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Min-Hero: Tower of Sages

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Rating: 4.7/5 (794 votes)
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Min-Hero: Tower of Sages

DoraIn real life, if you paint a pig with electric stripes and give it a flame thrower to battle against other pets with, you're asking to have your face blurred out on the evening news. In Toy Chest Games' Pokemon inspired turn-based RPG Min-Hero: Tower of Sages, however, that's just good clean fun. As a new initiate into the Tower of Sages, your goal is to battle your way to the top to prove you're worthy of training even the most powerful creatures... the titans. Each set of floors will grant you pieces of six seals you'll need to win to be the very best, like no one ever was, so grab your freaky leafy snake thinger and your weirdo Vader beetle dude and get cracking.

Min-Hero: Tower of SagesMove around with [WASD] or the [arrow] keys, and interact with the [spacebar]. Hit the menu button in the bottom-right corner to bring up options to save, check your status, and assign the stars you win to upgrade your pets. When you enter into a minion throw-down with another character, the format is pretty familiar... the team that knocks out all the other's minions is the winner. Minions come in all shapes and sizes, and the elements they and their attacks are based on determine what they're weak or strong against. While the red bar is each minion's health, the blue bar represents their energy, and since each attack uses a certain amount of energy, you need to give careful thought to the attacks you're using, and who you're going up against. Once you've beaten a character, you can just talk to them again to replay the battle for more sweet, sweet experience points.

Min-Hero: Tower of SagesOf course, as minions battle, they level up and become stronger, and you'll gain skill points you can spend on learning different attacks and abilities from time to time. The first time you get a skill point, the path you place it in for a minion determines what skill tree they'll follow, and each one has its own unique powers. Don't worry, you can reset skill points at any time if you'd like to change. You can spend any cash you earn on gems you can attach to whatever minion you like to increase their stats. And, of course, as the level up, they can evolve into more powerful creatures. After defeating each floor's boss and gaining a piece of a seal, you'll get a key to the hatchery which allows you to pick from rows of eggs to gain a new minion. Since you don't know which creature might be in an egg, make sure to save beforehand if you want to try again.

Min-Hero isn't so much story-lite as it is story-non-existent, with a strictly linear path that means gameplay focuses solely on fighting and strategy. Which, as it happens, are quite solid and enjoyable indeed for a casual little game like this. It's the sort of game Though it would have been nice if the minions had had more depth and story to them, the wide variety and gorgeous overall design of them helps keep you playing to find out what comes next. It really makes you want an expanded version that features some actual adventuring and choice, but thankfully the combat that makes up the meat and potatoes of the game (as well as the dessert and after dinner mint) is up to the task in a way that makes it perfect for the casual gamer looking for something to satisfy that "gotta train 'em all into terrifying war machines" itch.

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chipmunk July 11, 2013 1:31 PM

Apparently going back to a level you've already completed resets the level, and you have to get all the keys again to unlock the door?


Well, this sucks... I can't exit out of my Chirpa's specialization menu and pressing "return" opens the other menus under it


Sorry to hear you guys are experiencing bugs! Please remember that posting your operating system and browser help developers find and fix those issues. :) Otherwise they have nothing to go on.

emily79965 July 11, 2013 3:12 PM

This game is awesome! I loved playing it. One thing though. When I tried to forfeit a battle one time the whole game just froze and I lost some of save data. I'm using Windows 8 and my web browser is Internet Explorer.

emily79965 July 11, 2013 3:19 PM

Also, one other thing. (Just a suggestion) It would be nice if we could customize our characters a little more. (Hair color, eye color, outfit, etc.) It would also be really cool if there was some sort of multiplayer mode where we could battle other people's minions.


Holy addictive. It smells like Pok�-clone, but it's super ... effective? I dig the art despite that. (Whoever did the backgrounds went all out.) However, I'm starting to get freezes, where it won't switch to the battle mode. So save early and often -- also lost some data, but nothing too annoying. The key/old door thing is kind of odd, though.

Highly replayable. Needs to have a way to save the same game (at different stages) to multiple slots, unless I missed that. I could not seem to save and re-do hatching, for one.

Have urge for this and Castaway to combine in some animated magic sequence.

ToychestGames July 11, 2013 8:41 PM

Thanks everyone for the comments!

