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The Animator vs. Animation Game

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Rating: 4.8/5 (272 votes)
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animatorvsanimation.jpgJohnBLast year, Alan Becker created two clever Flash animations about an invisible animator battling his stick figure creation. Both Animator vs. Animation clips were big hits, and now with the help of Charles Yeh, the episodes have taken the interactive leap to become a full-blown fighting game: The Animator vs. Animation Game.

You can play as either the animator or animation (after unlocking the latter), each trying his best to eliminate the other player. Your arsenal is composed of common drawing tools found in the Flash development environment. Each tool has a slightly different effect depending on which character you play. For example, the line tool allows the animator to fire "arrows", but if the animation grabs it it becomes a staff.

As the animator you control the cursor and have two objectives: torture the stick character, and preserve the timeline at the top of the screen. Your arsenal is weak compared to the animation's weapons, but they're flexible and give you a wide range of freedom. As the animation, your goal is to attack the cursor and, secondarily, the timeline. The stickman's moves are much more destructive than the animator's, though your target is much more difficult to hit.

Analysis: The Animator vs. Animation episodes expressed what we feel like happens every day: the computer fights back. It was hilarious to watch the struggle between animator and animation as each used everyday tools to turn the desktop environment into a battlefield. Now that the war is interactive, it's even more entertaining. The Animator vs. Animation Game follows the episodes closely in terms of style, attacks, and overall design. It's a perfect game adaptation of the animations.

On the down side, there's a lot to learn before you can really get into The Animator vs. Animation Game. Moves are often intricate and require precise clicks and motions to get just right. In the heat of battle, it isn't always possible to pull off these fantastic stunts, forcing you to rely on simple but reliable attacks most of the time. Playing as the animation can be overwhelming at first, as this character uses a dozen keys for movement and attack. With a little practice, however, it becomes second nature.

The Animator vs. Animation Game preserves the grin-inducing fun of the episodes and makes it completely interactive. It's any desktop warrior's dream come true!

Play The Animator vs. Animation Game


PandaKnight August 23, 2007 5:56 PM

Sweet. I can't wait to give this a shot.


Looks cool


I must say I was pleasantly surprised when i saw the release of this game. I really liked the movies so iv'e got big expectations for this game.


well its ok

but very hard!!! Would be better if the animation is arrow keys.. and it was hard to understand most things

may be better for other gamers but nah it wasnt much of a game for me ;)

darkninja1222 August 23, 2007 7:12 PM

um, when i get to the advertisement it freezes... Will someone kindly post an alternate link? thanks :)

[Edit: You might want to disable your adblocker. -Jay]


The library computer blocked the page the game is on. It's catagorized under "nudity". I thought you said the game was kidsafe?

[Edit: We did label the game as kidsafe, and we stand by that. -Jay]

DeathSaga August 23, 2007 7:40 PM

Uhh, it keeps on saying please wait a few seconds and doesnt start..


This game will not run in Firefox. I didn't feel like disabling my adblocker so I ran it in IE. None of my attacks do anything to the stick figure, who just stands on the left-hand side of the screen jumping up and down. I'm glad I didn't waste the time trying to run this game in Firefox. The window is so small I can barely see what's going on (again, not going to waste my time adjusting the resolution). And the tutorial was all but useless. This game strikes me as a combination of unfinished, crippled, and poorly executed. If you cannot simply just pick it up and play it, I don't think it qualifies as a casual game.

[Edit: I had no trouble picking up and playing the game right away in Firefox, Camino, Opera, Safari, and IE. Perhaps your configuration is to blame and not the game. -Jay]


Beat it and mastered it within a hour.


Hey Jay, thanks for posting the link to this game. I enjoyed the movies, really cute animations, and I wish I could enjoy the game too. I have the same problem as Me, my college filter blocks Atomfilms due to the content of the rest of the site. While the game itself obviously has no nudity or anything of that nature, the domain in itself has a lousy reputation. Until it opens on other sites, I'll have to wait.


Hey i thought this game was awesome. I just want to know what the third option is. i unlocked the animation part but how do you unlock the last one? and what is it?


the last unlockable mode is



Uh, the game dosn't load for me (IE). I don't know why, but I think it's because the site treats it as a "Film", complete with giving a game> a pause button. Oh well. Whenever I find a game can't load... I just leave it and [im]patiently wait until it's fixed.


I admit I had doubts about this game. The films are so creative with the tools that it seems like it would be practically impossible to make a game out of, but it really is great. The animations controls could be better, but the execution of the whole idea is wonderful. As the animator you can draw and move anything you want (I like picking the guy up and using the little fist) and as the animator you can simply attack the timeline if you can't hit the cursor. The sides are equally matched for multiplayer too. It's simply a great game. In one-player the animator is too easy to play as though. You can just make two plasma guns and lasso the stick figure. Great game!


