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Bloons Tower Defense 3

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4.8/5 (681 votes)

Bloons Tower Defense 3 has finally been released after months of anticipation from all the hardcore Bloons fans out there. Picking up where Bloons TD 2 left off, the new game features even more tracks (eight in all!), new monkeys (towers) and upgraded gameplay mechanics.

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I love Tower Defense. I love Bloons TD 1 & 2. Therefore, I love this.
Here's hoping there's no shortage of good games a-coming to JIG.


This game was awesome except for at one level where it just got stuck and couldn't get unstuck. I think it was level 46.


Wonderful. The next week of my playing time will be filled with a symphony of satisfying pops.


The M.O.A.B is awesomly crazy O_O...

The classified item is

A monkey airstrike. Destroyes everything on the map. You need the Super Monkey Becon to use it.


Guys, thanks for the review and the kind comments. Not sure how that level 46 bug happens, I've not seen it but will look into it. In the meantime I've patched another bug and added the cost to the 'can't afford' when you don't have enough money. Cheers!


bug is at level 44 ... it just freezes


track 3 round 46, misses the "start round" option. Not possible to go to next round.


Great work on this new game! It really is fantastic. Its a definite improvement over BTD2. There is significantly more strategy necessary for success.

I also experienced the level 46 freeze yesterday. Like Vidar said, the start round is missing. It happened to me after I launched a super monkey strike that level. But the next time I played it, I didn't launch the strike and the level played through fine.

Oh, are there any weapons that are particularly lethal against the MOAB?


Level 46 won't start for me, even though I finished level 45...


Wow. I got all the way up to level 61 on easy on the first map. Game is AWESOME.


Heh. I got up to level 49 on track 3. Double-beaconed Supermonkey with laser vision was unable to defeat the massive swarms of goddamn bloons. Somehow, the bloons got past road tacks, even though there were at least fifty, laid down desperately. Now, if I were running this thing, I would hook up a razor blade to a motor, and just have it run. Plug it in, set up some solar panels too, and just let the thing run. And a laser-cannon. A giant lightsaber, twenty meters long. Hell, screw the razor, just abduct a Jedi and have him hold his lightsaber horizontal to the bloons.


Does anyone know if any monkey beacon effects stack? It seems like they might not...


I'm pretty sure the 'bug' just comes from too many bloons slowing down the game. It's happened to me on a couple different levels in the 40s. None of my clicks would go through. Eventually you get control back, but in some cases it's too late.

Aside from that, great job, NinjaKiwi crew!

Havoc Master/Chaos Master September 3, 2008 3:51 PM

Walkthrough to Enemy Balloons:

Red Balloon:

A basic balloon, contains nothing. Any gun, 1 hit to pop.

Blue Balloon:

A shell balloon, contains a Red Balloon. Any gun, 1 hit to pop.

Green Balloon:

A medium shell balloon, contains a Blue Balloon. Any gun, 1 hit to pop.

Yellow Balloon:

A large shell balloon, contains a Green Balloon. Any gun, 1 hit to pop.

Black Balloon:

A small shell balloon, contains 2 Yellow Balloons. Immune to bombs and explosions, 1 hit to pop.

White Balloon:

A small shell balloon, contains 2 Yellow Balloons. Immune to freezing, 1 hit to pop.

Rainbow Balloon:

A large shell balloon, contains about 3 Black Balloons and about 3 White Balloons. Unknown for guns, 1 hit to pop.

Brown Balloon:

A large shell balloon, contains 2 Rainbow Balloons. Requires multiple hits, around 4-5

M.O.A.B.: (I think)

A medium shell balloon, contains about 3 Black Balloons and about 3 White Balloons. Needs a boomerang monkey with Thermite to penetrate, possibly others, but with the monkey 1 hit.

I hope this is posted as a walkthrough, as this is my first, and I also hope this is correct, as I may not have posted all balloons


I can get past level 60 using this strategy on all levels on medium difficulty...

use tack shooters to start with - position well, upgrading to blade shooters and distance when needed. With four in place, put in two cannons without upgrades in front of the tack shooters. continue placing tack shooters until about level 30 then go for supper monkeys and upgrade them. when the blimps appear use pineapple bombs to open them.
Don't worry about the occasional escaped balloon at the start.


Got to level 50 on all 8 tracks easily:

1) Build a cannon, max it out.
2) Built a Beacon, get the first upgrade.
3) Build a couple more maxed-out cannons.
4) Get the speed enhancement on the beacon.

At this point (L30+), you can either just continue getting cannons, or save up for a Supermonkey. If things start getting tight, drop a Ice Ball near the start of the track to slow things down.


It seems it got updated, now if you can't afford something it shows you how much it costs.


Also one more thing, when you have something like the super monkey tower and you update its range first and the range covers the stuff on the right where you update, you can't choose the stuff that it covers... so you can't update it to laser vision or sell it or anything.