@chipmunk That's by design, otherwise you could get unlimited minions :)

@Gabe Puratekuta Try refreshing the page, that should fix it. Please let me know if it doesn't!

@emily79965 We're super glad you're enjoying it!! :) Does the freeze happen every time? Also, those are great ideas! Might be pretty cool in a sequel :)

@Shudog "Holy addictive. It smells like Pok�-clone, but it's super ... effective?" Made me laugh pretty hard! :) Could you give me some more details as to when in the game it's freezing(what floor and trainer, is it consistent and what browser/OS/flash version you have) Also, the being able to save in different slots is a cool idea!

Thanks so much guys!


Whew, the game has now gone full-stop. I'm on WinXP with the latest Flash. Besides the occasional freezing when it shifts from the student screen to battle (usually when replaying, if that helps)*, the game returns from battle and then totally forgets which background is supposed to be loaded. (spoiler for length)

E.g. she's supposed to be in the hallway, and she's still in the room. I've been able to blindly navigate her out and back to the actual room... until now.

I just saved while my girl was stuck thusly, and now she's permanently stuck in the wall (and the black space around the screen.) I've reloaded, both in the game, and with the browser, cleared cache, etc., and game data believes she's literally off the map. Since the wall is a border, she can't cross it at all.

It's doing this too many times for me to really list out levels. It's... a lot. About 2-3 times for each seal section.

* = at one point, the battle was clearly going on while I was still in the tower environment. But after that one time, it just froze.

Another bug is when there's a field boost that supplies a new minion after losing your own, those minions may or may not be visible while they move. Effects done to them are visible, but they and their buff/status boxes are invisible. They'll flicker in and out randomly. A bit disconcerting if one's trying to target them.

You also have the lighting effect in the center of the battlefield failing to move during earthquake attacks. It looked like an after-image effect at first but after a few times it didn't look right.

Oh, and 'attack' in the multicolored stats/powerup is missing a T.

It all seems like the same bug, if that makes sense. Like some image isn't bundled with the file it belongs with, like some weird inertia.

Sooooo... quite sadly my game is now over. I'm unlikely to come back to it, to be honest.


Oops -- Firefox 22.

(Heya JiG... if you were to do a funky fancy update, it would be cool to include a profile field to write in our default system info, so's we don't have to keep repeating it for every comment. Just a wee lightbulb.)


Mostly good game, or at least as you'd expect from a pok�clone. My only complaint is that Chirpla is unbearably bad. Its HP is so low that it would get knocked out immediately unless it had the shield on it, and only make it harder to get 3 stars for everything


@ Shudog: good idea! We will see how to do that!
I wanted to thank Brett from ToychestGames for his answers. I'm sure he will be able to fix the bugs. This game is really a top game!

chipmunk July 12, 2013 3:15 PM

@ToychestGames, when I played through the same level a second time, I did get another minion. Is that what is supposed to happen, or no?

The guy who stores your excess minions, gives you a nice interface where you can easily click between minions and compare their stats. I found it much more convenient than the interface in the menu.

I am enjoying this game a lot. I like how the different minions have different sets of abilities under the same specialties.


I've reached hard mode after defeating all of the levels on normal, but after completing the first level on hard mode, no other levels are unlocked, thus halting my progress.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Great game! One big glitch, though:

I've reached hard mode after beating all of the levels, but after defeating the first level on hard mode, no higher levels are unlocked, thus halting my progress.

Has anyone else encountered this? Am I missing something?

diabolicalqueeness July 12, 2013 8:09 PM

I reached the level 3 boss, and after I finished the battle, my character can't stop walking forward (W). I tapped W (and up arrow) multiple times but it still didn't stop moving forward. Hopefully someone looks into this. =)

hamfist July 12, 2013 9:28 PM

Here's a pretty serious bug, and if it matters, I am using the latest version of Google Chrome.

My top creature slowly and oddly migrated towards the right side of the screen as the game progressed, making it virtually unusable, as you can see. �I cannot access � several of the creatures abilities. Here's a screenshot. The red circle is the original point that my creature was at.


ToychestGames July 13, 2013 12:04 AM

Thanks again guys for all the comments!

@shudog Thanks for the detailed bug report! It's kinda crazy, but it almost seems like you have an old build. The glitch with the attack only having one t, you're talking about the orange bar in the minions stats right? Because it has two t's when I play it. But that was a glitch at one point and time.

