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There's a strange little town you might not have heard of, but once you find your way there, you just might not be able to tear yourself away. Pastel Games offers up a chilling, atmospheric point-and-click adventure set in the wild west. There are legends about a woman who appears to be linked to a series of bizarre events, and you probably don't want to be around when she finally shows up... even though she's dying to meet you...

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Aurora - Walkthrough

Train Station

  1. Click the door.

  2. Click the money under the bench.

  3. Click the ticket window.

  4. Click the book of matches to the right of the stove.

  5. Click the ticket window. Go through the dialogue. Buy the ticket.

  6. Click the schedule on the wall to the right. Click in again when zoomed in.

  7. Back out of the train station. Click the area in the distance near the upper right corner.

Middle of Town

  1. Click the flyer on the ground to the left.

  2. Click to the right.

Right Side of Town

Girl, Hotel

  1. Click the door farthest from you, the one to the left of the hotel.

  2. Talk to the girl. After the dialogue is finished, click her again and give her the train ticket.

  3. Leave this building.

  4. Click the door to the hotel.

  5. Click the door to the left.

  6. Click the bell.

  7. Completely leave the hotel.


  1. Click the door to the saloon.

  2. Click the piano on the right.

  3. Grab the money and the card from the piano.

  4. Click the button on the piano, then go back a screen.

  5. Talk to the bartender.

  6. Leave the saloon.


  1. Go back to the hotel. Go into the room where you rang the bell.

  2. Speak to the man at the desk.

  3. Go back one screen. Click the upper flight of stairs.

  4. Click the card and the money.

  5. Click the doors. Use the key on the door on the right. Go through the door.

  6. Click the bible. Click the gun insde.

  7. Leave the hotel.

  8. Go back to the middle of town. Click the left side of the screen.

Left Side of Town

Post Office

  1. Click the key lying on the ground.

  2. Click the door of the building farthest to the left.

  3. Speak with the man twice.

  4. Click the doorway to the right.

  5. Grab the playing card.

  6. Leave the post office.

Sheriff's Office

  1. Click the door of the building the farthest to the right.

  2. Grab the money on the desk.

  3. Click the left side of the screen. Talk to the man.

  4. Leave the sheriff's office

General Store

  1. Enter the middle building. Speak with the man.

  2. Buy the gunpowder and cotton thread. Exit the shop and the building

  3. Combine the gunpowder with the flyer.

  4. Combine the gunpowder wrapped in paper with the cotton thread.

Sheriff's Office

  1. Go back to the sheriff's office. Go to the screen with the jailed man.

  2. Click the lock. Use the bomb on it. Use the matches on the bomb.

  3. Go into the open cell. Grab the playing card. Talk to the man.

  4. Leave the sheriff's office.

The Clocks

  1. The man mentions that you have to set all the clocks to 8 o'clock.

  2. There are four clocks in total.

    • One in the post office

    • One in the general store

    • One in the saloon above the piano

    • One in the train station

  3. A bell will chime when you have the clock set correctly.

Right Side of Town


  1. Head back to the saloon. Click the bartender. Give him the envelope full of money.

  2. Go back one screen.

  3. Click the table to your left.

  4. Click the man twice to speak with him.

  5. Use the four aces on the cards in your hand.

  6. Go back a few screen until you're about to leave the saloon and see a man in the doorway.

  7. Speak with the man.

  8. Buy the key from him. Leave the saloon.


  1. Go to the hotel. Go upstairs.

  2. Click the doors. Use the hotel room key on the door on the left.

  3. Click the chest.

  4. Use the chest key on the chest. Open the chest. Take the wheels.

  5. Leave the hotel. Go back to the train station.

Train Station

  1. Click the left side of the screen.

  2. Click the doors of the shed.

  3. Use the shed key on the lock. Enter the shed.

  4. Use the wheels on the trolley.

  5. Click the open doors at the end of the shed.


You can do something with Piano Roll 2

Go to the player piano, click the piano roll to remove it. Put Piano Roll 2 in its place and hit the button to play it.

You should notice something new in the saloon.

There's a woman standing at the bar now. Talk to her and she'll give you a book with a little more info about Aurora.

Thanks to Brad for the walkthrough!


