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The Last Stand - Union City

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Rating: 4.6/5 (148 votes)
Comments (83) | Views (29,169)

DoraThe Last Stand - Union CityTake Fallout 3, stitch it together with Left 4 Dead, and then turn the whole thing sideways and you'll have something kind of like what you'll get from playing The Last Stand - Union City. This incredibly ambitious sidescrolling action RPG from developers Con Artist and Armor Games drops you on the outskirts of a city for the start of a zombie apocalypse. Regaining consciousness after a car crash, your only thought is to get home to your significant other, but standing in your way is a huge city teeming with smelly undead bitey-types. To survive and reunite with your beloved, you'll need to be resourceful, merciless, and have an aversion to being chewed on.

At the start of the game you'll create your character, choosing a class that determines the starting strength of certain skills. Your character controls with the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, and uses the mouse to aim and attack. You can hold down the [shift] key to sprint, and occasionally if a zombie gets close enough to grab you, you'll have to rapidly tap the key shown onscreen (usually [A] or [D]) to shove them away. As you dispatch the undead, you'll gain experience points and level up, which nets you points you can spend in your various skills and stats to suit your playstyle; become a fleet-footed gunner or a meat-shield melee expert. Just hover over a particular skill to get a description and plan ahead. If you die, you can choose to respawn with an experience point penalty, or just exit to the main menu to reload your last save; you can save at any time by clicking on the cog in the upper right corner.

The game comes in two difficulties to choose from. "Survivor" mode means your character requires food and sleep; while finding something to eat is largely left up to luck and your survival skill, you can only sleep on beds in Safe Houses, which are few and far between. If that sounds unappetizing, you can just play "Run'n'Gun" where the only thing you have to worry about is weapons, ammo, and health. Either way, you'll want to keep your eyes out for useful items as you press on through the city. A lot of what you'll find is junk (when was the last time you kept your underwear drawer fully supplied for the apocalypse?) and is easily identified as such, but you'll also find weapons (improvised or otherwise), clothing, healing items, and more. Use [E] to search containers when the icon pops up over one, but don't get too greedy; you can only carry a certain weight in items. Fortunately, you can find storage chests in most safe houses, and whatever you put in one, you'll be able to pick out of any other a la Resident Evil. Trans-dimensional storage capabilities; Umbrella Corporation's greatest gift to society right after the Bandersnatch.

The Last Stand - Union CityAnalysis: There's nothing players like more than consequence-free looting and copious amounts of zombies for target practice, and Union City's got you covered to the nth degree. There isn't much of an emphasis on story, but what exists is about what you'd expect; shadowy conspiracies, desperate quests to track down loved ones, body fluids, and panic at the disco. Not that you'll mind; the emphasis here is less on delivering a powerful narrative and more on dropping you into a big city to explore and loot, and Union City is definitely big and ripe for the pickings. The amount of locations and their scope is really impressive, and even if it isn't directly related your current task it's usually worth it to explore the various buildings for sweet, sweet scavengin's and interesting Left4Dead-ish wall scribblings and desperate notes; human suffering is nature's entertainment!

Combat, unfortunately, doesn't feel really as fluid and quick as it needs to to avoid frustration and unnecessary deaths. Enemies tend to move a lot quicker than you do, and when you take the accuracy and damage out of the hands of the player and put it under the charge of a random number generator, someone's going to come away crying. (Seriously, who misses a six foot tall fat guy eight times with a fire axe?) The hordes also seem a bit too random, and the frequency with which they appear both quickly wears thin and makes you think someone needs to call in Mike Holmes to do an inspection of every ceiling in the city. As of this writing, unfortunately, the game is still fairly buggy. Admittedly, that's to be expected with a new release, especially one as big and ambitious as this one, but still frustrating. The good news is you can expect the developers to be hard at work squashing bugs as they come in, so make sure to report any you find.

The Last Stand - Union CityIt should tell you something, however, that even with the occasional glitch rearing its ugly head, I was still more than happy to play Union City straight through. While some skills and abilities don't feel quite as well used or developed as they could have been, as a straight-up free zombie action adventure the game is virtually unmatched. The visual design is a bit strange at first, but works extremely well to create a fantastically detailed and decayed urban environment. Exploring at night with only a flashlight feels appropriately creepy. I did find myself wishing for more variety to the enemies apart from the odd dog and varying visuals, but it's easy to forgive when you realise just how much work must have gone into crafting this game and all the environments, weapons, and other items. Depending on your playstyle, Union City could take several hours or more to complete, but you can bet your hopefully undevoured keister it wasn't built in a day.