@Justin Eberlein Thanks for checking out the game! Chirpla is actually one of my personal favorites (when I play through if I get a Chirpla I keep it until the end of the game), I spec flurry and the put speed gems on Chirpla. So beefy!

@Jeff Thanks! We're excited to have the game on JiG!

@chipmunk Thanks so much!! We're really glad you're enjoying it! Yep you are supposed to get another minion, that way you can collect them all :)

@bpsp Yikes! I hope that's not happening to everyone, maybe try refreshing the page or beating the floor again? Any other info you have for this one would be much appreciated!

@hamfist Thanks for letting us know and for the screenshot! That's a big help!

e.skinner8069 July 13, 2013 9:47 AM

Hard mode is the same for me. I even got 18/18 starts and the only level that shows up is the first one.


@Toychest games: I can confirm that the 'minion drifting to the right' problem is because of the Destabilize move. It also happens with Blazbar.


A new version of the game will be available within two days!
This version should fix most of the bugs.


1) Just experienced strange glitch: after long fight with summoning totems presented on background (with recently brought minions not showing correctly unless attacked), I found that whole game become devoid of "normal" tables, which got displayed as empty space. WinXP, yes.
2) Did anyone noticed, that portraits of evolved minons regress back to �younger� versions when list is coming to\from screen ?
3) ...That, and by the way - is there any sort of same-type attack bonus in Tower of Sages ?


Two more questions, it seems:
1) What is required from Cobrapent to grow into Quickapent ? Got it to level 60 (max) with no luck.
2) Is there actually no grow potential for Ant-8r ?


Tried to resume a saved game today. The dungeon loaded, but my avatar was missing. I seem to be able to move (the dungeon scrolls), but not able to leave the room. Windows XP, Google Chrome, Flash version 11,8,800,97.


I've got all the minions but Destroslime. My Gigaslime didn't evolved and it is in the max level


2Dios: care to post whole listing eventually ?


Great game except I also can't play higher levels in Hard Mode. I collected all the stars in normal mode and finished level 1-1 in hard mode but 1-2 did not become available.

All other bugs, right moving minion, missing avatar, walking backwards, freezing gem screen can be solved by saving & returning to the lobby and refreshing the browser but this level problem seems to be permanent.

Win7 Home Premium SP1, Google Chrome 28.0.1500.72 m, Flash Player 11.8.800.97.


The previous link is broken. In this one you can watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TXx-vG4o_Y

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmLth5Q8-qNrW9GFfvReCL6vsoGcIJTeSA July 20, 2013 11:57 PM

I came here to confirm the Gigaslime growth problem (level 30 to 60, no growth)

and the Hard Mode problem, despite having all other minions and all the stars and everything I can get.

Presumably the restricted area in the lobby

is accessed from owning all the minions?
Which can't be done without Destructaslime.

So, though this was a fun game, I guess I'm done (at least until these issues are addressed)

098qwer July 26, 2013 2:40 AM

the hard mode problem already solve,i can proceed to above level 1-1,in hard mode..

but today,this game at Jayisgame, is down, "movie not loaded" ! this game cant load! Jayisgame please solve this.

bluegriffin18 July 30, 2013 2:13 AM

Good game, but I really hate how some battles almost force you to forfeit your build to beat them like the "speed challenges". I ended up with a good group of minions and then got stuck. Changing the skill trees didn't help so I ended up having to get a much lower level minion that had a type advantage and level him up only to have to level the left behind guy later once i beat that person.

Abolishment July 30, 2013 3:10 AM

(To the creator/developer)

I'll start by giving all due credit. You did an amazing job with this game as I could not put it down for three days straight. Now that I've finished hard mode and obtained all stars I'd like to discuss a few points of the game.

1. Invulnerability fights. These are far too random. I understand that their goal is to offer a different tactical approach to the fight and to add a bit of difficulty, but they are too random and they can be restarted until they are in favor of your team. Thus they just end up being annoying and a bit frustrating.

2. Talent accessibility. The majority of really good minions have access to multiple stat scaling talents. Often times these minions have high base stats that make the scaling talents just fantastic and it feels good to spend your points on these. The problem is that many minions with lower base stats are also paired with talents trees that make scaling multiple stats just not efficient or even possible. If the talents were made more accessible to these lower base stat minions and for fewer points you could make many more of these minions just as viable as the current high tier ones.