Patreon Contributor kingjulien86 November 26, 2010 11:52 AM

I'm going to be honest, all I saw was pastelgames in the tags and I wanted to play. Now to actually play the game....

Patreon Contributor kingjulien86 November 26, 2010 12:12 PM

I liked the abruptness of the ending. I would have been extremely disappointed if this was not a series. I agree with the gunpowder bit though, that's where I tripped up and had to use the walktthrough. Otherwise, it was a good game.


Is there any way to LOSE?? I LIKE my games challenging(not rage-quit hard though XD). This was scary, but a bit on the easy side.


I'm trying to resort here to the power of posting - once again :)

I think there is only one step left for me to do to complete the game, I even know what it is and what I'm supposed to do - but it doesn't seem to work. It's

the colock at the store. I'm supposed to set it at 8.00 - as I did with the other three. And I believe I should hear the chimes when it's set correctly - like it did with the other three clocks. But there's nothing. However meticulously I try to set the hands to show 8:00, nothing happens. I also discovered that

the numbers on that clock seem to run anticlockwise: 12 at the top and the 1 left of it, where 11 should be - and so on... I set the clock according to that, but still nothing. I even tried swapping the hands - big hand for the hours and small hand for the mins (in case the swapping of the numbers refer to that) - to no avail.

Did I misunderstand something or is it just that I have to hit the exact pixels?



Forgot to add that I like the game, from almost every aspect: easy, but not too easy. Short (if it's really only one step left for me :D), but not too short... True casual game.



Yep, power of posting - the power that never fails you :)

It seems like

the clock face in the store has been mirrored accidentally...



Is this by Skutnik? I know he works with Pastel Games, and it has the same sounds for movement. So…?


Skutnik =Pastel Games


I've got a feeling this'll be kinda like Submachine, where it'll take about six or seven 'chapters' to get the whole story. I could also see this being made into one massive game, where all those seemingly-useless items come into play.


I can't get the clock in the store to chime no matter what I try. Mirrored, regular, whatever. It just won't go. Any ideas?


@Outside Lime:
Even though

the clock is mirrored, set the clock at 8 o'clock as if it ISN'T mirrored.

nerdypants November 26, 2010 4:21 PM

Nice game. The only part I had trouble with was

the gunpowder bomb. I had to consult the walkthrough for that.


Outisde Lime,
pixel hunting - the only one in the game. You have to hit the exact spot for the hands...



Á propos, Skutnik... do we know anything about Covert Front? Is he ever going to continue it? It was my favourite Skutnik-title.



Is this scarier than submachine? I hate when I play a game thinking its fine, then scare myself in the middle. Any comment on a game to compare with or something would be appreciated.

Night Stryke November 26, 2010 7:36 PM

Bah, can't finish it for some reason.

I've got the wheels on the cart and the bell chimed, but it's still telling me that she'll catch me if I try to leave. :\


Negativeness, though I did enjoy it...
1. Interesting that PG can clad the same story mechanisms in breathtaking art, and we'll all love it.
2. Oh, the English grammar so needed to be cleaned up. The random sloppiness coming out of PG over the past year or so is troubling. Or maybe they just need a good editor.
3. I keep hoping they'll finish the other bajillion first chapters of game universes, instead of releasing even more new ones.

Found two endings but I got the same end note. So either way, we have no clue what/who Aurora is?

5. It just needed... a little more.

More details of the disappearance. Where was the sheriff. Where were the gold rush details. Water -- all associated, disease vectors, tumbleweeds, barbed wire, horses, etc. of the era. With the train comes the telegraph, right?

They just seem to be more comfortable fleshing out the historical flavor of their locality, and that's really what makes a PG game come to life, a la Covert Front. But really, with wiki and such, it's not that hard to build it up more, esp. if one's audience is likely going to be wayyyy more familiar with it than oneself.

That said, the art really is breathtaking. Good use of lighting, details, the music. The Louis L'Amour readin', spaghetti western-watchin' fan in me was pleased as punch.


Generalized feeling of dread. The first area should give you a good creepiness measurement, you can decide from there.

sunnylauren November 26, 2010 9:54 PM

No jump scares, no scary-looking pictures, I promise. Not nearly as scary as GhostScape.


@Shudog: How do you get the two different endings?



"3. I keep hoping they'll finish the other bajillion first chapters of game universes, instead of releasing even more new ones."

