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Tower of Heaven

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Rating: 4.6/5 (192 votes)
Comments (81) | Views (18,455)
Kyletowerofheaven.gif"Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to Light," is not just a great movie quote from a modern classic thriller (and, okay, a perfectly serviceable line from some poet named Milton), but it's also a fairly apt description of Tower of Heaven, a very challenging platform game from Askiisoft. If you're suffering from deja vu, it might be because we originally featured Tower of Heaven last year as a download, but now it's been ported to flash so you can torture yourselves with it just about anywhere you can hop on the net.

You play "you"... granted a dark green version of you with an enormous head and a strange little antenna thing on top, but it's still you. And you have decided to ascend the Tower of Heaven, ostensibly to talk to some deity or another, but I suppose it's just as feasible you've opted to make the climb because you're bored, or procrastinating on folding that big pile of laundry. In any case, as soon as you enter the tower you are greeted by a disembodied voice that welcomes you whilst at the same time warning you of the dangers that lie in wait.

To make your climb you'll use either the [arrow] keys or the [WASD] keys to move about, jump, forward dialogue, and either [down] or [S] will let you walk through doorways. Also note that you can save your game by opening up a mid game menu screen with the [ESC] key. You do not want to walk away from this game without properly saving first. Trust me on this.

But wait, there's a twist. You see, our invisible host soon grows wary of how easily we traverse his tower. As though spikes popping out of the ground without warning and whirring saw blades of death weren't enough, the host will periodically impose laws to make the road ahead even more challenging. Laws like no walking left or no touching blocks from the sides are particularly fun. And by fun I do mean throw your laptop out the window frustrating. May you be blessed enough to ascend the tower before pummeling your keyboard into a fine powder.

TowerOfHeaven.gifAnalysis: From the spinach green color palette to the chiptune soundtrack to the big chunky pixels, Tower of Heaven is so reminiscent of the classic Nintendo Game Boy you can almost feel the eleven ounce plastic brick in your hands as you play. Indeed, it even feels like a Game Boy game which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Beyond the extremely nostalgic qualities of Tower of Heaven, the most striking aspect of this game is that it's hard, very hard, but in a unique and extremely interesting way. The laws that are periodically imposed upon you are creative and force you to look at levels in ways that you might otherwise overlook without the seemingly insane restrictions. Getting chased from the right by a saw blade becomes all the more challenging when you can't actually run left, just as a bunch of clustered blocks together looks outright perilous when you can no longer touch them from the sides. In this way, Tower of Heaven adds a puzzle aspect to the mix. One gets the impression that Tower would still be far from a cake walk without the laws, but trying to play with them will most definitely test both your platforming and thinking skills..

The controls are respectable. Perhaps they could be a little tighter in the jumping, and looser in the running; everyone has their own preferences, of course. There are plenty of concessions made to ease the blow of how hard Tower is; infinite lives, relatively short levels and a save option all are blessings to be counted especially once the difficulty ramps up. But the fact of the matter is that this is still a tough game that may turn off less nimble gamers. Also, it's actually not all that long. The high difficulty is what really gives this game its length so those who are really good at platform games shouldn't expect to get too much game play out of this title.

Regardless of whether Tower of Heaven is too hard and unbeatable, too easy and too short, or just right, it is most definitely worthy of praise. Askiisoft melds good production values, deep nostalgia, and a unique concept into a challenging yet rewarding platform game.

Play Tower of Heaven

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Whew! Played through twice, found the 3 secrets:

  1. In the first "No left" room, keep going left past the door.

  2. In the room directly after that with the moving platform, jump over the platform with the door back onto the platform and wait. You'll shift screens and see it.

  3. In the last level, after you rise and are shown the final window back into the tower, drop down (align yourself with the window now above you) and there will be a window right below you. Enter it and enjoy.


Patreon Crew SonicLover August 4, 2010 9:20 PM

Beat it in one sitting. Didn't find any secrets though. Didn't actually know there were any secrets to find.

