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Being One:
Episode 4 - Moonrise

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4.4/5 (136 votes)

The fourth and final chapter in the Being One series. Taken separately, each chapter of Being One has been a little gem of horror-filled casual gameplay, combining all of the above elements into an interesting, mysterious, serialized tale. Now that tale has come to an end. Was it worth the journey? That is up to the player to decide.

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I don't believe it! I've never ever ever been the first (seemingly) to complete a game. Woo hoo! I love this series - not least because I think it's the first pointandclick type game I can actually do without a walkthrough.

I really hope there's more like this on the way.


Done and its my first post too.


This was(Or is) A great series, fun and not to hard, but sometimes a bit frustrating with the lighting techniques,if that was the end of the series, Is was great, but I would love to see more of it, maybe from Venus' perspective, or perhaps how Being One got on earth. A very good ending and a lot of room open for sequels.

Dragonfang October 9, 2009 7:06 PM

Can anyone give me a plot line for the whole series? I'm a bit squemish about blood and don't want to play it, but the storyline interests me.


I really liked the first chapter but it just got more disappointing with each installment. Shame really.


I'm no shmup fan but I did like the whole series from a P&C escape POV. And there was just enough small scary bits to give it an edge. A well done series.


@Dragon fang, warning for everyone else. This is the story line of the 4th ep. Dont read unless you want to know what happened.

So your at the top of the elevator from ep 3. You preceed foward down a dark dug tunel. There is an increasing amount of spiders and webs. You happend upon some dead people and one alive person who begs you to kill him(his is encased in webs and aparently being eaten by spiders).

You continue and come to a giant spider and kill it by bringing the ceiling down. You climb through the hole in the ceiling and have to break into a door. Beyond the door lies lycan research. You kill a few werewolves, open a few doors, read a little on the owner of the lab(he let all the experiments out on pupose becasue people found out about the lab. he wanted the experiments to kill anyone who came to shut down the lab. he released you(the being) knowing you would survive and excape.)

you come to a space port and ready a ship for take off. You escape the blasted lab and the lab explodes(yay!)You are then picked up by a giant ship and find that you are the ruler of some alien species! they have found you at last and will now deal with the foolish humans who took you, the end.


I can't find

the trigger to the laser gun!

Anyone know where it is?


It took me a depressing 32:55 :(

However this is the first Being One I did without a walkthrough. :D



Nice game experience, loved the discoveries of each place and the stories too. Each datapad always give me excitement since it tell about the scientists fear and hope.

The spider part, I like how to defeat the spider, wasn't found it earlier. The man in cocoon reminds me of aliens.

Where the werewolves spawned also creative. I found out thinking 'it seems nothing would came out here' and then shocked with theirs sudden pounce. Or 'soo much ventilation, maybe werewolves will come down soon or later' but found out nothing happened.

I think...

when you get hit by a werewolf, you won't be able to hold your gun anymore and you grow claws. Possibility your character turned into one?

Ending wise, I don't like it that much.

No last boss :( . And it just feels 'you are a kind of god and just that?'

Patreon VIP Chiktionary October 10, 2009 1:19 AM


You have to click on every little thing in the workshop. It is there somewhere, just keep clicking. I found the trigger on the right side of the workshop, on one of the tables...

BladeStorm October 10, 2009 1:33 AM

what do i do when im on the screen with the cocooned man? there is no yellow back button and all i have is the Swiss knife and gun, i cant figure out what the hell im meant to do

Patreon VIP Chiktionary October 10, 2009 1:36 AM


I had the same prob. You have to look at all three of the dead bodies in the webs before you can continue I think.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary October 10, 2009 1:37 AM


One of the cocooned men is actually alive and begs you to kill him, which you have to do by shooting him

Patreon VIP Chiktionary October 10, 2009 1:41 AM

Good game,
I liked it because I got through without the walkthrough although after reading Fay's outline of the story I was able to eventually work out how to

kill the big spider

zbeeblebrox October 10, 2009 1:50 AM

Not bad. Much better than the 3rd, at least. A it felt like the biggest episode. Although I preferred the explorative feel to the 1st, which none of the sequels have managed to emulate well.

Question: is there an alternate ending?

Because on the computer, the Doc gives you coordinates to meet up with him. I wrote them down, thinking they might be important, but I never noticed anywhere to input them. Then the ending cut scene sends you on a course for that alien ship, which sort of implies that you ignored said coordinates...

