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Rating: 4.4/5 (43 votes)
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Triglav action RPG

Triglav is a single-player action RPG in which the objective is to make it to the top of Triglav Tower, which is 50 floors high. It is an exquisitely detailed effort by SmokymonkeyS and composed in DHTML. Yes, you read that correctly: the game was written almost entirely in Javascript. However, that being said, the developers do rely a little too heavily on Microsoft's own implementation of the DOM (document object model), and therefore the game will run in IE only (v5.5+). Mac users are out of luck, sorry.

If you do have a PC, then that is a relatively small inconvenience to an otherwise exceptional browser-based action RPG experience that looks and plays a lot like Blizzard's Diablo series of games, minus the multiplayer component. Let's dig right in, starting a new game is quick and easy...

TriglavArcade or Career mode: to begin a new game you will first need to choose between arcade and career modes. Both modes feature the same gameplay, except with career mode your game is automatically saved each time you move to a new floor. A username and password are required to begin a career mode game and to reload a saved game.

Choose a character: Daggermaster, Axemaster, or Swordmaster. Each character class has unique weapons, armor and a special attack that sets it apart from the others. For example, if you choose Axemaster, you will have no use for the swords and daggers you may find throughout the game. Once you select a character, the game begins.

Control is entirely with the mouse, click and hold the mouse button down to move. As your character moves the game map will scroll to reveal more of Triglav Tower. Items in your inventory can be used or equipped by clicking on them. Only the weapons, armor, and accessories that are highlighted are equipped. To drop an item, right-click to highlight in red, right-click again to delete. Dropped items cannot be picked up again.

Combat: left click on an enemy to attack it with the currently equipped weapon. Keep clicking until it disappears. When attacking an enemy, its vitality bar will appear in yellow in lower right of the game window for valuable feedback. When the yellow lightning bolt just above that is flashing, your character may use its special attack by right-clicking. Special attacks substantially increase damage and attack range for a short burst of power. Your character must wait about 30 seconds for it to become available again.

Vitality: or health, is represented by the red bar in the lower left of the game window. All characters have auto-healing abilities by simply mousing-over the heart symbol. If you lose all your vitality your character will die and take with it some gold, experience, and a puppet item. If you do not have a puppet item, it is truly game over for your character.

Triglav side questGameplay: Hack and slash your way through each level to find the key that opens the door to the stairway leading to the next floor. Keys are generally found in treasure chests, some of which are left behind after doing away with an enemy or boss. As you progress higher in the tower enemies get tougher and more plentiful based on your experience points; even returning to a lower floor will yield an increase in the number and strength of the creatures that oppose you. Also, you will eventually come upon puzzles and side quests that require solving such as the one shown here. Most of these that I've seen follow a similar pattern: give a particular item to the NPC (non-player character) to earn a new item in return.

Analysis: My jaw quite literally dropped when I came upon Smokymonkeys' website Sunday afternoon. The graphics and effects are stunning and the gameplay is classic action RPG fare. The fact that these talented developers crafted the whole experience using DHTML—and of course some server-side scripting for game saving and stats—is astonishing to me. The game is gorgeous, runs silky smooth on my 1.7GHz PC with GeForce 4 video card, and is a lot of fun to play. The interface is equally beautiful with its emphasis of icons over text descriptions. The artistic style of the entire game is very appealing and quite polished.

Unfortunately, the game lacks background music and sound effects of any kind. Although this was at first bothersome, as I ventured deeper, ascending the tremendous tower of Triglav with all of its glorious eye candy, the missing audio became moot. Besides the lack of sound, there isn't anything else that I would complain about other than the PC/IE requirement, since that means I cannot play on my Mac—and I do just about everything on my Mac of late.

Triglav's project and art design was headed by Koizumi Tota, with design and programming headed by Nakano Sin. It is a personal project of the developers, and it was started more than three (3) years ago. And what an amazing accomplishment it is: truly one of the finest browser-based games I have ever played.

Play Triglav


Very, VERY nice game.


I don't think his site likes me...
Every time I choose a character or try to log in it just automatically it wont let me go any farther and closes the window.
Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?


