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Chicken House is a "break the platform" game where you need to eliminate a series of chickens and their eggs by breaking various wood, stone and ice structures. Some chickens are fragile, while others must be hit with falling debris or plummet a distance before disappearing in a puff of feathers. Slice carefully with your mouse while making as few clicks as possible for higher scores.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Chicken House - Walkthrough

This walkthrough will try to help you pass each level with as many points (and stars) as possible. Things to keep in mind:

Eggs - Most fragile - will be destroyed by falls or anything touching them with force.
Yellow Chickens - Most fragile - will be destroyed by falls or anything touching them with force.
Red Chickens - Less fragile - will only be destroyed by things falling on their head with force.
Blue Chickens - Least fragile - will only be destroyed by falls.

One Click Bonus - 1500 points
Two Clicks Bonus - 1000 points
Three Clicks Bonus - 600 points
Four Clicks Bonus - 300 points
Five Clicks Bonus - 100 points

Gem - 1000 points
Chicken - 1000 points
Egg - 1000 points
Ice Block destroyed by gravity - 500 points


  1. Level 1

  2. Simply click on the marks indicated on the wood and ice.

  3. Level 2

  4. Click the middle ice block on the bottom to send everything crashing down.

  5. Level 3

  6. Click the bottom ice block, then the middle ice block. The pillars will crash down on the remaining red chicken.

  7. Level 4

  8. Click once in the middle of the left-most wood pillar, then click once in the middle of the right-most wood pillar. Finally click the middle of the middle wood pillar.

  9. Level 5

  10. Click the middle of the bottom wood pillar to wipe out all blue chickens.

  11. Level 6

  12. Make a neat slice in the middle of each wooden platform holding each red chicken. Then click each ice platform on the top. Doing this will not only destroy the chickens, but take out their ice platforms as well for 500 points each.

  13. Level 7

  14. Click the wood directly underneath the far-left vertical ice pillar. Then click the wood under the second vertical ice pillar. This should take care of the left most chicken and ice. Next click the wood underneath the far-right vertical ice pillar, and the wood under the remaining ice pillar. You may need to do one more wood click to get the remaining tower, chicken, and ice to break.

  15. Level 8

  16. Click the right portion of the middle ice block to send the whole structure tumbling. You may need to try again to get all purple gems to break for maximum points.

  17. Level 9

  18. Click the middle of the bottom wood beam, then click the inner-bottom-right ice block. Before everything falls, click the inner-bottom-left ice block for maximum points.

  19. Level 10

  20. Click the wood under the right-corner of the upper-left TNT box. Click the newly-cut wood piece directly to the right to make it disappear and cause the TNT box to fall, destroying everything on the bottom. Next click the upper-right-most wood square to send the contraption tumbling.

  21. Level 11

  22. Click the wood directly under the second chicken in the second row. Wait for the top chicken to start leaning, then click the wood under the third chicken in the second row.

  23. Level 12

  24. On the middle wood platform holding the purple gem, cut just above the inner-right edge of the left vertical support beam, then the inner-left edge of the right vertical support beam. If you do it right, the wood will fall, pushing the two support beams outward and causing everything to crash. Do strategic cuts to remove any surviving eggs

  25. Level 13

  26. Make a slice in the middle of the lower wooden platform, then the middle of the upper wooden platform. Cut a small piece to the right of the lower wooden platform to take out the red chicken below. If the structure still won't fall, take out the ice block beneath and to the right of the yellow chicken.

  27. Level 14

  28. Click the far bottom left wooden block, then the far bottom right wooden block.

  29. Level 15

  30. Click the bottom left wooden block. Wait for the eggs to tilt left, then click the wood directly above the left TNT box.

  31. Level 16

  32. Make a slice near the extreme bottom right portion of the left-most wooden pillar. If you're lucky, the fall will take out all chickens and make both pillars fall to hit the gems.

  33. Level 17

  34. Click the wood just below and to the right of the left egg. Click the wood just below and to the left of the right egg. Click the middle of the top-most wood pillar to topple the final yellow chicken and hit the remaining ice blocks.

  35. Level 18

  36. Click just to the left of the bottom-right chicken's wooden perch. He should fall on the TNT, and the remaining structure should fall the other way.