Yes! One of the best flash animations ever in game form! What's that? I begin as the VILLAIN!? Grrrrr...


The movies were sweet and i was excited when the game came out. The game is really fun but can you ever beat the stickman??? i torture the stickman until the time ends and it says game over can you beat him??


this game is fun but please help! It said i got a new high score for the animator and then i type my name in and it says i didnt get a high score! Jay its an awesome game but please help i cant beat the stickman either, if you can anyway... Jay can you?


thanks jay for picking my submission

p.s has anyone figured out how to unlock the two secrets yet in the secrets section?

Mysterius August 24, 2007 6:52 AM

Wow, I had rewatched the Animator vs. Animation clips recently, and was thinking how cool a 3rd clip, or better yet, a game based off of it, would be. I thought it would be too hard to implement, but I guess I was wrong. (Never thought I'd be so happy to be wrong.) :D

Going off to try the game now. Does the Animation have a "Chosen One" mode? Muahaha! :D


One of the biggest problems I have with this game is the slowdown; I figure there;s a memory leak somewhere in the text tool (my current favorite).

Anyways, something I would have really like to see with this game is mouse control for the animation; it's annoying trying to aim with the keyboard because you only have four directions, as opposed to 360 with the mouse.

all in all, good game.


Also, there is a bug with the high score tables, not allowing you to get a high-score regardless of what you actually scored.


what are the serets in the game


Have to admit, I can't get it to work either. I specifically disabled Adblock Plus but either way I can wait 15-30 seconds and nothing appears in the black box.

Are there any other sites hosting this game?


I just started the game and don't know how to use any of the tools (i play as animator), I can get to draw the, but can't get to use them... any help?


How to get the secrets:

Secret 1: Get 8000 points as the Animation. (I don't know what either of the secrets do, by the way.)
Secret 2: Get 50000 points as both the Animation and the Animator. (A helpful tip with the Animator if you've unlocked it: use the fourth gun, it does 5000 damage a hit and is easy to hit with)


Ah, I managed to get it to load by setting it on 700k speed. It's restricted to members, but you can join for free. As soon as you log in, switch 300k to 700k, and toggle fullscreen if you want.
The game is okay, but I found being the animation to be hard... At least give the cursor difficulty levels, too!
Gameplay's niiice. I like the huge array of tools.


Well, the game has its hiccups, but I really enjoy it. Does anyone know how to unlock the secrets? My only complaint is that he game is really hard as the animation, and its hard to control.

undEinPirat August 24, 2007 6:02 PM

Hello! I was really wondering how to get this game to work on AtomFilms. I got an account, and I hear multiple people have gotten it to work by setting it to 700k speed and full-screen, however, I don't have these options when I'm logged in. Can someone help?


it's impossible to get the 50,000 points for the animation though, i tried and the most i got for him was 10,000 or so, how can i get 50,000 for it? i got it for the animator already


I am friends with the guy who made the game, Charles. Its really alright, I go the credit on the first page, Ben. But its alright, the beta process was a bitch, and the game is sort of alright. Could have used a few more improvements.


So I made a gun, and I can't get it to GOOO AWAAAAY. How does it go away?


I love you Jay!!!

nonegiven August 25, 2007 6:26 PM

How do you make the guns lock onto the animation?


Someone: You need not score 50,000 points as the Animation to unlock the second secret.

Jacob: You cannot make the gun(s) go away, unless the Animation chooses to do show by damaging/eyedropping it.

Nonegiven: I don't think you can make the guns lock onto the animation. You have to aim it yourself.


As said, use the 4th gun, and try to draw it quickly. It is best to place it at the right hand side, near the top, so that you can easily aim at the animation, and won't be affected should the animation choose to punch you. If you drew the gun anywhere else, you can always use the white cursor tool to move the gun out of the way. Warning: refrain from aiming upwards!
If the 4th gun is locked, a reliable damage source would be the bomb. Draw 3 circles (as big as the game allows), then quickly grab the lasso and tie the animation to the bombsite. Rinse and repeat. I find the bottom left area the best area to drop the bomb.


