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Me and the Key 3

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Me and the Key 3

elleMingle together a few dapper penguins, Bart Bonte's creative ingenuity, and a continually elusive key and you'll wind up with Me and the Key 3, a point-and-click puzzle game made to unlock endless smiles, or at least 25 not-altogether-too-easy levels' worth of fun. If you know anything about Bonte, you know he has a way of taking a simple idea and turning it into gratifyingly addictive gameplay. In this case, the simple part is clicking on the key, the tricky part is solving the brainteasers that keep it hidden from view. For that, you need to poke around and experiment with what you see, figuring out how to reveal that coveted gold object. While most the time you'll just click, there are other times keyboard controls are needed. Despite initial appearances, there are quite a few head-scratchers below the surface. So, if at first you balk, "Aw, too simple," just keep going. Moreover, the charm and personality you've come to love in Me and the Key 1 and 2 is just as abundant the third time around, marking the ongoing quest for the key as one that will never grow old.

Play Me and the Key 3

Walkthrough Guide

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Walkthrough for Me and the Key 3

    • Click the penguin three times until a second penguin is fully out of the water.

    • Get the KEY from around penguin 2's neck.

    • Click the left penguin, then the right penguin, then the left penguin again.

    • Get the KEY from the newly emerged third penguin.

    • Click on each of the three penguin faces as they pop up into view to make them stay on scene.

    • Get the KEY from the fourth penguin who pops up last.

    • Click each penguin from left to right in this order:

      • 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4

    • Get the KEY from the 5th penguin.

    • Click on each penguin to change the words above until you've spelled out the correct sentence:


    • After the sixth pops up, get the KEY.

    • Move the penguin in the water toward the orange circle outline.

    • Use the penguins in the upper right corner of the scene to control the submerged guy's movements...

      • ----Up----

    • Then get the KEY when he rises out of the water.

    • Using the penguins on the ice floats, make the other five penguins rise up out of the water until all have emerged.

      • The left penguin makes the other penguins rise up.

      • The right penguin changes which penguin is affected by the left penguin's actions.

    • Get the KEY from the eighth penguin.

    • Use the [arrow keys] on your keyboard to control the two penguins in the water.

    • Move both penguin into each of the orange circle outlines.

      • The penguins have to both be in a separate circle at the same time.

      • Since the penguins move in sync, you'll have to find a way to line them up and space them out into the correct formation, then move them together into the circles.

      • First move the penguins all the way to the right wall, then move them up (one will stay trapped in the alcove), then move them all the way to the left wall until they're lined up, then move right until both are in the circles.

    • Get the KEY.

    • Spot the differences between the left and right sides of the screen:

    • Screenshot: Level 9 Solution

    • When you've found all nine, take the key from the tenth penguin.

    • Ten penguins on an ice flow, surrounded by sharks. One tells you what to do...

    • Drag up each shark until you find the KEY.

    • Take the KEY from the shark's mouth (quickly!)

    • Once again you need to use [arrows] on your keyboard to move the submerged penguin to the orange outline circle. But, this time you also want to avoid the sharks who get in the way.

      • The sharks move in a set circle pattern one square for every square the penguin moves. So negotiate how you move your penguin accordingly.

      • One of the possible solutions:

        from the start, move all the way to the top (5 UPs), then move RIGHT 3 spaces (the top of two vertically aligned sharks will be right next to you), then DOWN 1x, then UP 1x, RIGHT 1x, Down x2, Right 1, UP x2, RIGHT x3

    • Get the KEY from the penguin after he pops up from the water.

    • Move the cursor around the screen until the twelve penguins form into a wide circle (as in a clock).

    • From the start, move your cursor up and then to the left slightly.

    • Get the KEY from the 13th penguin.

    • Out of all the penguins on the ice flow, the front three will control the movements of the penguin in the water.

      • The left and middle penguins will move him either toward or away from the center flow.

      • The right penguin moves him in a counterclockwise direction.

    • Line up the penguin so that, as he moves around the center, he will end up in the orange outline circle.

    • There's many ways to accomplish the goal, but here's one:
      From the starting position, click left twice, then continually click the penguin on the right until the submerged guy gets into the circle.

    • Get the KEY.

    • Using the [arrow] keys on your keyboard, maneuver the two submerged penguins until each is in a separate orange outline circle.

      • Move all the way to the RIGHT, then UP until one penguin is along the upper wall, then RIGHT, then DOWN until the lower penguin is in the bottom-right circle, then send the top penguin LEFT to the other circle.