Bleh Bleh timmy September 4, 2008 12:39 PM

How many hits does the M.O.A.B take before it pops ? got to lv 62 then sold every thing got about 22k so decided to buy a beacon and all the upgrades next to 3 super monkeys next to the beacon super monkeys had laser vision and epic range lol.

Havoc Master/Chaos Master September 4, 2008 3:38 PM

Ok, I was wrong with the walkthrough

Lead Balloon:

A medium shell balloon, contains about 3 Black Balloons and about 3 White Balloons. Needs a boomerang monkey with Thermite to penetrate, possibly others, but with the monkey 1 hit.


I cannot help you! Just use all the firepower you have!


I got owned on level 59 when a row of 20 MOAB's came at me.


Tanaqud - black balloons will make it through that strategy.

Havoc Master - cannons also break lead balloons.

MOAB - seems like these take a set amount of hits to break open... maybe 50? I'm trying to figure out if dart monkey piercing counts as 1 hit or 3 when factored into breaking these.

Trying to beat stages on hard is pretty tough, due to the MOAB. If anyone knows how exactly they work, please tell.


Is anyone else finding that when they hit the button to call a Super Monkey Storm that the monkeys don't come, even after hitting the button multiple times? I just lost all 100 of my lives because of that.


I am truly impressed, having been through the permutations of other Bloons games. This game balances challenge, variety, fun, and all sorts of other intangibles in a way that simply makes for the single greatest "tower defense" game there ever was. Others may be more flashy, more graphically appealing, but Bloons has established with Bloons 3 that it is the gold standard. To repeat, this is because it is perfectly rich in challenge, replayability, and pure, simply fun.

Without hesitation I will say this is the best tower defense game, having played them all. thanks for not letting me down, Bloons.


I think there is a bug in World 6.
I completed Round 50 and it freezed. I didn't get a medal or anything.
It was on easy level, if that means anything.


Hi Kiwi Ninja, I love the game but I have one feature request: keyboard shortcuts! In the heat of bloon popping I might need to quickly drop a pineapple and with the icons so close I frequently click the wrong things. Placing monkeys would be easier and upgrades could also have assigned shortcuts for the top path and bottom path.

Just a thought!


LvL 46 seems to be cause by the super monkey storm. However, if you launch another super monkey storm you can move on to the next LvL. Weird, huh?


I haven't found the monkey storm or spike-a-pult to be worthwhile.


the level 45 bug is so annoying going to win


I really disliked the first two games, but this one is amazing. I've beaten the first 4 on easy. On freeplay on the first level the next round button disappeared, and I didn't use any monkey storms.


i did until lvl 36 easy 1 and it the start button disappeared _:(


Tanaqud: I had trouble using your strategy on track 3. Maybe I wasn't placing the cannons right.

Trav: The Monkey Storm is probably only useful as a last resort when a ton of balloons are heading for the exit and you won't be able to stop them in time.


I lost the start button too. Level 46, first map, easy. I had just called the Monkey Storm, I think.


So, for Even More Bloons they worked in the Rainbow bloon in the Bloons TD series. For the TD series they worked in the brown ceramic blocks from the bloons game, and finally worked in the spiked balls too.

So, I'm waiting for:
1. The lightsaber to make an appearance in Bloons TD 4
2. The MOAB to make an appearance in the next Bloons title. I wonder what it'll do.


Has anyone else noticed a glitch after you place the monkey beacon and get the super monkey storm? When I use it, I can't end the level unless the Monkey storm is the last weapon I use...


LSN: The monkey storm upgrade cost is too much, imo. I'd rather spend the money on towers, thereby avoiding ever running into that type of situation.

Great game, with some notable flaws. The interface needs work - Targeting is a small button positioned right between sell and upgrade. When you are changing targeting in the heat of battle and accidentally sell your tower.. that's kinda bad. Slight effectiveness imbalances between some of the monkeys.

Level 8 on hard difficulty sure was tough. If anyone is trying to get all golds and needs some tips, let me know.



Set up a trail of spikes like 10 to 15 in a row on the levels where a MOAB comes, it is worth the investment here to knock them out early to move onto the ceramic balloons hidden inside.


Another bug: If a monkey's radius covers the menu, you can't select any other units. Especially bad when you have just one unit! Also, I agree, easy to accidentally sell a unit when you mean to start next level or change firing style.


I feel so cheated!! I made it through level 49 on the first track, got up to get a drink of water, and came back to find that there was no "Start Round" button for level 50!!! I'm apprehensive to start over/start a new track for fear that it will happen again.


Found an annoying bug. I'm playing the 8th track on easy, and I'm just at the beginning. I've laid down a couple of tack shooters upgraded variously. Sometimes even though I can visibly see a tack/blade come into contact with a balloon, the balloon doesn't pop. So I end up losing a few lives ever couple of levels.


Found glitch or bug or just feature..

I was playing levels past 50 and money didn't come at same speed as bloons popped. Is this intented? I had 2 super monkeys (plasma upgrade), lots of cannons and tacks.

