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Totem Tribe

JohnBLet's pretend you have a casual sim game like Virtual Villagers, Westward, or My Tribe. Now, instead of focusing on village management, you shift things in a real-time strategy direction, similar to Breaking the Tower or Warcraft. But let's not fuss over gathering resources, just allow the player to build, unlocking units as he or she plays. Now, to keep things interesting, scatter a handful of objects across each island and encourage the player to search for them, hidden object-style. Did we leave anything out? Oh, yeah, inject some Fun Molecules and wrap the whole thing in an irresistible coat of Addictive Sauce +4. What do we have? Totem Tribe, your latest cross-genre addiction.

totemtribe.jpgTotem Tribe manages to pull together some of the best elements from a number of popular casual games and create something twice as engaging without upping the complexity. Gone are resource managing, complex building/unit requirements, and villagers who act while you're away, but in are over 20 islands to explore, friendly and not-so-friendly characters to encounter, mini-quests to earn spells, and unlockable artifacts that grant your tribe special abilities.

Legends say Tetala Island, home to the peaceful Hawk Tribe, was once marked by a glowing sparkle that came from the sky. A mighty relic called the Tear of Heaven, rumored to grant unimaginable wisdom and enlightenment to its possessor, soon descended. As the young chieftain Aruku, you must lead the Hawk Tribe to prosperity as you explore the lands in search of totems that unlock the secrets of the Tear of Heaven.

totemtribe2.jpgTotem Tribe does a fantastic job walking you through the basic gameplay elements without holding your hand too much. The first level introduces huts, workers, how to build structures, and giving orders to active units such as scouts. Subsequent stages give you a few more units/buildings to manage, all presented at a pace that keeps your attention without overwhelming you with things to do.

The game is divided into scenarios that take place on different islands. Each scenario brings something new into the mix via a series of small missions, each tied directly into the story line. For example, one island is infested with crows, but your fighters can't attack enemies in the air. A little exploration reveals a hermit who knows of a run-down workshop hidden in the forest. If you find the missing pieces of the building and repair it, the hermit promises to teach your tribe archery, a skill perfectly suited for ridding the trees of those pesky birds.

Missions are always different but usually include optional side-quests you can undertake while waiting for your workers to build. Some islands, for example, have hostile tribes that will attack your village, while others are more peaceful and require you to seek and find certain items, build special structures, repair derelict buildings, and so on. Missions are surprisingly varied and keep you entertained as well as challenged for the duration of the game.

totemtribe_shadowking.jpgAnalysis: Another surprise simulation-based genre bender, Totem Tribe hits the sweet spot between game types and delivers something truly special. I was shocked at how addicting it is, as both the story and gameplay work together to draw you in to this marvelous new world.

The game's blurb text promises hidden object gameplay, which seems out of place in a strategy title, but I was pleased at how Enkord handled the situation. Gems are scattered throughout the islands, some are fairly obvious while others blend in with the background. There are also treasure bonuses to be found, several of which are really difficult to locate. Completing certain missions also requires you to find items obscured by the foreground, but I was never stumped for more than a minute or two in these situations.

Although the game is structured in a nice, simple way, I found myself craving a few control shortcuts that would have made the experience a little smoother. For example, moving around the map is accomplished by "pinching" the terrain and sliding the ground in the direction you want to look. When you're trying to build a building, however, you can't pinch without first de-selecting the building, forcing you to go back into the menu screen and choose the building again. Sliding the cursor to the edge of the screen would have been a nice shortcut to scrolling while placing buildings, and even though the [arrow] keys scroll, the incremental movement they provide is not as convenient as just moving the mouse.

Great design from top to bottom, Totem Tribe will draw you in with a familiar premise and keep you playing with its new take on some old ideas.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

General Hints and Tips:

1) Towers.

Towers are the most important tools you have. Not only are they useful for defending your village, but they can also be used as a military attack tool. Often enemies will be so busy attacking the tower that they don't attack your troops. They're also useful for establishing settlements in remote areas.

2) Build your buildings

close together to allow you to get more in. And build every type of building you can. Look for paths or access to your village and protect those with towers. Likewise, try to anticipate where attacks might come from and use towers to protect those areas. They may not stop the enemy but they can at least slow them down.

3) After the first few levels,

build with the idea of fighting a battle. As such don't do much exploring until you have your village established.
Not every level requires battle but it's easier to protect your heroes.

4) Some secrets or chests are only accessible

once you've acquired skills at a later level. The two main ones are the area past the ice block on Witch Island which needs at least a fire tower and a couple chests on one of the islands that require swimming ability.

5) Some items are only partially visible,

such as the top or bottom section. Items may be hidden behind rocks, trees or bushes. Sometimes objects are hidden amongst areas with the same color background. Search carefully.

The Islands, etc.

Tetala Island

  1. Build a hut

  2. Build two additional huts

  3. Build a lodge

  4. Explore the island and read the guide stones.

  5. Collect the tear of heaven

Mushroom Island

  1. Build a Barracks.

  2. Build an additional Barracks

  3. Launch an attack on the mushrooms in the forest to the south.

  4. Explore further south and destroy the mushroom base.

Dolphin Island

  1. Build a scout lodge.

  2. Explore the island using your new scouts

  3. Look for guide stones located around the island, and build a tower near each one.

Monkey Island

  1. Build a Barracks.

  2. Build a scout lodge

  3. Build a hunter camp

  4. Use your scouts to explore south

  5. Defeat the mushrooms

  6. Defend the monkey tribe

  7. Attack the shade.

Seagull Island

  1. Explore the island with your scouts

  2. Find 5 gears to repair the workshop

  3. Investigate the crows nests

  4. Repair the workshop

  5. Build an archery range

  6. Hunt the crows and return the pebbles they drop to the hermits house

Red Rock Island

  1. Build 10 huts

  2. Explore the island

  3. The guide stones around the island will tell you what order the lights go in for the Idol puzzle to the south west

  4. Defend your base from the waves of monsters and destroy their base to the north of your village.

  5. Keep defending against the waves of monsters. You can use the meteor spell from the Idol over and over to help destroy the waves of dragons attacking.

Witch Island

  1. Find the Witches Hut

  2. Search for the 10 roots

  3. Build a Witch Doctor Abode

  4. Once your units can move build a barracks and go destroy the tower in the north

Skull Island

  1. Build up some defenses quickly

  2. build up some offenses

  3. Attack the North east tribe

  4. Attack the southern Tribe and then the eastern tribes

  5. Quickly return your forces to your base and defend from the east

  6. Launch an attack on the shade

Frozen Vale Island

  1. Explore the island

  2. Locate the 5 pieces of coal

  3. Get fire towers

  4. Use your fire towers to destroy the ice blocks

  5. Find 25 shells and give them to the Idol

  6. Use the Idols spell to remove the fog of war from the map

  7. Locate the totem

Island of Yeti

  1. Build up your base. you'll need some good offense and defense. From this point on building your base up a little bit is a good way to start off each level (exceptions apply to levels where you don't need/get to build anything) Also using scouts to explore the island is a good habit to get into.

  2. Attack the two water elemental tribes

  3. Attack the Yettis through the canyon and continue on south

  4. Defeat the Giant Yetti

Lonely Iceberg (optional Island)

  1. Explore the island

  2. Find the ice shards to get access to the other parts of the island, and obtain the ingredients for the potion

  3. Follow the recipes on the guide stones to eventually create the potion the alchemist is looking for

Cradle of the North

Build up some forces and explore the island.

  • Find all the totem shrines

  • Build up a lot of defenses

  • Place the totems on the correct shrines. The guide stones located around the island will give you an idea of where each totem should go. The most difficult for me was the Monkey totem, it is located at the top of the map in the middle, you will need to build a tower near the mountain to see it.

  • Activate the world stone

  • Defend your base!!

  • Mist Island

      Use the spheres of light located around the island to remove the mist

    1. Locate all the obelisks

    Scorched Island

    1. Build up a base

    2. Explore north west

    3. Find the eskimos defend their tower against the dragons.

    4. Use the crystal they give you to get the Idol

    5. Attack the wolf tribe

    6. Defend against the ambush

    7. Assault the wolf tribe in the north

    Volcano Island

    1. As always begin by building up a base.

    2. You will want to avoid the pyramid to the far east as it triggers a big boss fight. It is the area with red sparkles around the fog of war.

    3. Begin attacking the other pyramids

    4. You may want to get the idols on this map to help you fight

    5. Once you have a large enough force built launch an attack on the pyramid to the east, you may want to have some towers around your base incase some shades slip through and attack your base.

    Beetle Island

    1. If you haven't started building a base yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

    2. Explore to the east and solve the fire puzzle by lighting up all the smaller fires.

    3. Once you've established your base attack the beetles in the north. To finish this fight you will need to destroy the Giant Beetle. I suggest building some towers around one of the holes he comes out of and keeping all your units there so when he happens to go near that hole he takes a lot of damage

    Shark Archipelago

    1. Collect the shells on the island, and solve the first puzzle to the south. to solve this puzzle have all the arrows, (including the corners) pointing outwards.

    2. Move onto the next island

    3. To solve the balls puzzle you need to get them all onto the bottom platform. I'm not really sure of the logic behind this puzzle but clicking randomly for a while seemed to do the trick.

    4. Take note of the way the flowers around the guide stone at the bottom of the second island are arranged, as this is the solution to the next puzzle

    5. Pop the Dirt Piles around the island

    6. Move onto the third island and copy the pattern of the flowers on the lights around the mountain

    7. You will need to locate 2 valves if you haven't already, and place them and the energy ball on the third island, this will get you the scuba gear

    8. Explore the islands.

    9. Light the lighthouses

    10. To reach the center island you need to time your scouts. The sharks swim in two groups around the center, so if you swim in between them and circle around the same direction as they are you can get into the island easily.

    Worship Island

    1. Seriously, just build up a base already. I don't want to have to tell you again.

    2. Explore some.

    3. Avoid activating the temple for now.

    4. Find 11 of each fruit for the idols.

    5. Once you have 11 of each fruit and some good defenses built up near the base of the temple

    6. Activate the temple and prepare to fight

    7. Collect the last of each fruit from the chest to the left

    8. Give the idols the fruit they wanted. You will have to fight monsters on the 3rd idol to activate, and a boss on the 5th

    Ruins of Dream Shore

    1. Okay I lied, I am telling to you build again.

    2. Explore the island with your scouts

    3. Build up your forces a lot

    4. use your scouts to find the best path for your forces using the black portals. One by one defeat the shade princes.

    5. Each prince will drop a Dark Essence. Please these into the lanterns in the middle of your base. this will activate a portal to the King Shade.

    6. Once you are ready move your forces into the portal and fight the king shade.

    Comet Crash Site

    1. Find a way to break the barrier

    2. Use the dark totems to destroy the light totems

    3. For the first light puzzle you will need to turn all of the small lights on. To do this you will need to activate the upper 2, and the lowest light to finish this puzzle.

    4. Find the green crystals to get the idol and move on.

    5. For the second puzzle you need to switch the light and dark lights. If you think of the 7 spaces as number 1 - 7, from left to right the answer is 5,3,2,3,6,7,5,3,1,2,4,6,5,3,4.

    6. To finish the purple crystals puzzle you simply need to click on all of them in a short period of time. If you click on your mini-map you can move the screen to where the crystals are very fast.

    7. The last puzzle simply requires you to ged rid of all your coins using the wells available.

    Lost Temple(optional)

    1. I would begin once again by building a base. Once you do that explore the island and look for the things that shoot out lights.

    2. Once you've found all 5 enter the codes by the water, this will show you were the runes are for the doors.

    3. Each door you put a rune in will spawn a fight from the forest, with each one being more difficult than the last so be prepared!

    Inside the Comet

    I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out a good way to beat this one. The best I can come up with is to have a few temples and use the lightning spell on the boss while keeping my forces in my base to defend from his alien spawns, but this is highly impractical, and would take a long time. If anyone knows a trick or something I am missing here I'd be glad to hear from you! Either post in the comments here or send me a line to Kero (at) Casualgameplay (dot) com, with the subject Totem Tribe. Thanks :)

    The Items (and their locations)

    We've added an online Google spreadsheet that shows all the items and where you can find them. Click this link to view it:

    Totem Tribe FAQ (frequently asked questions):

    • Where do I find the Sphere of Clarity?

      You find this on Witch Island. It is in the chest with the hint "Listen to the rocks to open this chest."

    • Is there any way to destroy a building after it is built?

      Yes. Click on the building menu icon, then on the building with the red "X" in the lower left corner of the building menu. Then click on the building you wish to demolish.

    • How do I swim?

      To swim you need the aqualung, found on the Shark Archipelago.

    • How do I get past fire walls?

      To get past the fire walls, you will need some way to 'freeze' the fire to put it out.

      Use either a Frost Tower, or Shamen with the frost spell ability.

    • How do I get the Frost Tower?

      • You get the Frost Tower from Lonely Iceberg.

      • Once you're on Lonely Iceberg, you get the Frost Tower by first finding all of the chests, read all the guide stones and then properly mix the ingredients for the potion (by placing them on the laboratory) that you then need to give to the wiseman.

    • How do I get to Lonely Iceberg?

      You unlock access to Lonely Iceberg by giving the fish to the Penguins on Frozen Vale Island.

    • How do I get to Lost Temple Island?

      You need the map to get to "Pirate Island" — which is actually Lost Temple Island. You get the map on Worship Island by solving the "Purple dots" mystery there. For help with that, look under the question: "What are the purple dots on Worship Island for?" in the Worship Island section below.

    • How do I get to Guardian Moon?

      Collect 100% of the gems to complete the Rainbow Road to Guardian Moon.

    • Where do I find all the coins?