The Eyedropper is your friend. Use it to knock the timeline for 200 damage a piece, or 400 damage for the cursor. The cursor moves quickly, so aim at the timeline. An ideal place to shoot from would be the toolbar. It is high enough (gravity works against the eyedropper) and the cursor would frequently visit the toolbar. This strategy will earn you around 10,000 points.
To get a higher score, you have to make the animator draw guns. No kidding. Once he draws two guns (the max), use the lasso on the guns to make the guns shoot at the animator. While the cursor panicks, pick up your eyedropper and continue shooting the timeline (do NOT destroy the guns!).
One of the most persistent questions regarding the animation is "What is the highest score possible"? Well I spent two whole minutes on multiplayer mode eyedropping the cursor. In the end I got around 35,000-40,000 points. Conclusion is, unless the animator draws himself the 4th gun for you to lasso, you will not score higher than that (and you must be able to hit the cursor with every eyedrop).

My Questions:
1) What does the magnifying glass do for the animator?
2) What does the eyedropper do for the animator?
3) Any... special benefits to the fetal position?


I got the First secret!!!

It is a buch of pictures of the animation using weapons.

fake name August 26, 2007 11:23 AM

Is this out on any other website besides atom films? I can't seem to load the game far enough to get a 700K option either...


it is awsome. i loved the movies. it is tough at first, but once you get the hang of it it is realy fun.

Neoplayer2 August 26, 2007 11:55 AM

Awesome game! its kinda hard to win with the animation, tho. GJ with this game, cant wait for Animator vs. Anim 3, or a second game!


I think if you make an Animation vs Animator Game 2, you should make the victim difficulty level very easy where the animation cant do much... Also i think you should add a box thing, like in the movies where you can put him in it and flip it around.


I have an idea: If there was a sequil to the came, is should also be playable on the desktop.


For the animator, the magnifying glass

makes the animation bigger or smaller using the bar on the right


crypto dog August 26, 2007 6:27 PM

why wont it load up jay?


the game wouldn't run on firefox here neither.
but it worked fine in IE.
I however disabled addblock now on firefox (simply allowing it wouldnt seem to do the trick) and now it runs in firefox.

Overall a very good game, being the animation is a bit too hard imo, since the cursor is very fast. I still need to try this with someone but overall great game :)

cheeseznerd August 27, 2007 7:05 PM

go to the hish score table for killer cheeseznerd (me) DOMINATED

CHEESEznerd August 27, 2007 7:09 PM

amazing cheat about the guns for animator

the better you draw the guns the more damage (i drew the laser gun so well it did 7000 damage)

cheeseznerd August 27, 2007 7:12 PM

the guy who made the game just graduated highschool


i think there is a bug,the animation is at the tools area,but i can't shoot at it,what should i do?


wow i got laser gun(lol)


wow I got high score on 2nd try

aaron the cheat August 28, 2007 8:29 PM

i got 1st place for animator the chosen one and animation

Anonymous August 29, 2007 4:16 PM

what are the secrets?

Anonymous August 30, 2007 3:11 AM

All my animation does is jump up and down on the left side of my screen. He appears to be untouchable, because no matter what I do my attacks go through him with no effect.


To play the game, must disable all ad blocker(s) in firefox, IE, Norton, etc. No, only atom can host the game at this time.

The animator just graduated high school. The developer is still in high school. You need 15,000 to unlock the 2nd secret.

Animation is harder to play. Once unlocked, you can play multi-player mode against a friend.

In multi-player mode, one person can be the animator and the other person can be the animation, thus Animator vs. Animation. Awesome game!!

gamemaster September 3, 2007 9:43 PM

to make the guns go away you have to press



I'm not that great at this game, but on animator mode, using the

lasergun and fist,

I EASILY got a score of 74317.


Hey jay asked what the magnifying glass does for the animator. Grab the magnifying glass and look where the gun selection would be. There is a thing that you can drag and it will make the animation bigger or smaller...its quite useful, and the animation wont be able to reach you in high places.


see developer's faq and blog at eactiv.com
The developer has posted a few tips and q&a. submit your suggestion or question on the contact page.


i want to play the game but all i can get to is atom films. it doesnt load on atomfilms. can someone please tell me another website to play the game on?

[Edit: the game is not available to play on any other website, it is exclusive to atom films. If you disable your ad blocker the game will appear. -Jay]


OK! I got 27th place for victim! it might be gone though. My name was hi!


For some reason - i can't seem to scroll through tools - can anyone help me?


I got the number twelve high score on atom films


draw 2 laser guns really quickly, then use the black cursor to hold the animation whiel the guns shoot away, got me 162k points,


forgot spoiler tags for secret

Draw two lasers quickly, then use the black mouse to hol the animation in place, also enlarge him with the magnifying galss, I did this and got 162k in victime and 130k in chsoen one


Hi everyone! I love to see that you all enjoyed the game I co-authored with Alan Becker.
I was the developer/programmer while Alan Becker was the animator.