My theory is that either cannons or tacks won't give equal amount of money compared to popped bloons. Has anyone encountered same? It feels that higher levels you end up, less money you get. (Ended up on level 63 :P)


i think it is very easy to get to level 55/56 on hard on all levels with this strategy:

You just need lots of upgraded blade shooters on all relevant points (don't let them shoot blades that won't hit the bloons track and: don't waste range after upgrading!!!), maybe one or two upgraded cannons at the beginning of the track to blast the hard ones (you have to put them on "last") and lots of pineapple bombs (maybe some spikes for the first rainbow colored bloon or so).
The trick is that you use the pineapple bombs in a way that your money increases while you drop them continuously (works nice from lev 42 on if necessary)...just find the right speed to do so (a little bit less than one second) (seriously you first need the pineapple bombs at lev 37 when the first MOAB comes).
It's clever to let them explode at points where they hit two or three roads. don't be afraid to let bloons pass the exit line. If you got 10-20 lives left at lev 46 than it's no problem because at this point (you now should have about 13000 credits, 6-10 blade shooters and maybe two cannons) the pineapple bombs should bomb away all bloons on the track easily.

With this strategy you easily pass all levels on hard but this doesn't work well if you try to get through lev. 56 (includes 12 MOABs or so).

At the end: this is a fine game and I really like to play it over and over. Thanks for this. THANKS!



I don't get the bloon pop sound on the fourth level (two track white/blue). I get bomb sounds.


This game is awesome but it froze on the last level and I couldn't put road spikes down and I lost. It's still cool though.


Ah ha! I finally beat level 8 on hard. So here is the spoiler for my set up:

http://img185.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bloons3level8hardsetupeq0.jpg The circled "1M" and "2M" are the first two monkey that I wound up selling in order to afford pineapples for the MOAB. This was around level 32. I placed Supermonkey above the lower rocket to finish.

Deciding what upgrades to get and when, and which not to bother with is up to you!


So I beat all 8 on hard mode!! holy crap it took me like 10-12 tries on hard before i finally got it....

I have a screen shot, but don't know how to post the screenshot.

Good luck, 8 is very hard.


The blade shooter is wonderfully overpowered in large numbers. You can win with just one cannon at the start, and blade shooters everywhere :P


I beat the game on hard using only tack shooters and 1 monkey beacon on map #4... the game is to easy but i still love bloons.


the M.O.A.B means"mother of all bloons"


I'm currently on level 79. I have 38 super monkeys. Does anyone know what the highest level is? I'm getting tired of the game.


M.O.A.B. does not mean "mother of all bloons". It means "Massive Ornary Attack Blimp", if I remembered correctly.


It means Massive Ornary Air Blimp.


Can't get past level 62 on easy for first level. Would like some tips against the moabs.


I figured out how to unglitch level 46, but it costs 850 if you have the top secret attack. Use it when it gets stuck and it will unstick. Is there any way to save your game?


to get the super monkey storm, you have to buy it from within the "monkey tower" menu.

if you try to "buy" it from the main menu, nothing happens.


All I did was start out with a cannon, max it out, bought a spike flinger, max it out, then a tack shooter, put it at the end and max it out then bought a super monkey around level 30 maxed it with epic range and plasma, then bought a ton of stuff, all maxed out, including another super monkey and got to level 69 with it.


When I try to play Bloons Tower Defense 3, there is no sound! My computer's sound isn't on mute or turned down and there is sound on the intro and the games sound isn't muted because when I look in the top right corner there isn't a line through the microphone meaning it's muted. Help! It's not the same without the satisfying noise of bloons popping!


I got up to round 60 on easy (track 3). Then I lost due to 12 MOABs.

Here is a screenshot: http://i37.tinypic.com/16c27w6.jpg

- 2 ice balls in the beginning to slow balloons down with permafrost.
- 4 boomerangs with thermite to break lead balloons.
- 2 super monkeys (1 had laser vision, both had long range, but not epic range as it seemed like a waste).
- Lots of tack shooters. The only upgrade I used on them was "Faster shooting".
- 1 monkey beacon, to power up tack shooters and super monkeys. Had long range and drums, but not monkey storm because it is too expensive and doesn't kill MOABs.
- 2 cannons and 1 spike-o-pult just because.

Anonymous October 6, 2008 9:59 PM

This game is the bomb, but sometimes if I click on monkeystorm it doesn't work! (HINT: the bombs help you defeat the M.O.A.B.)


hey guys how do i get the top secret tower???

Anonymous October 14, 2008 8:05 PM

If you want to get the "Top Secret" tower in Bloons Tower defense 3, you need to:

Get the "Monkey Beacon" and upgrade the beacon to "Super Monkey Beacon"(The second upgrade underneath "Stronger Signal") and then you have the tower. Just click on the "Monkey Beacon" and click "Monkey Storm" When you want to use it.

It's pretty useful if there are tons and tons of wooden balloons / "M.O.A.B".


I got to level 63 on easy simply by using nothing but blades from the start. I just added a couple of cannons to break leads, and keep adding blades after that, i ended up with around 25-30 blades scattered around the map, with 2 supermonkies.