The ending, while fairly predictable for anyone who has seen a George Romero zombie disaster movie, is actually a little disappointing in that it kind of makes the whole experience up until then feel pointless from a story perspective. If the story isn't important to you, however, and hack-and-slash action is your "thang", then The Last Stand - Union City is the sort of game you can get wrapped up in for a long time. Remarkably ambitious and crafted with a ton of love and attention to detail, this is one city you'll want to pay a visit to. Just don't forget your zombie repellent. And by zombie repellent I mean multitool. And by multitool I mean bloodstained crowbar. And by bloodstained crowbar I mean... hm. I guess that one's fairly self-explanatory.

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loversrequiem July 27, 2011 12:57 PM

I kind of like that game. But maybe someone can help, I'm a little stuck:

I don't know how to break through to Brookvale and get my husband. I'm standing in front of the military fence with Ed working and I already brought him what he wanted. But now I don't know how to go on to get through oO

nadrojeggel July 27, 2011 2:18 PM


Have you tried pressing E near the fence yet? Its the same thing you do when you move to another area, except it'll bring you to the map screen



Move your mouse a bit to the right and there should be and option to open up the map, hit "e" and it should take you to the map where you can click on the neighborhood above where you are now.

digitaleopard July 27, 2011 3:07 PM


I had the same problem the first time. Once you've given him the bolt cutters, make sure the cursor is near the edge of the screen and press 'e' again, it should take you directly to the map screen.

loversrequiem July 27, 2011 3:56 PM

Oh God, sometimes I'm really dumb :D I had the map already, but didn't bother clicking on the next area... Yay, thank you everyone :)

SkfyS Day July 27, 2011 4:05 PM

1) The hordes MAY not be random.

They appear around every 90 minutes(in game time). You can guess when the next horde would come, if you take a note of the current occurrence.

2) In order to fight hordes, MOVE TO THE STREETS, or at least a long corridor.

In a small room, they would form a swarm and overwhelm you pretty quickly. Given the speed differences of the zombies, you can deal with them in small groups in a long corridor.

If you don't want to, or have little time to, move to the streets, keep moving between rooms. Although "the hole" follows you nomatter where you go, the zombies that are already "dropped" do not. They stay in the room they are dropped. This way, you can "divide and conquer" the horde and deal with small groups after the dropping stops.

3) Focus on melee(blades & strength); forget "special" and "long gun".

Due to the rarity of ammo, the low accuracy and the long reloading time, guns should be used only in special occasions, only blades could save you.

4) Get the BATTLE AXE, which is given to you after finishing 50% achievements. It is easier than you think. You can get the axe around level 9 or earlier by finishing tasks like "kill 100 with a handgun" or "sleep 50 hours". Its extremely high damage and long handle could kill most zombies in one hit on the head before they get near you. What you need to do, is just gracefully walk backwards and repeatedly swing in a "watermelon-cropping" fashion.

5) Zombies with armors.

Later in the game, when facing helmet-wearing zombies, take out your automatics, forget the head and shoot their LEGS. it works like a charm. And as you'd find out, saves ammo too.


Yeah, I just said it. Clothes are supposed to reduce damages, but somehow, in the current version, they are only decorations. And they are heavy, a vest&helmet can take up the space needed for a decent weapon.

My character finished the game in his underwear. There were no negative impacts, other than on aesthetics.....

digitaleopard July 27, 2011 4:07 PM

I found the game the day it was released; so much for productivity this last weekend. Some hints on points for fighting skills (all based on playing in Run and Gun mode):

Regarding melee (strength) skills:

Blunt weapons are far more common and have a greater range of damage than blades.

About gun (Precision) skills:


Not worth spending points on; early in the game when pistols would be of use you're better off saving your ammo and improving your melee skills instead.

Long guns:

Worth some points. Shotguns aren't very effective. OTOH the M24 rifle is THE one-shot solution to armored troopers, especially those with riot shields.


Where most of your points for weapons should go. Once you start getting high-level zombie swarms you'll need a good Automatics skill and SMG's and assault rifles, one in each caliber.

