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Wake Up The Box 4

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MeaghanWake Up the Box 4The life of a box is a rough one with all that being carried around, having things put in you to hold, being made into forts for screaming children. It's no wonder the beloved Mr. Box is still giving Sleeping Beauty a run for her money. Unfortunately, he may not get to enjoy that peaceful slumber for much longer since Eugene Karataev and artist Artem Popov have returned the lethargic Box to us in the physics puzzle game Wake Up The Box 4! And in this new Box installment you get to prove your artistic prowess by drawing anything from circles to ramps.

To draw hold down the left click and draw a shape; however only within the striped area can your creations come to wooden existence. To make a perfect circle hold the [space] bar while left-click and dragging in any direction. Drawing around the small bearings will make whatever you draw rotate one way or the other depending on which side is heavier. If your crafted item doesn't work you can double click on it to have it disappear.

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This new addition in the Wake Up The Box series is a breath of fresh air after three previous games that had you simply place an item in the correct spot. While some of the levels will put your brain in a metaphorical headlock that's part of the allure. Yes, there will be shapes that you need to draw that you may never have considered a shape and the old see saw mechanism may be a bit rusty but those aren't drawbacks so much as challenges that even Barney Stinson would accept and suit up for. Plus, after years of being the one abruptly woken up isn't it nice to finally exact your terrible revenge? Yeah, I thought so.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Wake Up the Box 4 Walkthrough

Level 1-10

Level One

  1. Draw a box.

  2. Screenshot

Level Two

  1. Draw a circle.

  2. Screenshot

Level Three

  1. Draw a circle.

  2. Screenshot

Level Four

  1. Draw a backwards upside down L along the small bearing.

  2. Screenshot

Level Five

  1. Draw a long rectangle to bridge the gap.

  2. Draw a big circle and let it go down the slope.

  3. Screenshot

Level Six

  1. Draw a giant triangle as a slope.

  2. Draw a big circle and let it go down the slope.

  3. Screenshot

Level Seven

  1. Draw a small circle above the dynamite and let it drop.

  2. Screenshot

Level Eight

  1. Draw a small rectangle to the right of the dynamite.

  2. Draw a small circle above the dynamite.

  3. Screenshot

Level Nine

  1. Draw a long rhombus so that it will fall over to create a bridge.

  2. You can draw a slope if you would like to.

  3. Draw a circle then let it go across the bridge.

  4. Screenshot

Level Ten

  1. Draw a scythe shape on either the left or right bearings.

  2. Screenshot

Levels 11-20

Level Eleven

  1. Draw a rectangle or square.

  2. Draw a triangle that will be steadied by the square.

  3. Draw the circle at the top of the slope.

  4. Screenshot

Level Twelve

  1. Place a small circle in the groove under Mr. Box.

  2. Place a small circle to the left of the dynamite on the far right.

  3. Draw a circle above the dynamite on the right and let it drop.

  4. Screenshot

Level Thirteen

  1. Draw a shape that will have a large end on one side and the other must be small and hooked onto the side of Mr. Box.

  2. Screenshot

Level Fourteen

  1. Draw a shape that will have a large end on one side and the other side should hook onto either the top of the left or right side of the swing system.

  2. Screenshot

Level Fifteen

  1. Draw a slope.

  2. Draw a big circle and have it go across.

  3. Screenshot

Level Sixteen

  1. Draw a skinny and long plank to let it drop on the circles and move forward under the extended plank Mr. Box is sitting on.

  2. Draw a giant shape and let it drop on the right edge of the plank.

  3. Screenshot

Level Seventeen

  1. Draw an L shape as close to Mr. Box as possible so that part of it is sticking under the pyramid.

  2. Draw a circle at the top of the slope on the left.

  3. Screenshot

Level Eighteen

  1. Draw a giant triangle on top of both bearings.

  2. Draw a giant circle at the top of the triangle.

  3. Screenshot

Level Nineteen

  1. Draw a pendulum shape so that it will go down and hit the dynamite then go straight back up to knock Mr. Box off.

  2. Screenshot

Level Twenty

  1. Draw a large circle on the right side of the long plank.

  2. Draw a large shape that has a large body on the left and is hooked onto the top of the plank.

  3. Screenshot

Levels 21-30

Level Twenty-One

  1. Draw a shape that has a long pointed end on the left and a giant right body so it will spin and hit the board Mr. Box is sitting on.

  2. Screenshot

Level Twenty-Two

  1. Draw a triangle.

  2. Draw multiple small circles so they can get through the opening.

  3. Delete them after Mr. Box has liften up and repeat this process until his sleep meter shows he's awake.

  4. Screenshot

Level Twenty-Three

  1. Draw a giant shape that has a large body on the left and hooks around the roof on the right.

  2. Screenshot

Level Twenty-Four

  1. Draw a giant curved slope.

  2. Draw a giant circle.

  3. Screenshot

Level Twenty-Five

  1. Draw a triangle.

  2. Draw a small circle in the middle of the slope so it will slide and hit the dynamite then go shooting back up.

  3. Screenshot

Level Twenty-Six

  1. Draw a small circle and have it fall between the first two large circles.

  2. Draw a second small circle and have it fall between the second and third large circles.

  3. Draw a plank above the circles that will be carried by the momentum.

  4. Screenshot

Level Twenty-Seven

  1. Draw a giant shape around the bearing that has a pointed end on the right side so it can push Mr. Box.

  2. Screenshot

Level Twenty-Eight

  1. Draw a square or rectangle shape to the far right of the log.

  2. Draw a large circle or scythe shape around the bearing so it will hit the rectangle and push the log.

  3. Screenshot

Level Twenty-Nine

  1. Draw a shape like a stand and pole for a seesaw.

  2. Draw a plank to place on it and choose whether you want it to go up to the left or the right by making one side larger than another.

  3. Screenshot

Level Thirty

  1. Draw a square on the right side of the top of Mr. Box.

  2. Draw an upside down triangle to act as a stake to topple over Mr. Box.

  3. Screenshot


Better than the third and about as good as the rest.

Bobin Hood May 25, 2012 6:26 PM

One little detail
if you wait at the title screen you will see a bunch of blocks being drawn out of wood into many known things

Czaerana May 25, 2012 6:27 PM

Fun game! The objects I draw are so rough they look as if they are made of driftwood. I'm glad they have an auto-draw feature for circles at least. I also like that the game lets you keep on trying things to wake up ol' Boxy. You can keep drawing objects until he wakes up.


Nineteen isn't working at all.


Krizpy: for nineteen you have to make the shape very thin so the blast can make it move fast. A thick heavy shape won't be pushed enough to wake the box.


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