Has anyone been able to beat the last map (White on White) on the HARD Difficulty?

That is the only map I have problems with.
Any tips on initial tower placement?
I've tried so many permutations, but just can't seem to get past level 37 (1st MOAB level).


I'm on level 55!! Easy on the first map.
i have 23 tack towers fully uprgraded. 2 fully upgraded super monkeys. and 2 fully upgraded bomb tower.

llamaman12349 October 18, 2008 9:20 PM

this game is perfect. it's simple graphics mean you can play it on a 3 year old machine like mine, yet its gameplay makes it in most cases funner than games witch cost money. bloons, you are teh pawnsome. DO NOT change a thing. except maybe... nope, nothing. don't change a thing.


I pretty much just play this to see how far I can get on easy. Though I have beaten the other difficulties.
On easy, I got to lvl 71 before losing. If my computer didn't lag so much on the higher lvls, then I think it'd be much easier, and I might even be able to make it to 80 or higher.
The tactic I used for this specific one, (Track 3, (Bloons 3, of course), the blue one) was the tack shooters. I had 3 cannons, fully upgraded, one boomerang monkey, and then filled the rest with tack shooters. Oh yeah, also had 2 beacons both upgraded with extended range and faster attack... even though the attack doesn't seem like it helps.
Dang, should've taken a screen shot. Also, I think I could have made it to lvl 72, but my secret weapon button didn't work for some reason, I had 1000+ money, and I clicked it like 20 times, and it wouldn't work, so I lost. I'm pretty sure I would've lost on the next lvl anyway. I was selling stuff just to stay alive (By using the secret weapon).
I started out with just some tack towers, about lvl 16 or 17 I added one cannon, then about 25 added another towards the bottom, 40ish, another on the top left, and about that same lvl I added a boomerang monkey, fully upgraded, sometime during the 40's I got two beacon towers and upgraded their range. Didn't get the speed upgrade till after lvl 50. Anyway, another tactic I really like is boomerang monkeys and freeze things. A few tack shooters at some corners too. That seems to work pretty well.


So normally i start off with like four dart monkeys and then get some tacks inthe the corners and by about lvl 18 i got my first bomb tower then build off from that with boomerangs and such.


How do you buy an item?


Level 55 is impossible.


what does freeplay mean?


A win in hard mode.
This is my strategy:

First, make the center monkeys, and up. Before level 18, make cannon and up. Road spikes used a lot. After this wave, I make first tack shooter after first curve and up. Then, make the monkey beacon and make more tack shots. Road spikes are your friend. And last, make a bommerang monkey.

Sorry for my poor English, I'm a Brazilian. espero ter ajudado, até mais (I hope I have helped).


If the monkey storm button doesn't work, try clicking on the little cape on the button.


I have a good way to win this.

Use cheat engine 5.4's speedhak and 1 cannon. start maxing the cannon and get missile as soon as possible. after that get some tack shooters and then a boomerang.

I got up to a level with 100 MOABS!!! impossible to do that, i think it was 120.


Has anyone gotten to or past level 60?


Looking for some strategies for beating level 8 on hard. Beat all others on hard without losing a life, and level 8 on medium without losing a life. But every time on lvel 37 I run out of money trying to stop MOAB.


Even following jrizos strategy, I can barely survive to level 20 on level 8 hard. I'm having so much more trouble with level 8 than with any other level on hard.

Maybe I'm just buying the wrong upgrades. I also thought that boomerang monkeys were the only things that could destroy lead balloons, but just learned that basic cannons will do the trick, too. Previously I always put my boomerang monkeys at the very front for that very reason, and the cannons a bit after. It's very unclear what upgrading to the missile launcher is good for, except that the missile projectiles are faster?


This is the strategy I used to beat map eight on hard ...