Cheeseznerd, Alan Becker just graduated high school but I'm actually currently in 10th grade. ^_^

For everyone who cannot load the game, I suggest disabling ad blocker. If you're using the newest version of IE, I believe that blocks the game launcher also.

As for the players who need a little boost in the game, I suggest going through the tutorial or checking out my FAQ!!



the game loads and i click play as animator then all the stick does is stand and just keeps jumping and drop kicking the air whats wrong???


I found out what the magnifying glass does

for the animation its a weapon that does 1000 damage!! And for the animator it just makes him bigger or smaller.


The controls were a little confusing at first, but i got used to it. i loved the films and i love the game! :D

Best item for animation: Hand
Best item for animator: Pencil

Funnest item for animation: Line
Funnest item for animator: Hand


The animator VS animation game is nice ive beaten it but i got no secrets....
Hey but it would be nice if there was animator VS animation 2 xD

Anonymous October 11, 2007 3:36 PM

i loved the game a bit hard at first but i got used to it lol :)


hi i luv this game its so awesome but my mouse keeps getting stuck is it supposed to do that?


ok, yeah this looks like an awesome, but its not working. whats up with that. im using firefox, but ive also tried IE and avant and have had no luck. somebody please help me!!!!


can play on mac????


i didn't really like the game animator has really bad weapons and with the animation its impossible to hit the animator :-(


ok i just started playing this game.At first I didnt know what the laser gun is but when i got i realized it was the best weapen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jay you are a genuis
you should make animator vs. animation 2 the game that would

p.s does anyone know what the second secret is if been playing this game for hours and cant get it?!?!


How can I make a game like yours Jay?

Im no computer genius but I would like to see how you made it.

Im a big fan.

Please tell me how.


This is not my game. Please read the review, the authors' names are listed there.


Do you know how the other people made the game? My friends are always making games and they wont tell me how to. They just taunt me. Please help me get them back.


Hi Sasuke. I'm Charles Yeh.

Alan Becker and I created this game with Adobe Flash.

You can find the trial on adobe.com

This game wasn't easy to make though. It took both of us half a year to create this game as a collaborative effort. (We did take lots of breaks though)


Thanks guys. How did you make the videos? They were awesome! Sheer genius was put into this game and you guys have great imaginations. Keep doing what you are doing! (are you guys going to make animator vs animation 2 the game?


how do you play it??


once you make a gun you can auto target by going to the little red thing under the gun it should light up once you put mouse on it then click auto and it will aim for you but once i did that he used rope on it and turned it on me so i would only make one gun

Lord Saros December 4, 2007 1:14 AM

When i attempt to go to AtomFilms.com i get a 'Webpage cannot be found.' error. I am using IE so can someone help me out?


I wish I could help Lord Saros, but the page loads fine for me when I click on the image above or click the link for the game.


how do you draw guns!!!! ive tried everything. is it like (drawing) them with the pencil or is there a special button you push for it? help me!!!

person ofmthem man guy [erosdfoosdfasd December 9, 2007 6:52 PM

just draw the outline


The new "Animator vs. Animation Game Special Edition" is released. Visit developer's troubleshoot and FAQ guide at http://avagame.eactiv.com and play the game on atomfilms.com.


you use a pencil!!!!


ok so you have the libary right thats good now go to it and you will see the guns in 3d. you could buy shotgun, rocket launcher and stuff you are welcom.


how do they make this?


I know that in SE, on 'play original', 'multiplayer' you can breath fire using E as tha Animation.
But it doesnt do any damage! Is it meant to?

Also, can you use the laser eyes?


I'm so angry, argh! Everytime I click to play a movie appears.... I want to play so badly!


How do you multiply ive tried every key even combos and it seems only the animation can do it if you are animator please help asap

Rothchild April 11, 2008 10:18 PM

I must say...the game sounded great, but it kind of dissipointed me...It jut keeps freezing and my score is always negitive. I don't know whay....nut this game is just to hard for me....I don't know...nobody else seems to have so much of a problem.........I've noticed you don't even reply to these comments anymore...if you see any time to it, post a reply.


gsaddfs2 May 3, 2008 11:30 AM

yo, jay.check out the site and look in the comments!
animator vs. animation the game: SE is out!!!!!


Hayden Crowley June 13, 2008 12:15 AM

hmm...i wonder, by the way, to use guns, click the pencil, look at top right, click gun u want, click and hold to draw outline, it starts automatically when you're bout' finished. And they lock on, just hover mouse over gun and click auto. It is possible to hijack a gun with the lasso as the animation, to make it fire at the animator.


