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Gamystar continues a tradition of sweet and simple point and-click games; just use your mouse to click on items and interact with the environment, helping Adam safely journey to Paradise to be with Eve. It's really just a fun little interactive story with touches of humor. So help Adam find his Eve and enjoy the stone-age journey along the way.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Adam & Eve Walkthrough

Not everything that's clickable can be used, but there are many nice little touches so it's worth clicking on everything possible.
Opening Scene

Follow the instructions:

  1. Click on the boulder.

  2. Click on Adam


  1. Click on the beaver.

  2. Click on the tree.

  3. Click on Adam.


  1. Click on the seesaw.

  2. Click on Adam.

  3. Click on the brontosuarus' left leg.


  1. Click on the handle attached to the green rope.

  2. Click on Adam.


  1. Click on the bush behind Adam.

  2. Click on the apple.

  3. Click on the turtle.

  4. Click on Adam.


  1. Click on the boulder.

  2. Click on Adam.

  3. Click on the ladder attached to the elevator.

  4. Click on the elevator again.


  1. Click on the big stick behind the pumpkin.

  2. Click on the pumpkin.

  3. Click on the joined sticks.

  4. Click on on the trowel.

  5. Click on the pterodactyl.

  6. Click on Adam.

Giant Mushroom

  1. Click on the small boulder.

  2. Click on the hatchet.

  3. Click on the giant mushroom.

  4. Click on Adam.


  1. Click on the bat.

  2. Click on the spider.

  3. Click on the worm.

  4. Click on the catfish.

  5. Click on Adam.

Small Waterfall

  1. Click on the boulder.

  2. Click on the small stake.

  3. Click on the green stick.

  4. Click on Adam.


  1. Click on the skull behind Adam.

  2. Click on the bone.

  3. Click on the small rock loosened by the bone.

  4. Click on Adam.

Broken Bridge

  1. Click on the wooden stake at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click on the left side of the broken bridge.

  3. Click on the right side of the bridge.

  4. Click on Adam.


  1. Click on the giant key to the left.

  2. Click on the big log.

  3. Click on the left and right props.

  4. Click on the mouse.

  5. Click on the gate.

  6. Click on Adam.

Hungry Tyrannosaurus

  1. Click on the tyrannosaurus to find out what he wants for lunch.

  2. Click on the bird above Adam.

  3. Click on the egg.

  4. Click on the leg of the roasting pig.

  5. Click on the green leaf above Adam.

  6. Click on the apple in the mouth of the roasting pig.

  7. Click on the tyrannosaurus.

  8. Click on Adam.

Angry Caveman

  1. Click on the bird.

  2. Click on the rake.

  3. Click on the bucket.

  4. Click on the caveman.

  5. Click on Adam.

Giant Eggs

  1. Click on the pear.

  2. Click on the hole-cover.

  3. Click on each of the eggs until they've rolled into the hole in the ground.

  4. Click on Adam.

  5. Click on Adam again.

Totem door

  1. Click on the rock in the jaws of the skull.

  2. Click the skull.

  3. Click each of the wings.

  4. Click the key.

  5. Click the stone door.

  6. Click on Adam.

Crocodile teeth

  1. Click on the key.

  2. Click on the small door bottom left.

  3. Click on the key again.

  4. Click on the handle.

  5. Click on the ladder.

  6. Click on Adam.

Two skulls

  1. Click on the topmost longest bone.

  2. Click on the tallest flame-altar.

  3. Click on the mid-sized bone.

  4. Click on the smallest flame-altar.

  5. Click on the smallest bone.

  6. Click on the mid-sized flame-altar.

  7. Click on Adam.

Cannibal's cooking pot

  1. Click on the cannibal's chef hat.

  2. Click on the bat.

  3. Click on the red rope above Adam.

  4. Click on Adam.

The gang's all here

  1. Click on the rake to the right of the screen.

  2. Click on the hole-cover.

  3. Click on the turtle shell.

  4. Click on the small hatchet.

  5. Click on the bush that the brontosaurus is munching on.

  6. Click on Adam.

  7. Click on the elevator wheel next to Adam.

Triceratops again

  1. Click on the small stones that are in the side of the cliff that Adam is standing on.

  2. Click on the bottom hole to release the bat.

  3. Click on the three large leaves.

  4. Click on the egg.

  5. Click on the sheaf.

  6. Click on Adam.

Gates to Prardise

  1. Click on Adam.

  2. Click on the gate.

Eve, at last!

