Cubic Disturbance

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3.7/5 (60 votes)

What could be better than a game based on explosions? The goal is to get the yellow outlined cube to the bottom of the screen, and the only way to do it is by placing bombs in various locations and letting physics do the rest. The interesting part is how you can time the bombs to move blocks around the screen, one explosion after another.

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Kidtatious March 19, 2009 12:43 PM

Good game but it's a little glitchy. Several levels where pulleys are involved, the pulleys disappeared. Also, levels with falling blocks sometimes started with the blocks already fallen, making it impossible to pass. These frustrations had me quitting at level 13.


The UI is just plain HORRIBLE.


There seems to be some random component to the physics model. I've started the exact same set-up three times in a row, and the blocks moved slightly differently each time (in particular, the friction brought the golden cube to a stop in very different places).

For a game so much about fine-tweaking of set ups, they should have made sure that the physics model is very consistent...


An apparent lack of save feature is very disappointing. I accidentally closed the window and have to start from scratch...

Other than that, very fun game (now if only I could change my 5 vote to 4...)

Anonymous March 19, 2009 2:06 PM

The game automatically saves your progress, you can chose the level you want to start from on the 'level select' screen, just click on the circle as the game tells you.


An auto level save feature would be a major plus. Having to start from scratch kills the replay value for me.

That aside, I enjoyed the game. I have only done 6-7 levels so far.

I'd suggest first timers take a minute to look over the first three levels in the walkthrough link on the start page. It will decrease your learning curve and raise your score exponentially. I didn't realize that "target" looking object on some of the later levels was desirable to hit until I saw that in the walkthrough.


Ahhh the POP!

@Anonymous - Thanks for the info about how the save works.


There is no box on the 6th level!


Too many bugs. Not ready for release.
Example 1: Restart doesn't fully reset the state (see the comment above about level 13).
Example 2: Activated timer UI doesn't vanish when start is clicked.
Example 3: Timer bar can vanish off top of screen when bomb placed high.


(a different poster than the "nobody" above)

A significant UI flaw: without a doubt, clicking on an already placed bomb should bring its timer window to the foreground and leave it there until you click somewhere else. As it stands now, a bomb placed below another one will have its timer number permanently obscured by the other bomb. Even worse, since rollover will activate the other bomb's timer window, it's possible to place a bomb whose plus or minus control for the timer is impossible to click. Did the playtesters just never use the timers?

help needed April 2, 2009 7:16 PM

I need help on level 23.
It seems the seesaws within the box maze thing fall immediately instead of staying on their fulcrums and therefore the puzzle is unsolvable, unless I'm looking at the wrong solution.
Wait, nevermind. After quitting and starting again (3 times) it finally loaded the seesaws properly.


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