  37. Level 19

  38. Click near the top of the left-most vertical wooden pillar, then click the middle vertical ice pillar. Everything should fall to break both sides' gems.

  39. Level 20

  40. Click the wood underneath the middle of the lower-right ice block making up the ice pyramid. This should cause the structure to fall, crushing the red chicken. Next, click the wood above the second upper ice block from the right, then break the wooden block below the right-most stone pillar to cause the yellow chicken to tumble towards the red chicken. Break the leaning wooden platform in half to take out the rightmost ice blocks and the egg below. Then click the wood between the two upper ice blocks, and click the wood block supporting the left-most stone pillar to take out the left chicken and egg. Finally click one of the middle wood blocks to take out the middle chicken and remaining ice blocks.

  41. Level 21

  42. Click the wood on the left wooden platform above the left-most portion of the left orange gem. Click the wood on the right wooden platform above the right-most portion of the right orange gem. This should take out the two gems, and the blue and red chickens. Cut the remaining wood supports above the yellow chickens to take them out.

  43. Level 22

  44. Click the wooden block under the left TNT box. This should take out everything on the left and middle. Now click the middle support beam below the right-most rock, wait for the rock to settle, then click the wooden block under the remaining TNT box.

  45. Level 23

  46. Click below the lower-right egg, slightly to the right. This should take out everything. Restart as needed.

  47. Level 24

  48. Take out the left pair of red chickens by clicking the right-most wood block. Take out the right pair of red chickens by clicking the left-most wood block. To take out the left side gem and chicken, click near the bottom of the large wooden block on the left, then click it three more times to destroy it. Repeat the process for the large wooden block on the right.

  49. Level 25

  50. Click the wood above the left-most gem to destroy it. Click the right-most ice block to take out the other gem, yellow chicken, and blue chicken. Click the middle of the upper-left wooden beam to take out the blue chicken below it, then click the middle of the upper-right wooden beam to take out the red chicken. Use a series of cuts above the remaining red chickens to take them out.

  51. Level 26

  52. Click the wooden block directly to the left of the egg. Wait for the red chicken to fall and come to a stop. Click the horizontal wooden pillar directly above and slightly to the left of the left-most yellow chicken. If everything works, the blocks will fall to the right and push the remaining blocks to the left, taking out the red chicken and all the gems.

  53. Level 27

  54. Click the wood just to the left of the upper-left most blue chicken. If it works right, all three chickens on the left side will be taken out. Next, click the wooden foundation of the blue ice house at the top. Careful not to click any of the ice blocks themselves! Do careful cuts to take out the remaining eggs and chickens.

  55. Level 28

  56. Make a cut below the second block from the left at the bottom of the stone pyramid. Then make a cut directly above the right-most yellow chicken. This should take out the gems on the left and right. Make a cut above the remaining yellow chicken to get them all.

  57. Level 29

  58. Make a single cut in the middle of the structure, between the two ice blocks. Everything should fall neatly.

  59. Level 30

  60. Make a cut just below the left foot of the yellow chicken. Then break the wooden block to the left of the left egg to take out the far-left gem. Break the remaining two wooden blocks to the left of the left-most egg to break that egg. Break the blocks under the big ice block, and the little ice block. Finally, break the wooden blocks to the right of the remaining egg to take that down.

  61. Bonus Level 1

  62. Break the middle of the bottom left horizontal wooden beam. Break the middle of the bottom right horizontal wooden beam. Break the bottom-right block supporting the remaining ice blocks, and everything should break.

  63. Bonus Level 2

  64. Click the middle of the bottom horizontal wooden beam, directly underneath the vertical ice block. Everything should come crashing down.

  65. Bonus Level 3

  66. Click near the upper-portion of the bottom-right-most wooden beam sticking up at a 45 degree angle. That should take out both gems on each side. Now cut the middle of the beam above the bottom ball, and cut the middle-right section of the big upper beam.


That was a fun distraction but incredibly easy. I did not see any incentive to try to get full stars on the levels.


Level 10 locks up if you click the trapazoidal block of ice while the platform above is still falling. It has happened twice while I was going for a 3 star rating.

Aside from that, I enjoy the game. Getting 3 stars on a few levels seems impossible but I'll keep tweeking.


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