Either way, pretty good installment to the series, over all.

BladeStorm October 10, 2009 2:14 AM


yer i was stuck on the alive cocoon, couldnt go back out, and couldn't kill him, i swear i spent 10 mins clicking every part of the screen with the gun, to no luck. i shot him in the eyes, mouth, chest, finger, i thought maybe i should shoot the webs holding him, couldn't find that damn sweet spot

the rest of the game was fairly simple

i hope there's more


hey Grinny,put a walkthrough soon. your walkthroughs are the best :)

brokenrecord October 10, 2009 12:48 PM

I run the risk of sounding like one of those snobby commenters who complains that it wasn't challenging enough... but it wasn't challenging enough! Everything was so straightforward, and I'm terrible at point-and-clicks! Well I'm glad everyone else seemed to enjoy it.


I can't seem to get the last two panels of the first door do move. What am I missing???

Gobsmacked October 10, 2009 2:00 PM

Ahhhh, bad science fiction. It's like cheap fast food. You know it's bad for you, but you like it anyway...

--Good hook(s) (you always feel compelled to find out what happens next)
--Gorgeous artwork
--Inability to get stuck or die
--Very imaginative

--Pixel hunts are getting worse
--The English is getting no better (find an editor?)
--If you're going to indulge in short-attention-span-theater (zombies! dinosaurs! psychic aliens! psychic ninja teenagers from mars!), why skip all those fun levels in Ep. 3?


Does it strike anyone else as strange that the all-powerful alien followers of the Being can lay waste to whole planets, but can't get his sorry behind out of that silly asteroid?

[Edit: spoiler tags fixed. Please use all lowercase spoiler tags, please Preview your comment before posting, especially when using spoilers. Thank you! -Jay]

Gobsmacked October 10, 2009 4:56 PM

Grrr, that should have spoiler tags.

Why don't those work anymore? That's the third time in recent memory I've checked them and they are not present in the resulting post.

My apologies; I DID try. Don't know what's wrong.

[Edit: don't capitalize Spoiler. Begin tag is <spoiler> and end tag is </spoiler>. All lowercase. If you always remember to preview your comment first, you will know that something is wrong before you submit. -Jay]


no one has a walkthrough?

queen-of-diamonds October 11, 2009 9:48 PM

Stuck at the spider part...

no matter how many times I shoot it won't die, nor do I. The only thing I'm able to do is kill the baby spiders...

Bug? or am I missing something?

queen-of-diamonds October 11, 2009 10:15 PM

Ok, I got past the Spider

I had not noticed the cracks on the sides of the wall at the background, just aim and shoot at those. I think there's 4, but I honestly didn't count them because I think I hit the first two by accident and I'm not going to play it again :P

Overall, nice game (this installment was pretty straightforward) but I'm not too sure I liked the ending that much, though. 4/5

fish slice October 12, 2009 5:44 AM

Theres got to be alternative endings, not just meeting up with dr rycroft but also did anyone read

the bit about the vanessa lady being trapped in the lower levels? surely theres a way to rescue her or something

Loved the games by the way, I normally run away from horror games but these were alright :)

fish slice October 12, 2009 8:16 AM

1st scene

read the datapad on the floor, near the top right spotlight

(oo-er that does not sound good!)

2nd scene

bleh spiders! ah well, read the datapad on the barrel,
roughly bottom left of the screen

(extras - adore him is written on another barrel and worship
the abomination is written on a supportive structure)

3rd scene

nothing but escape and rule carved on the rock, continue onwards

4th scene

datapad bottom right (spider theme again)

there are three coccooned bodies here (bleh!)
you must look at all three

1st -

on the left of the big support structure (in front of it)

2nd -

in front of support structure on the right

3rd -

this one is behind the support structure on the left:

this ones alive, get out your gun and shoot them in the center
of their chest, a little way down from their face

now you can continue onwards

you are unnatural written on barrel and what is he? on supportive structure
- such nice things to say

5th scene

print screen! or note down the symbols around the strange
door, below it is a pad you have to transfer them onto

the panel has 4 squares, there are 4 parts to the symbols,
hit the top blue arrow when you're done :)

