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Most people would pay money to use a matter-absorbing gun to run through a gamut of puzzles, yet evil scientists still feel the need to kidnap people to do it. In this platform puzzler from Peregrimm you'll need to absorb and rearrange various objects to solve puzzles and reach the exit of each level. You're given unlimited shots to play and an efficiency rating at the end of the level so you can replay each to find a better solution. It's a novel and unique game that is a lot of fun to play.

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You can tell if you can absorb an object without trying. Absorbable objects have a white indicator on them.

[Thanks. I'll update the review. That might be a change from the pre-release version we played to write the review. -Jay]

gabeknight October 30, 2011 7:38 PM

Is anyone having problems opening this game? It seems to just freeze after I click play.


Fun game! I'm a little stuck on 17, though.

Carny Asada October 30, 2011 8:51 PM

The things I *don't* like are that items you can absorb change randomly from level to level, and that the rule for where you can place an absorbed object isn't really line-of-sight, it's... well... I can't even really explain it. Because sometimes you can place an object around a corner or through a wall, and sometimes you can't.

I would like it better if the game presented you with an evolving set of obstacles, but used them more consistently. Also: Getting kind of tired of the mad-genius experimenting on you trope. Can't we skip all the conversation, Dr. Evil, and just get to the part where you start torturing me?


Stuck on level 29.


Oh, and as for Level 17, Isi...

Start by going through the red teleport, followed by the green teleport to reach the box. Absorb it, then go back through the green teleport and into the red one.

While bouncing from either end of the red teleport, use your gun to put the box on the green button. DO NOT EXIT THE RED TELEPORT IN THE ROOM YOU STARTED IN. Instead, exit it in the room with the green and blue teleports.

Use the blue teleport and then duck behind the box the other end of the teleport is next to. The turret will see you and begin firing. Its bullets will travel through the blue and red teleports to kill the turret keeping you from reaching the exit.

You should be able to handle it from there. :)


Carny: Like Mystify says, there's a little swirly white thing on objects that can be teleported. In terms of range, you basically have a bubble a certain distance around you, and can pick up/drop stuff anywhere within that bubble, through walls or not. The bubble is indicated visually with a slightly brighter light in a circle around you, but it's usually easier just to see if the cursor's green.


I don't think my solution for 29 was the intended one, since it uses fewer moves than allotted. But it worked:

1. Absorb the farthest right of the absorbable blocks, and put it on the red switch. The other blocks on the red platform fall onto the spikes.

2. Get on the two-high block that just fell and jump towards the pushable (not absorbable) block on the platform you start on. You'll push it just enough to get on the platform yourself, so you can push it onto the green switch.

3. Jump on the block immediately after pushing the switch, so you don't get killed by the turret. Quickly jump back over to your blocks on the spikes- you won't be in range long enough to get killed.

4. Absorb an absorbable block and put it between the turret and the portal. Jump up to the portal, and absorb another block before you enter the portal.

5. Put the block you absorbed on the blue switch. Drop down behind the turret and push it onto the bomb.


Now, this is a nice game. Looks good, sounds good, gameplay is smooth and intuitive, level design is clever and it presents some small original elements (even if just tweaks of old acquaintances).

However, I felt like cheating in some levels. Not a huge problem, of course. Unless the level designer intended for some level to be a little more challenging and introduce a new strategy, or something like that, then finding an easier and unpredicted solution could be problematic. Not the case here, as I finished the game with a smile :)


I'm stuck on level 9...


Pretty fun but easy platformer, I look forward to new levels soon.


@skylerf, for level 9 you just need to

Shoot the button to absorb it, then shoot on the platform right above the exit to place it there, then jump on it, you'll both fall through to the exit.


I am also having trouble playing the game. I get the "mofunzone" page but it never fully loaded the first time. The second time it finished loading, but my mouse wouldn't work on the screen. This seems to be a more common problem on jayisgames. many of the games either don;t load or only load a part of the game.

[We are using industry standard methods of embedding games on the page here, and we test the game pages on both Windows 7 and Mac OS X in all of the browsers without fail, so there must be something with your particular configuration that's interrupting the scripts that deliver the games. Always make sure you: 1) have the latest Flash Player installed; 2) the latest browser version; 3) that any adblockers are disabled for Jayisgames; 4) that you have allowed Flash Player to store ample data for both images.jayisgames.com and games.jayisgames.com (where we host games). If all of the above have been considered and verified, then try emptying your browser cache and reload the page. If you continue to have issues, please use our contact email address and report to us: what OS, browser and Flash Player versions you are using that is causing the problem and we will try to reproduce the issue and troubleshoot it with you. Thanks! :) -Jay]


I can't get past level seven...


Nevermind, just saw the white thing around the enemy.


Ha, I managed to break the game. On level 20 where you can drop a spider onto a bomb, if you teleport the bomb away from under the spider just as they're about to hit, then the explosions starts to happen and the game freezes.

But yay, this was fun. Got 100% completion on all levels in the end. I didn't find GregF's short-circuit route for level 29, but I found a fewer-than-target route on one or two other levels.


I figured out a way you can cheat-ily beat a few levels,

try teleporting boxes into the ceiling above enemies,some of the time they will snap to the place the should be, hitting the enemy with enough force to kill it.

Level 17, along with others, I'm sure, can be beaten in a non-standard way using that.


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