Patreon Crew SonicLover August 4, 2010 9:21 PM

Oh, by the way, here's a big hint:

At one point you are prohibited from walking leftwards. The law says nothing about moving leftwards in midair.


I am insufficiently rad to beat this game, I think.

arcticwolf15 August 4, 2010 9:50 PM

Impossible if you have a slow computer. My computer has been slow all day and I just cannot play this!


There really is nothing as satisfying as a well made platformer. I didn't find it terribly hard, just enough to make it feel worthwhile.

Also, if anyone has problems with level 10

Escape through the right window


Nice. The idea of a level designer who's tormenting you is a common theme in games like this, but the arbitrary rules is a nice manifestation of it. The level designer looks impressive (though it would be even cooler if there was a more sophisticated way to choose the laws).


Whew! Played through twice, found the 3 secrets:

  1. In the first "No left" room, keep going left past the door.

  2. In the room directly after that with the moving platform, jump over the platform with the door back onto the platform and wait. You'll shift screens and see it.

  3. In the last level, after you rise and are shown the final window back into the tower, drop down (align yourself with the window now above you) and there will be a window right below you. Enter it and enjoy.


Awesome game.
Ending was a bit disappointing for me, but still, very awesome.


I got zapped on level 2. He doesn't seem to latch on really well upon the platforms.:(

1337haxors August 5, 2010 12:53 AM

I don't find much fun in these types of games. No mushrooms.


I think I'm literally stuck. After finding the

first secret of the tower

in the level where you can't walk left

I walked to the right and then fell off the screen.

Wildbreeze August 5, 2010 1:06 AM

Heh. Did anyone else find themselves practically shouting for joy when the popup said 'All rules nullified'? Anyone? No? Just me? :3
Aaaanyways... Great. Hair-pulling-out frustrating, but... Addictive.


The best games are ones that are simultaneously very fun but also make you think and have a story to tell. This is one of those games.

Also I really want the soundtrack. Like, right now. ^.^

Anonymous August 5, 2010 6:01 AM

Note on the secret levels and the "long window" halls. Do not walk all the way to the right, as there is/was a bug that caused you to get stuck when doing so. In normal mode, just press esc and save and reenter. Can't help you on timed mode though.

ThenAgain August 5, 2010 6:22 AM

I played this when it was a download and loved it but I don't remember it being that hard.
I'll have another go and see if I've repressed it or if it is that bad.
Maybe I'm just really damn good at platformers BD

josep m. fernandez August 5, 2010 7:44 AM

Feels terribly slow in my computer. I had to give up in level 9.


Anyone else on level 9 finally get to the top and then walk left, AHHH

Patreon Crew SonicLover August 5, 2010 9:18 AM

Those of you who like the soundtrack: the level editor's configuration menu makes a fine sound test feature.

Jensen Ohno August 5, 2010 10:34 AM

Nice ending!

RedRevolver August 5, 2010 10:42 AM

I remember playing this game, and I swear that JIG has reviewed it before. :/

[We did feature the game before. Read the review. ;) -Jay]


@ Fiedler Yes, yes I did. I had exactly the same reaction, too.


I now officially despise level 9.
after avoiding everything, I tried to walk to the door.
The door was to the LEFT of me.


I love that it actually has a satisfying ending instead of just a "thanks for playing" screen. Makes the frustration and 200 deaths all worth while.


Too easy, needs like ten times as many rules. Than would be fun.

Dragonfyre August 5, 2010 2:48 PM

Here's my level, I used level 9 as inspiration.

