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Turbo Soccer VR Game on Steam: Everything You Should Know

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If you've ever harbored dreams of being a professional soccer player and representing your nation on the biggest of stages, Turbo Soccer VR might just be the game for you. This unique VR game was released by DoDo4Story Games in July 2018 and has since become a fan favorite amongst fans of the sport.

Turbo Soccer VR is a testament to the growing influence of virtual reality in the gaming industry. Barely two decades ago, the only way players could play casino games was by visiting land-based gaming houses. Over time, the internet brought about online gaming, allowing players to enjoy their favorite titles from anywhere with the help of online casinos.

Technology has evolved further, and now we are in the era of VR gaming, where players can have virtual walkthroughs of casinos, almost as if they are really there. In fact, most online casinos globally, including in New Zealand are now developing virtual reality casino games, and many players also desire the experience now.

That's why games like Turbo Soccer VR are becoming more popular on Steam. People have been yearning for more immersive gaming, and now they have it. Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about Turbo Soccer and bring yourself a step closer to global stardom.

Turbo Soccer VR: The Basics
Turbo Soccer allows you to take the role of a soccer player in very immersive stadiums; you can choose to either play as a striker or goalkeeper for your team.

As a goalkeeper, you'll be in between the sticks and have to face off against top teams from all over the world. The more goals you save, the more points you accumulate. As you defeat teams, you meet more challenging opponents with more difficult finishes and more complicated skill sets.
As a striker, your job is simple: try to score as many goals as possible. From free kicks at difficult angles to penalties against formidable goalkeepers, you'll need to be brave to succeed. As you advance through levels, the obstacles get harder.

There are also other mini-game modes, but you should definitely try the Pinball Mode. In this mode, peak arcade gaming meets modern virtual reality with a football touch. The flippers are gone; you have to use your own feet to kick the ball and hit targets on the playfield.

Turbo Soccer VR also allows you to personally recreate famous goals from real life using the Replay Mode. There's also the Tournament mode, where you get to represent your nation and face off against the best teams in the world. Defeat them all and lift the ultimate trophy.

How Does The Game Work?
Turbo Soccer VR uses leg trackers for an immersive soccer gaming experience. To start up, you'll need a PC capable of running the game, a VR headset, and Vive Trackers. The game is available on Steam at $9.99. After buying and installing the game on your PC, connect your headset to your PC and strap your trackers to both of your feet. Make sure you calibrate them so they can properly track your leg movements.
Next up is to launch the game, complete the setup, and choose from any of the four main game modes:


The trackers on your legs will help you control the ball, and you'll need them to shoot and score goals. The controllers on your hand will allow you to make saves in your quest for glory. You'll also need the trackers when playing the pinball mode.

PC Requirements for Turbo Soccer VR
We've already mentioned that you'll need a VR headset, controllers, and VIVE trackers to fully enjoy the experience. However, there are specific PC requirements you must have in order to guarantee the smooth running of the game.
First, Turbo Soccer VR will only run on PCs with Windows 7 SP1 or newer versions. The game also requires a memory of at least 8 GB, an Intel Core i5-4590 CPU, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card. The file size is 2 GB. All these show that Turbo Soccer VR can run on most PCs, and you should have no trouble downloading and playing the game.

The Bottom Line
In 2018, DoDo4Story Games released Turbo Soccer VR, with star Polish soccer player Kamil Grosicki as its ambassador. Grosicki, who used to like to gamble in casinos, is a big plus for the brand. The star Polish soccer player has won quite large sums at casinos in the past, and thanks to this experience, he knows exactly which New Zealand casino online is the best. With his knowledge and experience in the world of gambling, Grosicki provides valuable insight into the online casino market.

His first-hand experience gives him a unique insight into the different platforms and the quality of their services. As an ambassador for Turbo Soccer VR, Grosicki brings credibility and authenticity to the brand, appealing to soccer fans and casino enthusiasts alike.

There are also unique game modes like the PinBall mode, where soccer meets arcade gaming. All you need to live your dream as a soccer star is a capable PC system, VR headsets, controllers, and VIVE leg trackers. Turbo Soccer VR is available on Steam for only $9.99.

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