LEVEL 1--Place one dart monkey in the top left quadrant of the crisscross for the first two paths. Place one dart monkey in the bottom right quadrant of the crisscross. The bottom monkey should be able to shoot the top intersection, the bottom intersection AND the long section of the bottom path leading to the exit. Be sure to leave some room up against the center path (I call it path 1), as you will be adding tack towers to the four corners of the intersection later on)
LEVEL 2--Do Nothing
LEVEL 3--Before starting level 3 add one dart monkey to the 4th elbow of track 2. The second you can, upgrade to long range darts. He should now be able to hit all three paths. This is the ONLY upgrade that I use on any tower.
LEVEL 4--Do Nothing. I have noticed sometimes that you may need to place road spikes on one, or more, of the exits. It always changes so be on your toes with the spikes. If it is just one balloon, let it go. Usually you may have to place one on the path 3 exit.
LEVEL 5-Be ready with spikes. If it is a group, use spikes, if just one or 2 let them go. Don't waste 25 bucks just for ego. You may not have to use any.
LEVEL 6-Add one tack tower to the elbow at the entrance to path 1. You WILL have to place road spikes down to stop some balloons on this level. They should escape from the top path (path 1) and the middle path (path 2) but may from path 3. You can place one spike each at the exits before the start, or you can wait to see how it goes and do it on the fly. It's up to you. I would wait because you should only need to use two MAX.
LEVEL 7--More of the same. Place spikes, if, as needed. Maybe none, maybe one or two. I have had to place 2 several times and used none several times.
LEVEL 8-The second you have enough money to add one more tack tower to the elbow of the middle entrance, do it. You shouldn't have to place any spikes.
LEVEL 9--No tower additions, but be ready with spikes if needed. If you need them they will be at the exit for path 1. Again, if it's just one balloon I let it go.
LEVEL 10--You should be able to add another tack tower. Place this one at the elbow for the top entrance (path 1). Be ready with spikes. Try not to lay more than one though. It should be at the exit for path 3.
LEVEL 11--You will need to lay them on exits for paths 2 or 3. Use up to three, if you need to let a straggler go, do so.
LEVEL 12-The path that this level chooses to enter from changes from game to game. Use 3 spikes on the path that balloons enter from.
LEVEL 13-The second you can, Add a second tack shooter to the bottom path (path 3). Also keep up same strategy of laying spikes as needed. Try to keep it to three MAX per level.
LEVEL 14-You may need to use four spikes on this level. They should be paths 2 and 3. Two on each.
LEVEL 15-At this point you should have 43-45 lives left. If you have more, great. Again, use road spikes as needed to slow down and pop balloons as they go. Three per level if you can. No new towers on this level.
LEVEL 16-Place a second tack tower at the entrance for path two. You will eventually have three tacks on each of these entry points. Use road spikes to clean up the mess. Again, THREE per level.
LEVEL 17-The minute you can, add another tack tower to the top entrance. You should now have 3 dart monkeys in the middle and 2 tack towers at each entrance. If you need to use road spikes, do it.
LEVEL 18-Add a third tack tower to the 2nd elbow at bottom entrance. It will be across from the other two. You can't seem to stuff a third in there. Do this when you have the money, you will probably need to start the level before it can be done.
LEVEL 19-Add a third tack tower to the middle track.
LEVEL 20-BEFORE STARTING LEVEL! Add one road spike to each exit. Then arm your pineapple. Lead balloons will come from each entrance and you will need to place a pineapple to blow them up. If you are playing this on this level, I trust you know the concept behind the pineapples. Then get ready with your spikes to mop up stragglers. Be quick. You may lose a couple.
LEVEL 21-Add a third tack shooter to the top path the minute you can.
LEVEL 22-Nothing
LEVEL 23-The minute you can, place a cannon above the tack shooter on the 2nd elbow of bottom track. This will now be able to hit middle and bottom tracks.
LEVEL 24-Nothing new.
LEVEL 25-Add a second cannon below the tack shooters on track 1.
LEVEL 26-50-Fill in the rest of the map with cannons and tack shooters. Use the tacks where they make sense. At the four corners, at elbows. And place cannons in between. The rest is just paying attention and using road spikes and pineapples when appropriate. This is all you need. ***Be sure before you start level 37 that you have like 1000 dollars. This is when the MOAB comes out. Just lay road spikes in front of it until it breaks and then keep laying spikes untill all ballons are popped. If you pass this, and keep using this strategy. You will win.

This strategy doesn't win with 50 lives but you will win with 35-40 every time if you follow it. Bottom line is it works. Just remember to keep on your toes with the road spikes.

Rayfest Inuk November 2, 2008 10:08 AM

I'm so happy!!! I hurdled track one just now. Here's the proof
Here's my defense/attack layout


The furthest I got was to level 62 on track 2 easy. Then about 20 M.O.A.B.s came and I just couldn't keep up.


Mastered all tracks except the last one on "hard". This one is really hard...


Need help on level 37. I put 10 spikes at the beginning but not effective. How to kill moab?

Are cannons effective? That moab thing is the only thing that doesn't die "normally".

Are lots of cannons effective? Should I use termite? That termite is useless otherwise.

Anyone use ice well?

Anonymous November 9, 2008 3:44 AM

Track 1, Level 45. It won't let me go to the next level. :(


is there any way to play free play without beating a track ?


I found a way to avoid the bug when levels freeze up.

Use a Super Monkey Storm.

It took me a while to figure this out, and I wasted all of my defenses.


for btd4 i want:

AWARDS like more money made, more bloons popped, less cost, bigger damage.


alright so ive been playing for a week now, i play the blue level, and ive beaten all levels(lvl50) but now im starting the freeplay on the blue level. i cannot get passed 58. i believe it is impossible, any suggestions from some adequate players. really. its impossible though, btw nayone know the highest level????


I got to level 81 on hard on first track. I'm amazing!


An MOAB takes 138 hits from spikes to break down to the 4 ceramics on hard.


got to lvl 37 on hard (first moab lvl) i used 2 monkeys 1 boomeranger and about 10 blades all fully upgraded i couldn't beat it fast enough any help is appreciated


That MOAB destroyed me...