200c11100109000a00000000000000000005250105220205220305220405220505220605220705220805220905220a05220b05220c05220d05220e05220f05221005221105221205221305221405221505221605221705221805221905221a05221b05221c05221d05221e05221f052200062404060d08060e0c060d10060e14060d18060e1c060d1f06230007241f07230008241f08230009241f0923000a24010a1d050a0b090a0c0d0a0b110a0c150a0b190a0c1d0a1e1f0a23000b27010b21020b21030b21040b21050b21060b21070b21080b21090b210a0b210b0b210c0b210d0b210e0b210f0b21100b21110b21120b21130b21140b21150b21160b21170b21180b21190b211a0b211b0b211c0b211d0b211e0b211f0b28|Buzzsaws|DB|It's all about timing.|


@Meaghan: 200? You only died 200 times? That's crazy good! Either that, or I'm crazy bad.


For SonicLover and anybody else who enjoys the soundtrack, you can buy it (DRM-free) for a dollar at the composer's Bandcamp page. It'll help support the developers, too.


FinFanKain August 5, 2010 3:47 PM

I personally prefer the ending when you get none of the secrets - it feels more... righteous.

Nautilus199 August 5, 2010 4:29 PM

Wow, that's pretty tough. Stuck on the "dont touch living things" level.

Stupid freaking butterflies!!!


Best concept for a platformer I have EVER seen. I mean, the idea of putting almost impossible rules in creates a huge air of sucess that even God can't stop me from being an awesome platformer.


It didn't take me very long to finish, but it was fun and difficult.

My results:
Time: N/A
Deaths: 76
Secrets: 0/3

I dunno why it didn't record my time... but it couldn't have taken me more than half an hour, playing straight through.

TheMusicGirl August 5, 2010 7:06 PM

@Wildbreeze My sister and I went up the wall. We were our own voices at LAST! So I did too. :)

This soundtrack MUST be mine! Dangit...why must you cost money?! It's beautiful...


All right, so after

getting the first secret, I went to that room with the big windows. Then i accidentally walked past the door and fell UP...

just a fun little glitch I thought I'd point out :D


The game runs slower after each death, especially the fade-in/fade-out diamonds. It's at the point where I'm stuck on the "don't touch living things" level because the level takes too long to materialize, and the sawblade instantly kills me.

Dear developers: Plz fix, kthx

[Sounds like it might be a memory leak, such as an object that keeps instantiating new objects instead of reusing them. -Jay]


Dragonfyre, finished your level. It was buzzsaw evilness.

BuenoCabra August 6, 2010 2:16 AM

How do our heroes always end up getting themselves mixed up with buzzsaw-infatuated antagonists? Where do they find these human-sized woodworking tools? Is there a some sort of super villain Home Depot? They can't be cheap.


This is the hardest game I have ever played. my thumbs have gone flat due to pressing buttons, and this is the ONLY game that literally make my fingers hurt. Excuse me while i get some ice.


Amazingly beautiful soundtrack for an equally beautiful game. I can listen to the song Luna Ascension over and over.

Tobberian August 6, 2010 8:18 AM

Nice game, and the level exit sound is "inspired" (STOLEN!) from another tower game.. Nebulus. :P

LarryWashington August 6, 2010 10:11 AM

Beat it twice then did speed trial. Took me 8:24. Great game with a spot-on retro style. A little short and not too hard once you pick up on the timing.

LarryWashington August 6, 2010 10:41 AM

Speed Run 3:22


Beat Seed Run mode in about 11 min. Would of taken me like 8 had I not died some much on lvl 11


I managed this in 106 deaths (~5 were intentional suicides to see what would happen, and ~8 on level 10 before I read Snacko's comment).

That last level was _really_ hard.

Newgrounds medals include beating this game with 0 deaths, and speed running this in 3 minutes. How is either one possible?

Why are you using your thumbs in the first place?


Got 14 deaths on my 2nd try. FinFanKain is right, there are at least 2 endings, depending on how many secrets are found. Strangely, it seems that the implied reward in the no secrets ending is better.

Does anybody have the patience to see if the ending is different for 1 or 2 secrets? lol

Dragonfyre August 6, 2010 2:50 PM

My speed run stats;
Time: 6:44
Deaths: 31
Secrets: 3/3


Good game, though a bit short, even WITH all secrets found.