Special Weapons:

Not worth the points. M79 and RPG ammo is too rare. While the M249 is nice, it's far too heavy (22 pounds!)

Anonymous July 27, 2011 4:07 PM

After playing this all the way through, I kinda get the feel that this was a bit rushed. Not saying it's bad, but there are a lot of little nuisances present.

Exploration in the game is somewhat linear. Basically, you get to a new area, go right, search every building, and backtrack as needed. It could have been broken up a bit more with a few side streets or alternate routes.

For instance, I found that the attacks by the hordes to not be very random at all. They seem to be fairly regular in their appearance, and once one occurs, expect every ceiling in every room you try to flee into to be as fragile as fine bone china. Moreover, the mechanic of dropping them in from above gets old fast and could have been alleviated by having the occasional horde break down a door or window instead.

The skill mechanic is a good idea, but even on the hard difficulty setting the only skill you'll really want to pump up is automatics. Melee weapons are effective regardless of whether or not you put points into them, and the non-violent skills don't seem to have that much impact. It still needs some considerable balancing.

Also, the usage of a random number generator to determine accuracy is just completely out of place. Head shots are tricky enough to line up when you're being rushed without having to see the word MISS five times in a row.

And finally, control mapping for all the lefties out there. Everybody forgets the lefties.

chipmunk July 27, 2011 5:09 PM

"At the start of the game you'll create your character, choosing a class that determines Your character controls with the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, and uses the mouse to aim and attack."

What's the end to that first sentence?


About the end:

Is that it? We finally get on the boat and it runs out of gas?

Nephyte July 27, 2011 6:51 PM

One problem with the game... is tossing out items. I just accidentally trashed my battle axe (as well as some other weapons), and now it's going to be annoying getting that back, because there isn't a way to get it back.

Sirmed1 July 27, 2011 7:39 PM

Also, inside the Military base there is a sharpened Katana, and its damage is better then the battle axe, and it strikes faster, I beat the game without firing a shot.

Sgt Pepper July 27, 2011 8:43 PM

Are there some places that have doors we can not go through? There's a bank door that is blocked by a counter and the SOS safe-house has doors that I can't open.


Ignore the "TAB" message - just click on the icons below.

Anonymous July 28, 2011 11:01 AM

Chipmunk, the issue with key mapping is that though you choose the movement keys, the keys for everything else are mapped primarily to the left side of the keyboard. The key for picking up items/searching/opening doors/moving to different areas is,if I'm not mistaken, only mapped to the E key. Given how many functions that one key covers and how often it is used, it would greatly help if that key could be reassigned to be near the arrow keys if those happen to be what you choose to select.


What a tragedy. There was so much work put into this game... only to be wasted due to some (many) poor design decisions.

For me, the flaws can be summed up as 'linearity'. You have very few decisions to make as a player. The 2D platforming controls (east, west, jump, crouch) with realistic (worthless) jumping instead of '2.5D' beat'em up (east, west, north, south) removes most of your control and movement options. There is only one flat path leading from one side of the screen to the other. Since you can't jump over or walk though enemies, you are forced to kill all of them. If you retreat, they will probably respawn, meaning you must always move forward. The only things you really have control over is what inventory you choose to pick up and what weapons and armor you choose to equip. If I wanted that I'd play Help the Hero.


This game is awesome. I'm playing on need-food-and-sleep and am finding the atmosphere great. Food seems pretty plentiful, but when you're tired and you don't know where the next safe-house is, you start making mistakes and you go through your meds pretty quickly to compensate.

I felt sad that I finished the second get-a-follower quest before finding out that I would have to lose my current follower. You don't get to know anything about their stats, either. Anyway, wanting to switch out my current follower's awesome weapon before losing her, I said "no" and then discovered I couldn't reverse my decision. So sad. It was even sadder when I died for the first time shortly after that, and lost my follower when I did, and then *still* couldn't get him to join me.

I see the point about clothing, but weapons weigh much more. You shouldn't need to carry around every weapon in the game, I found I could easily keep everything I wanted and still have enough strength to carry a change of clothes or two, which made things more fun for me. I do wish there was more room in the storage boxes though.

I wasn't too concerned about the linearity, myself; many of my favourite games are just as linear, although I agree in every case, including this one, they could be improved by adding some more choice. So I didn't mind having to go through the game in a very specific way; but how much cooler if you had access to the whole city (one block at a time - no teleporting) and a shoddy map, and could get yourself lost trying to find extra things?


