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Categories: blog, browser, linkdump, valentine

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  • • Heart Pounder
  • • Muck About with Cupid &
  • • Fate
  • • Make Your Own Romance
  • • Restaurant Romance
  • • Valentiner
  • • Valentine's: Search for Love
  • • Meet My Valentine
  • • Queen of Hearts Quest
  • • Sudoku Hearts
Link Dump Valentine It's a super-special Valentine's Day Link Dump! But... Bah humbug! What sort of present do you give when you're happily married to your Ph.D in the digestive function of sub-Saharan dungbeetles? "Here my little darling, I bought you a new statistics package!"


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Categories: blog, browser, linkdump, valentine

Link Dump Valentine Whether you're so ensconced in a relationship that your friends refer to you by a portmanteau nickname like "Bennifer" or clocking up so many years of singledom that you have to check to see whether there's anything in your pants, anywhere you surf on the net today is going to have hearts, lollies, cherubs and teddy bears all over it. We here at JIG are more than happy to add to your misery with a roundup of romance, dating and candy-related games.


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Categories: action, arcade, browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, preloaded, rating-g, shooter, valentine, windows

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Heart Attack The über-talented Preloaded folks have done it again and released another Flash game to promote their own skillz, and this one does a fine job of showing off the Flash magic they are capable of. Heart Attack is an arcade action shooter in which you play as Cupid trying to save the love from the darkside by shooting arrows at little devils and other assorted gremlins.

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