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Bit Dungeon

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4.3/5 (148 votes)

KintoGames serves up some challenging roguelike retro action in this squishy, slashy dungeon crawler. Battle your way through hordes of enemies, gain powerful weapons and armor, find power-ups, and try to stay alive... all with the click of a mouse. Some awkward controls keep it from really feeling as sleek as you'd like, but with a great sense of style and tons of baddies and bosses, it delivers a solid dose of arcade-style hack-and-slash action.

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Bloody footprints make me happy. That is all.


Entertaining gameplay, but lacking in underling "skeleton". Not only does it need an adjustable control scheme and a tutorial, it could also benefit enormously from a save function and a pause button.



10 of 10, could not agree more :)


the point of a mouse-controlled game is that it's mouse controlled.


Oof. So, around Level 4 or 5, I started getting some pretty great gear dropping from random level monsters. The stuff in the orange chests.

Strangely, I never saw that stuff again. I rarely even see purple chests. Even after killing the Level 13 Boss, I'm "rewarded" in the Lvl-13 END section with a new weapon whose stats are a little worse than the one I scored three or four bosses ago, whose stats were not much better than something I'd found in a crate from a random mob in a dungeon three or four levels before that.

The elemental spells are sorta interesting, but yeah, it needs some kind of guide to know what the combinations are. It stinks to go from something that seems high-powered and effective to a basic spell that's pretty piddling. And are the


vulnerable against -anything-? I usually end up with the


magic active on those levels (when they repeat,) and neither it nor anything else seemed very effective - especially given some of their more sneaky abilities.

The retro art style is great, but something's just seriously gone wrong with the drops.

I can't help but wonder if that's not why death is permanent - to cover for known flaws in later levels that hinder playability? Maybe we don't get to save and continue because it's not designed to have a balanced endgame?


I have been experimenting with the elements and found explosion ( fire + shock) the must usefull.
if it procs you get insane burst


Does the game have an end or does it continue forever until you die? At this point it seems pretty unlikely that I WILL die. I'm only level 13 and it hasn't really been challenging since maybe level 3. Basic formula of spam with your magic, then once you clear two+ rooms, go back through them to get potions so you never fall to dangerously low levels of health or mana or whatever. I'm just curious if the game has a proper ending or if it's just meant to be an ongoing dungeon crawl.


Well, hothotpot, I'm on Level 34 now, and just cleared another demon level to receive a marginally-better helm than the one I got a while ago. So, my money's on "no."

I had hoped that


was the highest class of equipment, and that somehow completing the set would trigger an endgame when I next got to the relevant dungeon. But nope.

The challenge level hasn't scaled up at all. There are no interesting drops - every random mob drops only brown and blue chests, maaaaybe a purple once every very long while. And, like I said, they were randomly dropping oranges earlier on. Bosses still give orange-class drops, though, except for the

spirit you meet after the demon dungeons, who now give me teal ones.

It's not satisfying to kill a Level 35 end boss and be rewarded with something comparable to what a Level 6 miniboss gave. And only one boss poses even half of a challenge - for the rest, I get more damage from a regular room with archers or wizards.

Endless dungeon crawls are supposed to be tests of endurance, not patience. I should stop playing because I died, because my skills or strategy or speed weren't enough to keep me from being overwhelmed - and I should be inspired to try again. I shouldn't be voluntarily quitting because I'm bored and nothing is even remotely rewarding anymore.

This really could have been a good game, if it was tested better and had an appropriate difficulty curve. It's not as bad as, say, Great Dungeon In The Sky for horribly-balanced pointless gameplay - but, well, it wasn't just the fantasy theme and pixel sprites that made me think of it.


Thanks, Apo.

I, too, continued playing once I received the teal (or silver-blue or whatever) level weapon, with the same hope that you had. I played through four more levels of that only receive a teal level helm that was slightly worse stat-wise than the teal level helm I had received the round before. At that point I gave up.

If it was going to be an endless dungeon crawl, then I agree, the difficult needs to be ramped up CONSIDERABLY in the later levels. The game really stops being challenging altogether somewhere around level 4 probably.