      • Monkey Island - In the lower left behind some palm trees

      • Seagull Island - Behind a tree to the right of the workshop you need to repair

      • Red Rock Island - Top middle, just on the beach

      • Witch Island - After you have shamans, you can destroy the ice blocks near where the tower was, then the coin is in a chest in the middle of the island.

      • Skull Island - Build a tower to find this one. It's on a small island in the bottom middle.

      • Frozen Vale Island - Top left corner of the island near the water.

      • Yeti Island - Bottom right corner of the map on a small island.

      • Once you have all 7 coins go back to Yeti Island and visit the market place.

    • How do I find out the percentage of gems collected?

      On the island world map with the treasure chest on it, hover your cursor over the rainbow in the background, it will show the percentage of gems collected.

    • I seem to be missing a lot of gems, are some of them hidden?

      There are at least 2 islands where you may have missed some hidden gems:

      • Worship Island

        Did you find the gems near the pyramids?

        Yes, when you click on one it tells you that you didn't find anything, but if you are persistent you will. So keep clicking! ;)

      • Lost Temple

        1. Go back to Worship Island.

        2. Look where the totems are.

        3. They have small hut type buildings near them with colored smoke coming out of them once you have activated the totem.

        4. Write down the colors of these huts starting with the lower left, up to middle, then to lower right.

        5. Now go back to the Lost Temple.

        6. Put the colors you got from Worship Island into the small brown posts located near the water.

        7. Put the colors in the order you wrote them down.

        8. You will receive 3 chests full of gems for this.

        • What order do they go in?

          Red, blue, yellow, pink, green

    • What are all the names of all the items on the treasure screen, and where can I find them?

      The list roughly follows the order on the Treasures screen, beginning at the top and working clockwise. You may find this screenshot helpful, but a spoiler, since it lists not only the item names but also their locations:

      • Diadem of Courage

        In a chest on Dolphin Island

      • Pendant of Nature

        In a chest on Monkey Island

      • Heart of Bull

        Seagull Island

      • Hunter's Lucky Stone

        In an ice block on Red Rock Island

      • Sphere of Clarity

        In a chest on Witch Island

      • Traveler's Boots

        In a chest on Skull Island

      • Healer's Globe

        From the hermit on Frozen Vale for freeing all the penguins

      • Bracelet of Hawk

        In a chest on Island of Yeti

      • Pendant of Power

        In a chest on Cradle of the North

      • Amulet of Wisdom

        On Mist Island, click in the water near the guide stone for a pearl and give it to the man in the tower. He will show you where the Amulet of Wisdom is located.

      • Crown of Defender

        In a chest on Scorched Island

      • Blessed Ring

        Destroy the pyramids on Volcano Island. One will have the Blessed Ring in the rubble.

      • Necklace of Spirits

        In a chest on Beetle Island

      • Relic of Prosperity

        In a chest on Guardian Moon.

      • Tribal Amulet

        In a chest on Ruins of Dream Shore

      • Masking Cloak

        In a chest on Worship Island

      • Aqua Lungs

        In a chest on Shark Archipelago

      • Shaman Masks

        In order from left to right:

        1. On Cradle of the North, kill the sharks for the hermit and he will give you a Shaman Mask.

        2. On Scorched Island, destroy the Wolf Tribe buildings in the northern part of the island. There will be a Shaman Mask in the rubble.

        3. On Volcano Island, solve the bulb puzzles (3 of them) to get the scroll and give it to the man in the Hall of Mysteries, he will give you a Shaman Mask.

        4. On Shark Archipelago, the chest behind the water gate contains a Shaman Mask.

        5. On Worship Island, in a chest.

      • Coins

        In order from left to right:

        1. Monkey Island - In the lower left behind some palm trees.

        2. Seagull Island - Behind a tree to the right of the workshop you need to repair.

        3. Red Rock Island - Top middle, just on the beach.

        4. Witch Island - After you have shamans, you can destroy the ice blocks near where the tower was, then the coin is in a chest in the middle of the island.

        5. Skull Island - Build a tower to find this one. It's on a small island at the bottom middle.

        6. Frozen Vale Island - Top left corner of the island near the water.

        7. Yeti Island - Bottom right corner of the map on a small island.

    Seagull Island

    • Where do I find the key to open the chest on Seagull Island?

      The key is in a burnt out fire. Find the fire and click in the ashes a few times. You will find the key.

    Witch Island

    • Where are all the roots on Witch Island?

      If you look around the island, you will see guide stones that reveal the location of a few of the roots. After you check those just look around very carefully. They are there, but they are extremely hard to spot. Look around the outlines of trees and objects that may hold cover for something to be under or behind.

      Here is a screenshot that may help you spot some that you have missed, but it's possible some roots may be in different positions when you play:

    • How do I get into the big chest in the middle of the rock circle on Witch Island? It says "Listen to the rocks to open the chest."

      Click on one of the rocks. If it shimmers, it's the first rock in the series. Continue to click on the remaining rocks until they are all shimmering - do it in the wrong order, and you have to start over. The rocks make no actual noise. It's more "watch the rocks."

    • How do I get past the ice mountain at the top right of the map on Witch Island?

      You will have to return to this island once you have a unit that can help you by throwing fire at the ice. You don't have the ability when you're first at this island.

    Frozen Vale Island

    • Where is the fifth piece of coal on Frozen Vale Island?

      There is one in the crows' nest. Attack the crows with arrows.

    • How do I destroy the ice blocks?

      After you find all the coal and give them to Isoko, you will have access to the laboratory and fire towers. Once you build a laboratory, you can build a tower near an ice block, upgrade to a fire tower, and it will automatically destroy ice blocks in range.

    • Where is the fishing line?

      Before you can find the fishing line, you need to find the Idol of Divination. Use this to reveal areas that are black and you will find the fishing line in the upper left corner.

    • What do I do with the completed fishing rod on Frozen Vale Island?

      Once you have found all 5 pieces of the fishing rod, use the fishing rod on the part of water that has circle ripples on it. You will receive a fish. Give this fish to the penguins.

    Lonely Iceberg

    • How do I get past the "massive ice formations" on the Lonely Iceberg?

      There will be shards of ice laying around that you place onto the ice formations. You need to really keep your eyes open for this one because there is so much ice around it's hard to spot them.

    • How do I create the Twilight Mixture on Lonely Iceberg?

      The twilight mixture is very easy to create if you follow all the formulas written on all guide stones, and you have all the ingredients from all the chests found around the island first. If you haven't been all around the island yet, you should do that first. Be sure to use your warriors and not your heroes, as there are some enemies to deal with.

      1. Once you have all the ingredients, combine the following to get their products by dragging and dropping them over top of the Laboratory:

        • Vitriol + Charcoal = Midnight Salts

        • Aurum + Quicksilver = Amalgam

        • Magnesium + Permanganate = Salamander Dust

        • Ammonium + Alkali = Restoration Liquid

      2. Next, you need to figure out what combines with Salamander Dust to yield Phoenix Oil. Keep combining elements until you get it right. If you don't get it correct, your elements will just reappear over on the right.

      3. Then you need to figure out what combines with Midnight Salts to yield the New Moon Elixir.

      4. And then finally, combine the Phoenix Oil with New Moon Elixir to yield the Twilight Mixture.

      Easy peasy. :)

    • How do I access the small northern island?

      Bring Aruku to the shore as close as she can get to the island (she can see farther than the fighters).

    Cradle of the North

    • Where does the monkey totem go on the "Cradle of the North" level?

      The monkey totem goes at the very top middle of the map. You have to build a tower to be able to view it completely.

    • Where do all the totems go on the "Cradle of the North" level?

      • Dolphin - In the water on the left

      • Whale - In the water on the right

      • Seagull - Upper left near where are the seagulls are flying

      • Monkey - Top center (tower needed to see it clearly)

      • Polar Bear - Near your base in the icy area

      • Lizard - NE from base, surrounded by pebbles

    Mist Island

    • I'm having difficulty moving through the mist. How do I guide Aruku to where I want her to go?

      Movement on this level is challenging. Move the scouting flag "eye" just a little at a time, and make sure you are following the paths that are faintly visible on the mini map. Make sure to bring Aruku to the borders of any area you can access to see as far as possible.

    • Where are all the light bulbs, the Rune of Lightning, and the thunder bolts on Mist Island?

      These are all well hidden. If you look closely at your mini map you will notice small hidden paths not visible on the actual map itself. Use the mini map to guide Aruku down these paths. Watch the mini map to make sure you have placed the "eye" flag directly on the hidden path. Take Aruku as far to the edges as you can to reveal more from the dark areas.

      Here is a screenshot that may help:

    • What do I give the guy in the tower on Mist Island? And where do I find it?

      Search the water. You won't see anything, but if you click around in the water you will find a pearl to give to the tower.

    Volcano Island

    • What do I do with the Scroll of Ice Magic?

      In the south and center part of the island is a hut with a man who asks for the scroll. In return, he will give your shamans a new power.

    Beetle Island

    • How do I defeat the beetles on Beetle Island?

      The best way to defeat the beetles is to place warriors in the center of the beetle caves. You can also build towers there, which should help a lot, too. It makes it harder for the King Beetle to scurry away without getting hit, but it will take several attempts to kill it.

    • How do I solve the 'Circle of Fires' puzzle on Beetle Island?

      Getting them all lit can be difficult to do, but here's an easy trick:

      1. Rather than trying to light them all, try to get only a single torch lit instead.

      2. Then, just click on the burners to the right and to the left of it.

      Now all torches will be lit, and you should receive the Earth rune.

    • How do I plant the seed and water the plant on Beetle Island?

      • There is a small offshore island to the top left. This is where you will plant it.

      • Light all the fires at the same time, and you will get the rune that will unlock the gate to get to the outer land mass. Go to the south end of that land mass to find the bowl.

      • Take the bowl and click it onto the wells. This will fill it with water.

      • Now click the bowl full of water onto the plant.

      • Keep repeating this until you have emptied each well.

      • Once the tree has grown ripened fruit (3 bowls of water are needed) pick 3 apples and give them to the witch.

    Shark Archipelago

    • I'm stuck on the first part of Shark Archipelago. What am I supposed to do?

      • Click the brown symbols towards the south of the island until it forms one symbol (a bunch of circles and diamonds).

      • You need to complete a puzzle on each of the large islands before you can go any further.

      • Completing a puzzle will give you a crystal.

      • First place the crystal in the holder (gold deco thingy)

      • Then place your scout flag near the holder with the white crystal.

      • When your scout walks close to the holder click on it and you will be transported to the next island where there are more puzzles and holders for crystals.

    • How do I use the pink, blue, and yellow crystals to travel to the other islands on Shark Archipelago?

      Once you have all colors in their holders, you'll see when you click on the coloured ones that they turn off and on i.e. pink or dark brown. When they are dark brown they are inactive...whichever colored crystal is lit that is the island you will end up on. Simply make sure the color you want is lit, then put your scout marker next to the WHITE crystal which is the actual transporter crystal.

    • One of the guide stones reads, "The flowers know the truth". What does that mean?

      The color arrangement of the flowers you see on the ground near this guide stone is the same sequence you need to arrange the lights near the scout lodge. You will find the scout lodge on yet another island within the Shark Archipelago.

    • Where do I find the 2 valves?

      Both are extremely hard to see but they are there. The first valve is on the island you start on in a tree top and the second valve is on the third island you get to (the one with the scout lodge) in a tree top next to the yellow flower grouping where you transport in.

    • How do I get to the very bottom island on Shark Archipelago without being eaten by sharks?

      You need to collect shells to give the man in the tower. Then the tower will activate and kill the sharks for you. Wait a bit and the tower will kill all the sharks so that you can go there safely.

    • How do I light all the Lighthouses on Shark Archipelago?

      • One orb is all that is needed to light all the lighthouses.

      • Place the orb in the holder next to the lighthouse that is below the island with the arrow tower.

      • Click on the lighthouse to change the direction of the light emitting from it.

      • Each lighthouse needs to point its light in a specific direction (toward another lighthouse) in order to light the next one.

      • Each lighthouse will need to be clicked to change its light direction to the correct position in order to get all of them lit.

      • Here is a screenshot of the entire island with all the lighthouses in the correct position:

    Worship Island

    • What do I do with the 4 obelisks in front of the pyramids on Worship Island?

      The objective is to click on the symbols (sun, moon, star, and lightning) such that all rows across and every column down does not contain 2 of the same symbols (like Sudoku). Note that on each obelisk there are two symbols that cannot be changed, so use that information to figure out the rest.

    • What are the purple dots on Worship Island for?

      • There are 4 such circle areas on Worship Island.

      • The circles of purple dots will each turn green when you have one of the various "units" within it (scouts, attackers, builders, or heroes).

      • Upper left area: build a hut overlapping the dots area. Builders tend to mill about the huts when they have nothing else to do.

      • Upper right area: build a hut as close as possible to the dots area (a little above it there is a space).

      • Set your attack flag within the center of one of the two lower areas. Your attackers will move to that spot and turn the dots green.

      • Set your scout flag in the center of the other lower area. Your scouts will move to that spot and turn the dots green.

      • When the units are in all of the circle areas and all 4 circles are green AT THE SAME TIME, you will get the chest to appear with the map to Pirate Island (actually called the Lost Temple).

      • Note: for the upper right area, you may have to encourage one of the workers to enter the area (drag him in).

      This is not an easy puzzle since the units move around, but it's not terribly difficult either. Patience is required, above all.

    • How do I get inside the mountain to reach the chests on Worship Island?

      • Use the Idol of Divination to clear the black from the mountains.

      • Look inside the right side of the mountain.

      • You will see a square with a button (this is not hidden, it is in clear view as long as you have cleared the black).

      • Push the button and it will remove the stone from that side.