Exactly what I was trying to refer to with Covert Front... Sometimes it seem like Skutnik is great at creating game universes and at designing and executing pointn-clickers - but does sub-par in going on with them rather than creating "just one more", so he ends up holding too many ropes in his hand.

I definitely think less would be more in his case.



as for your point #5: knowing it's a Skutnik-title, we can almost be certain it'll continue. The answers to your (and everyone else's) questions are surely meant to be answered in the later installments - when/if they come out...



I found a bug!

I got the 4 aces and directly play with the man without talking with bartender first. Then after changing to four aces the game boot me back to table screen without saying anything. I get around the saloon, nothing appear in doorway. I get out, nothing appear in doorway. And when I click the gambler, it keep saying 'i cant play with him right now'


Loved it !!! Had 2/3 of the bomb. Needed walkthrough help with last bit. Great game. As was said, hope there are MANY sequels. There are many unanswered questions. Thankyou to the makers !!!


I seem to be unable to complete the game.

The clock in the general store doesn't chime, even when it's set on 8. The rest of the clocks were moved to 8PM and each one chimed when it was on it, but this one won't. What's going on?


First of all, HARRAY FOR A NEW GAME! Oh! And what wonderful luck for it to be made by Pastel Games and illustrated by the master Miskutnik!

When I first started the game...

I totally thought that I messed up when I bought the train ticket and then everything got all creepy on me; so I started over

But then I saw that it was suppose to do that.

Overall I liked the game...

I do wish that there was some more text and narration going on, just so the story was a little more clear. I was lost at a few points, especially at the very beginning of the game. But I guess that was what they wanted in this game.


Looks like this is a great game, but I can't complete it due to flash issues.

I know what to do. I understand and see that the clock in the general store is mirrored, but I can only see the bottom half of the clock. I can't set the minute hand to 12, simply because I can't even see that half of the clockface.

I noticed I couldn't read anything that was written at the top of the screen during the intro or during gameplay. I've messed with my screen resolution, but to no avail. Ideas?

[Yep, sounds like your browser is zoomed. Check our Support FAQ for how to fix it. -Jay]


It should be noted (I didn't see it in the walkthrough) that if you put the piano tape you get from the woman on the west side of town into the piano player in the saloon, an additional character appears. This character gives you a book that hints at a bit more of the plot.

The only problem I had in this game is that inventory items would stack on top of one another. This sometimes made it very, very difficult (and occasionally impossible) to select the inventory item I wanted.



I can't play the game.....I keep clicking 'play' but the text just blacks out and reappears..over and over.


I really enjoyed Aurora!!... but it left me with a need to know more, or a feeling of something missing because I didn't solve the mystery of the ghost towns!! hahaha... overall, entertaining, great graphics and not that much complicated. :D

Karol Pastelgames November 28, 2010 6:07 AM

Aurora will be continued- we are working right now on the second chapter.
Too many series?
I dont think so, this year you get: Daymaretown, Fog fall, Scene of the crime, Submachine is coming.
Next year - Covert Front for sure
aurora and Trader of stories - two new series
Diversity is the key:)


superb - as long as these plans come true :)



And - just to make myself clear - I thiunk it's reat that the sequels don't come often - good games need time, plenty of it, I guess...



I really like the atmosphere of this game.

Unfortunately, the game does not finish for me. I did everything in the walkthrough (not necessarily in the same order), chimed all the clocks, but the game does not finish. Is there something else I need to do?


Hello... it's the first time in a LOOOOONG time that I post in this website, even if i visit it since I'm 17 or 16 years old (I'm 21)

I have a doubt... WHERE are all the aces! u.u I can't find em! T_T looked everywhere (at least that's what I think but I might be wrong)

Thanks :)


(Sorry for the repost)
Nevermind, I managed to find the last one, AND a new place.

vederblich November 29, 2010 8:11 AM

I have the same problem as a number of other people - as far as I can tell I did everything in the walkthrough but I'm still not able to leave because she'll "catch me". What to do?

I've put the wheels on the trolly, there is no one left to talk to. I sent for help with the postcard (nice touch!). Things I haven't bought are the rope, the food, the extra matches and the shovel. Oh, and I sold the sherrif's badge. Can't see why I would need any of this however.

