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The Splitting: Chapter 2

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Rating: 4.2/5 (61 votes)
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The Splitting: Chapter 2It's been over a year since we left Daniel and llehctiM in their quest, but now it finally continues, in The Splitting: Chapter 2, by Fireberry Studio. llehctiM advises Daniel to go to an asylum, where a small group of people who got split are living. This group might have seen Daniel's reflection, and might help him to find his mirrored twin. Will he manage to find his reflection? Stay tuned.

The story of this chapter takes place in the way to the asylum, and in the asylum itself. When Daniel arrives to the asylum, he finds out thing are more complicated then they seem. The game authors kept the plot cards close to the chest, so you'll need to investigate and uncover what is happening, until the end, where things will start to make sense.

I must admit here, I love the way the plot unfolds in games like this. I love how almost every character has something to say, and each and single intractable object has a description (interpreted by protagonist, Daniel, of course). Talking to people and examining objects will help you to find the next plot line you should follow, and to collect a bunch of useful stuff. But even if all you'll get is a blank stare, it is an enjoying experience nevertheless.

This game follows the previous one's level of puzzles. The mirror world offers some nice puzzle concepts that get used through the game. I won't uncover anything here but expect some unintuitive, out-of-the-box, thinking.

The graphics and sound in the game are beautiful. The simple graphics are nice and atmospheric, and the way the normal world and the mirror world are showed is very thoughtful. The soundtrack is simple and nice. It consists of a bunch of simple tracks and ambient noises, which matches the scene and creates a good atmosphere (did you notice the soundtrack in the real world and in the mirror world?),

To conclude, Fireberry Studio brought up a very good sequel for The Splitting's first chapter. Just be careful not to lose yourself in the deep shadows.

Play The Splitting: Chapter 2

The first chapter can be found here


drumstruck November 30, 2016 4:34 PM

Great game! If you don't remember from last year, press 'I' to get access to your inventory.


Its about time this game shows up here! I ended up finding it and playing it on another site when it first came out. Much longer than the first chapter, and introduces some new puzzle mechanics that certainly make things more challenging. The story, as always, is amazing, and it really builds up for the next chapter installment.

The world that has been crafted here is so unique and original, it really fulfills a lot of creative imagination in it's gameplay and story. Aside from a few minor plot holes, the technicalities are rather seamless, which just adds to the greatness of this series.

This is a must play! Can't wait for the next chapter!


Just found this game today. Played the first one without too much issue. But I'm stuck now. In the...

In the Asylum. After you clean up that one mirror. I've opened... 2 doors in the real world and one in the mirror world and opened the wardrobe mirror.

I don't know what to do now. I can't seem to

Figure out what to stack on the dresser to reach the button on top of the wardrobe.

Dartania December 4, 2016 8:19 PM replied to Dartania

Nevermind. Found the solution.

You may have found a book you can't read. If you put something in the real room and hide and re-open the mirrors, it appears in the mirror room.

gorgeousplanet January 26, 2017 12:41 AM

You can't remove the blanket from the gardener.

Does this mean he spends the rest of his life eternally hot? Literally a living hell!


A living uncomfortable warmth?


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