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Cover Orange 2 is longer (25 levels, as opposed to 20 in the original), trickier (some levels require very precise placement and timing), and then there's the level editor. Players who've managed to get all the way through can then try to create a level (or levels) of their own, limited only by their imaginations and, of course, the laws of physics. It's nice amid the glut of casual gameplay to be found out there that a designer listens to the gamers and uses that advice to create something even better than the first, even when the first game was pretty cool to begin with.

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I'm usually not a big fan of cute (although, admittedly, I do love the cute pink bunny that can kill you in Sonny 2), but this is great. Every level after the first 3 or so made me think (having not played the first one, part of that was learning the mechanics). I am curious why being squished by a package of boards won't kill the fruit, but that just adds to how funny it is.


I can't get past 21, I have been trying for 21 minutes!


You'll probably get it on your 21st attempt ;)

Not got that far so can't be more helpful...



Level 21 was the most difficult one for me, but here's your solution:

First of all you need to realize, if you haven't already, that aiming isn't as hard as it seems. You want the first triangle to land just to the left of the orange guy, pointy side down. The way to do this without knocking him off his perch is to position the mouse pointer to just a bit right of center on the top of the triangle next to orange guy, this will drop the first triangle piece such that it creates a level surface for our guy to travel to the left on.

Now drop the next triangle piece so that it lands pointy side down in the center section of the structure.

Now drop the wheel to the right of orange guy so that he shoots over to the center section and then stays put on the left side of the platform.

Drop the next triangle piece like you did with the first one, using the triangle platform on the left hand side and position your mouse cursor to just right of center again so that it lands pointy side down and creates a little ledge over orange guy.

Now drop the raft looking piece so that he hits the ledge and then falls to the right a bit, covering orange guy.

When the cloud passes it will shove the raft looking piece so that it is suspended on the left by the ledge and wedged into the platform triangle on the right.


I liked this one, too. I think I liked the original as much. I was able to come up with a solution on my own for every level, although more than one I think I hacked together some lucky solution that had nothing to do with the "official" solution.

That's what I like about this game (and other phyzzles): there is a lot of room for ingenuity.


I couldn't get the solution to the last level for ages until

I came back and noticed it was one of the screenshots in the review!


Hi, I just signed up here and anyways, I need help in level 7! Help me please!


Never mind.

LingoMan realized Power Of Posting Alpha!


Did you like that music? This music is from old russian comedy show "Derevnya Durakov" ("Village of fools", �"еревня дураков on russian). This catchy music remind me my childhood. If you want, you can see this comedy show on youtube: You really don't need to inderstand russian language. Enjoy! :)


A new level to try

anybody else go others they edited?


i can't get past level 14


i can't get past level 4


I cant get level


Smiley faces are cool. :)


I am so stuck on level 25. I'm new here, even though I didn't sign up, please help me!


Stuck @ Level 45... :-(
is there a possible solution??? pls help


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