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The Best Computer Games for Students

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In today's digital age, students are increasingly drawn to computer games as a form of relaxation and escapism. While some criticize this trend, arguing that these games distract from academic pursuits, a closer look reveals a plethora of titles that are entertaining and cognitively enriching. Let's delve deeper into computer games that students can benefit from, spanning across genres and platforms.

Educational Games That Enhance Learning

Civilization Series

The Civilization series is more than a game--a journey through time. As players craft their history by building and evolving their civilizations, they gain profound insights into cultural advancements, technologies, diplomacy, and warfare. The game offers an interactive way to understand the progression of societies, allowing students to visualize historical events in a structured manner. Each choice in the game mirrors leaders' real-world decisions, making it a vibrant, educational experience.

Portal and Portal 2

While many puzzle games challenge the brain, few do it as innovatively as the Portal series. Set in a futuristic environment, players use the portal gun to create interdimensional gateways, solving intricate puzzles that require spatial awareness, logic, and foresight. These games emphasize the importance of physics, geometry, and lateral thinking, making them invaluable for students keen on honing their analytical skills.

Kerbal Space Program

Space has always fascinated humankind, and the Kerbal Space Program offers a window into the complexities of space exploration. Players must design and build rockets that can withstand the rigors of space travel. The game touches upon critical principles of physics, from gravity to thrust, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge practically.

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Games That Foster Cognitive and Strategic Skills

Starcraft Series

The Starcraft series is a masterclass in strategy, resource management, and multitasking, not just a mere battle between aliens and humans. As players juggle building their base, expanding their army, and outmaneuvering their opponents, they inadvertently develop sharper cognitive reflexes and strategic prowess. Over time, players find themselves better equipped to handle multitasking scenarios, even outside the gaming environment.

Brain Age

Derived from the premise that the brain, like muscles, needs regular workouts, Brain Age presents a collection of mini-games to enhance mental agility. Whether it's rapid-fire math problems or memory challenges, the game caters to various cognitive domains, ensuring a well-rounded mental exercise regimen for students.

Narrative Games for Language Enhancement and Critical Thinking

The Witcher Series

Drenched in Slavic mythology, the Witcher series immerses players in a world of morally grey choices, intricate plots, and compelling characters. It's a treasure trove for literature enthusiasts, as the game is replete with ancient tomes, engaging dialogues, and profound lore. Students can hone their language comprehension skills and critical thinking by navigating through its narrative complexities.

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Life Is Strange
At its core, Life Is Strange poses a fundamental question--how do our choices shape our destiny? This theme of options and their consequences isn't exclusive to video games. As players venture through the episodes of Life is Strange, they confront moral dilemmas, each choice rippling through the storyline and altering outcomes. Much like the real-world decisions reflected in those reviews, the game underscores the importance of forethought, empathy, and understanding the consequences of one's actions.

Relaxation Games to Combat Stress and Foster Creativity

Stardew Valley

Watching crops grow brings a unique joy, and Stardew Valley captures this essence perfectly. Beyond farming, players forge relationships with townsfolk, mine for resources, and even combat monsters. It's a game that mimics life's rhythms--seasons change, festivals come and go, and every day is a new adventure. It offers a serene, virtual escape for students overwhelmed by academic pressures.


Art, music, and gameplay converge in Journey, creating a transcendental experience. Players traverse vast dunes and ancient ruins and are treated to a visual and auditory feast. It's a meditative game, reminding students of the beauty of exploration and the joys of serendipitous encounters.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the island is a canvas, and the players are the artists. From designing homes to curating landscapes, it offers boundless creative freedom. It's an antidote to stress, allowing students to channel their creativity and fashion their utopia.


In an era where computer games are often unfairly maligned, it's essential to recognize their potential as tools for learning and personal growth. The games listed above are a testament to the fact that gaming can be entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Students stand to gain immensely from these titles through enhanced cognitive skills, a deeper appreciation for history and literature, or simply a much-needed break from the rigors of academic life.

Author: John Milovich

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