I don't know if theres an order but this is how I typed
them in

1st to input : top symbol
2nd : right symbol
3rd: bottom symbol
4th: left symbol

hurray the doors open

6th scene

ahhh big spider! get your gun, but don't try hitting the
spider it does nothing

instead hit the cracks in the 4 beams:

front left: bottom of it
front right: top of it
back left: middleish
back right: a bit down from the top

hit them a few times, sorry those are lousy directions
but when you scroll over them it should say 'a crack?'

yay dead spider, now you get to climb over it and continue
upwards :)

7th scene

kill them and eat them all written on walls

just continue into the next room

8th scene - Lab place

datapad below boxes bottom left

power lead next to bottom right of door

go left

plasma gain medium bottom middle of screen

'some kind of battery' on right end of middle table
(the one with the gun thing on it)

left end of left table, oily rag with electro igniter
under it (you have to click the oily rag first)

go right (back to the door) and go right again

output coupler on stacked boxes right of the screen

there are two tables that kinda join in the middle,
anyway in the middle/left end of 2nd table you should see
a funny blue and white thing, thats the control trigger

bottom right corner of screen: barrel

under 2nd table: omg oily rag again! click on it, underneath
is, oh, a box, but wait, click on the
yellow tube thing in the right of the box and you have a biohaz
waste container

now you should have all 8 pieces, go left twice

on middle table is experimental prototype (gun thing)
click on it

barrel goes on the right end, along with the output coupler

electro igniter goes on right end in that curved thin space on top

biohaz container goes bottom right in the big square space

power pack: bottom left in big square space

power lead: left end in curvy space

plasma thingy: left end on top

control trigger: where a trigger goes, click on the funny
little handle thing bottom left

click on the gun and you go back to the door scene

select the gun, click to activate it and draw round the sides
of the square door, you should see little orange ovals flash
and go black, do this all round the door until it opens
(you may have missed a bit :P)

9th scene

go in muahahaha

10th scene (holding cells)

omg werewolf!! pull out your gun and shoot it

phew, its dead, now you can explore, go into cell 1 (front

eww body parts, anyway blanket! don't you just want it?
pick it up then, oh datapad underneath! (on the floor)

hmm theres a number on the back wall, could come in handy


go back, and into cell 2 (back left)

another number!


and whats that on the back table? eww an eye? what the hell?

go back and into cell 3 (front right)

number time!


bottom right is a security card, could come in handy

go back, and into cell 4 (back right)

kill us all? :S anyway its another number


omg blanket! I love blanket and eww whats that underneath?
oh gross, (pick up the hand :P)

go back, and now its time to click on the
blue things to the side of the door straight ahead

use the eye and hand on the right blue thing (it has
pictures, yay!) and the key card on the right one

ahh keypad, wait, I have numbers! just need to enter them
in order of the cells...


11th scene

another werewolf! ahh whats it done to you? oh wait
now I can clear the debris, (just click on the random stuff in front of you)

12th scene

more debris on stairs, but theres also a datapad bottom
right just above the pipes

13th scene

more stairs, more debris to get rid of...

14th scene

more werewolves! for some reason I found I had to click
on the right one first (lots of times) to kill it before
I could kill the left, ah well, clicky clicky then head upwards

15th scene

datapad bottom right-ish

door, it's locked again, click on the door panel on the right of it

on the screen bits of the circle flash, in the order
you have to click the numbers


go onwards

16th and last scene

your in front of a space ship, but you can't fly it yet,

instead click on the little panel middle right of the screen
below where it says kill him, it should come up as AGL 2

oh joy you have to stop the bars by clicking on the numbers
when they reach the line, dont worry if you can't do it
straight away, click the numbers again and the bar will start
moving again, it can take a few tries

now thats done, go back and click on the arrow to the
engineering room (just right of center screen)

engineering room

'don't listen', what? anyway click the panel below the writing,
on the right of the screen

click the panel to open it

click on all three levers so they all face down

go back

center screen just left of the 5 pipes there is a canister
take it (empty power cell)

just right of that is a panel that says
AGL 4, oh joy this thing again

once thats done, go back and click on the round barrel on
the left that looks like it has eyes (they're really

ergh, this can be tricky, the left dial goes up in 10's
the right goes up in 1's, you have to make the number shown
at the top several times (your display is at the bottom) i advise
getting as close as you can in 10's first

once thats done the top will display '0' and you can
go back to the space ship screen :)

click on the left yellow arrow to get a different view,
AGL 1 is middle left on the screen, just below 'he is not
like us'

all done? now go back and click on the yellow arrow just left
of center that says 'control room?'