      • Your scouts can now enter that side of the mountain.

      • Exit your scouts from the moutain and click the button again.

      • This will remove the stone from the other side and you can now take them to the left side of the mountain.

    Lost Temple

    • How do I open the gates on Lost Temple?

      Missing color codes: you need to activate the 'fire' nozzles, they will show you what colors you need to enter into the center stones in order to get each rune. The picture that appears in the lake is the location of the rune for that color combination. They are extremely hard to see but they are there. You need to really look at the location it is showing you and click around where they have marked an X. You do not need to put any of your people there unless you haven't cleared out the fog.

    • I couldn't find any gems on Lost Temple, did I miss something?

      You can get 3 chests of gems from Lost Temple by solving the mystery of the small brown posts located near the water.

      1. Go back to Worship Island.

      2. Look where the totems are.

      3. They have small hut type buildings near them with colored smoke coming out of them once you have activated the totem.

      4. Write down the colors of these huts starting with the lower left, up to middle, then to lower right.

      5. Now go back to the Lost Temple.

      6. Put the colors you got from Worship Island into the small brown posts located near the water.

      7. Put the colors in the order you wrote them down.

      8. You will receive 3 chests full of gems for this.

      • What order do they go in?

        Red, blue, yellow, pink, green

    Ruins of Dreams Shore

    • How do I reach the chest on the Ruins of Dreams Shore?

      Click on all the slated rocks on each small island. They will vibrate. When you have them all clicked, an island drops down so that you can get to the chest.

    • My attack team can't get anywhere using the portals. What do I need to do?

      Your scouts should have the aqua lung ability at this point, so they can explore most of the map by swimming. Send them to different distant points on the minimap before you try to send troops — they will discover the paths through the portals.

    • How do I get to the King Shade's area?

      Each of the four Shade Princes drop a glob of dark essence after he is killed. Pick these up and place them in the four empty lights in your village. This will open a portal to the King Shade's island.

    Comet Crash Site

    • What do I do at the purple crystal with small purple pyramids on Comet Island?

      There are other small purple pyramids on the island. You have to light them all so that they all have the purple smoke coming out at the same time. They turn off quickly so you have to be fast. Use the mini map to help you scroll between each one.

    • I'm on Comet Crash Site. I'm at the large purple crystal and I now have a coin. What do I do with the coins?

      1. There are wells around the purple crystal.

      2. You need to get rid of all your coins so that you have none left.

      3. You have silver and bronze coins.

      4. Turn all the silver coins into bronze coins, then use the last well that takes your bronze coin without giving any back in return.

      5. Feed the coins to the well until you are left with none.

    • How do I solve the "black and white balls" puzzle on Comet Crash Site?

      • The objective of this puzzle is to move all the black balls over to the right side, and all the white balls over to the left.

      • Since each ball can only move or jump forward, here is the order to move them in:

    • Where do I find the entrance to the Comet crash site?

      • You have to go to the very top of the map where the large purple crystal formations are.

      • At about it's mid point there is a cove openeing.

      • Your scout can only partially walk in but once they go in a certain distance the ending will activate.

    Guardian Moon

    • How do I solve the puzzle with all the lights on Guardian Moon?

      This puzzle is rather difficult, but there is a quick and easy tip that will help you when solving it:

      • Note how each light affects not only itself, but every other light in the same row and column.

      • You can change any one light by clicking on every orb in that row and column once (total of 7 clicks). All the other orbs will end in their original on/off configuration, and the one orb that was common to both the row and the column will be changed.

    Inside the Comet

    • How do I beat the final level?

      1. Build 3 huts close to where the two leaders are walking around (i.e., so they preferably have to walk around the huts instead of milling around the middle of the crater) and surround them with towers (4 or 5 should be enough).

      2. Then build a scout hut behind the towers and get the scouts exploring the perimeter of the central area so all the fog of war is removed. If any square guys show up, the priority is for repairing HUTS and TOWERS at this point. Although for the first few times, you may have to drag the two leaders away from the center of the screen until the towers finish the enemies off.

      3. Then it's basically a case of putting everything you need to max out EVERYTHING - i.e., armor, arrows, speed, production and melee weapons. etc. Preferably ARROWS first as you'll need to upgrade ALL the towers to arrow towers ASAP. Every time you put a key building down, leave enough space around it to have at least 2, preferably even 4/5 arrow towers covering it, but you're going to need about half of the cavern empty later. Leave exploring the caves in the northeast for now.

      4. Once you've maxed out the arrows and upgraded all towers, any square guys will be getting killed after about 2-3 bursts of arrow fire, and as long as they're not repeatedly destroying the original huts and towers around them (if so, you need to increase defensive towers around those 3 huts), you can relax and move attention to creating about 5 warrior camps, 4/5 witch doctor huts, 4/5 shaman tents, preferably SIX temples, and as many caveman trainers as you can fit into the remaining space.

      5. Plant the battle icon in the cave mouth to the northeast, just inside and to the right of it, more on this later. Ignore the builders being killed - any more than 5 huts just take up valuable space, and besides, by now, they should be regenerating quick enough not to be a problem. After every 2/3 attacks from the square guys (or as soon as ANY building gets destroyed) get the builders repairing any smoking buildings and building ones that were destroyed.

      6. Charge the temples up with 3 rage, 2 shield, and 1 restore health. Once they're fully charged and you have the spell icons at the bottom of the screen, send a scout up the cave passage (left, then up at the next intersection) to view the boss. Hopefully by now they won't be spotted by the enemy so just leave them there. But if they are, sticking the scout icon back in the main area would help.

      7. Now set the battle icon to the right of the little alcove which is left of the boss room (yes, there's a passage behind that purple crystal, but ignore that for now) and wait for all the troops to arrive there. If you had chosen this area originally, you'd have some stragglers stuck in the main area, unable to get into the cave, which reduces your numbers. Double check that nothing is smoking in the main area, repair if needed, then set the battle icon on the boss. Once the 5 or 6 square guys have been eliminated and the cavemen are right up against the boss, cast HEALTH, SHIELD, then RAGE on them all and go charge up shield/health again while they're battling. Once RAGE has been used up, repeat the spells in that order and you'll hopefully take about a fifth, maybe even a quarter of the boss's health off before everyone gets killed.

      8. Unfortunately, once all your troops are wiped out, it's a case of returning to step 5 and working though again and again till the boss is dead (ish...)

      9. MAJOR spoiler for last level once above steps are complete:

        The sarlac pit-looking things will devour your soldiers/scouts/builders for a limited time, until they start producing plumes of purple smoke. Once this happens, you can move to the next one and (I assume) not have to worry about spending 2 hours repeating steps 5-8 again.

    • How do I defeat the Octo/squid alien?

      • You will want to build a lot of towers so that they can battle off the smaller enemies while your troops are fighting in the 'boss' cavern.

      • Once the 'boss' statue is defeated and the 'boss' alien appears, walk-throughs are opened up in the crystal structure.

      • Send your scout walking around to find all the hidden chambers and pockets holding crystals that look like the ones protecting the alien.

      • Click each one to destroy them and once you have found and destroyed them all the ones around the alien get demolished too.

      • Your troops will now have much more success getting damage through to the 'boss' alien.

      • If you get %100 of the gems and then complete the tasks on the moon you will be given two additional items that will help you with the final level.

      • Guru will let you know when to use one of them and the other will already be in effect.

    A special thanks to Shawty613 for helping put these together, and to Sas and flygirlfly for contributing to them, too!

    Totem Tribe Cheats

    We don't recommend using cheats for any game because not only can they ruin the experience as intended by the game designer and developers, they can sometimes even ruin the game file itself making it impossible to play without reinstalling. So, while there have been a few handy cheats for Totem Tribe offered up in the comments for those hopelessly stuck in a spot in the game, we offer them up to you here with the caveat: PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. Of course, always, always, always back-up your Totem Tribe directories before you attempt any cheats. If you don't know how to do that, then you probably shouldn't be attempting anything here.

    • Fog of War (FOW) Cheat:

      This cheat is handy to remove all the black fog from all the islands.

      1. First exit the game if it's open and running.

      2. Next, locate your Totem Tribe game directory and back it up for safe keeping in case you do something wrong.

      3. Locate the following file: Totem Tribe\data\cfg\gamevisual.cfg.xml

      4. Right-click the file and choose "Edit" on the menu.

      5. Scroll down to the middle of the page where you'll see a line that looks like this: <fow_dense_color>FF000000</fow_dense_color>

      6. Change FF000000 to 00FFFFFF

      7. Save and close the file.

      The next time you launch the game, all the black fog will be gone on every one of your islands, but the black will remain on the minimap until you remove it using normal means.

    • Gem "painting" Cheat:

      Many people have experienced difficulty finding all the gems that are hidden among the many islands of Totem Tribe. Since many times the gems are positioned to "blend in" with the background, here is a procedure whereby you can "paint" the gem images the game uses so they are easier to see.

      1. First, exit out of the game completely.

      2. Next, locate the directory in which the gem images are stored:
        C:\Program Files\Totem Tribe\data\texture\game\item

      3. Make a backup of this directory for safe keeping.

      4. The gems (there are 7 of them) are all stored in files named like this one: gem_green.png

      5. Right-click on each and select "Open With" and choose Paint (the program included with Windows).

      6. Paint will come up with the picture you chose.

      7. The easiest thing to do is to choose the spray paint option and the larger 'speckle' and choose a color like burgundy or purple or something that more than likely isn't in the level.

      8. When done, choose 'save' (don't choose 'save as').

      9. Launch the game, and your gems should be much easier to see now!

      For those who may be having trouble "painting" their gems, I've modified the gems into easy-to-see versions that may help you.

      Just right-click on the links below and save to your computer. Then replace the files with the same names in your items directory as specified above.


      Original (modified): (in case you need a backup)

    • Here's how to find what island(s) still hold gems to find:

      This spoiler requires you to open up your game's saved "quest" files in a text editor (such as Notepad) that can open large files (about 5MB in size).

      • I have discovered how you can tell if there are still any gems left on an island.

      • The game keeps track of what you do on each island and stores that information in a binary data file, called a "quest" file. Each gem that you haven't yet found is stored like one of the following, depending on its color: RedGem, OrangeGem, YellowGem, GreenGem, BlueGem, VioletGem, WhiteGem. If you have found all the gems, there won't be any occurrence of any of those strings in the data file. However, at least one island can still hide gems without showing these strings (Worship Island in the pyramid), and there may be others, too. We'll update here if we learn of any. In the meantime, you can be relatively sure this technique will help you find those last few gems you're having trouble locating.

      So here's what to do:

      1. Open up each "quest" file (i.e., quest-xxxxx-nn.dat)

      2. Search for "Gem"

      3. Note how many you find, and what color they are.

      That's how many gems are remaining to be found on the island associated with that quest file.

      • Each of the "quest" files is numbered corresponding to the island it represents. For example, they will have filenames similar to: quest-xxxxx-nn.dat where "nn" represents the island number (see below).

      • You will find them stored in the Enkord directory, the location of which may be different depending on where you downloaded and installed your game from, and whether you're running Vista or XP.

      • For me, the directory was found here:
        C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Enkord\Totem Tribe
        and the quests were numbered as such:

        • quest-xxxxx-1 ... Tetala Island

        • quest-xxxxx-2 ... Mushroom Island

        • quest-xxxxx-3 ... Dolphin Island

        • quest-xxxxx-4 ... Monkey Island

        • quest-xxxxx-5 ... Seagull Island

        • quest-xxxxx-6 ... Red Rock Island

        • quest-xxxxx-7 ... Witch Island

        • quest-xxxxx-8 ... Skull Island

        • quest-xxxxx-9 ... Frozen Vale Island

        • quest-xxxxx-10 ... Island of Yeti

        • quest-xxxxx-11 ... Cradle of the North

        • quest-xxxxx-12 ... Mist Island

        • quest-xxxxx-13 ... Scorched Island

        • quest-xxxxx-14 ... Volcano Island

        • quest-xxxxx-15 ... Beetle Island

        • quest-xxxxx-16 ... Shark Archipelago

        • quest-xxxxx-17 ... Island of Worship

        • quest-xxxxx-18 ... Ruins of Dream Shore

        • quest-xxxxx-19 ... Comet Crash Site

        • quest-xxxxx-25 ... Lonely Iceberg

        • quest-xxxxx-26 ... Lost Temple

      And I hope that helps you track down those last few elusive gems. :o)

    • Cheat for the Comet Crash Site, 5 purple pyramids puzzle:
      (WinXP, your mileage may vary)

      1. Go to C:\Program Files\Totem Tribe\data\level\original (or wherever you have TT installed)

      2. COPY and SAVE "level19.xml" somewhere safe!

      3. Double-check that you have copied and saved level19.xml somewhere safe.

      4. Open level19.xml with notepad or any other editor that can handle xml files.

      5. Find the text that says: structure hint="cr_#" There will be 5 of these, and they take a little searching because they're mixed into a very long list of structure commands.

        Here's the one for cr_2:
        structure hint="cr_2" type="Crystal" x="457" y="1416"

        What we're going to do is change the x and y values for cr_3, cr_4, and cr_5 (1 and 2 are the crystals near the comet and will be left alone.)

      6. Orignally these values read:
        cr_3: x="2272" y="1253"
        cr_4: x="1780" y="1675"
        cr_5: x="2369" y="2236"

        Change them as follows:
        cr_3: x="672" y="1553"
        cr_4: x="680" y="1375"
        cr_5: x="669" y="1136"

      7. Find the spot that reads: area name="cr_#".

        Here's a sample:
        area name="cr_3" radius="32" x="672" y="1553"

        These are a little easier because they're right next to each other. Change the x and y values to match the ones you used in the last set.

