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Link Dump Friday №29

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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBAfter months of distressingly rainless weather, people in my corner of the world started taking drastic measures to encourage the magic sky-water to fall. Letters to the clouds tied to balloons didn't work, nor did the gigantic sponge we kept tossing into the sky. I tried doing the rain dance several times (some might call it the "Macarena"), but even my powers of dance couldn't make it happen. Finally, early this morning I heard the sweet sound of rain falling from the sky. Somehow this magical collection of Link Dump Friday games encouraged the clouds to release their water. As you work your way down the list, keep an eye out for strange events such as birds falling from the sky, strangers on the street offering you large sums of money, or finding a really good coupon in the newspaper.

  • Glacier Racer - A short but visually stunning racing game where you play a penguin on ice skates — in 3D!!! Jump and slide to collect Santa's missing presents while drinking in the absolutely gorgeous scenery. Oh, and try not to say "Glacier Racier".
  • Clix - Like a tangram puzzle, but with shapes made from squares instead of triangles. If you enjoyed Phit, you may like this one, too.
  • Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 - Like Guitar Hero and Frets on Fire? There's a good chance you'll like Shinki's Flash interpretation of the game. You won't find Aerosmith, fancy graphics or plastic controllers here. All you need is a keyboard and both hands and you'll rock the stickman all night long.
  • Sproing - Whip around the ball to destroy the enemies. Your ball must be moving quick enough to do damage to destroy!
  • Hostility Battle Garden - A remarkably good-looking first person shooter that lets you wield two weapons for twice the carnage. Unfortunately it's a bit repetitive, but pretty to look at and fun for a few minutes.
  • Flu Fighters - A fun little diversion by the author of Eater of Worlds. Swim around the body eating bacteria to defend the four organs. Scroll down a bit to find the game.


The glacier racer thingy is actually quite fun. It's fun to try to get a fast time and the dynamics are nicely done. It's entertaining for a while


nooo - flu is a virus not bacteria!


Yay! Link dump Friday!! Oh, how I love thee, link dump.

I really like Glacier Racer - heck, I like anything with penguins!


Sproing is cool! Funky music too.

Pidgeon is right though: It's called the flu virus because it's a virus. Not a bacteria.
Of course, once the virus compromises your immune system, you could get a secondary bacterial infection. Maybe that's what you're eating.
That Flu Fighters kinda sucks though.


oh! I love sproing! I adore games like that. Boomshine, echoes, mono, and now sproing!


I really liked Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 (what a huge name anyway), especially the music "Please", from the Pro mode. I am dowloading it while I write this.


Awesome, the game I recommended (Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2)got in! So far, I've gotten Gold in Hollywise and This Way , Bronze on The Quest of Your Life, and nothing on the last 2 Amature songs. The others I've gotten silver. I havent gotten any other awards for the pro song though. And a warning, after a while, the game tends to get laggy. but your progress is saved, so thats good.


Hey Exxon, thanks for recommending Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2, I really like it. I'm now trying to improve my scores on Amateur, which are:

Absolutely nothing =D

Ok, I was kidding. They are:
Hollywise: Perfect
This Way: Perfect
Truth Or Dare: Perfect
The Quest Of Your Life: Perfect
Super Mario World: Gold
Legend Of Zelda Rockin': Gold
My Heart Up Your Ass: Perfect
SWiTCH vs Evil-Dog: Gold
And also a Gold at Please, on Pro mode. But I still have a lot to do.
For people who are playing this game, remember: practice makes perfect (I have Guitar Hero I, II and III, and I've cleared them all with at least 4 stars in each music, in every difficulty level. But it took me more than a year...).


Sooooo close to perfect on hollywise! And then it lags and ONE note skips past the zone where you can hit it! ONE!


I'm surprised that all of you find the synching problems on Guitar acceptable. I find that very quickly the game turns into something that might as well be played muted, at which point it's just a typing exercise.


Is it just me or is the third guitar avaliable (the one that you get from medaling all the lower tier levels) have a bigger zone for you to hit in?


AP - the synching problems you experienced may be due to the computer you're playing on, and may not be experienced by everyone.

The game ran super smooth on my Mac Pro, though since it's a relatively new computer, it's probably a bit faster than the average computer out there.


Synching problems? I found none whatsoever, must be your computer, Do you have the latest flash and everything?

Anyways: I'm really frustrated with the pro level songs... it seems that when I think I press a button, it doesn't register...Waaaaaay too many buttons for me... so far


And now I'm starting to get annoyed by the 'Select a song' stuff... I KNOW what to do! I've done it 50 times now!


Got a Perfect on every song from Amateur, it's quite easy after you play the same music fifteen times. Now I've got 3 Perfects at Pro, and it seems I already have something to do the next two weeks... By the way, the Downgrade guitar is really cool, my favorite so far. It's fun to literally "nail" the notes!


Run'n'Gun is EVIL!


i cant find the the link for flu fighters! (on it's own website)


I believe it's on the same page ;)


does anyone know what the 3rd wepon is???


I must say, I keep coming back to Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2... loads of fun. Review worthy?


I just unlocked the FINAL GUITAR!
Oh yeah!
SCMD... it looks like one of the fancier Kingdom Heart keys... Sorta like a fancy 'U' with a pike through it...

And when you hit notes, stars fly out.

Anyways, the final song I perfect'd to get it was Rough Note... and I used the Downgrade guitar XD
Now to up my three bronzes, silver, and gold :) (two bronzes I just didn't really try too hard... I rather dislike Gun'n'run... so it'll be the last one I do, probabally)


Dear Jay,

I've been a long time JIG fan and I was wondering, could you please have all your link dump friday games to have a small thumbnail graphic with them. It's so easy to gloss over these games cause they don't have an image.


[Edit: It's an excellent suggestion, Mongo, and I've even thought that myself at times. I'll see what we can do to add an icon sometime soon. :) -Jay]

ROCCA ROCKA November 23, 2007 7:48 AM

I have 21 Award Points and for some reason to unlock the first guitar you need 8 Award Points on Amateur and I did that so is that a glitch or what


Well, this is weird. I've unlocked the 6th song on amature (the zelda one) and for some reason the game won't let me select it. It no longer says that it's locked, but if I click on it, nothing happens. Anyone have any advice?


Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

I didnt miss a sing note on LEGEND OF ZELDA on amature, and I keep getting a score of 11241, but its still not giving me the perfect award...

I Watched someone play it on youtube and they got the exact same score as me, and didnt miss a note and they didnt get perfect eaither.

Anyone know why?


what is the score to get a Gold on Heart up your arse in SCGMD2?


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