Control room

oooh pretty blue thing, lets try sticking our empty power
cell in it

(you have to click and hold and
wait until the green bar on your power cell fills up)

next to the blue thing/'induction charger' is AGL 3,
yay last one!

now go back to the space ship, you can't use the computer yet

Space ship

click on the little yellow arrow pointing inside the shuttle

if you've done all the AGL's those buttons should be green,
nothing else is yet so put your power cell in the slot/red
light at the bottom of the screen and click on the square
red light above it

ohh power levels going up yay, when it reaches full you can
go back and the display will be green

now go back to the control room

Control room (after visiting shuttle)

click on the computer

you can read all the files but the bit you need is the
two titles at the bottom, they will grant you flight clearance,
and then open the blast doors (must be done in that order)
if they don't you've missed something :)

now go back to the space ship and enter it

launch? hell yeah! click the big yellow arrow at the top and your
done, erm yay?

Whoop my first walkthrough, hope it's ok, sorry for any bad grammer/text speak :)

ps. sorry if my spoiler tags are wrong, haven't used this sort of thing in a while


I have to agree with other commenters, none of the installments have been as good as the first one.

It's nice to just be able to wander through a game like this without needing a walkthrough, but I felt it was missing something (like a decent story, for example).

And fish slice, I don't think there are any alternate endings. As far as I can tell, the 'planetary coordinates' at the end are just a red herring (no pun intended).

fish slice October 13, 2009 8:05 AM

Ah fair dooes, it's a shame though, I would have liked to be able to find a way to save that Vanessa lady or get revenge on Dr. Rycroft, though I suppose she was probably already dead.


Just finished it and enjoyed it. Being One series is simple yet satisfying without being too complicated. Save for some annoying pixel hunting.
The ending leaves much to be desired.


I think this was a great series that was not excellently handled by Mousebreaker. They created a series with lots of promise, starting with good old episode 1, then pretty awesome 2,pretty lousy 3, & leave-me-hanging 4. Did you see all the plot lines they opened up & never told you more about? A few: Who is Venus? A little more about the sick things Dr. Rycroft does? Not to mention, in episode 3, I saw how when you crawl up the elevator shaft, there were all sorts of things written. Arrows, pointing to interesting areas of study like, I believe, PREHISTORIC STUDY. Mousebreaker didnt answer even half the questions they raised. A disappointing end to an increasingly bad series. Sorry if this is really long :P


I didn't like this game, because I have restarted the game a hundred million times, but can never place the output coupler into the gun :(


Nice game -- nothing too strenous, even a klutz like me could do it ;)
But I agree, the ending was a big letdown.

Anonymous January 31, 2010 7:20 PM

I'm stuck at theweb door bit, i'v put in all the codes correctly but there is still to segments of the door that i cant get past and dont no how to get past! help please :)


Well, seems like the Being One series went in the same trap as everything with sequels; the first one in genius, the second is okay, the last two I only finished because I refuse to let a game get the better of me. That fact can be argued, though, since I did cheat with the walk-through posted here.

It did end like a giant cheap science fiction from the '50s, but I guess that's the price one have to pay for throwing away four hours on those games. A good four hours, though.

venjance23 March 31, 2010 3:22 AM

I finish the being one 4 its so cool and i see a big ship its great

venjance23 March 31, 2010 3:30 AM

I finish the being one 4 its so cool the number of card 9568 in the deads wolf and drive in the ship :)


What the ...?

Why did the asteroid blow up and why did being change from lycan to human when the moon was still full?


I agree with the posters above. While I dislike games that spell absoloutly everything out for you, Moonrise left a bit too much hanging for my taste. What happened to Venus and the Vanessa Lady? What was being studied in the other research floors that we saw in Part Three? Did the Being really destroy Earth?
A game with such a deep plot deserves a equally deep conclusion, but I suppose to discover the answers to every question one would have to create another four parts.
Either way, I can use my imagination to guess the rest, and while it does not satisfy me as much as an answer provided by the game, I did enjoy this series.


Venus and the Vanessa Lady i think are the same person


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