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Craziest is the story of a girl in love with Scrabble, and how it influenced her life, her beliefs, and her destiny. The Flash movie tells the tale of her brush with fate and the mother-of-all Scrabble scores. Engaging, creative, entertaining, humorous and original, and possibly only slightly disturbing. Wow, that's a lot of adjectives for an 8-minute movie.

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..that was all sorts of messed up at the end there. crazy scrabble people.


wow. that scared me.


i'll never be the same after that


wow! What a great story!!

You tell a mean tale, Liz Dubelman... I always love first person narrative fiction.


what was up with that. She has some poblems


That was hecka scary


ive reacently downloaded a new scrabble FONT!


guess what? i play scrabble once in a while with my mom, and after seeing this......I got the triple-triple. then i watched it again, and i don't play no more ^_^


I wouldn't say that it's scary, KagomeGirl, but there is something suggested that happens at the end that might be disturbing to some.

The narrator turns a little crazy at the end and shoots someone. You don't see it, but you do hear a gun shot.


Um, ACTUALLY, Jay...

I was under the impression she shot herself? That's why

they were wheeling down the halls of the hospital closer and closer to the ICU, which ended up a den of Scrabble boards. I think she went crazy at losing her opportunity...perhaps.


i tell you what, that was actually quite entertaining. i listen to "this american life" on npr, and this is almost the same type of story they'd put on there. (minus the ending.) it is really good storytelling, and she does it in a somewhat humorous fashion, with all the illustrations. it gets my approval. but i wouldn't recommend it for the kids though.


I loved it! It's quiet interesting... and that triple-triple thing...I'm gonna try it on someone ^_^
Pretty cool story, but ending is messed up.. I agree with *Jacob*


Concerning the end...

I think the evidence points towards her shooting the man, because she says she's "not crazy." I would expect her to say she's "not depressed" if she shot herself.



i think that if you were crazy, you'd be more willing to deny the fact that you were crazy, thinking that you were still sane. when "god speaks to you through scrabble", that might be a slight hint of insanity.
and beside that point, her opponent "grabbed his chest and keeled over." i've never killed anyone before, but to me at least, i think it'd make more sense to kill someone who's still alive. :D


I doubt anyone else is going to search deeply into this anymore, but here's a pretty good explanation of the ending.

The man is about to play the "s" tile that she needs to play "craziest", when he has a heart attack. When a person has a heart attack, it's actually more common for the person not to die immediately, but die due to further complications that result, as well as possible surgery to attempt to strengthen the heart.

When a person has a heart attack and lives, if it's bad enough, they need to be taken to a hospital immediately, even if the cardiac arrest has stopped, because the system could be irreversably damaged. Note that, through the second door in the hospital, it says it's in the "cardiac" area, which is for heart related work. So we can assume that, after the game, the girl is moving into a hospital, towards the living man who had a heart attack and thus nulled the game.

Also, at the end, when the gunshot goes off, the man's chest (with the heart) flashes momentarily.


I played scrabble after watching that! I also looked up a bunch of Q words. my family plays scrabble a lot and this had an uneasy impact on me. I don't know what to think yet


I'm just wondering, how long did it take for the game to load for you guys? Because it seems to be taking forever to load for me... all I see is a white screen.

Redwaller October 16, 2007 7:48 PM

I felt kind of sorry for the main character, because of the trouble she had in her family. This being said, this was also a tad disturbing. Her train of thought is sketchy, where the viewer is pulled along by one emotion for a while, only to be slammed into a completely different one in a matter of seconds. Her thoughts and opinions seem slightly cold. All in all, I think it's an interesting look into an insane person's mind.


haha It shows how people get so involved into their hobbies as to if they dont get their goal, they may lash out or go crazy and kill someone or kill themselves..still, Why?


I guess people like her is the motive behind the phrase "Go and get a life" :)


The craziest movie ever.
As for the ending... She is insane. If we are watching the story through her, then it makes sense for the ending not to. This means that it can end by her committing suicide and murder, at the same time, even though they can be seen as exact opposites.


Wow, was this disturbing... I occasionally go to a scrabble club at school - I'll have to remind myself not to play with the more extreme players (in case I have a medical emergency :) ).

Anonymous January 16, 2011 6:47 PM

She has a type of synesthesia called ordinal-linguistic personification:

Her perception that letters and numbers have personalities seems crazy to normals. But then, none of us sees the world directly, we only know it as we perceive it.

Letters having a deeper meaning is very old. Like Asian pictographs, each letter originally referred to something of practical and mystical significance. There's a book on this, A Mystical Key to the English Language.


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