Also, I want a rule editor. A "you may only touch the skulls" rule would PWN for the level editor. Also like how it changes from 8-bit to more organic upon finishing the game.

drwright August 6, 2010 5:51 PM

I would like this game if there was no time limit, these games are fun but not with the pressure of a time limit.


Smart platforming, tight control, and a great chiptune soundtrack? Oh yes, I enjoyed this immensely.

I guess it's a little short, but then most folks wouldn't even try doing a speed run if it were much longer.

CoochDog August 6, 2010 6:10 PM

I looove this game. Wish it was longer, but the Speed Run mode gives it a bit of replay value. I've already bought the soundtrack and have been listening to it almost nonstop since last night, hehe.

Took me about 20-30 minutes the first time through with 80-something deaths... got my Speed Run time down to 3:23 now.

WolfgangDS August 6, 2010 6:50 PM

Got to Level 9 and gave up. Too many instances of being smited for NO REASON.


Time: 2:42
Deaths: 0
Secrets: 0/3

Skills... and lots and lots of re-runs on speed mode. But lemme tell you, practice makes perfect. First time I played, it took 88 deaths, next time only took 22, and so on and so forth.


I'm sorry, but the 3rd secret doesn't make sense to me. I'm at the window that leads me back into the building, it tells me there is another window below, but I just fall to my death. What?


Argh. Still stuck on level 11 help? :(


There is definitely a reason you're being smited I'm guessing you don't realize grass is a living thing.

Heresiarch Without A Hope August 7, 2010 7:31 PM

I'm definitely not a platformer expert (been meaning to finish N), but I thought the difficulty was alright. Finished my first run with 44 deaths.

Really great atmosphere - graphics, music, gameplay and story all tie together beautifully.


Superb game in all respects. The instant restart is something all platformers (where death is common) should have.


I got 18 deaths for my second try. I think I did a pretty good job. Also, I absolutely love the soundtrack.


My (only) speed-run after playing through adventure twice:

Time: 4.48
Deaths: 10

I could have done better in some bits, but not bad.



Level 11 needs tricky timing, but isn't THAT much harder than level 9. Not sure where you're stuck, but I'll give a try at explaining (am not open to it now, so this is from memory)

Start by jumping onto a sideways-moving platform. You'll jump over some skulls, and end up on a single-tile platform.

The second part is to traverse back from right to left across single-tile vertical elevator platforms. You'll have to go from the elevator to the single-tile under the vertical-moving skulls, until you reach the wider elevator.

Now comes a part where you need timing and a bit of fearlessness. Jump over the spike, then three quick jumps over the sawblades. If you keep moving forward you should JUST catch the safe spots. Then you'll be at some more single-=brick moving platforms. Jump over the skulls and have faith that you'll be able to catch the next brick on the other side.

Then up the staircase to the last elevator that'll take you to a window.

For the secret

walk off the ledge and land on another window a few screens down directly below.

The timing on this level was certainly tough, but I think I can get through with just a few stumbles.


Could someone explain the story and the endings?
I got one secret, and the ending didn't seem to make much sense

when the tower fell apart.


For those of you speedrunning, the alltime best score is 2' 17". If you can beat that - or for that matter get under 2'30" - I bow to your greatness.


I don't know why this game even has the "highdifficulty" tag. It is no more challenging than any other game I have played. Quite simple really.


I'm so glad this game automatically saves your progress ;___;

A nonymous August 17, 2010 10:39 PM

I managed to get 3:15 in speed run.

I never thought it would be possible to hate butterflies with such a passion.

mr. anomanis August 18, 2010 1:20 AM

omg i went through all that just to see a tower fall, that's the worst ending i've ever seen


My level

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|New Level|Player||


Phew... nice level, Mazz. Took me about a dozen tries, but I finally beat it with one second to spare.


Here's a small level I made:
http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=1AMbv2A5 (ctrl-A to select the code)


A more atmospheric and easier level:

Franc30000 October 21, 2010 9:57 PM

Time: N/A

Deaths: 5

Secrets found: 3/3



CrankYanker October 28, 2010 6:06 PM

Level 9 has officially beaten me.