Quan - that happened to me every time I tried a browser other than IE. There's no getting around it, really.


Absolutely intriging game; easy to get a hold of and fun to play. I just wish the graphics were a little lighter colored though - or maybe it's just my poor eyesight and the ancient monitor.

roboninja January 23, 2006 9:45 AM

My key of the gaurdian keeps disappearing! How do i fix this?


Something I didn't mention in the review: when you find an item, such as a key, it appears in the lower right icon position. That position is called the "treasure viewer" and is not considered part of your inventory.

To move an item to your inventory, left-click on it, but you must have an available space for it.

Keys will disappear from your inventory when you open the door to the next floor.


I actually quite prefer single player games for my side indulgences, I get enough multiplayer games in other ways. Especially with RPGs this is so, like with dofus you start and there are already people a million times stronger then you, and always ready to tell you what to do so it takes out the ambiance and the feeling of personal accomplishment for me.

I was quite sad when I learned that in stick arena you could talk, I was quite good at the game and won every round I played it, but the other players just got on my nerves sometimes.

So, thank you for finding this great single player action RPG, it is exactly my style of game for side-indulgences over the commercial games I play. All I have to do now is find sometime to start it that isn't 10 minutes before class :).


Why does the gold from the chest appear on the left hand side of the inventory, but then disappears and a greyed-out question mark appears?


Items will disappear(permanently) if you move before you click on the item in the treasure viewer.

Troublesome, but not unavoidable if you are careful.


When you open a treasure chest and click on it, any item that is inside (including gold) will appear in the right-most icon of the inventory: the "treasure viewer".

If you do not click on the item to add it to your inventory, the item remains in the opened treasure chest and does not disappear, though it will be removed from the treasure viewer when you move away from the treasure chest.

This is handy in the event your inventory is full and you want to go sell some items to a vendor before returning to pick up the extra item left behind. That being said, it doesn't make any sense to go back to a previous floor for loot left behind since the floors respawn each time you visit them, chests and all.

Gold does not require a free inventory space: left-click to add to your coffers.


By chance, is anyone else having the issue of the game freezing at the loading screen? I am using the latest version of IE, and my internet speed should not be a problem, for I am utilizing my college's intranet connection... Does anyone have any idea as to a solution?


I'm having the same problem Ophidian...
But I'm using a mac, and I've gotten up to the first loading screen. Is that further than you got, Jay?
Looks like a great game...wish I could play...


Sorry, this game does not run on Macs.

Ophidian - what OS and IE version are you using?


Why can't I interact with "Shotaar the Roughneck"? They didn't explain controls very well...

roboninja January 23, 2006 8:31 PM

I cant beat the second boss even when i click on him!!! please help!


im having the same problem as ophidian, it keeps freezing whenever i get to the loading screen. im using firefox and i cant figure out what the problem is, does anyone know how to fix this?


wait, nevermind. as soon as i posted i read it can only run in ie. gonna try there


Jay - I am using Windows XP Professional, with IE version six... it seems as though it should work. Any ideas?


For Shotgaar the Roughneck, I'm guessing you have to find that bottle before he talks to you. Same thing with the Hunter on lvl 10.


I'm thinking that, too, Matt. ;)

Ophidian - make sure Javascript and cookies are both enabled. Besides that, XP and IE 6 are what I used to review the game with no trouble at all.


Wow! That's a really nice implementation of dhtml. I'm impressed :)

Ophidian, make sure you set IE's security to Default, and set Privacy to Medium. Higher settings often prevent javascript doing the stuff it needs to do.



Cheers, Brent! =)

If anyone would know what to do, it'd be you. ;)


Jay & Brent - Thank you for the suggestions, but neither works... hopefully though, your ideas will be of help to another. Triglav simply does not wish to play on my computer... is there any services or ports (by some odd quirk of fate) that need to be enabled or opened for the game to properly run?


I'm very, very stuck on 17: a kind of blue.


Ok, I have five comments on this very nice game.