The highest level is 250. i know because i got there. I would show you proof but i don't know how to post a screen shot,.... :(


I got to level 56 on Easy track 1. Trying to get to the farthest level but i have to decide best weapons.

i dont know what i should be getting to beat the MOAB. i had 3 monkeys at level 56 fully upgraded with 2 bombs fully upgraded and still died.

wildflower12 December 14, 2008 1:35 AM

Pineapples and catapults are my friends. Beat all levels on hard 2nd time through. Great game, hope there's more like it.


the best way to win this is on the blue level just lay down tack shooters everywhere and how do i get into freeplay


Up to Level 54 on Track 8 hard. But the MOABs get me in the end. Still looking for a way to get them without road spikes.


Everyone, this is important. The glitch on Track 3, level 46 - to go on to level 46, use the classified weapon. I don't know why, but it works.


I play freeplay mode on map 5, I've made it to level 64 a few times. The trick is to fill in the channel with tackshooters. Just pack it to capacity.



On map 3, I simply used 1 cannon to start off with, then got 2 blades and saved up for a super monkey and then got 3 more cannons, another super monkey and a beacon. Got up to lvl 56.


I made it to level 65 on easy. My trick is using around 4-6 pinapples per MOAB.... Then i use monkey glue to slow down the popped brown balloons.

Works like a charm :)

Anonymous January 2, 2009 9:40 PM

awesome game but i hate the MOAB... 100 hits or something to break it


i need to know how to hack it... i can't get past lvl 57 legally... and that is only on easy track one... i think track 2 and 3 i got to 54 or 55 and i got past 1-6 on hard but i can't even finish 7 & 8 on medium... they are crazy...


Track 8 is by far harder than the others...after playing it quite a few times my best is level 55 on hard. Then it gets crazy with 6-8 MOABS simultaneously.

Bloons master with slight problems January 10, 2009 4:48 PM

Ok, how do you beat track 8 on Bloons Tower Defense 3? I have gotten to 46 and cant improve. My play count is through the roof and its getting frustrating. Any suggestions?

killswich January 12, 2009 3:18 PM

i just got owned on level 37 when the moab came at me seriously how many hits does it take to kill it? the thing made it past a storm, a full cannon, and two full monkeys

nevershop January 15, 2009 6:59 PM

The game lags too much to play past level 60. It's a great game, and I enjoyed it greatly. I looked forward to the free play, but it is nearly unplayable due to lag.

Niceguy191 January 20, 2009 3:38 AM

Yeah, the lag gets pretty unbearable in the higher levels... I was kinda hoping there would be a way to counteract this! Once you reach a certain point, everything slows down so much that you can't do anything (and why does it seem like my towers slow down more than the movement of the bloons!?) Still a super fun game! Looking forward to #4!

Grandmaster Plus February 10, 2009 11:33 AM

If anyone is experiencing lag it's because your computer isn't powerful enough to handle it. My 8600m gt can't handle it past 60, but my 9800 GTS experiences no lag past 60. Strange that a small flash game requires the most advanced video card lol.


I just passed level 81 easy on brown level with no cheats, but I only have 11 lives remaining. Wish me luck.

I find chrome deals better with the game than any other browser. It still lags like hell.


Alright, so 82 killed me. It was a sad day in the monkey kingdom as their world was run amuck by unrelenting MOABs. They laid down uncountable pineapple bombs, which first held the bloons at bay. Unfortunately the monkeys used Motorola phones, and when they went to call on the elite monkey storm, their call did not connect. There was money enough for 5 monkey storms, but the button would not work.

Alas, the bloons again have won, but the monkeys will have the last laugh.


So after a long 3-4 Hours of playing this game I finally beat it. All Levels cleared on HARD without the use of any cheats. Although I was disappointed with the lack of an ending for the game it was a decent way to kill some time.

Screenshot: http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/8300/bloons3kn6.png

I may post my level builds later if I get the chance

Ela Nichole February 15, 2009 12:58 PM

I like the new features where it keeps track of how many bloons it has popped. You can use that info to decide whether or not to sell it and buy something else. Also I like how you can change the target priority. I hated how my towers use to turn just to chase down one red bloon when there are lead bloons right behind!!
I'm addicted to this game though. It's awesome!!!


if it locks during a lvl where u used the "secret weapon" then to get it to load u have to use it again :( but after that it will work fine

Anonymous March 16, 2009 2:13 AM

moab can also mean massive ordinance air bomb, or something like that

HawksFan March 26, 2009 4:22 AM

Fun game. This game is one of the best freee internet games out there. I beat the first 4 tracks on hard. When you play on easy, you can get pretty far with all cannons, or all boomerangs. Here's a screen shot of my friend's game. He beat track 5/birthday cake board, by covering the map with boomerangs.


on track 1 i use 4 booma rangs get on fully done firstwere the tracks meet once all for are done i save up for a super monkey get first 2 range first and laser first then save for another one do same thingbut i still die why?