    • Get the KEY.

    • This is a sort of memory game with a spot-the-difference twist (or is it a spot-the-difference game with a memory twist?).

      • Click the first penguin on the screen, then the second, then the third...and so on. As more penguins appear, it gets a bit more tricky. Just keep clicking the newest penguin until the one with the key pops up.

      • If you click the wrong one, you'll need to start over.

      • Screenshot: Level 15 Solution

    • Take the KEY from the last penguin.

    • Move your cursor around the screen until you get the penquins aligned in a 4x4 grid.

    • Screenshot: Level 16 Solution

    • When all 16 are in perfect formation, the 17th penguin will pop up in the center of the screen: get the KEY.

    • Move the submerged penguin to the orange outline circle while avoiding the sharks in the water.

      • Use the four penguins in the upper left corner as your directional arrows.

      • For each movement your water-bound penguin makes, directional penguins will shift positions, so you'll be challenged to keep track of which-is-which (very tricky, Barte Bonte!)

      • SOLUTION:

        For this solution, start at the beginning and nevermind who has rotated where; click the penguins in this order:

    • When the penguin reaches the circle safely, he'll rise out of the water: get the KEY.

    • Click on a penguin, and the scene will shift. Keep clicking on penguins until the penguin with the KEY comes into view.

    • Using the [arrows] on your keyboard, move the swimming penguin to the orange circle while avoiding the sharks.

      • For each movement the penguin makes, the five sharks will also move in a seemingly random pattern. Learn their pattern to anticipate their moves and plan your next move accordingly.

      • If a shark gets you, the level will reset so you can start over.

      • SOLUTION:


      • Get the KEY when the penguin pops up out of the water.

    • Click and click and click and click. What, nothing happens?

    • Click on and drag the iceberg to the left. There's the penguin with the key, way out in the horizon!

    • Three penguins in the water each have to be in a separate circle before they'll pop up and reveal the key.

    • Use the [arrow] keys to move them about on the screen.

    • It'd be pretty simple, but there's a little catch (or glitch?):

      • Every now and then, one of the penguins will freeze in place and join up with another penguin. This seems to happen randomly.

      • You'll have to move to separate the penguins then keep going toward your goal.

    • When all are aligned properly with their circles, get the KEY from the penguin in the upper right corner of the pool.

    If anyone can explain the solution to this level, please share in the comments section. Thank you!!!

    • Each ice flow has a letter on it: rearrange the letters to spell out the correct phrase:


    • Clicking each penguin will switch the positions of the two letters directly in front of him.

    • I've found the easiest way to solve this is to spell backwards, from the last two "e" in "three" all the way to the "t" in "the".

    Note: if you pause in the middle of this level, when you come back to it, the letters should still be where you last left them.

    • Use the [arrows] to move each penguin simultaneously into a separate circle.

    • From the start, go:

      • Right 2x, Down 1, Right 1, Down 1, Left 1, Up 2, Right 1, Down 2, Left 8x, Right 4x.

    • Click on the lowest shark on the screen until you move all the way down to the floor of the ocean.

    • In the bottom-right corner is the key, use your cursor to "float" the KEY up to the surface.

    • When you reach the top edge of the screen, click the highest shark to continue moving upwards.

    • When the key gets to the surface, a penguin will grab it and open the door to their iceberg.

    Congratulations! You've finished Me and the Key 3!


The ending reminds me of

the thing that lights up when the Marlins hit a homer at home.


Elle said it all in the review. The game is just guaranteed to put a smile on your face =)


Bahahaha, loved the ending XD


I've been waiting for help on level 17. Thanks, elle!

[You're very welcome, ray9na! :) -elle]


I love his games :3
Bart seems like a very nice man, he's very polite and helps you if you get stuck


That was easy. Although I lucked into the secret phrase, which I still don't understand.


Level 21 solution:

Run two of three penguins into the hallway left. Either up or down to arrow to keep the third in the main square. The run both of the two all the way left into the vertical hall of the tee. Run both penguins all the way up or down so they become closer (if not the second will exit again). Use the right arrow to park the first, then down (or up) to move the second to it's spot. Placing the third is then trivial.

andr01d April 8, 2017 9:14 AM

Very fun game in this series. Most levels are pretty fresh and imaginative, and puzzles don't repeat too much. Figuring out the solution to each level keeps the interest. Adorable and simple graphics. The "matching" level is especially brilliant. Just the right length - doesn't leave you angrily wanting more and stops just before it gets old. Only real complaint is that the ending animation is awful.


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