Honestly, i'm a little disapointed at how wide open the game was left at. The gameplay is awesome otherwise, but i've got a lot of glitches. I've also seen a lot of lag at points, which sucks when you're using a melee weapon. But overall this game is the best flash game I have ever played. I hope Con keeps up the good work.


i am stuck at the stadium after meeting the janitor and can't find a key anywhere to move on with my quest. please help.


please help

how do i find a key at the stadium after the janitor gives me a quest to investigate herc? it won't let me go back where i came from or move forward through the little trap door. i have opened everything possible!


please help:

i cannot find a key for the janitor/stadium quest so i am stuck in a back room with him


nvm i got it

buzzzzzz July 29, 2011 12:12 AM

stuck in the stadium, can not find the key anyone know where it is?


Start as IT Technician. Only power up on blade, survival, security, strength and endurance. Only use melee weapons, buy the katana when you have a chance, and you will win without firing a shot or needing the battle axe!

jasonz777z July 29, 2011 3:43 AM

I had quite a nice time playing this game, although I'd like to leave a note:
If anyone finds an 'Undefined' with and 'Undefined' weight, they can keep it and give themselves apparently unlimited backpack space. I found one on my second play though, and it was... interesting.

Armordillo July 29, 2011 4:42 AM

Ok guys um im stuck on the level when you got to get the blasting caps and c4 and stuff. i got it all. Now where do i go? Please help thank you. and also i cant seem to find Katies? glasses for her to become my companion. i would also need some help for that aswell. thank you if you can help.


i think that his wife turns into a zombie at the end when the boat stalls, because she was bitten and the growling at the end sounded like a girl


Where are the bolt cutters? I've been everywhere.


This has suddenly gotten a little less fun with three things:

  • The realization that all my levelling up in blunt weapons doesn't seem to have increased my ability to use blunt weapons at all over blades. Damage is always whatever it says on the weapon - or maybe that accounts for your level?

  • The fact that I have now, twice, managed to not get a quest before moving on - once, this was due to not talking to somebody, so my fault, but then I wasn't sure where to find him again and spent a while wandering even though I knew what I needed to do next. The other time was a bug where I didn't get a necessary scene because I died and started outside.

    When you are in the sewers with your husband, bringing him back from where you pick him up, if you die in there you start past that spot, so you must go back, get the quest for having gotten Matthew, and then go back into the sewers so that Matthew asks where you are going.

    This would be better if you always had a "target" on the map that told you where to pick up the next story quest.

  • And the worst: the stupid, stupid evil dudes that I can't do any damage to. There are the zombies in military dress that I always do 1 damage to unless I crouch, and that's OK. Then there are the zombies in UPCD uniforms, sometimes with giant shields, that I sometimes have to hit like 50 times, sometimes once, before I randomly do more than 1 damage and they finally die. The position of their shield doesn't seem to matter. Blunt weapons, blades, guns, arrows, and the chainsaw all fail to help. Aiming at the head, the legs, the body - nothing. Crouching, jumping.. maybe if I could figure out how to shove. It takes me so long to kill them, zombies often come up from behind, and as soon as there's another one I can't hurt on the other side, I'm doomed. I keep dying and I'm completely out of healing items and almost out of food.

Obviously I'm still enjoying the game or I would quit, but it's getting a little frustrating. This probably sounds like a very upset post, but I just want to air the issues of the game as I see them in case the developers pop in - I would still give it a 4/5. Anyway, if anyone knows how to hurt these dudes, please let me know.

Oh, and a small note: the first time you talk to the janitor in the stadium as a female character, he twice says "she" about Matthew but then correctly calls him my husband. And here I thought for a moment maybe Matthew was a woman. :D

PS. I have changed my mind about clothes, as heavier stuff is coming by. As a purely aesthetic thing, they ought to weigh nothing. Contrast this to my 5 grenades, 348 arrows, 252 somethings of fuel, and nearly 4,000 rounds of various sorts, which all apparently weigh less than an apple or a pair of glasses. :) (Probably, they ought to be "unlockable" instead, as well, so you don't have to worry about finding several copies and taking up visual space, either.)

