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Adventure: All in the GameFamiliar with old school adventure games? Prepare to experience an explosion of nostalgia. Adventure: All in the Game takes place behind the scenes of your favorite retro adventure titles and stars Thalia James, agent of the Computer Game Maintenance Squad, who travels around trying to make sure everyone else's adventure runs smoothly, all while mentoring a brand new CGMS agent! If you know your adventure genre, this game is nothing short of a blast from start to finish. If you don't, you'll still enjoy the stuffing out of this well-made game, and Thalia explains key characters to you, so you won't be left out. Wonderfully conceived with some seriously smart puzzles to solve. A must-play game! For real!

airwave - I Fought the Law, and the Law OneAnother grand little adventure game from Ben Chandler, creator of Annie Android, Eternally Us and Featherweight. ~airwave~ stars Elodie Major, host of an indie radio station called Airwave Radio. She and her friend Zak have gathered a small following in the town of Wave. Now, a mainstream record label is stirring up trouble in town, enforcing laws that push indie talent deep into the shadows. As with Ben's previous releases, expect a short outing for an adventure game, but the dialogue and puzzles are well-written and engaging. ~airwave~ is the first in a planned series of episodes, which is good news for adventure fans!

Alpha PolarisThere's something lurking beneath the ice and beyond the veil in Greenland, but Norwegian researcher Rune Knudsen and the others aboard the ice station Alpha Polaris are more concerned with their own work. With pressure from the oil companies to deliver samples and new discoveries, everyone is pushing themselves hard... and over the course of four nightmarish days when a malevolent force turns its gaze on them, maybe even past the breaking point. A point-and-click horror adventure from indie developers Turmoil Games with gorgeous professional production.

Arden's ValeA comedy/fantasy adventure game chosen as game of the month for October on the Adventure Game Studio website. Arden's Vale is the story of a girl who must journey across a magical barrier to seek the assistance of a sorcerer in the hopes he can cure her sister of a strange illness. Along the way, you'll be treated to a smart dose of puzzles and humorous commentary that often breaks the fourth wall. It's a short but extraordinarily enjoyable game with just the right amount of challenge and intrigue!

Crime ZoneThis game... is an experience. It's styled like a classic adventure title, but the content is something almost completely different. Each screen puts you in front of the streets as a different cop. You're working hard, checking out strange happenings, patrolling like a boss, and then you change locations and thus shift personalities. Some really odd things happen in the Crime Zone, and you find yourself being drawn to a strange hotel. Also: what the heck is going on?

Egress - The Test of STS-417An imaginative point and click game that takes a cinematic approach to its design, coupled with some very fine hand-drawn artwork and multiple endings to discover. You are a member of a two man team of astronauts who find themselves stranded on a moon-like planet. Your communications barely work, and you have but a few tools that survived intact, but somehow you've got to rescue your partner and make your way back home. One playthrough will take less than 20 minutes, but you'll honestly want to go back to get the better ending once you complete it. The puzzles are excellent and really encourage you to think. And did we mention the art? Yeah, it's great. So is the music by Kevin MacLeod. This is exactly the kind of game we love to see existing in the world!

Gemini RueLife in the Gemini galaxy isn't easy; war has left its mark on the lives of the people within it, but most of them are more concerned with the all-seeing eyes of the Boryokuden, a crime syndicate that seems to operate outside the law and swiftly deals with any opposition. In this top-notch adventure game, you play as Azriel Odin, a detective on the streets of New Pittsburgh, and Delta-Six, an amnesiac test subject stuck in a sinister training facility, and attempt to stay alive while you uncover a conspiracy that might hit closer to home than you suspect.

Girl with a Heart ofGirl with a Heart of is a sidescrolling adventure game that plays like an interactive, art-filled story. Making choices during conversations serves as the meat of the game, and what information you bring out and discuss with characters not only shapes the knowledge you take away, but it also affects future conversations. The characters, storyline, and backstory are all richly detailed and create a provocative dystopian science fiction setting, one that you'll happily dive into with each and every scrap of conversation.

Keys of a GamespaceAn adventure game with a deeper meaning? Sure, why not?! Keys of a Gamespace follows a man stuck in quite a rut. By visiting doors that represent pieces of his past, you can help him clear things out and, hopefully, patch things up with his gal. Some stunning artwork in this game, really conveying a sense of melancholy as you dig deeper into his psyche. It's short, but a very meaningful experience that might hit a little too close to home for some players.