      8. Save the file.

      9. Open Totem Tribe. You probably have to restart the level. (I'm sorry.)

      10. The 5 crystals should now form a rough sort of V around the comet/totem crystal, and all fit on the screen at the same time. It should now be possible to click them all in the allotted time.

    This walkthrough will help you complete each level.

    General Tips Before You Start

    1. Always look on the ground before building. You may end up building over an item that you need to find later.

    2. Make sure to collect all gems found on the ground and inside chests. Gems are needed to complete the rainbow road to get to a hidden level. (You need to make sure you have the newest version of the game 1.02. In older versions there was a bug and you were unable to reach the 100% needed for rainbow road).

    3. Use your scouts to uncover the black areas. Take scouts as far to the edges of the island as you can.

    4. Make sure to always read guide stones on each level as they sometimes give hints as to a location of an item, or how to solve a puzzle.

    5. Always have a good number of huts. The more builders you have, the faster they build.

    Tetala Island

    1. Build 3 huts.

    2. Build scout lodge.

    3. Find the Tear of Heaven by using the eye flag send your scouts north on the map. The Tear of Heaven will be a purple crystal in a black hole near the top of the island.

    4. Finish level.

    Mushroom Island

    1. New building available - Barracks (build barracks to train fighters - they fight using swords).

    2. Build a hut and a scout lodge.

    3. Build the barracks (2 should be enough).

    4. Defend your settlement/fight the mushrooms.

    5. Go further south on the map to fight more mushrooms and destroy the mushroom lair.

    6. Guro will now join you.

    7. Finish level.

    8. Instead of clicking next, click continue. Take your scouts and search the island to collect gems.

    9. You will find 21 gems

    Dolphin Island

    1. New building available - Tower (use towers to see land that you cannot reach with scouts).

    2. Build scout lodge and send scouts to explore the island.

    3. Collect gems and (brown) shells as you explore.

    4. You will come across a chest which requires 8 shells to open.

    5. Build a tower near each guide stone on the island (by doing this you will find items on offshore islands... shells and totem).

    6. If you find the Totem of Dolphin before opening the chest, you will need to click continue instead of clicking next.

    7. When you have collected all 8 shells, go back to the chest. Click on your 8 shells (in your inventory, right corner in the square showing a picture of the shell with the number 8) and then click on the chest.

    8. You will receive Diadem of Courage from the chest.

    9. You will find 18 gems.

    Monkey Island

    1. New building available - Hunter Camp (build hunter camp to train hunters [you can only build a hunter camp after building a scout lodge] - they fight using spears and by placing traps).

    2. Protect your village.

    3. Build a hut, scout lodge, barracks and hunter camp. You need to build quick as enemies come fast.

    4. You will find a chest which requires 9 chestnuts to open. These can easily blend in with grass because they are green. (Chestnuts are found by defeating the Thorn Flowers[green cactus looking plants which attack you]).

    5. After defeating all the mushrooms that come, your new task is to find the Monkey Tribe Village.

    6. As you explore the island, you will come across more enemies, so bring your fighters with you.

    7. While exploring, you might see, on the right side, what looks to be mountains in the dark areas. You cannot reach this yet, but will come back to this level later after finding certain items.

    8. After you find the Monkey Tribe Village (bottom right corner of island), you will have a new wave of enemies to defeat near the mountains to the bottom left of island.

    9. After defeating the wave of enemies and the "shade" is gone, you will receive the Totem of Monkey.

    10. Finish level.

    11. Click continue to collect the rest of the chestnuts and open the chest if not done already. Remember to look for gems too.

    12. You may find a large blue orb looking item sitting on a square platform. When you click on it, it says "Nothing happens". An item found in a later level is needed for this. Return to this island after finding it later.

    13. You will receive the Pendant of Nature Force from the chest.

    14. You will find 16 gems. 1 of these is hidden off to the right hand side near the bottom on an offshore island. Use your scouts to go as close to the edge as possible to find it.

    Seagull Island

    1. Build hut, scout lodge, barracks and hunter lodge.

    2. Explore the island.

    3. At the top left part of the island, you fill find a hut. The man living in the hut tells you that the crows scared away the seagulls and stole his magic pebbles. He asks you to hunt down the crows and return his pebbles to him. He will teach you the craft of archery to hunt down the birds.

    4. You will need a workshop to create arrows and bows. He tells you about an abandoned workshop and gives you a machinery part that you will need to fix it.

    5. New building available - Archery Range (build archery range to train archers [you can only build an archery range after building a barracks and workshop] - archers use arrows to fight flying enemies).

    6. Keep exploring the rest of the island. You will find the abandoned workshop to the top right of the island. You need to find 5 parts to fix it. (The parts look like gears).

    7. You will find a chest. The chest is locked. You need a key. One of the guide stones tell you "Under the faded out flames, the seeker finds the key to the lock."

    8. There is a burnt out fire pit near the abandoned workshop. Click the fire pit 3 times. You will find the key for the chest.

    9. Use the rusty key on the chest. You will receive the Heart of Bull.

    10. Continue looking for the 5 parts for the workshop. Once you have collected all 5, click on them and click on the workshop.

    11. New building available - Workshop (build a workshop in order to build other buildings and to do research for those buildings. Click on the workshop to see what you can research. These will appear in circles above the workshop. Click on them to research).

    12. Look closely near the workshop. There is a coin on the ground just behind the trees.

    13. Build Archery Range.

    14. Each place on the island that has crows has turned red. After training your archers, use the attack flag to send them to the crows.

    15. As you defeat the crows, some will drop pebbles. Collect these and take them back to the man in the hut. There are 12 pebbles in total you must collect.

    16. When you give all 12 pebbles to him you will receive the Totem of Seagull.

    17. You will find 21 gems.

    18. There is nothing left to do, finish level.

    Red Rock Island

    1. Build 10 huts. You already have 2 there, so you need to build 8 more.

    2. It's always good to be prepared, so build a scout lodge, barracks, hunter camp, workshop and archery range.

    3. Explore the island.

    4. Towards the bottom left you will find an idol surrounded by 5 small brown posts. Check the guide stones for clues as to the order of colors.

    5. Ambush! You have 2 minutes to train fighters and defend yourself.

    6. New building available - Upgrade for tower - Arrow tower.

    7. Dragons are coming. Make sure you have built at least 2 archery ranges. You have 2 minutes.

    8. More dragons and spirits are coming. Make sure you are prepared. Build arrow towers to help defeat dragons.

    9. Charge the idol (click on idol, click on circle above idol) and use the idols power to help defeat enemies.

    10. Finish level.

    11. Continue playing to further explore island to the north, if not done already.

    12. You will find at the very top right of the island there is an ice block with an item inside it. You will have to come back to this later as you don't yet have the ability to melt ice.

    13. Middle top of the island, defeat the lair. You will find a coin after doing this.

    14. You will find 21 gems.

    Witch Island

    1. Everyone is paralyzed by disease. You have to use Aruku and Guro to explore the island

    2. Find the witch's hut

    3. Jukrun the witch needs you to find 10 rare roots to finish her potion. She will give you the cure once you bring them to her

    4. Once you have found all 10 and given them to the witch, she will teach you how to train witch doctors.

    5. New building available - Witch Doctors Shack (with doctors help cure any disease, including when your fighters are hurt in battle)

    6. Destroy the source of infection. Defeat the noxious tower near the top of the island (near the ice block)

    7. Build a Witch doctor shack to heal your tribe members that are sick. Build barracks, hunter camp and archery range so you have fighter to go defeat the noxious tower.

    8. Finish level

    9. You may notice some items on the island to the right. There is an ice block blocking your way. You do not yet have he ability to melt ice. You will have to come back to this island later.

    10. You will find 12 gems.

    Skull Island

    1. Train a big army to defeat the enemies to find the totem

    2. New building available - Blacksmith (Smithy) - Use this to research armor and hand-to-hand combat weapons

    3. Build all available buildings. Upgrade everything and train a large army to defeat all the enemies. Do not go exploring until you have a big army or skeletons will come after you.

    4. Set the attack flag just in front of where you are building as once and a while a few skeletons will show up.

    5. To the very right of where you are building you will find the Wiseman. He wants you to bring any plans or charts that you find after defeating the skeletons. In return he will teach you how to build a new building.

    6. To the left of the wiseman's home you will see a spot where it looks like something was built at one time. Build a tower there. It will reveal an Idol and 1 gem.

    7. The Idol requires 10 bones for you to activate it. (When you have enough bones, activate the Idols as you find them. They will help you in defeating enemies.

    8. Once you feel you have a big enough army, start heading to the 3 spots shown on the map.

    9. Build a few arrow towers around your base, these are very quick at defeating skeletons

    10. Make sure to look out for bones. These can be in the shapes of bones or skulls. They sometimes blend in with the ground. So keep your eyes peeled.

    11. On your way to the lair at the top right, you will find another Idol. This one requires 20 bones to activate

    12. Always uncover as much black as you can to find bones

    13. Tower design found at the lair at the top right (this could be different with each game).

    14. After defeating the mud tower you will see a small pile of papers. Take these to

    15. the wiseman

    16. New building available (after giving designs to wiseman) - Wiseman's house - Use this to upgrade research slimy mud, research ballistics and research building tools.

    17. New tower available - Mud tower - This tower slows enemies down

    18. You will find the Skull totem after defeating the last lair at bottom right.

    19. Defend yourself! Send your fighters back to your village. Enemies are coming fast!

    20. Build a tower to see the island in the middle bottom. You will find a coin here.

    21. Explore hidden valley (Make sure you have enough fighters and witch doctors first)

    22. If you explore the island more, you will find a chest close to middle right, behind the hidden valley. It requires 25 bones to open

    23. You need 55 bones in total for both Idols and the chest

    24. In the chest you will find Traveler's Boots.

    25. Charge both Idol's, gather a large army and head into the hidden valley

    26. You will encounter a shade that you must defeat

    27. Try to kill the larger shade first, as this one releases the smaller ones.

    28. Make sure to have enough witch doctors with you to heal your fighters as they get hurt

    29. Finish level

    30. You will find 21 gems

    Frozen Vale Island

    1. Find a way to pass through the ice blocks

    2. Build up your base camp and explore the island

    3. You will find shells laying around. Start collecting them (some are inside chests)

    4. Just a bit to the left you will come across Isoko, chieftain of the polar bear tribe

    5. He will share his knowledge of controlling fire with you, but you need to bring him 5 pieces of coal

    6. "The black bird stole a black stone" - There is a crow flying around a nest. You need to defeat the crow and he will drop the piece of coal.

    7. "Look for a piece of coal where the fire has burned" - There is a piece of coal in a burnt out fire. Try clicking on the fires to find it.

    8. To the top right you will find a man who wants you to help him free the penguins

    9. Train archers to defeat the crow and find the last piece of coal

    10. The piece of coal will fall where you defeat the crow

    11. Take all 5 pieces of coal to Isoko

    12. You are now able to add fire to your towers

    13. New building available - Laboratory - Research for fire and frost tower (requires wiseman's house to build)

    14. New building available - Upgrade for tower - Fire tower

    15. Build towers near the ice blocks and upgrade them to fire to melt the ice

    16. When you save all the penguins from the ice block traps, you will receive Healer's Globe

    17. To the top left of the island there is a chest. You need 30 shells to open the chest.

    18. To the very top right of the island there is an Idol. You need 25 shells to activate it

    19. Once activated, it says to use the Idol to find the totem. Charge the Idol to use the Divination. This allows you to uncover black areas that you are unable to walk to.

    20. To find the last piece of the fishing pole you need to use the idol's power to uncover an offshore island to the top left

    21. Once you have all the parts, the fishing pole will assemble. Use it on the part of the water that has circles in it. Look around the water until you find a spot that has circles moving in it. This may be at a different spot each time.

    22. You will receive a fish from fishing. Give the fish to any penguin near the hut where the hermit lives. You will receive the map to the Lonely Iceberg.

    23. Open the chest with 30 shells and receive a coin.

    24. Uncover the Totem of bear to middle right on an offshore island.

    25. Finish level

    26. You will find 21 gems

    You now have the ability to melt ice. Go back to Red Rock Island and Witch Island and melt the ice blocks.

    Red Rock Island

    Build a Fire tower near the ice block at the top right corner. Inside the ice block you will find Hunter's lucky stone (you will need to build other buildings in order to build the laboratory so that your towers have the fire upgrade)

    Witch Island

    Again you will need to build other buildings in order to have the fire upgrade for your tower. Go to the top right where the ice block is and build the fire tower. Explore the new area. You will find 3 small chests. 2 of them just have gems, the other 1 has gems and a coin. Your gem count for Witch Island is now 21. You will find 1 large chests surrounded by rocks. The chests says "listen to the rocks to open this chest." You aren't really listening for anything. Click on a rock, it will shake and shimmer if it is the correct one it will stay shimmering. keep clicking on them until you get the right sequence. If you click on the wrong one in the sequence they will all stop shimmering. In the chest you will receive Sphere of Clarity.

    Monkey Island

    Now that you have the Sphere of Clarity, you can go back to Monkey Island to use the item that said "nothing happens" when you clicked on it. Go to the lower left side. Click on the sphere, it will take you to a distant land that you are unable to reach by walking. You are taken to mountains on the right hand side. Inside are gems. Your gem count for Monkey Island is now 21.

    Island Of Yeti

    1. Build your village. Train enough people and find the lair of the Totem Beast

    2. Be careful not to explore before you have trained enough fighters as you will encounter enemies

    3. Once you have enough people, start to explore and defeat enemies. There is a lair very close to your camp.

    4. You will see a chest surrounded by 4 burnt out fires. The chest says "light fires around the chest to open it" You need to find fire.