1. Prrrreeettty...

2. ...but the lack of sound and music make me sad. Yes, even though it is very, very pretty, I still feel the lack of both painfully. It just doesn't feel like a complete experience without either. At least give it some sound! It begs for some sound... and music fills the time while you walk around defeated dungeon floors.

3. I wish I could move my inventory around so that I could put my equipment on one side and collectables on the other. Minor annoyance.

4. I feel it was a very poor decision to permanently kill off career characters that die without a puppet. It may be consistent, but puts me off quite a bit since I'll now have to make another account, and I've never had this problem with other Internet games.

5. On the upside, I've found that if you start attacking an enemy, you can hold down the left mouse button to keep hitting them, and you can even follow them. If they die, though, you will have to click on your next target to attack it.


Anyone know how to get by the Will-o-wisps on Level 9(?) they were too tough for me!


I died trying to kill a Will-o-wisp on that level, then decided to just avoid it next time. It worked.

The Key of the Wisp is hidden somewhere on the level.


Ok great game, infact love it but why oh why have a save function if you can still end up dying and then loose the character for good. I got quite far only to die and now have to restart.....

watch out for some treasure chests with bolders behind em lol..not good


Update on #4: Apparently the character account I lost will be deleted after 3 days. Great, I won't *have* to create a new character account, I'll just have to wait a while. *grumble* Why couldn't they just make it so it starts me back as a level 1 character? It doesn't make sense....


Back to the whole Shotgaar thing there are monster specific items that they drop when you kill them and Goblin Juice is the item that Shotgaar wants. After that, I don't know.


Is anyone else having problems accessing the site from time to time? It's happened to me at least 3 times in the past hour. The biggest problem to this is that it will cause the game to freeze and I'll have to reload again.


For 17: A Kind of Blue, all you have to do is

make all of the pillars blue (have all the bridges down) and end up in the center, where the chest will be freed. As an extra hint:

I stepped onto 13 platforms to solve it

and hit 9 switches

I got to level 26, then made some bad decisions and had bad enough luck to die without a puppet...


Wiser: Yeah, I've had this issue too, fortunately only once, though. And Tiralmo, as mentioned above I feel your pain. I think the best way to put it is that if you're going to encourage people to invest more time than usual into a game like this by giving them individual names and the ability to come back at any time with the work they've done still being in place, you shouldn't make game-sanctioned methods for destroying all that work (unless you want people to question putting more work into that game just to get back to where they were originally). Permanent loss of time investment into larger-than-normally-accomplishable-within-single-sitting games pretty much went out of style with passwords, IMO.

I only lost about maybe 6 hours at most, and it is a very nice game, so I've come back, but I reiterate: very poor decision to permanently destroy characters. Though from looking around I'll probably surpass my original character in no time (even though he got a piece of armor whose defense was based on Exp. [grah!!] on like the first/second floor).

Bananas are for monkeys. Monkeys are cool, cool animals. You'll see what I mean when you give them some bananas; at least, some of them will show you.


A note on the floor 9 boss:

It can be beaten--I used hit-and-run tactics with the Axemaster's special--and it's worth the trouble...you'll get a nice item for the effort.

Glazius Falconar January 25, 2006 9:18 AM

Okay, just passing this on so that other people won't get wiped out like I did.

Once you get up to the 10th floor, you'll notice a machine with a signboard nearby that says it needs some three-colored flask.

This is Mixed Scarab Oil, which you can obtain by taking a Red, Blue, and Yellow Scarab (found on floors

13, 14, and 9

)to the picture of the scarab on floor 16.

Once it's on, walk onto the nearby platform to be transported to the underworld. I don't believe the machine will ever run out of oil, but I could only use it twice.
Anyway, in the underworld there's an empty blue switch platform

which you can fill with a 'switch plate' that you buy from the grifter on level 22. You need to go down an alternate route from floor 24 through floor 23 to get there. And, uh, bring some cash to get one immediately (think it's 1800) since you might be getting acid-clouded by orc mages through the bars.

Once you've activated it and tripped the switch there'll be a swirling yellow portal nearby.
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T GO THROUGH THERE UNLESS YOU'RE PREPARED. By which I mean "been up to level 30" at _least_. You can't get out until you

find and defeat three dopplegangers of the adventuring classes and use the orbs that drop on the statues in the upper part of the room.

