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Bill the Demon is an action adventure platformer with a very nice old-school flair to it. In the game you play as Bill, a lowly demon with a voracious appetite for human souls. To prove himself worthy to his peers, Bill sets out on a mission to the Ninth Circle of Hell to fetch the devil's autograph.

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lopsidation October 28, 2006 2:10 PM

Hmm... What tripped me up in the beginning, is that there are two types of jumps.
One is a high jump; you must press jump without pressing left or right, although you may press left and right while in the air. It can go up three spaces, but not very far.
The second is a long jump. You have to press left or right, and while you're pressing it, press jump. It can only go up two spaces, but can go a reasonable distance sideways.
Some of the gameplay is deciding when to jump high, and when to jump long. I lost several lives by choosing wrong.
Also, you can walk onto spikes. You just can't land on them. I think the game would be easier if the intructions mentioned these two issues, but it was fun discovering them.
I give it:
9.5 for gameplay
7.7 for difficulty (I can only get to circle two!)
and 9.9 for origionality.
I'm first to comment! yay!

FlyingSheep October 28, 2006 2:18 PM

It's a cute game...except I having one problem devouring souls...I wonder if that just because I'm a Firefox user. Over all its a nice game... >.>


Yes, you have to be up very close to the humans to devour them. It would be nice if the threshold for eating souls were a bit more forgiving.


I love this game! I have a couple of issues using Firefox on Ubuntu. At first I couldn't move, but if I right click, and look at the flash settings, then close the settings everything works. I also can't see the passwords at the end of each ring, but I'm sure one of my friends at JIG will post them soon...


Oh wow this is a classic, I remember playing this in middle school on an ANCIENT macintosh.


Well, Jay, I'm glad you liked the game as much as I did. Yeah, lopsidation, thats part of the original challenge of the game is discovering the jumps. And kate, the password is different every single time because it is dependent on how many lives you have left and how many souls you have devoured. I suggest just trying a different browser.


also if you eat 25 souls you get an extra life.


Here they are then, a set of passwords for maximum lives (obtained by an evil little bit of disassembly):

Each password has the form *00*08*704. The stars should be replaced depending on the level:

circle 1: C H B

bonus 1: D 5 D

circle 2: E 6 F

bonus 2: F 7 2

circle 3: 0 X 4

bonus 3: Q 8 5

circle 4: 1 9 7

bonus 4: 4 A 8

circle 5: H B A

bonus 5: 5 C C

circle 6: 6 D E

bonus 6: 7 E J

circle 7: X F R

bonus 7: 8 J 3

circle 8: 9 2 Z

bonus 8: A R Q

circle 9: B V 4

endgame: C 3 5


Mmmm, maybe I am missing something simple. This seems like a nice game, but I am stranded at the third "reincarnation altar". There's spikes all around, and no matter what I do, I always die in the spikes. Lopsidation said that you can walk onto spikes, but no luck like that at this place.

How am I supposed to get further here?


Rene, you can walk into spikes, but not onto them. You will die everytime you try to jump or walk onto the top of the spikes.

Ok, am I just really supid or what? I get stuck in the maze type thingy in the third circle. How in the heck do I find an exit? What do I do? I'm totally lost.


Weeeee... finally finished it (without cheating!)

So satisfying... i almost killed myself at the end while waiting for something to happen (which would have sucked seeing as i was on my last life)...


Awesome game


Hey guys,

Love this game but having some problems with the final stage - what do I do at the beginning after i've fallen to get past the spikes and tall demon things?


Firstly, help please? Fourth circle,

invisible maze after the arrow pointing/pushing right. I can't seem to find a way out.

Also, BobSmith-
I wouldn't *really* consider this a spoiler, but just in case:

go up and right.

It took me several tries and deaths to figure that out.


Help. How do I get past the devil in circle 2? The flying eyes keep killing me before I can kill him. Kan you kill the eyes?



If you mean the tall standing devil, you have to scream at his head (i.e. jump) and then you can walk by him like all the other nasties. Stun the eyes first if need be.


I can't get out of circle 6.....


im stuck at circle 7... when the purple stones start going away and then i see the bonus level it won't let me down cause there are uparrow keyss!! HELP!


Wow. here I was, just sitting here, wandering through JIG, and what do I see in one of the little square buttons? One of the few remaining reasons I run a Classic OS box.

Seriously. all we need now is Flash Versions of all the old WorldBuilder games, and that thing is even ancienter history.

Demon Last November 10, 2007 4:32 PM

well, the last level seems unbeatable b/c of those damn demons and spikes. Anyone knows how to beat that?

Demon Last November 11, 2007 1:25 PM

Oh, now I know, the 'endgame' is really an movie so just wait and watch the Great Satan shows himself.


I can highly recommend another of James's games, available in the Windows download section of his site. I played it more than a decade ago on the Mac, and it remains one of my favourite games from that era or any other. I'd forgotten it until I heard some of the sound effects in Bill the Demon again.

The name is Stardust. It's a well-paced spatial puzzler of the sort that rewards a lack of assumption. Not exceptionally difficult, but satisfying.

It seems you can still get the original Mac version, if you have a Mac that supports Classic (pre-Intel and pre-Leopard). It plays well, if slightly choppier than on an original mostly-singletasking Mac.

Perhaps I'll suggest he port this one to Flash too - it's an even better candidate than Bill the Demon. OTOH it's probably a lot of work.


I am stuck on 6 the spikes and the arrows dont work for me is there a nother way please help i want to finish the game its driving me crazy but i love it

Grishnak May 6, 2008 12:39 PM

Hello all. Found JayIsGames back when I needed hints on another game. Great site.

On THIS game.. I'm stuck in the maze on Lvl 3 also.

Up and Right

doesn't help much as the only thing that way is a Tall Demon that you can't scream at. Other than that, it only leads to unscreamable brick walls. Did you have to break some bricks somewhere? I've been to the four corners and haven't found my way out yet.
There's 2 dead ends at the bottom, but they don't lead anywhere either.

annabanana June 7, 2008 1:29 PM

wow i absolutely love the face he makes right after he eats a soul


It's actually up and LEFT on circle 3


Hello, i'm stuck on level 6, any hints anyone?


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