    5. Head to the left, you will be entering the enchanted forest. Take fighters with you and defeat the lair.

    6. You will see yellow light floating around between the trees. You need to catch 4 to use to light on the 4 burnt out fires. The lights disappear quick so you have to be fast to click on them.

    7. Once you get 4, use them on the burnt out fires. You will receive Bracelet of Hawk from the chest.

    8. You will see orange gems (Jewel of Power) on the ground as you explore. Start to collect them.

    9. To the right of the fires that had the chest, there is an Idol that requires 12 Jewels of Power to activate.

    10. Build a fire tower to pass through the ice blocks near where you defeated the first lair

    11. Make sure you have a big army in order to defeat the Yeti before going close to where he is (a bit past the ice blocks)

    12. One you break through the ice blocks, start exploring the bottom left of the island. Still collecting the Jewel of Power.

    13. There are enemies here so make sure to take your army with you

    14. You should now have all 12 jewels. Activate the Idol. It will help you in defeating the Giant Yeti

    15. There will be 2 more ice blocks. Build a fire tower to destroy them

    16. Defeat the smaller enemies, then after you destroy the big snow lair the Giant Yeti will appear. Use the Idol's power to help you defeat him.

    17. As soon as you defeat the Giant Yeti, you will receive Totem Of Whale

    18. If you have not explored the secret passage yet, click on continue instead of next

    19. Near where you are fighting the Giant Yeti, there is a guide stone that says "secret passage". Place the eye flag for your scouts inside the uncovered area behind the mountains, they will automatically take the secret passage.

    20. In the secret passage you will meet a man who tells you to come see him when you have all 7 coins

    21. You will see a spot that looks like there used to be a tower built. Build a tower at that location. It will reveal two offshore islands. On 1 of them there are gems. On the other, another spot that looks like it used to have a tower. Build a tower there. (Just because you cannot walk there doesn't mean you still can't build it. Your workers won't reach there, but it will build)

    22. After you build the second tower, it will reveal a coin

    23. You now have all 7 coins. Go back to the man in the hut and click on it.

    24. New building available - Market Place - Use this to research shoe making and comfortable dwelling

    25. Finish level

    26. You will find 21 gems

    Lonely Iceberg

    1. You cannot build on this island. You need to use Guro and Aruku to explore.

    2. Because you cannot build, you can't use towers to see further into black areas. You need to take Guro and Akuru as far into the black as you can.

    3. You need to locate the Alchemist's village

    4. As you explore you will come across large ice formations, when you click on them they say "A piece of massive ice formation is missing". You need to find the missing pieces to destroy the ice formations.

    5. Find the alchemist. He wants you to prepare the twilight mixture. You will find all the ingredients on the island. Guide stones will tell you what 2 ingredients you need to make a different ingredient.

    6. You will find a sphere to the top middle of the island on an offshore island. Click on it. It will take you to a spot with gems on it.

    7. Once you have found all 8 ingredients, go to the alchemists lab and place 2 ingredients there (using the guide stones to help you know which 2 to mix)

    8. Aurum + Quicksilver = Amalgam

    9. Vitrol + charcoal = midnight salts

    10. Magnesium + permanganate = salamander dust

    11. Ammonium + alkali = restoration liquid

    12. Amalgam + salamander dust = phoenix oil

    13. Midnight salts + restoration liquid = new moon elixir

    14. Phoenix oil + new moon elixir = twilight mixture

    15. Give the twilight mixture to the alchemist

    16. New building available - Frost tower

    17. Finish level

    18. You will find 21 gems

    Cradle of the North

    1. You need to find the world seal and activate it

    2. Build up your village

    3. There is a chest surrounded by mountains. You cannot reach this yet, you will have to come back after finding a certain item

    4. You will find ice crystals as you explore. Start to collect these. Because there is a lot of ice around, they may be hard to spot so keep your eyes open.

    5. To the left you will meet Montol. He wants you to hunt all the sharks swimming around the island. The sharks are in the water to the very left.

    6. There is an idol at the bottom left of the island. It requires 25 ice crystals to activate.
      You will need to break the ice block by building a fire tower near it

    7. You will find the Pendant of Power on an offshore island that you are able to walk to on the right hand side in a chest along with gems.

    8. Train some archers and hunters and take them to the water near the left to defeat the sharks

    9. After you defeat all the sharks, Montol gives you a shaman mask

    10. New building available - Shaman Tent - Shamans can control fire, ice and lightning (you will gain different abilities for them as you receive new shaman masks. You can now use shamans to melt ice instead of building fire towers.

    11. Build a shaman tent, then take them to the ice block near the top middle and they will melt it. (you are unable to build a tower here so you have to use shamans)

    12. After breaking the ice you find the world seal. You now must place totems on the correct pedestals

    13. Keep exploring, you will find more ice blocks that you need your shamans to melt.

    14. You will come across another Idol which requires 25 ice crystals to activate

    15. To the very top right corner there are gems behind some mountains. Take your scouts as close to them as you can to reveal them from the black.

    16. Read the guide stones. They will help you figure out which totem goes on which pedestal

    17. Whale goes to the right on the offshore island

    18. Lizard goes top right surrounded by 3 stones

    19. Polar bear goes bottom middle surrounded by ice near your base camp

    20. Dolphin goes to the left on the offshore island near where you defeated the sharks

    21. Seagull goes top left surrounded by flying seagulls

    22. Monkey goes top middle. You will need to build a tower to see it properly

    23. Once you have placed all the totems, click on the world seal to activate it (make sure you have a big army before activating the seal. Use the Idols powers to help you)

    24. The shades will start moving closer to your village. Have some towers built up to help defend you. And don't forget to re-charge the Idols

    25. Finish level

    26. You will find 16 gems

    Mist Island

    1. Explore the island making note of where lightning strikes

    2. Use the little map in the bottom left to help you navigate this island

    3. The little map will show you the paths to take.

    4. At first go to your right and then down following the open path.

    5. You will come upon a lantern base.

    6. Go to you left along the darker gray path and find the first light.

    7. This light will remove some of the mist

    8. Continue southeast and you will see the first lightning strike.

    9. Go north and find a stone totem and click on it.

    10. Continue north exploring the part that is not covered by mist.

    11. You will find another light to the north in the middle.

    12. Go back to where you saw the lightning strike and to the left

    13. Place the light on the pedestal

    14. Continue to the south and to the left

    15. You will find a platform with four lights,

    16. Push the gray squares to turn on all four lights.

    17. Once all the lights are on, you will get another light

    18. Place the light on the pedestal to the south of the platform

    19. Continue to the left until you find the tower

    20. Bring the man in the tower the black pearl in the pond to the right.

    21. Just to the south and left of the tower, you will find the Amulet of Wisdom and a gem

    22. Go back to the right and just up from the stone totem and you will find another light

    23. Put this light on the pedestal just north of the tower.

    24. Continue north.

    25. Notice the lightning strike on your left.

    26. As you start north, look to the right as you cross the pebbles on the path

    27. You will find an orange lightning bolt.

    28. Go to the bottom of the screen just right of the tower and you will find another light.

    29. Place the light on the pedestal on the top left of the screen.

    30. As you continue up and to the right, you will find a pedestal

    31. The light is just north of the pedestal.

    32. Continue to the right and then north to find the gate.

    33. Place the lightning bolt on the door.

    34. Go through the door and you are given the task to find four lightning bolts.

    35. They are shaped like a bullet.

    36. The first one is to the right of the Wiseman's house.

    37. Remember where you say the lightning strike and retrieve the bolts from those spots.

    38. Once you have all four bolts, take them to the Wiseman and he will give you the sky hall.

    39. Finish the level

    Scorched Island

    1. Build your town with many barracks and archers.

    2. Upgrade all buildings.

    3. Send your scouts to the left to explore that part of the island.

    4. After you have your village built, send your troops to the upper right.

    5. After defeating the enemy, send your troops back to the village to the two stone structures with the face.

    6. Defeat both.

    7. Send your troops back to the upper right and pick up the flame.

    8. Send your troops north to explore/

    9. You will find a door.

    10. Put the flame on the door.

    11. Go through the door and fight the enemy.

    12. Destroy the temple and get the shaman's mask.

    13. Defeat the Wolf Tribe.

    14. Build towers and upgrade them to frost towers near the fires blocking the paths/

    15. Continue to explore the island

    16. Take the left path from the village and go right after the second mountain.

    17. You will be asked to help defend against the red dragons.

    18. Send your troops to fight the dragons.

    19. Build arrow towers to help you fight

    20. Defeat the dragons and receive the ice crystal

    21. Take the ice crystal to the idol and get the idol of frost.

    Volcano Island

    1. Build your defenses quickly, there are enemies very close by!

    2. Don't forget to protect Aruku & Guro while you build.

    3. Just south of your village is a new building - the Training Ground. Collect 3 swords from Enchanted Skeletons to obtain the building. Don't rush, obtaining the last sword requires good defenses first.

    4. Because you will be attacked by Shades immediately afterward if you're not careful.

    5. Eliminate the nearby skeletons first.

    6. Build Frost Towers as needed to get past the fire walls.

    7. On the west side of the island, build a Frost Tower to get past the fire wall to get to the Hall of Mysteries. The shaman there needs 3 pieces of a scroll to give you access to the building, and to give you new research abilities.

    8. The 3 pieces of the scroll can be obtained by solving the 3 light puzzles located on the NE, SW, and SE corners of the island. The puzzles are in the shape of an X. For each puzzle, the correct number of blue lights must be lit up.

    9. For the SW puzzle, light the upper right corner only. For the SE puzzle, both bottom lights. For the NE corner, all except the upper left corner.

    10. Collect obsidian pieces to claim the 3 idols on this island.

    11. To find the last obsidian pieces, first find the 6 lava stones for the hermit on the south edge of the island. The lava stones will NOT be visible; check all of the lava pools to find them.

    12. After collecting all of the lava stones, the hermit will activate the Sphere of Clarity to find the last obsidian pieces.

    13. Many obsidian pieces can be found under the various skeleton pyramids.

    14. Under one of the skeleton pyramids will be the Blessed Ring, which helps your shamans in battle.

    15. Do not go into the red sparkled area on the east side of the island until all of your defenses are up and your research is done.

    16. Recommend placing towers all along northern edge of island as well before venturing into the sparkled area.

    17. Two new buildings - Training Ground & Hall of Mysteries. Artifact - Blessed Ring. Totem of Snake & Crow. 21 gems (ver 1.02)

    Beetle Island

    1. Build your town with as many barracks and archers as you can.

    2. Build towers near the opening in the mountains and upgrade to mud towers

    3. Upgrade the workshop, blacksmith, wiseman's house, sky tower, laboratory, Hall of Mysteries as much as you can

    4. Build a tower and upgrade to a mud tower on the other side of the mountains

    5. Take your fighters with you.

    6. Once you defeat the Beetle King, go to the top right of the island

    7. You will meet an old wise woman who gives you a seed to plant

    1. Send your scouts to the bottom right of the island.

    2. They will find the Circle of Fire.

    3. Light all of the burners at the same time to get the tree key,

    4. Take the key to the gate at the top left of the island.

    5. Continue to the small island and plant the seed in the middle of the flowers.

    6. Go to the tip of this island and pick up the bowl.

    7. Fill the bowl with water from the small waterfall in this island and water the tree.

    8. Take the bowl and get water from the small waterfall near the village on the left.

    9. Water the tree.

    10. Take the bowl and get water from the last small waterfall in the middle left side.

    11. Water the tree and pick three fruit from it.

    12. Take the fruit to the wise woman.

    Shark Archipelago

    This one is long, so it's broken into several spoilers.