... Hm, I just rediscovered SkfyS Day's #5 comment, which will probably help me immensely. Pity you can't aim for the legs with anything but guns, but if it works, I'll still be extremely happy.

Doodler July 29, 2011 4:52 PM

If zombies can't use tools,

why do they go around bashing me with overpowered hammers?


I just didn't like the end. -.-

:D :-D :-DD But the heavy MG was nice >.-

i need help August 1, 2011 5:32 PM

im on the "conspiracy theory" and i killed every one and in the last room were there is a body covered with a sheet and i cant find out what to do????

Anonymous August 1, 2011 7:08 PM

Where the heck is Richardson?!?!


he is beside the far subway train with the door. dead of course


Anyone playing the extra premium content?
I've got a task to find terry in the woods and have spent ages hopelessly lost following the directions to find him?

will howard August 3, 2011 4:58 AM

when i play last stand union city it doesn't work that well in that it doesnt save my game and whenever i go into a house or new street etc. it basically eg. say im wearing a suit then it will automatically take them off but it the suit will still be in my backpack. also when i search in cupboards, cabinets washing machines etc. nothing comes up ever even on the mode "run and gun" please please help!


I can't find Kelly's galessesss !!! This is really disappointing... I tried to pick up sunglasses, big glasses, every glasses I could find, but none of them were useful. Please help!

I also couldn't finish the task 'Heavy-Man'.which I had to find the material Darnel wanted me from... Please help -.-


Best advice I have is give your companion your best gun, as they dont use up your ammo! Had mine with an AK and she ruled - then got her the M82 and it was easy.



Her glasses aren't decoration. It's obvious when you pick it up: it'd be classified as a quest item.

Kelly mentioned that she lost her glasses just outside of the room she was hiding at. Have you tried sweeping the floor of the shop for anything out of the ordinary?

At the floor just right of the store counter, there should be a pair of glasses that you can click on and retrieve for Kelly. Then you just hand the glasses to Kelly by talking to her.

As for the random materials Darnel wants:

They're all classified as "junk", so you can only try not to throw out every piece of scrap you pick up. The tasks give half decent weapons, so try to keep around 2 or 3 of each junk item. They're not all that heavy.


After you reach the stadium how do you get inside? the map tells me to head back to Newtown. Why is this? what do i have to do to move on in the game?


never mind i think i had to just level up enough

Draconis August 6, 2011 2:33 PM

ok. now where is the bomb timer? i think i might have maybe broke the lock to the foot locker its in but im not sure :(


The game was going well, but suddenly I could not move. The A and D keys are not working, but it is not my computer that is the problem. Does anyone know how fix the trouble? I was really enjoying the game, too.

Fillmore August 8, 2011 4:35 AM

You probably picked up more than you could carry. You can't move if that's the case.


How do i,uhm, get into the safehouse in SOS room? both sides of the room is locked, and where do i find the keys? AnybodY? thanks.

Anonymous August 12, 2011 10:51 PM

For that guy who found the key in the stadium, where is it!?! Please tell me! I can't find it! someone please help!!! aaaaaahhhhh


Overall, a good game, but some things that need improvement (IMHO):

1. The ending.... SUCKS!
2. Should be less linear, more random areas to explore, many different ways to get through the same level, etc.
3. Guns are WAY underpowered and inaccurate! I should not have to shoot 100 rounds with the SAW at a big fat zombie standing 2 feet away from me and have 95 of my shots miss before killing it.... unrealistic and LAME!

All I can think of ATM. But mostly a good game. Definitely worth a few hours of your time!

ananimouse August 18, 2011 8:07 PM


the whole room is a safe house,you do not need to open the side rooms,since that would let the zombies in,makeing it no longer a safehouse.

helper3000 August 25, 2011 12:03 PM

can you actually use gas? or is it just nothing? help me out here people

Richie Wilcox August 27, 2011 7:56 PM

I just found the key to the Union Security Gun Cage and i'm trying to get to the stadium. Please help. I'm Stuck and VERY Frustrated.

(I also can't find the "Pipe- Heay for the task for the repair man).


Richie, go through where you found Richard, open the first door of the last train. Then keep on moving forward.

For the rest of the questions, please try asking every NPC there. Also, use 'J' or click the Journal for where you are going, since the 'Exit Map' is always at the first or last of the map, you should keep moving forward/backward.