Every portal will lead you to a room with multiple very hard enemies, including some that have been floor bosses elsewhere.

Restarting yet again,



Anyone else getting a try again later message or even worse than that an error: access denied line 5 etc..


Yeah, I'm getting a Try Again if I try to register a new career character, and the arcade version keeps freezing. Anyone know how to get a new puppet?


You can get more puppets either by finding them as treasure or by buying them (earliest shop for such is on level 10, and they are pretty costly at 1000+ Gold), just like equipment.


I typed Triglav into google to go play the game... it is the first result, nothing special. But then I see something next to the name- [ Translate this page ]. Hahahaha, why do you need to translate an english page from japanese to english? Something is a little broken in their algorithm, the main page, nor the main page of triglav contain any japanese, although there is some engrish...


Oh my... I have no idea how it happened but somehow I got knocked back to level 1 and I'm dual-wielding as a sword user. All the levels I unlocked on my previous play (on this account, of course) were opened, and I had all my equipment, but the starting sword was permanently equipped, and I had another, better sword equipped as well, which basically means I'm dual-wielding and unable to stop. In theory, I could stop by selling the sword, but I'm not really sure I want to do that, since it adds 2-6 damage and 2 to my range, on top of the sword I'm "really" using. Of course, if it works that I always have to have one sword permanently equipped now, this could turn out to be extremely advantageous, but I highly doubt it. I'm also a little worried that this may be a hack rather than a simple bug (my password isn't very secure..)


how do u get past the trap at the beginning of level 19? it won't let me go around it and sends me back to level 1


Concerning the trap at the beginning of level 19:

You have to disable the trap:

That isn't the beginning of 19...

There is another door from 18 to 19. Both were unlocked simultaneously.

I did create a new character, and have since gotten past level 30 and hit 35, but haven't yet reached 40...

Glazius Falconar January 26, 2006 3:51 PM

Hey, Tiralmo, good to see you! Have you found anything that'll get you past

the lightning traps on 32 and 33? It's not the lanterns sold on 38. And they don't seem to light up 34, either.



No clue on any of those yet, GF, nor much of anything else...

I think I'm going to start mapping out some floors and keep track of who needs what and where they are.


Since you are all way ahead of me, how do you use the portal on lvl 12. I can see the other area but I don't know what kind of item I need to have.


On to A Kind of Blue. I look at the diagram but it doesn't seem to match the platforms and bridges even with Tiralmo's help this is confusing. Any other tips?


Kind of Blue, never mind I got out with some dumb luck.


About that lightning trap on 32: (Use as many hints as you need.)

There's a switch on the other side that'll turn off the electricity, if you can survive the walk through it...

Maybe if your vitality and walk speed were higher, you could survive?

A sign nearby shows "person + puppet", although you'll likely need two or more...

Shotaar the Roughneck could help you here. To get what he wants, kill some goblins. Looking around near the end of floor 4 might also prove worthwhile...

And for further clarification, what you're trying to do on floor 17 is

get to the central platform when all four of its bridges are raised, then hit the switch. The task will take some thinking.

Also, floor 29, as I'm guessing that'll come up eventually:

Fifteen is your friend.


I can not beat the Will'O the Whisp for the life of me, even with an armor that gives me 18 defense and a hit and run use of the swordmaster special. Any advice? This is chronically irritating...


Thanks for the tip for the lightning, Oddity. I'm still not to floor 40, but I think I'll be able to get there from what I have.

As for fighting the Will'O the Wisp? It is never required. The Key is in one of the boxes on the level, and you won't be able to defeat the Wisp without a high enough attack, which you won't have before you first get to that level unless you're extremely lucky. I think I went back after I beat level 25 and still had to hit and run with my special.


Graphics Question: On the Smokymonky's wesite it shows the characters swinging their weapons and such. When I play my character kinda glides about and there is no other movement. Granted I'm using a OEM video card that came with my system. Is there anyone that is getting to see it for all it's worth?