What is the second secret?????


how do i play the game? what is the url you need to type in? i clicked the link and it didnt work on this page.

silverstorm June 28, 2008 6:52 AM

umm sorry this is kinda a noob question but i do i disable my ad blocker??



When I go into to the link it loads and then just keeps going the animator vs. animation game and then black and then keeps going.

Please help me thanx

Head Nuca Nuca July 7, 2008 4:01 PM

I cant play it on atomfilms, or i have to wait 3 hours, 26 minutes, 48 seconds, 93 nilliseconds, and 59 nano seconds. Also..... I WANT TO PLAY IT ON THIS SITE!!!!!! thanks

Head Nuca Nuca

[Edit: We do not host most of the games we review here, which is why you will always find the best game links here at JIG. As far as I know, this particular game will only run on the Atom Films site (or other of their affiliated sites) since they are the ones who sponsored (paid for) the game. -Jay]

Twilitlord July 8, 2008 1:50 PM

The Special edition has some special features:

The Animation can:
Blow fire with E,
Hijack guns with Q

Survival and mission modes are added

You can buy weapons in the Secrets page

Hope that helps.

Anonymous July 9, 2008 10:23 PM

this game does not work i tried everything no play btton

Anonymous July 10, 2008 4:04 PM

it works


I hate this game. There is too much stuff going on and it slows down my computer and it's so hard!

I love the movies though.


it does not work for me please help!


yeah i have waited a long time and i still can't play it, no play button, whatsoever.


I've seen a few of the movies where the guy went on to the desktop. Is that able for the game itself or just for show?

Anonymous January 17, 2009 8:22 PM

how do you unlock the 3rd mode?


You can actually auto the guns:

click on auto when your mouse is near the gun


how to manual the guns:

click on manual when your mouse is near

Abdullah March 4, 2009 1:40 PM

Wat is the magnifying glass and eyedropper for animator? there is animator animation wats the last one? i havent unlocked it yet


This game is the best game I ever tried. I even think it was better than WoW.

matthew cichuttek March 28, 2009 12:29 AM

How do you get on the desktop if its possible. And I beat the chosen one pretty easy. I have no idea what this "eyedropper" thing is. Please tell me.


Is a very good game. It should be easier to get weapons, and more of them - like animator vs animation 2. They should make that game :)

Please say if you disagree.


whenever i click it, i get: Oops! We can't find the webpage you're looking for.

What should i do?



I got 1128 points as animation and I didn't get secret number one.

[Edit: Spoiler tags corrected. Please see the see the instructions for how to use spoilers, which is above the box where you type your comment. Also, please click Preview before posting to make sure you comment looks the way you want it. -Pam]


Yes, it's a good game, but I think that the animations were far more enjoyable, purely because everything went so well and wasn't nearly as repetitive as the game is. I found myself constantl using the same weapon, purely because I couldn't go and get another one.


so hi you really should play the special edition! it is so fun!! On survival mode you get to have no time limit but it shows the time you have been fighting. if you get far enough, another enemy appears!!! [tip when one is looking, attack the one that is looking] you can do the original on that one.


this is going to be fun (I wonder if its really going to destroy the computer).

Anonymous June 28, 2010 3:03 PM

The game doesn't work on this site! any other links?

[The game works just fine hosted at Atom.com, and that is the only site authorized to host the game. I doubt you will find it on any other reputable site. Make sure you disable your browser extensions, as sometime may be conflicting with the game loader. -Jay]


I know all the unlockables but i dont have them.
-on secrets they just give tips
-the 3rd character you find is not a character its multiplayer.

techguy123 November 17, 2010 1:28 PM

it don't work it just comes up with vid's :(


It's not working? i dont get it :(
I REALLY want to play this game...

[Yeah, I don't get it either. Best idea is to contact the Atom site and ask them to fix it: [email protected] I already did, but it wouldn't hurt to have others contact them, too. -Jay]


Hey the game doesnt work it only shows video plz show me the game link

Alan Becker November 21, 2011 12:31 AM

It's me. Just to let you guys know, this was hard to make, so please be respectful

FrankRushman December 13, 2011 8:23 AM

hey guys , i really need your help..and it would be very thankful to those that help me... how to play this game as the animator or animations? i want to play it by myself!

drmacstudios December 20, 2011 10:57 PM

hello! when i press the link to the game the page pops up but nothing pops up only a littel of the page and a black screend add please help ^_^ reply on email [email protected] or youtube.com/drmac1231 ty


It's great and all but if there was a way to get out of the ms paint thing it would be
totaly awesome.


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