    1. You only have scouts to explore this island.

    2. Collect all the turtle shells as you find them.

    3. Go to the end of the first island

    4. Click on the design and turn the arrows so they point out.

    5. Click on the square shapes until the design is complete

    6. You will receive a pink crystal

    7. Put the pink crystal into the crystal holder in the middle of the island

    8. Take your scout flag next to the crystal in the holder

    9. Once your scout is next to the crystal, click on the crystal.

    10. You are transported to the next island

    11. Explore this island.

    12. Continue to pick up the turtle shells.

    13. Click on the pulsating rocks

    14. Once you click on all of the pulsating rocks on this island, you will receive a yellow crystal

    15. Put the yellow crystal into one of the empty crystal holders in the middle of the island

    16. Explore to the right of the screen

    17. Click on the guide post which reads "These flowers know the truth"

    18. Make a note of the color pattern of the flowers

    19. Explore to the left of this island

    20. You will find an structure with three balls

    21. Click on the squares until all the balls are in the bottom structure

    22. Pick up the energy sphere

    23. You will find in the top a locked gate with a chest behind it.

    24. You will find the key on another island

    25. Once the yellow crystal is in the holder, click on it to light it up

    26. The pink crystal will go dark

    27. Take your scout flag to the clear crystal and when the scout gets there, click on the clear crystal

    28. You will be transported to the next island

    1. Continue to pick up the turtle shells and gems

    2. On this island, you will find a scout lodge

    3. Go to the left and you will find a mountain surrounded by red and white globes

    4. Remember the pattern of the flowers on the last island

    5. Repeat the pattern by clicking on the red and white globes

    6. You will receive a blue crystal

    7. Go back to the second island and place the blue crystal into the empty holder.

    8. You will be transported to the next island

    1. Explore this island picking up the turtle shells and gems

    2. on the left side of the island, you will find three structures

    3. You need to find the valves to go in the two outside structures.

    4. Explore the rest of the island

    5. On the top part of the island, you will see a chest you can't reach yet.

    6. You will also see two nozzle-like structures

    7. You will use these later

    8. Take your scout back to the blue crystal and transport to the middle island

    9. Click on the pink crystal and transport to that island

    1. Click on the trees to find the first valve.

    2. It is located in the tree by the bottom water pond

    3. The second valve is located on the island with the scout lodge.

    4. Take you scouts to the crystal and transport to this island.

    5. The second valve is in a tree near the yellow flowers above the yellow crystal.

    6. Transport back to the island with the blue crystal and place the valves into the holders.

    7. Place the energy sphere into the middle holder

    8. The nozzles will start to work and uncover shells and allow you to reach the chest.

    9. Take your scout to the chest and collect the aqualung

    10. Your scouts can now swim.

    1. Have your scout swim to the island to the north

    2. As on the other islands, pick up the turtle shells and the gems.

    3. Explore the island.

    4. Swim back to the island with the blue crystal.

    5. Have your scout swim to the island to the left of where you placed the energy sphere

    6. From here, swim down to the island with the pink crystal

    7. Continue swimming south.

    8. You will find a small island with a chest and a lighthouse.

    9. Click on the chest and it will tell you to power on all the lighthouses.

    10. Swim to the left

    11. Pick up the turtle shells, any gems, and the energy sphere.

    12. Swim back to the closest island with a crystal and transport to the second island.

    13. Go to the bottom of this island near the red and white islands.

    14. Swim to the island directly south. Watch out for sharks.

    15. Swim back to the second island with all the crystals

    16. Transport to the island with the yellow crystal.

    17. Go to the scout lodge and swim south.

    18. You will find a very small island with a tower.

    19. Click on the tower and discover that you need 24 green turtle shells to activate it.

    20. Swim back to the island and transport to the island with all the crystals

    1. Take your scout to the tip of the island where the three balls are located.

    2. Have your scout swim north

    3. Pick up the shell and gem

    4. Swim right and pick up the turtle shell

    5. From here, swim right again and pick up the turtle shell and gem

    6. Swim back to the island with all the crystals and transport to the island with the yellow crystal.

    7. Have your scouts go to the mountain end of the island and swim south.

    8. Pick up the last two green turtle shells.

    9. Take the shells to the tower.

    10. Wait awhile and the tower will eliminate the sharks.

    11. Once the sharks are gone, swim south.

    12. Explore this island picking up turtle shells and gems.

    13. On this island, place the energy sphere into the holder.

    14. This will light the lighthouse.

    15. Click on the lighthouse until it is pointing left.

    16. Go to your left to find the next lit lighthouse.

    17. Click on this lighthouse until it is pointing up.

    18. Go north to the next lit lighthouse and point it right.

    19. go right to the next lit lighthouse and point it down.

    20. Go south to the next lighthouse and point it left.

    21. Go left to the next lighthouse and point it down.

    22. You will be taken south to the chest.

    23. Click on the chest and collect the tear key for the door on the island with all they crystals.

    24. Swim your scouts to this island and have them go to the chest.

    25. You will get a shaman's mask.

    26. Take the blue shells to the chest in the middle island and receive the shark totem

    Worship Island

    1. Build your town and upgrade everything.

    2. Don't approach the temple yet.

    3. Gather the fruit through out the island.

    4. Send the scouts to explore the island being careful not to get too close to the temple.

    5. As you explore, gather fruit and gems.

    6. You will find four places on the island with purple dots.

    7. You will need to send your scouts to one circle, your army to another circle, build a tower on another, and lastly, drag your hero over to the last circle

    8. You will also find four towers with symbols on them

    9. Line up the symbols so each symbol going across each row and on each tower are different.

    10. Once you have found 11 of each fruit and a big army, click on the big temple.

    11. A chest will appear on the left of the temple

    12. Click on the chest and get the last pieces of fruit.

    13. Take the fruit and click them on the idols around the island.

    14. Click on the idols to get the power from them.

    15. Use the powers to help you in battle

    Lost Temple Island

    1. Build your village with an emphasis on battle.

    2. Send your scouts out to find nozzle shaped devices.

    3. Click on the nozzle and they will spit out colors.

    4. There are five of them and they show the pattern to find the gate keys.

    5. Send your scouts to the center of the island to find the colored stone lanterns.

    6. Click on the colors in order of each nozzle to show the runes location in the pond

    7. Once you have build up a huge army with a lot of towers, send your scouts to the gates in the top of the screen.

    8. Match the rune with each gate.

    9. Each gate will send enemies to your village.

    10. Defeat each enemy army before unlocking the next gate.

    11. The final army is great and the master of the temple will stop them as he deems you worthy.

    12. Send your scouts to the temple

    13. In order to find the gems on this island, go back to Worship Island

    14. Look at the colors of the small temples starting with the one in the lower left of the screen.

    15. Go in order from left to right.

    16. Enter the color sequence in the colored stone lanterns

    17. The treasure will appear

    Colored Lantern sequence

  • Red, blue, yellow, pink, green

  • King Shade's Hideout

    1. Build up your village with the emphasis on combat.

    2. Once you have up graded a building, you can demolish it and build more combat units,

    3. Send your fighters though the black dots in the lower right and corner.

    4. On this island, send your fighters through the black dots in the upper left corner.

    5. Fight the Shade Prince and its minions.

    6. Once you have defeated the Shade Prince, you will receive a black ball.

    7. Place the black ball in one of the lanterns around the opening in the center of the village.

    8. Once you have defeated the Shade Prince on the first island, send your fighters through the black dots in the upper left of this island and fight the next Shade Prince.

    9. Look for rock pillars placed around the islands.

    10. Click on them and they will vibrate.

    11. You need to have all nine of the vibrating to lower the floating island with the treasure chest to where it is reachable.

    12. Once all the Shade Princes are gone and you have put the black orbs in the lanterns, take on the King Shade.

    13. Send your fighters through the center hole in the village.

    14. Build towers and upgrade to help you fight,

    Comet Crash Site

    1. Look around for all the green crystals and the blue crystals

    2. When you have the crystals, take them to the idols on the right

    3. Find the bow contraption

    4. Use the two top buttons to aim the bow and the lower two to determine the shooting strength

    5. Aim the bow at the small crystal piles to the left, center, and right

    6. Collect the gems.

    7. Once the idols have charged, drag the power to the green crystal mountain and the blue crystal mountains.

    8. On the bottom left, there are lights and orbs.

    9. Click on the orbs until the disk shows up on the crystal column

    10. Click on the top orb, the next one to the right, skip the next one, and click on the next orb.

    11. Take one of the disks you have in inventory and place it on top of the disk on the crystal column.

    12. Walk to the northeast to the white and black orbs

    13. The objective of this puzzle is to move all the black balls over to the right side, and all the white balls over to the left.

    14. Think of each spot as a button with letters A through F, left to right,

    15. Now, just click on the buttons in the following order: C, E, F, D, B, A, C, E, G, F, D, B, C, E, D

    16. Place another disk from your inventory on the disk on the crystal column

    17. The next puzzle is a match game puzzle

    18. Click on the squares to match the symbols

    19. When the disk appears on the purple crystal tower, place another disk from your inventory on it

    20. Look for and collect the orange crystals

    21. When you have found all of the orange crystals, take them to the idol

    22. Charge the idol and use the power on the orange crystal mountain

    23. Continue north and receive a coin

    24. There are wells around the purple crystal.

    25. You need to get rid of all your silver and bronze coins so that you have none left.

    26. Turn all the silver coins into bronze coins, then use the last well that takes your bronze coin without giving any back in return.

    27. Feed the coins to the well until you are left with none.

    28. Charge all three idols

    29. When charged, use their power on the large crystal mountains, blue, green, and orange, until the path is clear.

    30. Pick up any gems and enter the comet.

    Inside the Comet

    1. Build up your village with an emphasis on battle.

    2. While you build, keep an eye on your hero.

    3. Build two huts and 3 or 4 towers around your heroes

    4. Build a scout hut and send scouts to explore

    5. Build a barracks, workshop, and archer camp.

    6. Upgrade your towers to arrow towers as soon as you can

    7. Continue to build and upgrade. Don't use all the space though

    8. Build 4 or 5 shaman tents and 4 or 5 witch doctor huts.

    9. Upgrade everything

    10. Once you have upgraded everything, head to the boss in the upper right.

    11. Be sure you have built a 4 to 6 temples.

    12. Charge everything on the temples

    13. When you go to battle, use the shield, health, and furry power ups

    14. Continue fighting until you destroy the mysterious statue

    Guardian Moon

    1. Take your hero through the island and see the history and the future.

    2. As you walk, collect four lightning collectors and four crystal spheres.

    3. Set the lightning collectors where the lightning is striking

    4. Charge the crystal spheres in the charger and place them in the light towers to remove the fog

    5. In the middle of the moon, are light globes.

    6. You click on the globes to get all of them lit

    7. Notice what lights up and turns off with each globe

    8. To change any one light, click on every light globe in that row and column once.

    9. All the other globes will end in their original on/off configuration, and the one globe that was common to both the row and the column will be changed.

    10. Number the rows across 1,2,3,4,and the columns A,B,C,D going down

    11. If you want the globe 3C lit, you would click on 3C first, then all the other globes in this row and column.

    12. Do this for every globe you want lit, clicking 7 globes to light each globe

    13. This should help you get all the lights lit.

    14. The next puzzle looks like bricks laid out on the ground.

    15. You need to move your hero to the top of the bricks to receive a sphere,

    16. Your hero must step on a circle every third step or you will have to start over

    17. Use the square buttons at the bottom to move your hero

    18. The sequence is three steps forward, move 1 step to the left, 1 step back, 1 step left, 1 step forward, 1 step left, 2 steps forward, 4 steps right, 1 step back, 1 step forward to the same square, 1 step right, 1 step forward, 1 step left, 1 step forward, 1 step left

    19. Walk up to the pool near the temples

    20. Dip the Tear of Heaven in the pool.

    Inside the Comet

    1. Build three huts and towers around them to help protect your heros

    2. Build the rest of the village with a huge battle in mind

    3. Build arrow towers all around the village.

    4. Keep building and repairing the village.

    5. Build at least three temples and keep them charged.

    6. Send your scouts to the north to find the Boss

    7. Build a ring of towers around your village to protect it while you fight the Boss

    8. Once your village is built and you have upgraded everything and charged the temples, send your army to the turn in the path just before the Boss.

    9. Once the army is assemble on the path, attack the Boss

    10. You can build towers just at the opening to the Boss

    11. While your army is fighting, keep repairing and rebuilding the village.

    12. You must protect your heroes

    13. You may have to take a break from the Boss to rebuild your village.

    14. Keep building arrow towers to protect your village.

    15. Once you have destroyed the Boss, send your scouts to find the purple stone obelisks

    16. Destroy the purple obelisks

    17. Here is where the endings are different

    18. You can sacrifice your scouts and fighters to the mouth things to end the game

    19. Or you can keep fighting the shades

    A special thank you to Shawty and Boopbug for writing the walkthrough!

    Version 1.02 is NOW AVAILABLE (and has been since Tuesday 1/20) at Casual Gameplay (you may use the download links above).

    This version fixes the "MISSING GEM" bug on Volcano Island.

    If you already purchased an older version from us, just re-download it and re-install, your saved game should be preserved. Be sure to backup your Totem Tribe directories before re-installing.

    Note to Mac users playing using CrossOver Games: You should also make a backup copy of your TotemTribe "bottle" before reinstalling, as I had some trouble getting my saved game data copied over to the new version.

    Saved game data: The new version (v1.02) changes the place where the saved game data is stored. Older version stored user data in a "data" directory within the game folder. The newer version stores user data in:

    • XP
      C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Enkord\Totem Tribe

    • Vista
      C:\ProgramData\Enkord\Totem Tribe

    Note: Some people with Vista have complained they cannot find the game's save data files. It may be because your OS is set to "hide" invisible files and directories, such as the Enkord directory.

    To copy your saved game data from the old "data" directory to the new, copy all files named "quest-xxxxx-nn.dat" and "profiles.dat" to the new directory as specified above (depending on your OS).

    How do I install a newer version and keep my saved progress?

    1. Backup your data files to a safe location. Make sure you get all quest-xxxx-nn.dat files, as well as your profiles.dat file. The location of these files depends on where you purchased the game from, and whether you're running XP or Vista. Refer to the walkthrough guide section under "Saved game data" for a rough idea where to find them.

    2. Install the new version:

      • If you're installing a new version from the same site you downloaded the old one from:

        You should be able to just install the new one over top of the old one and your saved game and profiles should be preserved. If not, follow the "Restore your saved game files" instructions below.

      • If you're installing a new version from a different site you downloaded the old one from:

        • Uninstall the old game.

        • Install the new one.

    3. Restore your saved game files:

      • Start the game, create a new profile, then quit out of the game. This step will create the "Enkord\Totem Tribe" directory where your saved game files will need to be restored to. IMPORTANT: Note where this directory is for the next step.

      • Copy your saved game files (quest-xxxx-nn.dat files plus profiles.dat) from step #1 to the "Enkord\Totem Tribe" directory you found in the previous step, replacing any existing files.

      • You should now be able to start the game and pick up where you left off.


    Here is a list of all of the quests in Totem Tribe, sorted by island. Please note that quests marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory in order to complete the game. There are also two new quests on Guardian Moon that did not exist prior to Version 1.03. If you have Version 1.02 or earlier, you won't have these quests in your game.

