City Siege 2: Resort Siege

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With its cute, cartoony visuals, throbbing music track, fast-paced action, and Super Mario-like platforming City Siege 2: Resort Siege is a wild ride through the world of special ops and hostage rescue. So you can't be a member of Seal Team 6 (which doesn't actually exist, anyway), try City Siege 2: Resort Siege and live out your wildest commando team fantasies of saving the day, killing the bad guys, and reducing some random unnamed resort to complete rubble.

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This game was a lot of fun - I guess part of me really enjoys mindless explosions and collapsing city blocks on top of enemies :)

I found that gameplay was unbalanced though, and some might say 'broken' with the right strategies.

The Spy unit is overpowered - currently the easiest way to get a perfect score on a level is to send in the Spy as far as possible (she can't be detected unless she enters the red awareness circle AND appears in front of an enemy) to extract all civilians and VIPs. This can often be done without any further support as the Spy jumps higher and avoids enemy fire quite easily. The Spy's bombs are also able to hit enemies from just outside their awareness circle (!). Once the ground is clear, send in your Commando or Heli-R to destroy everything in sight.

Alternately, a single Commando unit can take on everything (even Helis) by firing from more than one screen length away. At this range the enemy units are unable to see your Commando and will just absorb damage. Civilians and VIPs are also immune to friendly fire (!) which makes this approach nearly foolproof.

Anonymous May 17, 2011 1:41 PM

I like this game, and the first one, but while it's fun there's never any tension. It's easy to run to safety, and I only ever lost rounds by accidentally killing the VIPs. Keeping my troops alive wasn't a challenge in any way.


A "platformer/turn-based shoot-em-up action thriller?" Wow. I didn't even know it was possible to be in that many genres.

Tomato10 May 18, 2011 9:40 PM

This game needs a retry button in case you mess up during the level


Lots of fun, but the performance turned *horrible* after a while. I'm talking refresh rate dropping below 1 frame per second. And this is on my work machine, which is pretty turbocharged and copes fine with any other Flash game I've thrown at it.

I was suspicious for a while before that: how badly implemented does your level design have to be that it takes four slow passes to generate a tile-based level that's only a few tens high and a couple of hundred wide? Well, it turns out there's a somewhat gratuitous jelly-physics engine holding together bits of the buildings. My guess is this is what made the refresh rate drop to an utter crawl. (And no, adjusting the quality didn't help.)

It's a pity, because it's otherwise a delightful little game, with strategies (stealth, caution, guns-blazing, tank assault, heli assault) and counter-strategies (each of the above have configurations of specific enemies that make them distinctly suboptimal).

Still 4/5 shrooms despite the performance atrocity.


It turns out the performance problems can be dealt with by refreshing the game, which doesn't lose your progress. It's still absurd - performance starts to degrade after about 6 or 7 levels, and gets unplayable around 10 levels in - but at least there's an easy workaround.


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