Is it a bug or what are we missing?

vederblich November 29, 2010 8:15 AM

Oh, my first time to experience the power of posting.

A bell will chime for each of the clocks when set properly, not just the last one, as I thought. Now to the tedious pixel hunting of setting those picky clocks...


Just finished playing -- not bad but not "blow my mind I need to play that again.." but even sub-par Skutnik is better than no Skutnik :)

Thanks for another cool game JIG!


P.S. nice artwork in the game! Some of the scenes looked like oil paintings.. coool!


The game makes it clear, I think, that you're supposed to set all the clocks to 8:00, then you'll hear the bells strike 8, and then you can leave. What actually happened for me and a number of other people is that you set three of the clocks to 8, when you set the fourth one the bells strike 8, then you need to go back to the first three and jiggle them until the bells strike 8 once for each one.

It seems like this is probably a bug.


Having some trouble? The clock faces will ring for me, but when I go back to the shed, my own character says that I can;t leave yet. Did I miss something?

Anonymous December 6, 2010 7:41 PM

if the wheels are on the trolly, then

click the door open at the end of the shed!

Redhairsword December 6, 2010 11:38 PM

I hope there's some sort of continuation on this game, but I'm not going to hold my breath. It was good, but I guess I didn't get any of the nuances. I didn't see why I wanted to leave so badly, other than the fact that there really wasn't anything IN that town for me. It wasn't creepy at all. :(


Mmm, i love western things, so i really enjoyed this game & the creepy kind of music :P
Although i would of enjoyed a couple of things jumping out, but overall i really loved the scenes, art work and creepy essence of this game :D


I am at the end of the game, but every time I try to leave, it says that I can't leave yet. I've done everything in the walkthrough, and am stumped. Help!


I just played cards and won..now the guy in the doorway at the saloon wants me to buy that shed key from his shop. I dont have enough money for it ..and i cant sell any items as the store has no money??? I am stuck in the damn bar now!!


Hi guys

Am I being really thick here - I can't seem to zoom out of anything in this!! After I've bought the ticket, the dialogue box stays on the screen, although I can click through the scenes (albeit underneath it!)

This is driving me nuts, what am I doing wrong??

SeaRabbits March 12, 2011 9:58 PM

Okay, finally got the last frustrating clock to ring.

I think it was probably set to about the 37min mark. Just off the number 8.


in the beginning i thought to use bullets in the gun to break all the locks that i dont have their keys.it didnt work :(


umm... i have a problem in the end.the trolley is ready but it says that i have to hide from the girl because she would catch me there


and if u had noticed the town is also covered in fog in a second and everything is wrecked unlike the sunny nice looking place like the fog fall


... paul there is something wrong with your walkthrough...
it says she will catch me in the trolley part
then if you look at the telegram you will see a message from aurora that says i'm waiting for you stranger ,and if you additionally look at the bonus part,which is actually not a bonus part(it is a clue)that says aurora is a murderer that killed many people in 5 towns(including the red town)
The clues are pointing that aurora is waiting for you to leave form the town by the trolley in the time you are finishing the game, so the character says that its not the right time to leave and she is waiting for you(to kill you).


sorry for wrong opinion...the part about aurora is true but the time part was different.thx to searabbits


Hmm so I came back to play this to refresh my memory of the story before playing through the second part, and it seems I'm getting stuck at just after the intial loading screen on the "Games Nitro" screen. Is this a problem with where the game is hosted or something on my end?


Seems like hothotpot and I are in the same boat. I wanted to refresh my memory to prepare for the continuation of the plot in the second game, but this "Games Nitro" thing seems screwy.


I don't see a problem on my end. I'm using Mac OS X, Firefox 7.0.1, and Flash Player

If you have any kind of ad or flash blocker, you should disable it.


I finished the game...
There's something that confusing me...

Who's Aurora? Is she a murderer or something? Why the other people don't try to escape?

And 1 thing that's scary 4 me is...

After we zoomed on the train schedule, and then the train station become dark & cold...

RamblinRob October 2, 2015 12:58 AM

Finally found that frustrating

hidden girl.

I thought my game had glitched when the man wouldn't sell me anything. I thought I'd been everywhere but a flurry of clicks proved me wrong... it scared me half to death when

she popped up on screen



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