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Ready for some spelunking? Descend into the depths of this fiendishly difficult little isometric puzzler, where the goal is just to get to the exit... which only opens once all the floor tiles have fallen... and is usually behind some traps, switches, and unbreakable green crystals. All in a day's work!

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It was a neat little puzzler, but I hated how much of a pain it was to see the distinction of the tiles. If they were plain squares, then I could map out a path, but the staggered rectangle pattern made it almost impossible to look at and know where you need to go. Level 4 would be the earliest example of this. Other than that I thought it was pretty clever, nice and puzzle-y!


Hmm.. it's like those floor-dropping puzzles from DROD, only in much less user-friendly isometric style (for this kind of puzzle) and with no smiting whatsoever.

The presentation is ok, though.


Ugh, isometric, how I hate it! There might be a decent DROD-like in there but isometric makes it too user hostile to be worth persisting. Having two image tiles for each logical tile is annoying, and so is the poor choice of colours. Sort all those things out and it might be worth another look. Meanwhile, it's back to helping Beethro for me.


Wow, they really went out of their way to make level 10 as frustrating as humanly possible, didn't they? I was enjoying it up to that point.

John Blackburne September 14, 2010 3:00 PM

Not loading for me. I get a loading screen, once that hits 100% I get a loading bar and an advert (an annoying trailer for Camp Rock 2) which doesn't go away: the only thing I can click on is the whole-game advert. Reloading the page made no difference.

[What are the browser/os/flash player versions you're using? -Jay]


Had to play this since DROD was mentioned, but no... I'll stick to DROD :)

The lack of an undo button (at least just one move), the fact there's a bug where it's possible to "jump" over a red tile if you're moving relatively fast and the fact drop gates don't have a number of tiles above them to indicate how many tiles remain before they drop (to allow *some* strategy) all mean that I won't play any further... even though I like the genre


The font on the title made me initially think it was "Grue Trek". It was not.

A fun idea with cute graphics that is needlessly difficult to play. One point of DROD (since it was mentioned in the comments) was that the extremely simple graphics made it extremely easy to see where you were and what was around you at all times.

The puzzle, the level design, these were all wonderful. The scrolling screen made it difficult to follow the action when you're planning a course. The isometric design and odd tile shapes made it difficult to plan out your course. If the game were changed to a top-down perspective it would be vastly improved.


Just had to comment, also, to point out that the logo looks more like "Grue Trek". Maybe it's intentional- wouldn't the C have an entirely open right side? And that's an unconvincing V.


I was so dissapointed when I

Got past the boss on level 10, killed it and obtained the drill from a chest...and the game ended

Cmon. The first real challenge and it's over. No new levels with a fun new toy?

I give levels 0(Tutorial) - 9 a 5/5 rating, but overall drops to 3.5 because of level 10.


Arrow keys do not do anything.

I also experienced the same problem as John Blackburne (the "skip add" button doesn't appear) but it went away after a refresh.

Chrome 6.0.472.59
OS X 10.6.4


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