Small Safehouse info:

The safehouse, is marked with a 'barred door and arrow' in yellow. So, if you see a sign pointing at a non-barred door, the safehouse is inside.

When you are in a safehouse, your main options are: Storage and Sleep. The storage, you might see it immediately, the bed, not so much, the bed maybe a bedroll, a foldable bed, or a nice comfy bed.Try going near all the beds you find and pressing E.

For the Military Bases questions, in where you find the C4 equipment, there are 3 doors, two on your left, one on your right. I suggest to the left first. Once you enter door number 1, fight you're way through, and keep checking every 'Container' you can find, it's pretty simple from then on. (repeat process in door 2 and door 3.)[/spoiler]


where is richards ?

Richie Wilcox August 29, 2011 4:15 PM

Thanks Deren! and He's in the subway asp


I've played it through several times now. I didn't try survival mode until I'd beaten it a few times on Run and Gun, Survival Mode is easier when you know where all the safe houses are.

Once you get to where the pawn shops are, survival mode becomes fairly easy since you can just buy all the ammo you need, and the only issue is staying fed. Food seems relatively easy to find, again especially if you've already beat it and know where a lot of the food is located.

I wish there were more to explore. I haven't paid for the premium content yet, but may soon. I'm stumped on how some of the achievements can otherwise work; you get some kind of achievement for reading 30 notes, but it doesn't seem like there are that many in the game. I also don't know if there is any purpose to the hazmat suit.


First, fun game. It's one of the better online flash games I've played, and a big step up from the first two. :-) I was wondering, though, is it possible to give the weapons builder the heavy pipe? Every time I go to him with the heavy pipe the game acts like I don't have it yet.


Guys GUYS GUYS all of you complain about their innacuracy!! you need to level up your weapons skill SIGNIFICANTLY i have pistols up over 100 and all other weapons 40+ before even reaching the stadium. pistol misses like once every 5 shots. not too bad. and low gun skill= ;low gun damage. please try to read descriptions before complaining!! youre ruining a game well worked on for a flash.

-Learn2play gamer


ok, i need some help

I'm on the quest to get the c4 from the base, and ive checked every box in the base and i still only have 2/3 blasting caps, which i got out of one box. is this a glitch, and if it is, can i restart the quest?


like umm im kinda stuck at the stadium misson conspiracy theory.ive looked everywhere including the roof and ive still not found the key,so umm if anyone has actualy found it yet i would appreciate some help.


just follow darren... its very easy i tell you guys

crazyrabbits September 27, 2011 7:33 AM

Loved the game, but there were a lot of things that could be fixed:

1) You (supposedly) have access to an entire city, and yet you only visit a handful of locations in the game. Unless there's something I'm missing (is it all in the "Premium Content"), it felt like a large chunk of the game was missing.

2) The lag. I can't even count how many cheap deaths I've suffered to due input lag while a horde wails on me. Doesn't matter if it's in a room or outside - your character gets frozen in place doing one action while five runners beat on them.

3) There needs to be more incentive to try different character builds. Blades, pistols and special weapons are either woefully ineffective (pistols) or so sparse (the grenade launcher) that there's no point throwing 3-4 levels worth of skill points into upgrading it.

4) It would be a good idea to have a buy/sell system where you can offload weapons or items you don't need anymore (a la Fallout). I was walking around at the end of the game with a half-dozen weapons I had very little ammo for (and more back in storage), dwindling money and a ton of items (welding plates, boxes of nails) that I thought might come in handy for a build/fetch quest.

5) Companions - can't store anything on them, can't heal them and you usually end up losing them due to a mob killing both of you at once before you have a chance to revive them. I went through 80% of the game without one.

6) The ending -

so, all the people who just risked their lives (and asked a random civilian to get C4 for them) to escape the city end up staying behind for no discernible reason, while the two people who just showed up get to ride away on a boat with no gas?

7) The item quests the repairman gives you are way too specific - there's no way people are going to go around hunting for a rarer "broken pipe" when they come across a half-dozen regular versions of the same item. Even then, if you're playing the game and grinding every now and then, you get the second-best melee weapon (the battleaxe) just handed to you midway through the game.

8) I'm not really sure what the point of the Survival and Fitness skills are. It doesn't seem to matter what your proficiency is, because you still end up dying after a handful of hits if a mob gets you.