I'm so smart, it took me three tries before I figured out that

butterflies are alive, on level 8.

Level 9:

I had uncountable numbers of deaths right at the beginning - I was having a hard time with the initial jump. Only made it through the first part 3 times. In the next section, in my haste to avoid the previously mentioned hazards, I mis-timed my jump onto a color changing block. All three times.

At that point, I threw in the spinach covered towel.

Anonymous November 9, 2010 8:44 PM

This challenging game was very fun. But when i couldnt get past level 9, the game drove me unimaginably BALLISTIC. I stopped playing for days to regain my Sanity. But i eventually beat it and theroughly enjoyed it


200c10010107010000000000000000000000240300041500230001240301041501230002240302040602100e02101502230003240303041503230004240304040a04101504230005240305031505230006240306030606200b062010062013060315062300072401071d150723000824010803150823000924150923000a24050a0b070a11080a120a0a0b0c0a110d0a110f0a0b110a11130a1e150a23000b21010b21020b21030b21040b21050b21060b21070b21080b21090b210a0b210b0b210c0b210d0b210e0b210f0b21100b21110b21120b21130b21140b21150b21|Miniature Leaps|crash826|Hopping.|

This is my level. Yes, it is beatable.

rrttreeer December 8, 2010 4:12 AM

here is my level, try it
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|New Level|Player||


1f0c11011101010000000000000000000000250100220200280600270700220800220900220a00220b00220c00220d00220e00220f002210002211002800012400022400032405030706030908031e0004240304030404030504030604030704030804030904030c04040d040400052400062811060f1d06130107050a071d0308160608160808030908030a08030b08030c080311080a0f0925100921110921120921130926040a0a0f0a23100a29110a29120a29130a24150a201e0a04030b25040b21050b26090b250a0b210b0b260f0b23100b29110b29120b29130b241c0b15|1st Court|q_boy|Think fast... but not too fast?
Good for a first attempt, right?|
my first level!


This game sucked! I like the premise, but it has an annoying habit of freezing for a flash second right at the end of a level and making me run into the side of a block or a @#%!! butterfly. Literally found myself screaming at my computer after trying to play for 20 minutes.


Wow awsome
I've created a little level

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|IWBTG|Binary|0I Wrong Button Tipped=GAME OVER|

have fun
Ps thx 4 all those great levels

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlxjXxwxyX6939mVhE8dpUHM0AHlHcwgzo April 22, 2012 4:12 PM

I made a level called "Endless Flabjacks"

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|Endless Flabjacks|Linky||

nightmarefueler July 24, 2012 2:08 AM

Ah yes, Tower of Heaven, home to one of my most favorite levels in any game I've played (level 11) and a top-notch soundtrack to boot! Seriously, I really like this game.

Also I made a level! I think it's around decent.

232300010105001e000000000000000020010f1903121a03111c031e1e03121f03121904031a04031b04031c04031d04031e04031f04030b070f10070f11070f16070f17070f18070f040914210915060c0f090c0f020e0a020f03050f03060f03070f03090f0305100806100807100809100803150f04150f0317110417110817110917120a171101181d03182904182905181106180a0718110818290918290a18290c1815001929011929021929031929041929051929061929071929081929|Nature Preserve|NightmareFueler|This place is sacred. Why are you here?|

trantheminh January 31, 2014 3:01 AM

Finished the game with no secrets.. I suck.
By the way, this could possibly be... the.. hardest level but does not have the hardest obstacle courses.
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|Ascending in Danger|Kevinmonitor|Did you think Heaven was a walk in the park? You would want to think again.|

So what is this level hardest at? THE SPARSE TIME LIMIT. Save every second you can, k? If you're so eager, the time limit is....(don't open the spoilers if you don't want to be spoiled) *drumroll*

20 seconds! Yay!

Seriously, good luck :)


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