PonPint-sized adventure games gained firm ground in the casual/indie realms after the release of Knytt. Pon, from developer Bov, is one such game, combining a charming art style with exploration-based gameplay, complete with an inventory system, simple puzzles, and a day/night cycle that synchronizes with your computer's clock. As Pon, you are on an epic journey to find medicine to heal your ailing relative. As you walk around this pixellated 2D world, you'll encounter a few items and characters you can interact with, many of whom have small requests to make of you. Pick up items, wear different sets of clothes, and hop around the world, careful not to fall to an untimely end. A new version of Pon was just released, and more updates are planned in the future, so keep an eye on this great-but-getting-better game!

Rosslyn: The Templar MysteryRosslyn: The Templar Mystery is a captivating first person adventure game that is packed so densely with riddles, a dozen of them are staring you in the face from the very beginning and you'll barely even realize it. Taking place inside the Rosslyn Chapel (made popular by The Da Vinci Code), you have nothing but your grandfather's cryptic notes to leaf through as you wander around the chamber looking for clues. It's a challenging experience perfect for anyone who likes a good riddle!

Technobabylon - Part 1Latha Sesame is both physically and digitally trapped inside her slummy apartment, completely cut off from the outside world. It's your job to help her escape. Technobabylon is a sci-fi adventure game built in the classic style. Use the mouse to point and click your way through the story, interacting with people, objects, and items along the way. It's a short experience, to be sure, but a good one with an almost fully-realized world. Once you finish you can check out Technobabylon - Part II (which is also available for Mac/Linux) for more of the same.

The Blackwell DeceptionThe dead are still unquiet, and aspiring writer and awkward medium Rosangela Blackwell is having a more difficult time dealing with it than usual... especially when one of her friends turns up among the spirits. Together with her sarcastic spirit guide Joey Mallone, will she be able to break open a conspiracy before it claims even more victims, or is she more vulnerable than she thinks? Find out in this stellar continuation of the point-and-click adventure series from Wadjet Eye Games.

The Caldwell IncidentA short adventure game that would feel right at home as the plot of an X-Files episode. In the year 19XX in a small town in Alaska, Toss is woken late in the night by his friend Jenny tossing rocks at his window. Dressing and carefully climbing down, he learns she spotted something unusual nearby. First, you've got to get out of town without raising suspicion. Then, it's on to some serious investigating!

The Last ExpressAt long, long last, Jordan Mechner's (creator of the original Prince of Persia game) adventure gaming masterpiece The Last Express is available as a digital download! The game was first released in 1997 where, despite being an amazing interactive experience, it failed to gain much commercial traction. Its cult status survived the turn of the century largely due to the unique nature of the gameplay, the incredible writing, and a visual style that's more like an animated television show than a video game. No more tracking down rate copies of the original CD-ROM. Just download, install, and enjoy!

To Hell and BackThis point-and-click graphical adventure game by Kayamon mixes an art style you might recognize from one of those Final Fantasy games us kids in the 90s used to rave about with everything that's best about the adventure genre. You play as Ragnar who really wants to escape from wherever it is that he happens to be. Loitering ghosts? Three-headed dogs? No thanks, it's time to make it back to the real world. If you can solve the intense puzzles, that is. A funny and entertaining game, very impressive for a two day effort, though the dialogue scrolls by very slowly and you'll wish there was a shortcut key to access different commands.

Treasure Adventure GameThink open world platform adventure games like Knytt Stories are falling out of favor? Treasure Adventure Game is happy to prove you wrong. With its massive open world stocked from end to end with treasures, secrets, characters, quests, puzzles, and more, this old school throwback manages to combine adventure, RPG, and platforming genres into the kind of game you'll only have the honor of experiencing a few times in your life. Also: it's free!

YetiAdventure games tend to follow a set formula, right? Not this one. In Yeti, you are part of a documentary crew exploring the life of a yeti, filming him in his natural habitat (a well-stocked bachelor pad to a software company in Toronto, of course) and exploring the scene from a somewhat more distant perspective. You can still interact with the world, but puzzles take a more point and click feel to them as opposed to a strict adventure flavoring. Marvelously imaginative, quirky, and a great way to learn about yetis in real life. Ok, not that last bit. But seriously, play this game!

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