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Bullet Bill 3

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Bill is back and he's having a blast in this fast-paced side-scrolling arcade game. Guide one of Mario's oldest enemies on a side-scrolling journey through destructible levels, fight bosses, unlock new characters and powers, and maybe even invent some colourful new profanity in the process... or make use of the level editor to make your friends suffer instead.

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Procrastinateher November 14, 2011 10:29 PM

Well it was interesting to play as the bullet, but the boss level was a little frustrating. That might just be because I'm trying to play with an old laptop touch pad rather than a proper mouse though.


Love the music


...the music...the graphics...the concept...the GLORIOUS IP INFRINGEMENT! :DDDDDD


My son loved BB 1 & 2, and he loves level editors so he was very excited to play this last night. He was stuck on the first boss fight.

Today, the game won't load. It goes through the ad to the Loading screen, but it's frozen there. (Using Chrome on Vista.)

[Try emptying your browser cache and reload. I'm not seeing the same issue, but then I can't test on Vista, I don't have any computers with that OS installed. -Jay]


I'm still waiting for keyboard control.


Hmm, how do I feel about this game?

Well, the music is very good; the graphics are largely stolen, but it wouldn't be the game it is without appropriating nostalgic icons.

Gameplay...well, it's kind of fun rushing across, smashing through blocks and enemies, but honestly, more than half the time when I crash into something I feel like I've been cheated. That is not a good way for a game to make a person feel. I find myself disliking most the "one hit and done" system, which I think is how I've always felt playing games from this system. I would like far more to have something like a limited number of lives or hits that start you back right where you were. Or at least to be able to throttle up or down the speed at will, the screen just moves too fast to react to a lot of what's in the later levels.

And then there's the whole keys and bosses thing. It is simply not possible to survive any of the boss fights while holding a key. The mask is WAY too hard to dodge while dealing with ANYTHING else, because it actually follows your movements mid-attack, and it really ends up feeling like a trap baited with the prospect of other unlockable characters which might provide some more preferable gameplay options.

Yet despite those complaints, I played the game all the way through anyway. So I guess that means I do like it on some level or other. Just...not enough to play it again anytime terribly soon.


you can unlock


iLLuSioN_MooN November 23, 2011 11:19 AM

Fighting boss while holding key is almost impossible for me. I manage to unlock character with key in world 1&2 but I gave up playing this on world three. I'm not sure the game is too hard(with key) or I'm just simply no good. It's kinda fun anyway.

I laughed a bit when I...

unlock nyan cat! NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan


Here's the code for my level "The Challenge"
Even though the beginning may look VERY easy, beware...

THE CHALLENGE: 9/8{3}a17!2a16!2a15!2a14!2a37{a32}/a26{a21}/a15{a10}/6{1}a37{a32}/a28{a23}/4!16!17!15!1a18[a13]/a14]a17[a15!1a16!1/5!16!1a37(a33)a35o2a36o1a34o3/6(2)3o3a15(a11)a12o5a24(a20)a21o3a33(a30o1/4(0)3o3a15(a11)a14o3a26(a22)a25o2a37(a33)a36o1/+a38a36ca33d/6c3da16a15ca12da25ca22da37a36ca33d/6c3da16a15ca12da25ca22d/////////5d//a2+a26{a22}/a15{a11}/4{1}a34{a31}/a24{a21}/a11}a15{/2}6{a33}a37{/a24}a28{/a15}a19{/8{4}a37{a33}/a26{a22}/a15{a11}/4{a11}/a26[a25h/5ha26[a25h/5ha26[a25h/5ha26[a25h/5ha26[a25h/5h/a16{a15ia24ia33i/6{2ia11ia20ia36{a31i/2ia13ia26{a24ia35i/4ia1+a12wa21wa23wa22wa30wa34wa33wa32wa31w/9w7w4w3w2w1w0w5w6w8w/a26z/////a24(a21)a35(a31)/6(1)a17(a11)a28(a21)a27!1a25!1a23!1a38(a31)a36!1a34!1a32!1/8(1)3!15!17!1a18(a11)a16!1a14!1a12!1a27(a20)a36(a31)/5(0)a14(a23(a32(/a34p/a14pa34p/a14pa34p/a14pa34p/a14pa34p/a14pa34p/a1+a13da22da24da23da31da35da34da33da32d/0d6d5d3d1d2d4da19da18da16da15da13da12da11da10da14da17d//a39z

Knock yaself out :3


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