Click on Adam to give the flower to Eve and watch as Eve excercises equal rights in the dating game.


littlefish March 22, 2011 11:39 AM

Silly game... and VERY anachronistic ;)
- In the dinosaur age, there were no grass and no tulips, just ferns and things like conifer palms.
- And no humans.
- And the cogwheel was invented far much later.
- Plus some improbable physics.
On the other hand, IF that story about Paradise is true, *both* Adam and Eve are supposed to be created *inside* it.





She grabbed him by his nuts lol

dylpickles March 22, 2011 9:10 PM

This was a really cute game. And I liked the music a lot.


My favorite bit is how the final puzzles incorporate the characters from all the previous puzzles.

It's short and simple, good for a quick coffee break amusement.

shadowmaat March 22, 2011 10:44 PM

Wow. If historical and scientific accuracy were required of all games there wouldn't be a lot out there to play. Pfft.

I thought it was cute. And so easy even I could figure it out without having to get any hints. LOL! Kinda wishing there'd been a little more to it. Maybe in the sequel. ;)



Curious, which history book did you read all these interesting facts about the dinosaur age? Cuz I'm pretty sure they're just guesses. In which case, this guy's guesses are as good as anybody else's. And in some areas, more accurate. (There WERE humans and dinosaurs alive at the same time.)



The game doesn't work for me. I get to the start where it says "1. Click on Stone 2. Click on Adam" and I click on the stone then it backs out to the beginning menu. If I click on anything at that point it tends to replay one of the intro logo/movies and then pop up one of the associated websites.

I have Flash version installed.

fuzzyface March 23, 2011 2:51 AM

DAM, not in a million years. Beside radiocarbondating human and dinosour skelletons are never ever found in the same sediments. If you got any source they were active at the same time, that is not a flash game, I'd like to see that.

Well games do not have to be accurate, but I agree this game is quite over the top just randomly throwing all kind of stuff of the genre "long ago" into one heap. Not only the usual dinosours+human myth but it ignores the christian creation myth too. Adam and Eve were created in paradise and were thrown out, not adam wake up outside, wanting to get it, meeting other humans (which other when they were the first?)

Otherwise cure little game, resulted a little too much in random clicking in my case.

fuzzyface March 23, 2011 2:57 AM

Also to add, its quite open who moves all the objects. E.g. in the reincarantion series you are a little daemon that has telekinetic powers, does Adam have them too? Or are you god that moves stuff for Adam?

Menschenjaeger March 23, 2011 1:17 PM

I've been commenting on games more frequently of late, and I've made some hasty comments, even though on the whole my assessments have still been accurate.

But I played this one through before posting, and I have to seems like there have been a lot of poorly-crafted games lately. This one's barely a game. For all the relationship between clicking an object and its effect, the dinosaurs, cavemen, critters, plants, background, etc could have just as easily been replaced by random objects. In that regard, "Adam and Eve" borders on a Surrealist art game. Take it a little further - make the stages things like a bus depot, a stadium, the inside of a chicken, and have actions like using an eggplant as a ladder, or using a pipe wrench as a flotation device. Separate the objects from their meanings - why take it halfway(like the "trampoline" that rests AT GROUND LEVEL)?

"Adam and Eve" clearly was meant to be a lighthearted adventure, so I can't accept it as a so-terrible-it's-genius bit of found art. There was only one genuine puzzle that I can think of - removing dinosaur bones in the correct order to allow three posts to drop into the floor. Other than that, the game required ZERO problem solving or intuition.

It was still easy, ludicrously so, but only because there were so few objects to click on a given screen. You couldn't HELP but click the right places.

I'm honestly baffled by the positive comments - even as a fun little time-waster, it's lacking. It seems like no thought was put into it. It stands out only in its extraordinary mediocrity: The video game equivalent of an off-brand greeting card with cartoon animals saying something that leaves you wondering "was...that a joke, or...?"

@fuzzyface - don't feed the creationist trolls! :D

Acidifiers March 24, 2011 5:42 PM

I'm pleasantly amused. Going to have my younger siblings play this.


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