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All We Need Is Brain

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The Beatles don't know what they're talking about. All you need (all you REALLY need) is a pile of wet, squishy brains. At least, that's assuming we're talking about dealing with zombies. Use tasty brains to lure the zombie invasion to their demise in this simple but charming little puzzle game, utilizing tricks and traps as well as the terrain to fool the slobbering hordes. Cute slobbering hordes, in this case.

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That's a phrase that internet people need "All we need is a brain (to think, read and type with and never be stupid)".


Brain, brain, brain...Brain, brain, brain...Brain, brain, braiiiiin...

There's nowhere you can go that we can't go.
Nothing you can say that we can't groan.
Nowhere you can hide, but you can learn to be un-alive.
It's easy!

There's nothing you can shoot we can't shrug off.
Your silly little parlor tricks we scoff.
Nothing you can do, to keep us from taking the brains from you
It's easy!

All we need is brain!
All we need is brain!
All we need is brain, brain!
Brain is all we need!

(All I need at the moment, on the other hand, is apparently something constructive to do...)


As soon as i read the title i was singing in my head "all we need is brains.. brains is all we need"



Great writeup, Dora. The grandma and Cadbury lines made me smile.


This has got to be one of the best titles for a game ever! :-)

Kudos to Onyx Mouse for the lyrics!!


Cadbury. Ick...but funny.

The ending screen is cute.


Anyone else unable to get the game to load?


Mine won't load in Firefox (latest ver.), but it loaded in IE fine.

[Something must be up with your Firefox then. Try updating your Flash Player and disabling any browser extensions you may have installed. The game loads fine for me on Windows 7 + Firefox 3.6.10; Windows XP + Firefox 3.6.10; Mac OS + Firefox 3.6.12. -Jay]


My first quick glance at the graphic for this game left me thinking the title was "All We Need Is Bran."

But that's a very different kind of game.


Well THIS is some proper zombie slaying, none of that wrecking-ball-barely-touching crap.

Still the zombies are perhaps a bit too cute...


Nice Easter-eggy detail: If you make a zombie go somewhere where it can't get back to the grave and can't smell a brain, it will stay in the same place, and after a while will start doing amusing things such as dropping its eyeballs and putting them back in.

Um. I guess that's a rather different definition of "amusing", but, well.

It didn't take too awfully long to get through the game for me, and I'm normally not that good at this type of game. Hard enough to require some thinking but not so hard as to be frustrating, I guess. :-) I enjoyed it!


Hey, could I ask that when you post a zombie game you add the zombie or zombies tag? It's frustrating to realize that you find a lot more through the search than you do through tagging.

[Added. We hope that this is more the exception than the rule, as we are constantly working to improve the tagging of our entries. In fact, we are working on a new system with which you may suggest new tags for entries. Thank you for your feedback! :) -Jay]


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