Anonymous March 28, 2009 11:54 AM

Don't get the second range upgrade for your super monkeys. Get laser vision and then get plasma vision. One Super Monkey with plasma vision is better than 2 regular Super Monkeys. Also, place the monkeys where their ranges can reach most of the board.


How to get to level 67 on easy-stage 1

Tack shoooters around first corners - 6 until level 15 or so then get a cannon for level 20 lead bloons (no upgrades needed and place as close as possible).

Purchase a few more tack shooters up to level 30 or so and placing them around first corners, but you should try save money for a supermonkey.
As soon as you can, buy a super monkey and place him in the gap in the middle of the screen covering the first few corners as well as some others, upgrade him asap. Pretty much don't buy anything else until he is upgraded fully.
then get more monkeys and place them either next to this one or covering the next couple of corners (diagonnally up+right to the original monkey).
I had 5 monkeys, fully upgraded, a few tack shooters left over(after selling a few). Maximise your use of Pineapples to get the MOABs.
Oh and of course you should have monkey storm available. buy the satellite, upgrade, then sell it=monkey storm.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam}

Anonymous May 29, 2009 9:32 PM

For the level 46 start round glitch, try using the monkey storm if you have it. Usually fixes it.

Anonymous June 2, 2009 4:58 AM

i got to level 67 and i had 61 and 20 cannons and 1 rocket cannon and i used pinapples on the boat things

The Bringer Of Peace June 2, 2009 6:14 PM

MOABs only die from heat, like lead balloons, so get a bunch of cannons. Make sure you even everything out, and remember, you only need 1 Super Storm Monkey special!


I got to level 84 EAST #3
Blade shooters galore and 1 super monk with photon.

The blades will take care of up to 5 MOABS on their own.
Must keep using Pineapples a-plenty and finally get to a point where you do not get enough $$ to replace that used on pineapples and you die.


i got to track 150 but then it was beyond insane (no cheats used) there was somethin like 100 m.o.a.B's then to take the mickey they put only 4 yellow balloons at the end of the wave of m.o.a.B's i saw a guy who got to round 150 on you tube but failed has anyone got past 150? and one thing m.o.a.b stands for massive ordinary air blimp why are people calling it mother of all balloons?


I have a freind who hacked the game, got unlmited money and, by using the right click glitch, covered the screen in fully upgraded Super monkeys. He got to wave 158. This shows that it it 100% imposible to get to level 250. Also, there are an uunlimited number of levels the game uses code to keep the enimes getting tougher, and more of them. The MOABs take more hits to kill and they start to get slgihtly faster.

BTW i got to 71 w/o cheating


I got to level 70 on easy on the 1st track! Lots of pineapples. 50 MOBS on that level that I could count.

TimeMaster July 26, 2009 6:36 PM

You know, Bloons Tower Defense 3 is really awesome. I have gotten to Level 63 (on track three) with this strategy:

Start by adding Tack shooters in a very compact horizontal line just below the very first straightaway. Use pineapples to pop the lead balloons, until the tack shooter line gets past the gap in the middle of the track below the first straightaway. There put a fully upgraded Boomerang-guy. When you can afford it, put three missile launchers next to the very first part of the track, then buy a spike-a-pult at the end of the first straightaway and set its priority to last. Then buy a monkey beacon in the center of the map and get at the boomerang throwers in its radius. Then start saving up for a super monkey and add it to the left of the straightaway just left to the boomerangs and beacon. Then you buy more tack shooter lines at the straightaways, while you steadily keep saving up for more super monkeys. NOTE: The unleash monkey storm doesn't work in the main tower menu, so click the monkey beacon and click "Unleash Monkey Storm as needed.

Anonymous August 2, 2009 9:46 PM

Ok well,i found out how to pass the map with the ice.

First place 4 fully upgraded tack shooters in the corners where the 2 tracks intersect.
Second, place 2 fully upgraded boomerangs in the corners next to the tack shooters (NEVER BUY ICE SHOOTERS).
Third, place tack shooters in every U shaped piece and save up for super monkeys.
Fourth, when you've bought a super monkey, buy a beacon and place it near the super (fully upgrade every super).
Then just keep buying super (of course, use tacks to stop any balloon that goes to far).

have fun :D

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

Christopher the Glitch Expert August 4, 2009 3:33 AM

Hey people, you cannot get past the freeze glitch unless you use the Super Monkey Storm. Then it will give you money and will say you passed the level and it will give you the button!


1. 'monkey storm' clears lost 'start round' button (mumble)
2. You can sell beacon for more cash and still have 'monkey storm', though weapon area reduced.


I can always beat the first track on easy because of the way I set up my towers. first you

want to put a dart monkey under the first part of track and a boomerang monkey on top of the track. then when you can afford them put an ice ball in the small space near the center a cannon in that loop near the top a spikeopult near the end and the super monkeys in the middle. make sure you put the super monkeys kind of to the side in the middle space so you can fit two.

