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Puzzler's Paradise

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Rating: 4.5/5 (33 votes)
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Puzzler's ParadiseRemember those word problems and logic puzzles from school? They probably weren't much fun back then when the fear of failure or a bad grade was hanging over your head. And yet there was still something fun and challenging about them, if only it weren't a forced activity.

Well now there is a site with lots of logic puzzles that you don't have to solve, complete with handy graphs and tables you can use to deduce your answers. Created and maintained by Shelly Hazard, Puzzler's Paradise is exactly as advertised, and chock full of puzzles to challenge you.

Logic puzzlesWhile there are many different types of puzzles offered on the main page, my favorite is the logic puzzles. Included with each logic puzzle is a Flash interface that makes it easy for you to check off the values you know to be either true, or false. Once you believe you have narrowed it down to a solution, simply fill out the table with your answers to see if you are correct.

Puzzler's Paradise is great wholesome fun for anyone to enjoy. Well, as long as you can read and understand English, I suppose. Click.


logic puzzles are awsome but i could never find a good site with them on it. great find.

Kelly Aline June 30, 2005 10:31 PM

I just wanted to say that you have a lovely site! A friend told me about one of the games (one of Ferry Halim's, I believe) and I eventually found your site. Not only are the games fun, but they don't usually register as "games," so I can play at work when there aren't any customers. Thanks for keeping me entertained during the lulls at the bank!


Thanks, Kelly Aline, and you're very welcome. =)

Stop by anytime.


Ooo, passphrase, that's clever. But a shame. Spam? Ugh. Who spams game sites? Anyway, I love this site. I used to buy loads of these magazines whenever I'm in England. Now I have an online source for free! Although they're easier to solve on paper, I think. But you can print them off, so that's good. Nice flash implementation though.

Colleen July 3, 2005 10:33 AM

It's like studying for the lsats all over again (though I have to admit that was my favorite section of the test)


Grant0 - sad as it is, before I implemented the passphrase I was getting hundreds of comment spam a day, mostly from online casinos and such. But now, not a one gets through - they are all blocked. Happy days are here again! =)

And I have been having a ball with these lately. I started at the top and have been working down the list. I'm to the one about the hats, and I'm stumped. There just doesn't seem to be enough clues given. That and the fact that the last names are the same as the hat color, oye.

Great puzzles though! Shelly should be commended.


I love logic puzzles! They're so hard to find, so thank you for this!


Jay - Make sure you read the story at the beginning of the hat puzzle.


Thanks, Chief. Even with knowing that the last names were *not* the same as the hat color, I still had trouble with that one. I did manage to solve it, but not without a little guesswork.

After having completed the first dozen appearing on the page, the Hats puzzle was definitely the most difficult so far.


Want a quick, easy one? Look for "Holiday Vacation."


I've always loved logic puzzles, and it's great to have a supply of them. Great find, jay (have I posted a thanks on this comments page already? I can't remember).

I've become obsessed with level editors lately (Lux maps) and was wondering if we might be able to write our own puzzles and submit them, but then I look back on the attempts I made to write paper-and-pencil logic puzzles and remember how incredibly hard I found it to arrange the hints in such a way that it's possible to work out without being too easy. So I guess it wouldn't really work if everyone could just waltz in and make one, but I do wonder if they take submissions on that site. I could try my hand at making a few and see if they'd be willing to publish them. Why am I going on and on about this on the comments page on Jayisgames? Probably because it's 1:45 AM and I've had a cold all weekend. Anyway, look for puzzles that mention kittens with high-powered assault rifles, if any of those show up on the site you'll know they're from me.


Hi guys i just would like to know how to solve the english pebs game, the sticks keeps on getting stuck and im being left out ending with two sticks... can you give me some advice about this? thanks


You guys are so awesome for this!

I've been trying to find a website with logic puzzles forever!

Am I the only one qho loved these even in school?


403 forbidden when i entered the site.


Ville Heikkinen -

Sorry to hear you are having a problem with their site. I just tried it and had no problem at all. You might want to clear out your cache and cookies and have another shot at it.


Jazz, looks like it was just a temporary problem... Thanks :) - vike91


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