move the statue heads.


Where exactly is the chest / location for the Silver Boots? Where do you get them? What level? How? Seriously, I can't find it anywhere! Help!


it won't let me play, every time i click it it loads then the screen turns blank please help me i would really love to play this game.

twizzler September 30, 2015 8:08 PM replied to DAP

internet explorer doesn't work either it loads turns black and freezes HELP ME!!!)c:


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