(Thanks for the awesome tips, JF, but let's remember to use spoiler tags next time! -Kyle)


I think this game is really buggy or something. I kept track of the score on the levels 50+ and the scoring was majorly screwed. I was down to around $1000 cash per level at about lvl 54 or so. That is BS. It takes over $10K+ to load up 1 super monkey. I can't tell if it's meant to be that way, or if it's just a slowdown/buggy problem. At this point the game is running at about 1/2 speed, and this is on a dual core 2.8 with 4 gigs and dual 9600GT's. I think it's supposed to be that way since on a slower machine, I can get to the same point (lvl 58 on track 2, [admittedly a bad track]) but the game is running about 1/4 speed. The money just stops showing up. The counter is running like I'm only getting $1 for every 5 bloons popped by lvl 58. Adding freezers with permafrost at u-turns helps a lot, but the cash is gone, so you are screwed no matter what. Anyone have a downloadable version of the game to hack? There was a guy on here who said a friend hacked the cash, but I'd just like to get the full money owed for each bloon popped.


I know the number of hits to destroy a M.O.A.B.
You need to 130 hits for destroy the M.O.A.B.
To destroy MOAB easily, just place 13 road tacks
(13 road tacks = 130 damage) or use pineapple bomb to boom it quickly.


stupid!! i went to click onto a new tower and there is a link so close that it hit it!! was onl 43rd level!


On bloons tower 3 if the start round button doesnt show up you have to use the monkey storm button even if your not in a game and it will show the start round button :)


i dont count winning unless u play on hard... my best is lvl 52, my mate got to 148... lol, real hard :D


I know how to easily beat about every track without Supermonkeys, Just buy a Tack-Shooter then put it around the start where a loop is. Keep putting Tack-Shooters and upgrading them and around 25-35 buy a Cannon and place it at the very start and fully upgrade it. ( Lead Bloons, Go figure :P ) and around levels 33-36, buy a monkey beacon and put it in the middle of the Tack-Shooters. Probually on the Road. ( Right click on a space where you can place the tower then Left Click where-ever you want, except if you click ON a tower it selects the tower. Keep going till you win, i win with one Cannon, One monkey beacon and about 35-45 Full Upgraded Tack-Shooters.
I did this and flawlessly owned the first, second and seventh map, but i figure you can flawlessly win every map with this Method, but im not sure about map 8 :P. ( Heres a little Fact. With Tack-Shooters and Blade-Shooters, they shoot out larger Tacks and Blades with each Range upgrade :D ) I hope this helps and i think M.O.A.B's are about 100 hits, Black bloons are immune to bombs and explosions but if 5-7 explosions they Brake. White bloons are immune to Freezing, both hold 2 yellow bloons. Lead bloons are immune to sharp objects ( Tacks, Darts, Spike Balls Etc. ) but if hit 70-100 times they pop!!! now who knew that lol, and they hold 2 white and 2 black bloons, Rainbow hold 3 black and 3 white. Brown Ceramic bloons take about 10 hits and hold 2 rainbows. Moabs hold 4 Brown Ceramic bloons, Obiously Go figure. I hope this is all Helpful.


My Record i got up to level 60 but i had to hop of the Computer but i could of gotten up to level 65-73 :D


This might've been said before, but in BTD3, it says;
"MOAB stands for Massive Orinary Air Blimp, not Mother of all Bloons."

I'm not sure about the "orinary" part, though. =l


omg i love this game i play it all the time. the farthest i ever got was level 60 on easy on the first map. i hate those stupid m.o.a.b!!!!! so annoying. takes like 5 minutes to pop all the balloons in level 55 and above. lol


I love BTD 3 but I can't beat the 4th one! It's the one with the multiple paths.. I get up to 40 then POOF! Game over.

Chris Flattum March 12, 2010 11:27 PM

Im on level 67 on hard with a ton of super monkeys!


are M.O.A.B's those white egg like things? if so then the way to crack them is to blow em up with a pineapple! then just shoot at them like never before!

Funny Justin November 1, 2010 11:42 PM

level 37 walkthrough: break the mob and use monkey storm.


Round 121 on easy not ended, cant fit anymore super monkeys and i got screenshots to prove it


I managed to get a little bit past level 50 on the first track, on easy.

rockwellgump April 3, 2011 11:10 PM

on the iphone app i was able to get to lvl 523 before i grew tired of the game. my line up is: 2 dart monkeys (upgrade completely), 5 cannons (upgraded completely), sell one dart monkey to get my first monkey beacon (upgrade completely), on lvl 34 or so when the first MOAB shows up, i use spikes or pineapples to clear the blimp. Then maybe one or two more cannons, and then super monkeys and monkey beacons for the rest of the game whenever i get the cash to buy them. it took me a bit to develop this line up. i dont think it works well on levels with multiple paths.


wow try getting to lvl 600 try 100M.O.B.s no joke!

Unknown Gamer That Owns June 12, 2011 2:15 AM

Hey I'm at like round 148 and I'm getting like 10 dollars after popping like 100 balloons WHAT IS HAPPENING?
Please HELP


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