Will'O the Wisp can be easily beaten by Swordmaster if you use shield with damage reflection attribute.

to Matt:
check if animation is enabled in your IE settings


Whenever I quit the game I always go back to the first floor but I keep all my equipment from the previous plays...is this correct???

Glazius Falconar January 30, 2006 3:33 PM

Whenever you quit the game you show up on the last 'safe floor' you visited.

These floors are generally multiples of 5, but if you haven't gotten up to 5 yet you'll show up on 1.

Jackson, in case you missed it from Jay's description you can hover the mouse over your heart icon to regenerate health. You're not supposed to make it through subsisting only on potions and bananas. ;)



Regarding Floor 9s Will o The Wisp.

He and I had a bit of a disagreement regarding whether he was going to keep his phat loot or not. I wanted it, he wanted to kill me dead. I won.

Tips :

Hit and run is a definite requirement, the key is to get your run speed high enough that you can beat on him and then get away from him quickly enough that he can't get any parting shots in.

I sacked him the very first time I came to the level, granted, I was -really- lucky early on in finding some spectacular armor (+6 def + 8 vitality, found it on the 2nd level)

Try going directly to the left as you enter the level, if you go straight left and down you'll arrive at a circular platform, wait there, recharge your health, if you're not at -full- when he gets there, duck down, when he comes after you, circle him using the width of the platform, then run -up- to the platform above, circle him using the bridges to the right of that platform, make him chase you, make him choose the wrong bridge, then come right back down to the south platform. It will be tedious, it will take 10-15 runs or more (It took me about a half hour to beat him down). But it's -worth- it, the ring he's carrying is bar none, the best thing you'll pick up for quite some time.

Spend some time in this level, loot -all- the chests. I also found a dirk of the vampire in the bottom half of the level.

Damage 1-10
Range + 1
Defense -2

1-10 damage is GODLY for this level (For a Dirk)
To give you an idea, the main-gauche they sell in level 10 is 1500gold and 1-6 damage.


Found some awesome items: As Daggermaster on lvl 14 I found a Stinger with %110 damage reflection (could not be saved) The thing is awesome, took out Will o the Wisp in seconds got the will o the wisp ring worth a bundle. Also found the Sexy Bus Stop for Axemaster on lvl 13 (+0~50) and Arch Mage Garb (Mantle on lvl 14 (Vit -20, Special ability delay -3 sec, +6 attack, dex +6, def. based on experience)

That Graham guy February 3, 2006 8:05 PM

With about 4500 xp, some SWEET gear, and ambitious goals, I died on level 30 (yeah, the elven encampment)...

I was standing too close to the campfire while trying to buy a puppet (ironically enought to save me if I died).

Well, lots of knowledge now... gonna take another run (maybe as Axemaster this time).

Oh, and for the record, damage reflection ROCKS! that is the only way I can kill the will'o'wisps...
Speaking of which:

if you go back to level 19 later, there are three will o wisps (Yellow, Red, and Blue)...
Beware - they are really tough and fast!

And the item you get from killing the Blue one is called "The Soul Flame" it is an immediate effect item, and is nothing but a bunch of negatives to almost all of your stats... And it lasts for about 8 minutes (500 seconds)

I needed 3 potions to survive the yellow and red, and then used a Run/Heal/Special Attack/repeat approach to the blue one.

That Graham Guy (almost out of character names)

That Graham Guy February 3, 2006 9:21 PM

Okay, one hour later (Arcade mode with Axemaster)
Reached level 10
Attack: 9~23
Str: 8
Def: 9
Dex: 5
Vit: 174/174
Exp: 424
Gold: 950

Kills : 138

Mantle (def +1)
Hard Leather of Mokosh (def +6 - Vit +7)
Boots of Yarilo (Def +2 - Vit +10)
Ring of the wisp (Att -1 - Vit +15 - Walk +3)
Ring of Mokosh (Vit +15)
2-handed Axe of Yarovit (Att +5~15) (Vit +7)

Have a good weekend!


I'm glad to find a good graphical game that has some of the same challenging/maddening/exciting aspects as the rogue-likes such as ADOM. Thanks for the post.