    Tetala Island

    1. Build 3 huts*

    2. Build Scout Lodge*

    3. Find and collect the Tear of Heaven*

    Mushroom Island

    1. Build a Barracks*

    2. Find and save Guro*

    Dolphin Island

    1. Find and collect the Dolphin Totem*

    2. Gather shells and collect the Diadem of Courage

    Monkey Island

    1. Bring people to the Monkey Village*

    2. Defend against the attack inspired by the Shade*

    3. Gather chestnuts and collect the Pendant of Nature Force

    4. Use the Oracle

    5. Locate first coin

    Seagull Island

    1. Repair the abandoned Work Shop*

    2. Return the magic pebbles to the hermit*

    3. Collect the Heart of Bull

    4. Locate second coin

    Red Rock Island

    1. Build 10 huts*

    2. Defend against attackers (x3) and collect the Totem of Monkey*

    3. Solve the color puzzle and collect the Hunter's Lucky Stone

    4. Locate third coin

    Witch's Island

    1. Find the witch, Yukun*

    2. Collect the roots for the witch*

    3. Destroy the Noxious Tower and purify the water*

    4. Solve the singing stones puzzle and acquire the Sphere of Clarity

    5. Locate fourth coin

    Skull Island

    1. Destroy enemy groupings (x3) and collect Totem of Lizard*

    2. Win the battle against the Shade*

    3. Find construction prints and bring them to the wise man

    4. Gather enough bones and activate the Idol of Purity

    5. Gather enough bones and activate the Idol of Peace

    6. Gather enough bones to collect the Traveler's Boots

    7. Locate fifth coin

    Frozen Vale Island

    1. Locate the coin for Isoko of Bear Tribe*

    2. Collect the shells and activate the Idol of Divination*

    3. Locate the Totem of Bear*

    4. Collect more shells and get the sixth coin

    5. Release the trapped penguins and receive the Healer's Globe

    6. Collect the pieces of the fishing rod, assemble, and catch a fish

    7. Feed the fish to the penguins and acquire the map to Lonely Iceberg

    Lonely Iceberg

    1. Gather the ingredients and combine to make the Twilight Potion for the Alchemist

    2. Use the Oracle

    Yeti Island

    1. Hunt down the big Yeti and collect Totem of Whale*

    2. Catch the wandering lights to light the fires, collect Bracelet of Hawk

    3. Collect the gems of Power and activate the Idol of War

    4. Locate seventh coin

    5. Give the complete coin collection to the merchant

    Cradle of the North

    1. Kill the sharks*

    2. Put the totems on the right pedestals*

    3. Activate the World Seal*

    4. Survive the battle with the Shades*

    5. Locate the Pendant of Power

    6. Gather enough ice crystals and activate the Idol of Storm

    7. Gather enough ice crystals and activate the Idol of Protection

    Mist Island

    1. Locate and read all of the obelisks*

    2. Find the pearl and bring it to the tower keeper

    3. Locate the Amulet of Wisdom

    4. Locate thunderbolts for the wise man

    Scorched Island

    1. Raze the small camp of the Wolf Tribe

    2. Raze the main village of the Wolf Tribe and collect Totem of the Wolf

    3. Construct the required towers and collect the Crown of Defender

    4. Protect the northern dwellers from the dragon

    5. Activate the Idol of Frost

    Volcano Island

    1. Locate the Totem of Snake*

    2. Battle and banish the Shade King*

    3. Gather enough obsidian pieces and activate the Idol of Purity

    4. Gather enough obsidian pieces and activate the Idol of Flame

    5. Gather enough obsidian pieces and activate the Idol of War

    6. Collect lava stones for the wise man

    7. Use the Oracle

    8. Locate the Blessed Ring

    9. Bring the ice magic scroll to the Hall of Mysteries

    10. Bring the swords of the enchanted skeletons to the training grounds

    Beetle Island

    1. Hunt down the King Beetle and acquire the Totem of Beetle*

    2. Play with the fires and light them all

    3. Grow fruits for Yukun and bring then back to her

    4. Locate Necklace of Spirits

    Shark Archipelago

    1. Solve the rotating pattern puzzle and get the first travel crystal*

    2. Remove all of the dirt and get the second crystal*

    3. Arrange the red and white lights and get the third travel crystal.*

    4. Solve the ball towers puzzle and get the energy sphere*

    5. Activate the fountains and collect the Aqua lungs.*

    6. Collect the blue turtle shells and collect the Totem of Shark*

    7. Collect green turtle shells for tower archers

    8. Solve Lighthouses puzzle

    9. Collect the fourth mask.

    Worship Island

    1. Locate main temple*

    2. Collect fruits and activate 5 idols* (5 total quests)

    3. Win battle with the False Aruku and collect Totem of Lion*

    4. Locate the masking cloak

    5. Locate fifth mask

    6. Solve sudoku pillars puzzle and get Thunder Magic Scroll

    7. Solve glowing pots puzzle

    8. Get map to the Lost Temple

    Lost Temple

    1. Open the five gates and survive the battles (5 total quests)

    2. Reach the temple

    3. Use the secret light combo to get the gem chests

    Ruins of Dream Shore

    1. Defeat the Shade Princes and activate the portal to the King's lair*

    2. Defeat the King Shade*

    3. Solve another singing puzzler and collect the Tribal Amulet.

    Comet Crash Site

    1. Gather enough crystals to activate the Idols of Storm, Frost, and Flame* (3 total quests)

    2. Solve puzzles near the purple crystal Pedestals* (5 total quests)

    3. Destroy all pedestals and remove the force field*

    4. Find the entrance to the comet.*

    Guardian Moon

    1. Activate the sphere charger device (Version 1.03 only)

    2. Solve the labyrinth puzzle (Version 1.03 only)

    3. Purify the Tear of Heaven in shining waters

    4. Solve the 4x4 lights puzzle and collect the Relic of Prosperity

    Inside the Comet

    1. Break down the Stone Statue*

    2. Do something about alien octopus (feeding Comet the is also considered, faugh)*

    3. Destroy the killing crystal cones.


    Great review, John. And I have to say I love this game!

    Don't expect another Virtual Villagers clone, even though it may look like one.

    It's a fun, casual, real-time strategy game, with exceptional production values, that has grabbed ahold of me and won't let go. Already about 8 hours in, and I still have more islands to uncover, and some side quests left on islands that I can still go back and do.

    For those who complained that in VV games there's nothing to do while you wait for your villagers to complete their tasks, Totem Tribe isn't like that at all! You're playing every minute, and the game does not keep going when it's turned off.

    Also, don't expect a run-of-the-mill hidden object experience either. It's refreshing and different, and I highly recommend this game!

    If anyone needs any help, just ask! :)

    PS: To Mac users, the game runs just fine in CrossOver Games.


    Great game, I like the gameplay and the option to do side-quests. Although, I'm currently stuck at the islands with the crows, and I cannot find the 5th gear. Could anyone help me? I want to play the rest of the game!


    Jenn - look amongst the heavy foliage, I think there was a gear in there that had me stumped for a while.

    The gears didn't stump me for as long as the roots did (I think that's the next quest you'll come to).

    I'll try to go through the game again and take screenshots of all the item quests.


    I am at the frozen Island where you have to use the towers with fire power to melt the ice and release the penguins. I can not figure out what to do with the fishing rod, line, hook, and bait. I have beat the level and I could move on but I would really like to figure this out!

    Any help? :)




    I'm stuck on the beetle island..can't get any further. I'm searching for some helps or walthrough on Internet, but I found nothing.


    3 Problem/Question areas I'm facing:

    1. Mist Island - I see the lightning gate at the top of the Island, but I cannot find the key to open it.

    2. Comet Crash Site - Two purple crystal challenges I cannot pass. A. The challenge with the white and black spheres that can be moved be switching places with the gold sphere. I have not been able to open this crystal to destroy the token. B. The purple crystal challenge that is surrounded only by two crystal shards that can emit a purple light.

    3. What happens if you are unable to provide the 7 collected ancient coins in the original few islands? I am stuck at 5! I would love to get a hint as to where the last two are.

    Any help on these would be excellent


    @ Marge you will need to use them to fish in ripples of water. Once you obtain the fish you will give it to the head of the penguin tribe.



    I found the best way to defeat the beetles was to place my warriors in the center of the beetle caves. It makes it harder for the king beetle to scurry away without getting hit.
    You also should work with the small flames surrounding the large fire on the palm island. Once all flames are active (by clicking individual flame stations you can activate/deactivate others) you will be given a tool you will need when working with the Witch on the island. I would recommend defeating the beetles before focusing on the other two objectives on the island.


    Indeed. This game is very addictive. I'm stuck at the 5 coins too. Hopefully someone will make a thorough walkthrough for this. :)


    We're working on it. Check back for updates. :)


    I went back to previous islands to unlock other things that I am needing later and now I am at the Lonely Iceberg. I can't seem to get the other ingredients. I am left with 2 powders and 2 potions right now, I can't uncover all the black area of the land. What am I missing? I have Salamander dust and magic salts or something. Then 2 potions, I have been at this same one over an hour!


    Ok I can't find the 5th piece for the machine either, Jay you said something about the trees, I think I found that one but what about the other ones?


    I wish I could tell you, Lisa.

    We believe that the locations for some of the objects may be random, or at least there are several different spots where they could be each time you play.


    i am stuck on witch island and cant find the tenth root is it possible to help please


    Lisa: I found a gear by one of the crows nests, only half showing. Most of the other ones were hidden behind trees, I think there were 2 of them in the thick forest by the workshop you need to repair.

    Jakob: the witches roots had me stumped for a while too. If you look around the island you will see guide stones that reveal the location of a few of the roots. After you check those just look around very carefully, they are there but they are extremely hard to spot.

    I hope that helps :)

    AngelKatt January 17, 2009 2:38 AM

    Hiya, it's my first time here haha.. I find the game Totem Tribe to be quite entertaining, however I am stuck on the witches island trying to find the last frustrating root for the witch!!

    I can't find this root by any means.. I looked ALL OVER and still couldn't see it, please help me out with this!!!! I am starting to get a complex from this last blasted root, lol.


    help! im stuck at the penguins level too!, i need 2 more shells for the idol and i have a rod, bait,hook and float for the hermit but i cant catch the fish, ive walking around in circles since yesterday, any suggestions? i'd really appreciate it, thankx


    The roots are hard to find, some of them anyways.

    The last few for me had only slivers showing. Look around the outlines of trees and objects that may hold cover for something to be under or behind.

    Look for just a small part of the root there. Be patient, and you will find it. :)


    AngelKatt: Like i said above the guide stones will tell you where a few are. Other than that I'd just have to say sweep over the whole island little by little. I found 2 roots not located in the swampy area so don't limit your search to that.


    joanne - Is the fishing rod together, or still just parts? If just parts, you have one more to go.

    One of the stones tells you that fish bite where there are ripples on the water. When you see them, click once on your assembled fishing pole, then once on the ripples. You'll catch the fish automatically.

    Except, now what to do with the fish?

    This is where my last shell was, maybe it will help you?


    Oh, AngelKatt, I found one root by clicking on one of those green lily pad looking things. I hope that helps!


    hi jay, yes the rod is stll in bits unfortunately lol, i think i may need a line? but cant find one, im still missing the other two shells, they seem to be hidden well

    frustrating - yet addicting, i love it!


    i cant find all the bolts plz help someone, still good game


    joanne - remember you can build a tower on the shore near an area of water that you can't see. Often they put objects on islands out in the water, and the only way you can find them is if you clear the black fog.

    milly - the gears change position from game to game, so it's really not easy to just tell you where they are. Keep looking, you'll find them.


    Hi, I hope that any one can help me.
    I am totally stuck.
    I am on the island with the iceblocks.
    And I can't find the fifth piece of coal.
    I have looked everywhere...



    theres one in the crows nest, attack the crows with arrows

    hope thats the one youre looking for


    Thank you so much Joanne!!
    I tried it and i found the last coal stone.


    So, I'm stuck on the first part of Shark Island. What am I supposed to do?


    Jim, try this

    Click the brown symbols towards the south of the island until it forms one symbol (a bunch of circles and diamonds)

    I'm stuck on the Shark islands too... on the fourth island having trouble finding valves...


    I've gotten pretty far in the game (currently battling beetles), but I stopped and went back for more coins. Currently, I'm on Witch Island and I don't understand how to get into the big chest in the middle of the rock circle. It says "Listen to the rocks to open the chest."

    What am I missing?


    Toby Hodge January 17, 2009 11:28 AM

    I am going cross eyed looking for the last root-read all the comments and STILL can't find it. Do you have to melt the ice? Is it in the treasure chests?


    Eve, try this

    Click the stones in the right order, you know you have it right when they turn green. Trial and error works well, but I believe the first one was the NE corner stone

    I've gotten past the Shark Island, but I have found a new dilemma. Anyone know what to give the guy in the tower on mist island, or where to get it?


    I'm on the mist island and I've found and fixed two of lights. I've found the third broken light but can't find the bulb that goes into it. I've wandered all over the island but with all the mist it's hard to find anything. I need help!!



    Rock circle on Witch's Island:

    Click on one of the rocks. If it shimmers, it's the first rock in the series. Continue to click on the remaining rocks until they are all shimmering - do it in the wrong order, and you have to start over.


    Looking for the fifth coin in the series (counting from the left) ... does anyone know what island it was on? Could anyone with four coins tell me where they found the fourth one? That'll at least get me in the right direction ...



    Reply! I'm stuck on this island with totems and I really don't where is a place for :)



    the Gears on Seagull Island:

    1) The hermit gives it to you when he gives you the quest.
    2) There's one sitting to the right of the workshop, in the open.
    3) There's one hiding behind a rock at the top center of the island.
    4) There's one hidden under a tree, right next to a crow's nest. It's halfway between your base and the workshop.
    5) The crow's nest to the east of your base, it's hidden under the branches.


    I am on the last level of the game, the Comet Island. There is a big purple totem surrounded by purple spheres. How can I solve this riddle?
    I am stuck, please help.


    Forget it, I found it:

    5th Coin, on Skull Island:

    It's on a small island, bottom center. Use a tower to see it.