Personally, I would have liked to see an ending to the game. Any ending at all. That would have been nice.

bluegriffin18 September 23, 2012 12:14 AM

The best part is the top high score, 310,000,000,009,130. (As of 9/22.) You can't even see if it goes past that because of the site link button. At first I thought eh, a 9 million is a worthy challenge, but really? Trillions, you really have to get board at some point. I haven't broken 1 million, am on lv13 and I clean out each room plus a few monsters for potions. It's no fun when you get that high, its gets receptive, and there is no way you can reach the high score.

Good game, but needs two versions, a story mode and an arcade mode for the hardcore scorers.


The game gets mind numbingly easy after you realize that you just go for the attack stat every time. It needs more unique points.
in gear you just look for defend and proc
doesnt matter what level it is or color or even what other stats it gives if it has those in high numbers get it.
After level 13 i was basically just walking straight through boss rooms to the other side. Mob rooms I would just walk to the center and let them trigger my proc.
I read other comments:
-the game has no end, if you notice its an infintely random tiling script.
- teal may seem to be better than 'orange' its usually not, i could have gotten full teal but the orange always had better sub traits which u cant manully add.
-the rediculously highscore you see in the game is because someone hacked the code for the hell of it and submitted an impossible score.
-I play this game when ive got nothing better todo, managed to get to lvl 65


You realise there is an Uber-boss when u click the soul icon.
I was at lvl 20 and i barely did 50% of his hp then i died.
And if u somehow manage to defeat him , in the other room there is a ghost girl or something. DO NOT TOUCH HER, SHE WILL INSTAKILL YOU(that's what i read in a thread)


FYI, this game appears to have been updated - no more "permadeath", there are save points between levels and you are resurrected with all of your equipment where you last saved.

Also, a couple of questions:
1) Does anyone know exactly what a "proc" is in the context of this game?
2) Does any one know what the "O x n" means that appears below and to the right of your health/magic gauge?


Correction re: my comment above:
The updated/less "hardcore" version of this game referenced above is not the version hosted by JIG. Sorry for any confusion.


Thanks for the note. I've just updated the game to the latest version available.


This is a fun little game so far; I've died a few times, but early on in this round, in a randomly-generated glowing green chest I found the Level 5 "Notor's Hammer of Suicide", which has very good damage plus a continuous heal ability, so I'm doing fine just at the moment; let's see what kills me.

Some tidbits I've noticed:


Getting a full set of blue armor gave me the "Strong Armor" bonus: +200 hit points, +25 to defense. Nice, but the thought of losing the bonus is preventing me from picking up other armor with other attributes, notably magic protection. Presumably sets of other colors give you other bonuses?

Save points:

When you come to the save point after level 4, touching the ice tomb gets you a "soul" orb (the middle one of the left set of inventory icons), which as far as I can tell acts as an extra life. You have to restart from the beginning of the level, but not from the beginning of the game as you usually do.


"1) Does anyone know exactly what a "proc" is in the context of this game?
2) Does any one know what the "O x n" means that appears below and to the right of your health/magic gauge?"

As far as I can tell, the "proc" message comes up when I get a critical hit, but "proc" and "crit" are listed separately in the stats window, so I dunno.

The O x (number) thing is how many "black coins" you have; they are generated as death drops and can be spent in shops, which occasionally show up in the top-left or top-right rooms; look for a lighted crevice in the top wall when you get the room's key. The coins seem persistent over death, and the stuff in the shops isn't necessarily all that great, so I have a lot of savings built up. :P

leonmcervantes January 20, 2013 6:27 AM

Wondering if anyone has completed the green armor set yet and if they know what the bonuses for that set are. Someone completed blue armor set and posted stats here and I've completed purple, gold, red, ghost and brown. Armor set stats below:

Purple gives proc (can't remember how much) and magic damage (100), Gold gives critical (30 something) and damage (30 something), red gives life steal (10) and deathstrike (60 ish), ghost gives critical (100) and cleave (32) and brown, the best imo, gives crit chance (25) and run speed (60 ish)

I don't think there is a black set since every single black chest i've encountered (4) always have the same item in them.

Anyway, would be interested in green stats if anyone has or knows them.

generalgrevienne June 14, 2013 7:20 AM

black armor give you +64deathstrike and +64 run speed
3months to get this armor ! now i m lvl 104 and i make 3 sec per stage thanks to 64 deathstrike and 200 runspeed


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