It won't work or something it won't let me in how can i play career mode


Matthew: The Smokymonkeys website looks like it got borked. :/ Try going back in a week or two.


It seems to be working, now. I was able to create a character in Career mode, and it seems to be running smoothly so far.


Are the lanterns used for lvl 40+?

Glazius Falconar February 17, 2006 11:24 AM

Man, I wish you could get more inventory slots.

Walking around with a helm, two rings, boots, gloves, daggers/weapon and shield/axe and mantle, armor, and a puppet gives you just enough room to hold a floor key.

Anyway, regarding the lanterns: get through the lightning trap on floor 32, take enough keys, and the use of the lanterns will become clear.



level 17 is killing me
how do you get the treasure chest to open?


this game is unbelievably addicting. i've been playing it for 2 weeks now, and can't stop, and i totally see me playing it for at least another month, if not more. the complexity, nested endless pathways means the game is much more intriguing, and lasts quite longer than more linear games. you could play it all the way thru many times, and it wouldn't be the same game.

the "forum" at the smokeymonkeys site, while not the most user-friendly, and kinda frustrating to wade thru acres of useless verbage, can be mostly helpful if you search specifically for whatever you're looking for. i.e., floor 10, floor 7, thieves tool, lightning field, etc. lots of tips and knowledge can be found in that forum, if you're patient.

my 3rd character in 2 weeks died this afternoon at level 14, after achieving some wicked eternal dexterity gloves, and amazing armor that knocked my defense up to 19. stupid me, daring the boulder to get the blue beetle, without a puppet. i almost cried.

the game is beautiful and very well-made; i feel like i'm taking advantage of somebody by getting something so gorgeous for free. thank you, game designers, and jay for recommending. but my addiction is way frustrated, given it's PC only. my only PC access is at work, while at home i have a mac. way to make me want it more. =)


by the way, regarding the will-o-wisp on the 9th floor, here's a easy trick: enter the thru the door from the 8th floor, there's a a cube right there in front of you. hack at it, open the chest if there's one inside (sometimes there isn't), get whatever's in there, then go immediately back out the door. keep doing this, and eventually the key will be inside that chest, as the contents of the treasure chests thruout that floor play musical chairs each time you open. once you get the key, run like hell for the other door.

you can also get the yellow scarab this way.


Hi,i am having such a hard time getting through floor (or level) 29.Would someone please help me? Before i really go crazy.




Jaak, The circles on the floor are a math puzzle...

15 is your friend

Search the forum on the TRIGLAV site for "f29


Hi! I'm TIAH and I am wondering how to get to level 40. I cleared everything else before it ecxept 32 and 34 is just weird. I have

Attack Damage 41-69
Strength 47
Defense 23
Vitality 199
Dexterity 40
Experience 17,597
Gold 6,398(just bought "demon eyes" found on level 26 which cost 30,000)
I got some awesome awesome gear. So can somebody help me on how to get to level 40?!
Oh and as for the portal in B1 underworld, those guys were tough at first but I found a better sword and owned them, when you use the orbs a path opens and you get to chose one of the four potion thingies thar upgrade your stats.

axemaster April 9, 2006 9:08 PM

Can you open any of the chests that are in front of the boulders in level 14?


I have been on level 17 FOREVER. Can someone please tell me which switches I need to press, and the order they need to be pressed in. Thank you...


Does anyone know what the best way to use the nectar is? It's worth 4300 gold, but I can't remember if I'm supposed to give it to someone or not. What should I do?


Been Playing this game for a while now. Just need some help getting past level 26. Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks.

jaak rogge April 21, 2006 8:46 AM

Wayne,for your problem regarding passing trough floor 26 is actually very simple. When you enter floor 26,you just keep on walking straight trough until the door on the very end of the long road (don't forget to take the key in the case when you enter)(AND VERY IMPORTANT DON'T KILL ANY OF THE CREATURES THAT ARE THERE)
When you come back later (again on floor 26, then you can kill the beasts and take whatever is in any of the cases.

cheers everyone ,jaak

INEEDHELP April 26, 2006 8:18 PM

I cannot figure out how to make all of the bridges raise in level 17: kind of blue!!!