    I'm totally stuck on the cloud/mist island. I've fixed two of the lights, and found the third broken one but can't find the bulb. There's a clue about finding something you can't see, but there's still a lot of clouds and black area. I've searched everywhere, help!!


    On shark island, I have 8 turtle shields, 1 valve and the travel stone is in its place and i can`t find the next thing to do...????


    Sionainn - here's a tip for Mist Island:

    Move Aruku everywhere you possibly can, especially to all the edges of the path. The goal in this level is to remove as much of the black fog as you can. Look for parts of the ground that look like it might be a path, and try to follow it if you can. There are a couple hidden passages that allow you to clear areas of black that will reveal a light. Good luck! :)


    Hi, I really love this game.
    But I am stuck now. I am on sharkisland and defeated the sharks so I build a shaman tent.
    I can''t pass the ice obstakels, so I can't come near the world seal, by clicking it says: world seal is silent.
    And I don't know what to do with the round objects with symbols on it. By clicking on it, nothing happens.
    Please help me!!


    seriously need help on sharks island. got the travel stick in place, a few shells & a valve. wots next ? how to i defeat the sharks or move to the next island? and does anyone know where the 7th coin is ? Tks.


    I've got all but 2 coins and can't figure out where they are, can anyone help? Counting them left to right (in a w pattern) I am missing the 2nd and 6th.


    Hi, I finally found the last root on Witch Island, the sick are cured and the shade banished (presumably to the next island, lol).

    But I can't figure out how to get past the ice mountain at the top right of the maps (I am guessing you get to the chest through there).

    Can anyone help me?


    About the ice on Witch Island:

    You will have to return to this island once you have a unit that can help you by throwing fire at the ice. You don't have the ability when you're first at this island.


    i still can't find the last two shells and i can't find the fishing line.


    HEADS UP: This comment contains spoilers:

    It seems there's a lot of people stuck on this game. I haven't finished it yet, but have made it a tiny bit farther than some.

    First I want to tell "Tia" about the fishing pole she asked about.

    If you search the shore (on the right side of the island if I remember correctly) you will find three ripples in the water. If you use the pole on the ripples, it will give you a fish. Give the fish to the penguin hut.

    Second I want to address the difficulty on shark island.

    For this island, you have to make it to four different islands using three different colored travel shards (Blue, Yellow, and Pink). The valves (2 in all) are for the blue island. You also will need to get the energy ball for the center platform. Once you achieve this, you can reach the chest on the same island. In the end, you will end up swimming unreachable islands. I don't want to give too much away, but hopefully that gives you a good start.

    Good luck people, and if anyone makes it to Dream Shore and defeats King Shade yet again, I could certainly use some pointers. Thanks.


    Im still stuck i am missing two sea shells and the fishing line.

    please help i've tried everything above with no luck.

    [Edit: We're working on some help for the fishing items, particularly the fishing liine. However, there are 60 shells to find on Frozen Vale Island, and impossible to know which ones you're missing. Keep looking, you'll find them! :) Pay special attention to the outlines of mountains. Many shells have only a very small area showing. -Jay]


    I'm on shark island. I have the 8 turtle shells, a valve and the pink crystal.

    How do I use the pink crystal to travel to the other islands? Help please.


    on which island is the second medal piece?

    its the first one on the lower row in my treasury

    master_disasater January 17, 2009 3:42 PM

    When you have a shaman tent, you build shamans (recruiting automaticilly), they have a fire spell- now you can attack ice wallls.


    Anyone else having difficulty finding 1 last blue shell on Shark Island? I swear I've clicked on every inch of land on that level, but can't find it.


    Im stuck at Mist Island. Ive found 5 pedestals for those light things, but only 4 of the light things themselves, ive also found the thunder symbol. I searched in every corner and look-a-like paths but the last light thing isnt anywere!
    Can anybody tell me were to find the last one?

    (the one in the middle; ive already have that one..)


    So on the witch island I can't get past the ice how do I melt it? Am I reading the posts correct that the last of the roots aren't on that side? I can't clear the fog out and couldn't find 3 roots so I figured they were on that side. From what I'm reading it seems like I need to come back to the island to get to the other side of the ice block?


    I somehow missed a pebble when fighting the crows on Gull Island. I can't see it anywhere. Can anyone help?


    Carolyn I missed one too, I believe I found it near the nest on the far bottom of the island. If not just look around all the nests even in them


    where are the valves on shark archipelgo?


    Thanks Lisa! It blended in with a rock.


    I need one more piece of bone. spend 15 minutes on clicking everywhere... my finger hurts :(


    Sphere of Clarity:

    Where it can be found?

    Witch Island

    The hint is "Listen to the rocks to open this chest".

    You need to click the rocks in the correct order. When you click one correctly, it will vibrate and appear lighter than the rest. When you click one in the wrong order, they will all return back to normal and you need to start again. Note the order they go in as you figure them out, and you'll have this solved in no time. :)

    PuppyPak9 January 17, 2009 5:48 PM

    Hey Ilse,
    Where did you find that Thunder symbol?? I've found all 5 lights, but not the symbol! I'll be forever greatful!


    i ma stuck, where i have to gefeat wolf tribe, its the level, where u attack by fire bolts from sky, i have destroyed first town and have the ice crystal, but dont find a way to main town?


    Rune of Lightning location

    The Rune of Lightning is found in the lower left quadrant of the map, about halfway between the western edge and the center, going in a WSW direction from the center. To reveal it, you will need to go down a hidden path, the entrance to which is found about halfway between the two western light fixtures.

    Now, can anyone please answer any of these for Mist Island:
    1) Where is the 5th light bulb (for the northwestern lamp)?
    2) How to I get the present for the tower-keeper?
    3) What do I do with the Rune of Lightning?



    Hey Ilse, how did you find the third light on mist island. I've found the first one, then the one to the right, I can't find the bulb to the broken light south from the second one. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

    PuppyPak9 January 17, 2009 6:21 PM

    Hello All!
    I'm looking for the Thunder Symbol on Mist Island......Has anyone else found it and where might that be??

    Forever greatful!

    Anonymous January 17, 2009 6:29 PM

    Got as far as worship island, but cannot find the last three fruits anywhere, and can't get to the chests at the bottom of the map or figure out what to do with the circles of glowing red lights that go green when there are people in them... any help anyone?

    StealthBunny January 17, 2009 6:38 PM

    Gah! I'm having eye strain looking for this stuff... but am I hooked! I definately have to go back and finish tying up some of the loose ends on some of the islands, though.

    However, can someone please tell me what the darned fish line looks like? I'm going crazy here! Is it like a ball of string, or a reel, or just a pile of string? I thought I had it once! Then realized it was cat hair on my monitor.

    I did find the 30 shells thou!

    Oh, my achin' eyeballs! They're all woogy...


    For Ola, the monkey totem's platform is at the very top. You need to build a tower to expose it fully. Now I'm stuck trying to defeat the shadows here, any suggestions?


    Stealthbunny, the string is on an island at the very top left hand corner, you have to use the magic ball thing to reveal it.

    PuppyPak9 January 17, 2009 6:46 PM

    Hey Tiger,

    1. Present for Tower:

    Black Pearl in water in lower right quadrant. Just click the water near the shore.Just pic up the pearl from your inventory and click the tower.


    Fishing Line:

    Where it can be found?

    Frozen Vale Island

    How can I find it?

    Before you can find the fishing line, you need to find the Idol of Divination:

    Use the Idol of Divination to clear away all the fog. There is a spot way out in the water that you cannot get to, nor will towers reach it, where the fishing line is:

    PuppyPak9 January 17, 2009 6:57 PM

    Got it, Tiger! Thank you very much!


    Someone please help me on mist island!!!!

    [Edit: Most of the bulbs are near the lights that need them. You need to work at removing all the black fog that you can. Get as close to the edges as you can move. -Jay]

    Shawty613 January 17, 2009 7:12 PM

    Has anyone gotten to the last level yet? With the crystals. I'm stuck on the last two totems. The one with the 3 black and 3 white lights and the one with the wells for the coins. Any ideas?
    Also on a previous level, I think it was worship island or something , there is a spot with like 4 totems with images on them of like lightning blots, sun, star and something else. I can't figure those out either.
    Please help

    Shawty613 January 17, 2009 7:17 PM

    Sorry for double post, didn't see the first one got through

    Shawty613 January 17, 2009 7:25 PM


    For the chest's at the bottom, there is a square button on the right side click it and the stone will dissapear, your guys can now go into that side. Then move ur guys back into the water, hit the button again and the stone will dissapear from the left side.


    I'm stuck on the island with the totem pedestals. I can't seem to kill the spirits. what's the trick? Please Help!

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 7:53 PM


    Which Island are you referring to? Can you tell me the name of the island pls.


    im not sure how to check the name of the island when im still playing it, but its the island right after the island were you collect the sea shells and the fish rod. i guess the spirits are called shades.

    Thank you

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 8:09 PM


    Ok so you are just trying to kill the shades then right? I'm still unsure of exactly which island you are on, but this is the best advice I can give you

    Just build as many guys as u can and go attack them. Try to kill the larger shades first because they are the ones who send the little ones in. Just keep going at it and you will kill them all eventually. It took me some time to kill the shades as they are hard to defeat. Just get a good army going. And make sure you have researched all theyre armor and everything.

    StealthBunny January 17, 2009 8:12 PM

    sionainn, thank you very much for your answer.. although I didn't ask where the fishing line was. I asked what it looked like. I still wanted to find it on my own... But thank you for answering so quickly.

    What a great game this is! So detailed! A lighter game than the Westwards, but without hearing the repetitive voices over and over :) But man! Some of those hidden 'uns are really HIDDEN!


    @ Tiger - The Rune Of Lightning Post

    The post to place the rune is just off center to the right about 4/5 the way up the screen

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 8:13 PM

    If anyone gets the what I think is the last level with the crystals..pls let me know. I'm down to one crystal left. The one with the 3 black and 3 white lights. I'm guessing you need to switch theyre sides..all the black over where the white is and the white where the black is. I just dont seem to be able to get it done.

    And still wondering about a previous island..I think worship island. With the 4 totems with the sun, star, moon and lightning on them. Also as someone else mentioned there is also pink dotted circles and when u move a guy into them the dots turn green.


    Stealthbunny, oops sorry, hope I didn't ruin it for you. I just wish someone could help me with Mist Island, especially since it sounds like a lot of people have passed it, I'm starting to get very frustrated because I keep walking around in the mist and I've gone as far as possible but there is no bulb thing! Grrrr!

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 8:19 PM


    It took me a while to find all the bulbs as well. I honestly don't remember exactly where I found each one. My advice to you is to take your guy as far to the edges as you can. So you can see as far as possible to see if maybe you are missing one in the darkness.

    Did you find the one near the arrow tower? I can't remember what you have to do, but need to like activate the arrow tower and it will show you a spot with crystals. I'm pretty sure there was a bulb there

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 8:21 PM


    I also believe there is one in the water. If you just click around in the water you should find it. It's the water where the stone thing is that you click and tells you to look in the water or something


    i need help the MIST island where do i find the
    Lightning bolts things?????


    Thanks shawty for the help

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 8:26 PM


    These will be at random spots on the map. Some are hidden very well. Mind you they do not look like lightning bolts. When you got to that spot at the top and it told you that you need the lightning bolts..right after that you would see lightning...there would not be a rod on the ground. This is what you need to get. Go back around the whole map and look for them. I believe there was one hidden in the clouds near the top left on the map. And I could be wrong but I think there was one near the water as well.

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 8:28 PM


    Your welcome. I'm sorry I couldn't be much more help. I finished that level a couple days ago and don't really remember where I found all of them. I'am now stuck myself on I think the last level, but no one seems to be there yet so I will have to wait I guess.

    Good luck


    I'm sorrry..I meant the THUNDERBOLTS...the things that are shaped like bullets. Where can I find them? I tried everywhere.


    I found the pearl in the water, but I seriously have pushed the black as far back as possible and have only fixed two of the light things! I'm so frustrated right now. I have no idea where this dumb bulb thing could be! Sorry, venting.

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 8:37 PM


    Yes that is wat I'm talking about too

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 8:55 PM

    Ok I'm happy I figured out how to switch all the lights for the last crystal..Yay!! :D

    But if anyone figured out the 4 totems on I think worship island. Please let me know!


    thank you for all the help i beat the shades

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 8:56 PM


    No problem. See it just takes time and patience with them :)

    shawty613 January 17, 2009 9:05 PM


    Also, use the mini map. You will see small little paths that you might not see looking at the map itself. So use the mini map and send your guy down those paths

    serenhybrid January 17, 2009 9:10 PM

    Hello everyone! I think I've managed to miss the

    Frost Tower somehow. I've got the Thunder Tower and I'm on the island where you first meet King Shade (with the enchanted skeleton pyramids). There's a gap in the building menu where I think the Frost Tower should go.

    Have I really missed it, or do I pick it up later? And if I have missed it, please could someone tell me what Island it is on?! Thank you!

    mancunian October 6, 2012 9:09 AM

    Hi, I wonder if some one can help me? I'm stuck on Beetle Island with the flames how do I get them out/on whatever is needed.

    Jazz October 6, 2012 10:50 AM replied to mancunian

    Mancunian -

    According to the walkthrough above the comments, you need to

    solve the fire puzzle by lighting up all the smaller fires..


    I am inside comet, I have built my army but cannot figure out how to escape the crystals surrounding my village..Help! Plz.


    ok great game.. having problems up to inside comet.. completed mission ever island.. no access to guardian moon or lost temple rainbow island.. missing gems somewhere.. didn't clear all areas where you don't have scouts ie mist island missing ability to build temples and one other don't know what it is
    what im I missing


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