3. Gems. Personally, I find the random factor of these gems to be supremely frustrating. When a stat on a level 6 gem exceeds that of a level 9, I find myself not wanting to deal with these at all.

4. Rexathor. He has no talent to augment Prehistoric Bite. Nothing says Prehistoric Bite to me quite like a tyrannosaurus.

Other than a handful of Gem glitches (being unable to click 'buy', having level 1-4 gems show up after I've beaten everything on hard, and the strange combination habits), it was a really fun game. I look forward to the next update if there is one.


My Hints:

1) Using the Cheat Engine is a really good idea to increase the SPEED of the game by about 3x. This really cuts down on the lag of the animations and walking time.

2) You can REPLAY any level to get a new hatchery pick. Don't replay specific battles...replay the whole level. Each one has multiple minions you can get. It also helps keep up with the XP curve.

3) SAVE before picking minion when replaying, click once, and RELOAD game (with 3x speed being really helpful) and pick different egg to get a different minion. You don't wanna get lots of the same minion over and over.

4) At floor 1-4, replay this one until you get TWO of the baby TRexs. These guys are TOP TIER. One can get Group Attack buff and use the 150dmg attk, one Group Defense buff with the 90 dmg attk. They also grow twice and have great passives and stats.

5) The TreMole is a strong candidate early on, with tons of health and survival and a Taunt to keep enemies from 1 shotting your other minions. His area-effect destabilize is really strong early on too and debuffs enemy speed. Other minions with Destabilize are really solid midgame too like Blazebar and your Tiger you start with. (however it falls off endgame)

6) By midgame, look for someone with Group Agility buff. (youve got attk/def covered). So far, the Cheetah seems to be the best candidate.

7) Group Mirror buff is nice too. The Bull-looking thing is decent, but his attacks are so weak... Im looking for better candidate.

8) Keep a lookout for the DomiSteam. Hes is OP as heck! Has a 125 dmg attack that hits 3 dudes called Deaths Call. along with other decent attacks. Super fast, good stats too.

keithofc August 6, 2013 1:34 PM

Okay, I'm stuck. I can't find 083 and 089 from the Minion-pedia. I don't even know what I'm looking for. Can anyone tell me what floor to find them?

ToychestGames August 8, 2013 5:32 PM

Hey guys! Thanks for all the comments!

e.skinner8069 You'll need to repeat the first hard mode level in order for it to unlock

Victoria Guevara There is a same type attack bonus, I don't remember exactly what it is, but I think it was 10%, not sure what happened with your Cobrapent. But getting another one should fix that if you are trying to get all the minions. Also, there is no evolve potentional for Ant-8r.

m8r Do a save and return to lobby

Dios Todopoderoso You'll need a new slime, but that glitch is fixed now

WinZIP You'll need to rebeat the first hardmode floor, that should be fixed now

Abolishment Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback, a lot of really good points in there :)

joe1512 Thanks for posting those hints!

keithofc After you've seen them in battle the minion-pedia should tel you what floor they are on


ive become addicted to this game but i have got some questions for people who have really mastered this game already...

1. whats the secret to beating hard-mode? im struggling in every fight and im not sure if its because of my minion choice or skill trees or luck.

2. what are you favourite minions? do you have a minion set up that just seems to own 80% + of battles?

3. what do you look for in the gems, do you stack gems on all your minions or do you just use them in battles when you need them?

4. is the section on the right hand side of the main lobby accessible? im so eager to know how to unlock it and whats in there!!!

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmLth5Q8-qNrW9GFfvReCL6vsoGcIJTeSA August 10, 2013 12:43 AM

The Hard Mode bug is still there for me.
Using Chrome.
I did a hard reset (ctrl-shift-r) and still have trouble.



I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who got stuck in hard mode. I finished level 1-1 but then couldn't advance further, the same happen when my friend tried it on her computer.
I played it on chrome, I have no idea what my friend played it on.


penfold, I think the solution is to avoid Gimmicky builds. A big Area Effect team loses in fights with lots of invuln bubbles. A turbo-speed and big nuke team loses to a heavy mirror-image team.
Super tanky team loses to healing.