9) Skill books - almost plentiful in the first half of the game, then non-existent after the stadium escape.

10) An entertaining bug - on the last screen (the boat at the dock), you can stand back and wail on the zombies at your heart's content from behind one of the survivors, who acts as a shield (none of the zombies will run past him) because he's invincible. You can grind levels to max skills this way.

[Spoiler tags added regarding the ending. Please remember to add spoiler tags to future comments so you don't ruin the game for players who haven't finished the game yet. Thanks! -Dora.]


i need help i can only get up to 20 strength on my skill how do i get more it wont let me click the plus button


what I did at the end worked really good

so I had hank with the SAW and I had the Military SAW and m24 scoped

we blew right through all of them zombies like nothing
and Hank got 3 100 hits in a row


I'm stuck with Ed at the military fence and I've already given him what he wanted.. I've been stuck on this part forever it seems like while it look's like he's trying to open it..Do I just have to keep waiting?


I liked it, I didn't have a problem with the ceiling drops, but i got frustrated at just how many there were. And I didn't like the ending, the second the cutscene started I called it straight down the middle. But I did like all the effort put into it, it was a lot harder & more fun then many pro vidogames I've played.


Where the heck is Terry in the woods?


Can you guys help, my companion is down and I can't revive her, what do I do?

Anonymous October 18, 2011 6:22 PM

i dont see why you guys had to end it with so much more space for missions and zombies instead of ending it at the docks with 6+ maps its too anti climactic


Okay for one who misses a fatties face at point blank range with a shotgun OR a sniper gun and who ever considered that a rifle would be considered an assault rifle? Kelly sucks as well.


Picked up a dropped item labeled "undefined" in the subway, and it shows in all categories and it appears to have made all of my items weightless.
My weight limit shows as NaN/90 now...
...not that I'm complaining or anything. c:
It's just a cool bug.

Anonymous November 8, 2011 8:44 AM

i liked the first one. totally love this one. but how do i drop items? thanks :)

TheCrispyThing November 19, 2011 1:32 PM

Listen, if your partner dies, there are a number of methods to revive him/her.

Method 1. Save and Exit the game, then continue it and your partner will have full health, but unfortunately your health remains the same.

Method 2. If you're a nearby 'Exit To Map' prompt, click on this and your survivor will be revived.

I would suggest using a Sledge hammer or Battle-Axe for the majority of your gameplay, there are other weapons that can be used too. So look out for them. As you further on in the game you may notice that your backpack is getting too full, get rid of the weapons that you do not use often, and clothing items too, then the problem will be solved.

If the room you enter is filled with zombies, pause, save and exit, then continue, these zombies will be gone, and you'll be free to roam this room until you exit it.

sonofxavenger November 24, 2011 7:19 PM

some of you have problems with the armored zombies, while i can go berserk on them with the battle axe. and my skills are higher so im lucky to get 1 miss per 10 shots of the M24 and i get about 1 miss per 15 swings with the battle axe.


I don't know, the way Dora put her opening statement wasn't bad writing, it was really good, but I definitely see A LOT of the first two Resident Evil games in there too...


The gas is for the Chainsaw, which is a specialty weapon/.


Dome Difficult questions for hardcore players:

How can you open those bloody doors that require keys?

Where on earth is Richardson???

I appriciate if you can help!

Joyfull gaming moments for all of You!

yigitozcelik0 June 21, 2012 3:58 AM

In the waterside level, I got all C4 equipments. How can I use them???

IceDemon July 15, 2012 12:51 PM

ok guys, your all wrong. I got luck and was exploring some of the buildings and i found a note. the boat did'nt run out of gas. some crazy woman ( im not a sexist) sabatoged the motor to the boat.


Please help me im stuck just outside the gates of the stadium, what am i supposed 2 do? the millitary guys are dead and they never spoke to me at all?? I have done all the other quest and been everywhere i can go -.-


For the ones who are stuck in "Conspiracy Theory"

Go to the room before the bed that's in the cage. Next to one of the computers there should be a paper.


How do I get the secret achievements?


@ Doodler,

Yeah the zombies with hammers are the 3rd worst. 1st place goes to UCPD w/ riot shields, 2nd place goes to armored zombies.


Where is the sharpened Katana?


For me personally, The Last Stand Union City is one of the most underrated flash games. It is so good and i wish there was a 2nd version of the game!


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