Please someone take the time to help me...

Thank you very much...


Hey i really want to run this game it sounds so good, but iam using a mac but what if i was to install mozilla firefox as my browser will it then work?


Sorry, James, but as I wrote in the review, Mac users are out of luck. The game requires IE (v5.5+).


Okay I'm stuck each time I click a blue chest it wont give me the items,and yes I'm left clicking.Also I cant even leave the first floor how do you get out?


Alright I got myself out but how do you discard items?


Help! The guy who sells the switch plates on level 22 is no longer there. Now what???


For anyone having TOO much trouble, there is a walkthrough for triglav the "monkeys' madness fourum,

I would suggest that you don't use this too often, as it really takes a lot out of the game to be looking up answers to every quest.

and... regarding the soul flames...

They are for perhaps the largest quest in the game.


Why doesn't it ever work on me?! When I open it it doesn't work! ARRRRGHHH!!!!!

Josh626394 September 1, 2006 7:01 AM

it sounds stupid but im stuck on the 3 and 4 floors i mange to get the kiki mage to 1/2 life then it disapers
can anyone help it soooooo anyoning


Is there a way to sell equipment? I'm on lvl 5 or 6 and there's a girl with a monkey who sells equipment, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to sell equipment to her. Or is there a different NPC that buys the equips you have?

clairvoyance October 17, 2006 10:16 PM

Sigh. I's stuck at lvl 17. And the best part is at my workplace, the program blocked the walkthroughs for Triglav. Dunno why. =/ Can anybody post the walkthrough for lvl 17 here? Thank you so much! =)

Ripper the AxeMaster
Attack Damage: 20~71
Strength: 24
Defense: 15
Dexterity: 6
Vitality: 155
Experience: 4833
Gold: 6036
Kills: 966

Note: The reason I got that many golds and kills at lvl 17 is because I'm stuck and bored. So I walked through the tower again and again. =/


hey, my head changed for a pumpkin!


hi , i have another PROBLEM. I have been walking around for like a century with this golden plaque that i pick up on the 27 th floor and i don't know where to trade it for the 100000 that's its worth.

so people , anyone please help me.

thanks .


man! I just lost at level 41! Jaak: You just have to sell it to any vendor.
To sell equipment talk to a vendor and right-click on the thing you want to sell twice. On level 17 you need to get all the bridges DOWN, and be at the middle.



Re: Ben - no sound or music. With funky graphics like this who cares frankly. Add your own soundtrack - go to www.pandora.com and create your own music station. Well worth it!


Is it possible to transfer items between characters?

The_Corruptor January 16, 2007 4:04 PM

Maverik, unfortunately not. When you get a fantastic item (I've picked up two sharktooths as a swordmaster) you have to just remember where they fell, so you can come back with an appropriate character.

Also, as to the question about additional inventory slots; you can get them! simple donate 1$. This could get very expensive if you die often, but the option is there.


can eny boby help im stuck on this game and cant find eny tips of hints the game is attack of the funky disco zombies i have got through the first level but stuck where i have to go after i have feed the rats there is a port hole a plank of wood but cant get eny futher


On the Wisp level, after running out then coming back in, a critter dropped a chest with an item that made me able to kill the Wisp in a few seconds. Glee!

Brindle Armor
Damage Reflection 50%
Defense +7
Vitality: Based on Kills
Special Ability Delay: -3 seconds


I've managed to kill Wisp the first time I've met him - with Doubledagger class it's doable, only really time consuming. You just have to run in circles, attack him when full on health and run when low to heal (there are a few places, where you can run in circles all the time, which is very usefull). The problem with wisp is that he has very high defence rate, but since Doubledagger deals low damage quick anyway that's not such a grate drawback as it is in the case of the other two classes. I suppose, that with his defence each character hits him for something arroung 1 damage each time - only Doubledagger does it quick. Still, it took me about 15 minutes before I managed him.

Amadeus June 29, 2007 5:21 PM

Insane game. The boss' are sooo coooool!!! the art is alos really nice and so are the levels. The only thing i hate about it is once you die, you lose your account. Sniff sniff.