By the time you get to hard, you should have TWO titans, simply by saying Yes to look at their other games. I have both titans in my team.
My team has:

TREX - group Attack buff, with Desperate Attack as the main spell. It 1 shots just about anything.

TREX2 - group Health buff. 90 dmg Ravage is the main attack.

Cheetah - group SPEED buff. 90 dmg ravage.

Taunter - I use a Titan for this. Taunt helps ensure my guys don't get 1-shotted by super-speed enemies. Also hozes area attack spells. hes got

Ideally a group mirror image buff guy would be good. The Bull thing is ok, but his offense is rather lacking.
So I went with Titan #2, who has good balanced stats and strong nukes.
The DomiSteam would work too with his huge 3x 125 dmg attack.

make sure you don't forget Gems. Every time you reload the game, buy more gems. Dont be too discerning.
Then use the Combiner guy to get 50% more value out of them.
i.e. 2 20 Atk and 1 20 energy gem turns into a +20 attack, 10 energy multigem.

Use Energy gems only on the guys that are actually energy-limited such as Domisteam or whoever uses the WaterJet and other expensive attacks. Everyone else should use Attack, Health mostly.
Speed gems can also help you optimize attack order. I give speedup to my titan with the Area Attack (Tectonic one that slows enemies), so he can do the big AoE dmg first and slow enemies. Then my 1-target attackers can finish off the wounded.

Finally, make sure you have the evolved version of all minions. Dont get a level 50 tiny trex and use him! Get the low/med level one which will level up super fast and evolve to the big Trex.

Oh... make sure to allocate your STARS evenly between Attack, Speed, Health, etc. DONT keep em on +XP once your minions hit 60!! Also, dont dump it all into 1 thing...spreading it around is more efficient.

Make sure you have full Stars on EASY mode. When you replay a floor, it keeps the LATEST stats, not the best stats.


there is a min hero wikia created, having your knowledge would be very beneficial to me and some others trying to achieve that goal, if you would like to share your information, go over to the wikia and sign up, give me a shout over there if you like =)
Thanks for your input though, ive not used gems yet (to try and clear as much without relying on them but i think now is the time)


Hey if you're reading... I'm still having trouble on the latest Flash with objects that get stuck on the screen. Somehow I chose an egg, and then the whole game *hiccuped*, and the image of the minion was stuck on the screen. Even after I chose another egg. So now, this minion's picture is in the middle of the screen, even after multiple re-starts. Yes, following me around. No matter where I go. Layered on top of everything else. The only place I'm free of it is in the tower level menu. Soooooo again the game is unplayable because of an imaging issue.

The dumbest part is I don't even have that minion in my stable.

I truly want to play this game, but I don't have the hours to invest to restart just because the aesthetic elements aren't bug-free. I mean.... it's a pop-up that won't close, and it's *saved* that way. By contrast, any similar issues I've had on other Flash files go away with a reload.

And yes, I checked the earlier save file, and it still has exactly the same stuck-in-the-wall bug.

Also: for heaven's sake, the Sage of Knowledge can't be confusing "your" and "you're"! Seriously? And it's spelled "truly". There's no e. I mean, you may have to go through it with a fine-toothed comb, but these aren't just spots on your very shiny apples. This is salt in the apple pie.

starbeamrainbowlabs October 1, 2013 2:51 AM

It seems as if some of the opponents moves very over powered - they took out 2 of my minions who were at full health on 2 moves (next to each other)!


This game is much like Pokemon wearing a Zelda costume. I found it very disappointing and unrewarding to play. The beautiful scenery and elaborate artwork is undermined by its pointlessness.

The intermittent use of the mouse (to click OK or something equally banal) interrupts game flow and immersion. There is excessive moving around for what is basically a streamlined fight-win-upgrade-ad-infinitum forumla.

Unlike Zelda & Pokemon, there is no charm to the story and no secrets or non-linear options. For all the effort that obviously went into this game I feel it really missed its mark.

Rayo--Sky July 16, 2019 12:47 AM

It is already 2019 and I played this game in 2014 I still like it a lot, because it becomes addictive, maybe you do not answer but I would like you to return to the game and improve it because if you have a better story and a little better graphics this game could be very good for those who want a short game, I read the reviews and almost everyone liked the context please come back, I do not expect answers but I hope you read it :")


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