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Rounding Up PC Gaming Hardware Rumors for 2024

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Being a PC gamer has never been more enjoyable, given the variety of hardware and games available. While many gamers opt to play on one of the many outstanding consoles, PC gamers can access better graphics at more affordable prices than in the past. Whether you are seeking a higher framerate or better quality graphics, there are reasons to be excited about hardware launches in 2024 and beyond. Below is our rundown of the five most exciting PC gaming hardware rumors for the coming year.

1. Intel Arrow Lake
Hardware giant Intel is closing in on the launch of its 16th-generation computer processors. The company is calling this year's series the Arrow Lake CPUs, which will bring many benefits to gamers.
Whether you spend time playing casino games, Fortnite, or sports games, the Arrow Lake CPUs will enhance your hobby experience. They will bring DDR5 memory, improved networking features, and significant benchmark gains. If you ever noticed your CPU being a bottleneck to gaming performance, investing in the Arrow Lake CPUs and accompanying motherboards may be a wise investment for late 2024.

2. AMD 700 and Intel 800 Series
There are many rumors circling regarding the upcoming AMD 700 and Intel 800 Series computer chips. Intel will likely add a new LGA1851 socket with more pins, which will boost its PCIe 5.0 support. Gamers will now have access to the PCI 5.0 storage device and a graphics card without sharing or losing out on PCIe lanes.
One of the interesting upgrades from AMD is expected to come in the form of wider PCIe support. They will add WiFi 7 and 5 Gigabit wired networking, which is great news for online gamers. If you play multiplayer PC games or use your computer to connect to a VR headset, support for faster interest will vastly improve your gaming experience.


3. Nvidia RTX 4000 Super Series
With Nvidia already making a market splash in 2024 due to its high share price, market experts are still bullish on its future. The hardware giant is expected to push boundaries with the release of its new graphics cards, the RTX 4000 series.

Nvidia released Super versions of the existing RTX 4070, 4070 TI, and 4080 in 2024's first quarter. One of the most significant upgrades is to the 4070 Ti Super, which is expected to gain an extra 4GB of RAM. Any gamer who comes across a RAM-intensive game will find such a graphics card upgrade worthwhile.

4. AMD Radeon RX 8000
The graphics card division at AMD has made great strides in competing with Nvidia and other manufacturers. While the company does not try to challenge Nvidia on raw power, they tend to offer more value for money. Most of the graphics cards sold by AMD in the last few years provide a better ratio of performance to price, which can save PC gamers a lot of money.

If you are considering a graphics card update this year, the AMD Radeon RX 8000 Series will likely offer compelling products. There are rumors that the 8900 XTX will feature a mid-range price tag and compete with the current RX 7900 XTX graphics card. Given the latter launched at a high-end price, gamers can expect an even more affordable offering from AMD this year.


5. AMD Zen 5
AMD has emerged as a serious contender for Intel's title as the top provider of computer processors. The company has focused on improving the power efficiency and affordability of its low, mid, and high-end processors over the past few years, which has massively benefited PC gamers. The AMD Zen 5 is another step in making high-end computer gaming more accessible.

The Zen 5 will use a 4nm manufacturing process, bringing even more power efficiency to the table. Even though the architecture is new, AMD is expected to ensure its Zen 5 processors are compatible with Socket AM5 Motherboards. Gamers who already have a newer AMD-compatible motherboard are unlikely to need to purchase another one.

Gaming Performance and Efficiency Continue To Improve
Not only can gamers access higher frame rates and better graphics settings in modern titles, but they can also do so while using less energy. Graphics cards can produce better-quality images and use less power, remaining cooler when running at peak settings.

The investments companies are making in the tech industry due to the advent of AI, crypto, and augmented reality significantly benefit gamers. Even if you are not interested in crypto or AI, the improvements to graphics cards and computer processors will make your gaming hobby more enjoyable in the near future.

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