Ruinator July 4, 2007 6:41 PM

My Axemaster didn't have too much trouble killing the wisp, as i found the ring of tao on the 8th floor (has dmg rebound ability) so when the wisp was attacking me he pretty much killed himself

Ruinator July 12, 2007 12:47 AM

I found out a quickish way for axemasters to kill the Will o'the Wisp. As long as your axe is of a decent quality by that lvl. your special should take it down half health or more (first time i found this out i had a nice axe by the lvl and almost killed it with 1 special). Just run away and when special is up do it again and hello purty ring


How do i switch characters? eg. Dagger to Axe?


Defeat the Will'o the Wisp

1º First, there is no need : just avoid it and brake the chest where the key is (randomly) hidden.
2º If you want to kill it, the best item for it is any "damage reflection" one, due to the massive damage the wow deals. I've actually beaten it up with a 30% dmg reflection ring.
3º Once you did, you'll be granted a very nice ring.
4º Exit and re-enter the level : good luck, enjoy...


a great game!

will of the wisp can be more readily killed if you have reflect damage. it drops wisp ring-very usefull!


It's been a long time since I played this game, but I was able to kill the Will O' Wisp very easily the first time I went to that level.

I was playing a DaggerMaster and just kept running around and using her special ability when it was available. Since it has quite a bit of range, I didn't have to be in the path of danger.

This might also work with the Swordmaster, but could be a bit difficult with the Axemaster, since he practically needs to be toe-to-toe with the target.


i signed up but every time i try to play in no go why no go?


For you firefox users out there, if you install the ietab extension, it allows you to play triglav in firefox.

Anonymous January 16, 2009 2:19 PM

Grrr. This is the third game on JIG today that I have tried to play only to find it does not load at all, ever. Way to frustrate me. Congrats.

[Edit: I just tried this game and it loads and runs fine in IE (note that IE is required as the review mentions). Sorry you're having a frustrating day, but you might want to check your computer for an extension or something that may be gumming up the works. -Jay]


Of course I checked everything, Jay, but of the three games, one doesn't work in IE (unadvertized until I pointed it out), one is ONLY supposed to work in IE but does not for me, even with all appropriate settings changes, and then there's Triglav, which lets you create a character only to dump you back at the main page when you try to actually, you know, PLAY THE FRICKIN' GAME FOR EVEN A SECOND, then tells you to "Try again Later" when you try to get back in.

Obviously, I can't hold you responsible for this failing, but I can't help but be annoyed that you seem to go to so much trouble to review these games for reliability among other things, but yet leave out all this... you know, NOT-WORKINGNESS that I'm finding today, all over the place.

More to the point, every game I've tried to play from JIG today that looks any good doesn't work in some fashion. That may not be your fault, but it SHOULD be your concern.

[Edit: Of course I'm concerned, but the fact of the matter remains that Triglav works just fine for me. Beyond the character selection, I am able to actually play the game. So, again, sorry if you're having trouble playing the game. Most people with IE can. And as for games we've reviewed since day 1 over 5 years ago, what would you have me do, check all 4000 games daily to make sure they continue to work? I depend on people like you to bring my attention to it. I am always more than happy to look into the situation and correct it if it is within my power to do so. Thanks for your feedback, I hear your frustration and I'm sorry you are disappointed today. -Jay]


hey everybody in the gameworld , i began

playing again today with triglav (after

choosing a new character ) and come to a

totally new problem regarding the keys to

open doors) I just got the miser key from the

underworld , nd i don't know where to use it?

Does anyone know the answer ? (it's the first

time that i get this key)

please respond



Hey everybody

I am so near to the end and still wanting more

But all i need right now , is to know where i

can buy those pushbuttons , normally from the

guy at level 24 , but he isn't there (only

when you play arcademode) so does anybody

know where i can get them ?

please respond

thank you !



The game doesn't work for me either, IE on a PC running XP. There's obviously some code issue somewhere on the game's end. A shame, as I really wanted to try it. However it looks like Smokymonkey is working on a new project, so hopefully that will be widely playable and as good as Triglav sounds!


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