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Rating: 4.2/5 (74 votes)
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Lori.hIn this creepy and unsettling world known as The Womb, where you find yourself performing a series of dangerous tests for unseen watchers, it's interesting that you're called a 'weapon' when all you can really do is run and change gravity in the beginning. Lacking the very important ability to jump, you must pass the tests by changing the pull of gravity in Gabriel Robertson's platform puzzler adventure. Inversia is a high difficulty action filled game where you must dodge enemies, fly over spikes and find the way out of the level only to face a new and harder challenge. Things are ever changing with every room having a new twist, a new trick, and a new challenge for you to try and overcome. You can play with whatever feels more comfortable, with your choice of the [WASD] or the [arrow] keys to move and either [Z] or [M] to switch gravitational pulls... but only when your feet are touching the ground. You'll need the security of these keys, because this game is going to test your reflexes and your stress meter even with the more comfortable hand position. Nothing comes easy in Inversia.

inversiaThe first thing you'll realize about Inversia is that the levels are long. Filled with rooms, some are more like mazes where you must survive long enough to collect the colored keys to get to the exit. Because the levels just keep getting longer and longer and the enemies more complex, you're going to have to make sure your computer is powerful enough to handle it, since any bit of lag is a game killer, though thankfully there is a GFX adjust button on the menu which does wonders for those with slower machines. Which is great, because this is one of the most innovative games I've played in a long time. Though the levels are lengthy, there was never a time I found myself bored with what was happening on screen. Everything is kept fresh enough that you'll be wishing for something similar so you can beat it easier. There are also boss battles that break up the gameplay, but everything is done so smoothly it all just flows. To top it all off, there is a mysterious and chilling storyline that keeps you pulled in. So even if you are dying over and over again, everything about this game will make you keep coming back and striving forward, again and again.

Play Inversia


This is an exceptionally well done game.

This is my second comment in jayisgames in 7 years as a regular visitor. I am compelled to write positively about the game Inversia.

This game is really good. I will not say its a new concept, but the way levels are designed and each level utilizes same basic principle in more and more novel way is truly amazing. I played for last 4 hours and reached level 14 where I said "Forget it, I am not doing a military training here". Levels are wonderfully wonderfully designed with elements of platform jumper, obstacle avoidance, maze solver, killing bosses without guns :) and a lot more.

Game isnt insanely hard, as in pricky about making minutest mistake but it get hard and hard. Gameplay is engaging for sure.
Kudos to developer for the game, graphics, music all without any glitch so far, only small issue is overheating of laptop.



Same as Maddy. Long time lurker. Have barely posted for the past 10 years or so, but I felt I had to say a good word on that game.

I spent 90'+ playing it and it felt awesome! Last level is quite hard though, but the game is very well balanced and worth the effort.


Yes nice little game, I wish I could remove that noise effect and some rooms are way too long and easy but it keeps me entertained for dozen minutes.

But I tend to like games with bad ratings :)

saviourv August 9, 2015 8:09 AM

Saviour-V teleports in...

Yellowman's encounter theme is "Scattered Wave" by Asura, from the Bonus Beats Blast 2011 album.

That "NO!" sample seems to have gotten lodged in my brain right now.

Saviour-V teleports out...

fuzzyface August 9, 2015 6:48 PM

I don't know, its sure one of those "frustration tolerance trainers".

I find it not that great and rather get suspious that oh so neutral long time lurkers suddendly feel the need to get out and praise oh so highly.

After level 9 and 10 the lag becomes unbearable, as in screen freezes for seconds and boom you are suddendly dead. even with low-quality SFX turned on and quality set to low in right-click menu.

I also cant understand why flipping is fixed to Z or M and cannot be changed, why oh heaven not space???

minstrelofmoria August 9, 2015 9:09 PM

I also noped out on level 14, when you have to flip back and forth on disintegrating platforms and grab all the collectibles within a strict time limit without getting fried by lasers. There's hard, and then there's just plain mean.


I don't know, try with chrome, for one I can play this game in 1920x1080 without a lag on firefox with a rather bad computer.

silent george August 10, 2015 11:03 AM

This is a really nice game with great flow and pace. I tend to like high difficulty twitch platformers, though. I thought the music was exceptionally cool in certain places, a Talking Heads vibe.

I didn't experience any lag, but I did fall out of one of those boxes that travels through the zapping bugs when I wasn't supposed to. I survived the level but could never finish it because I was presumably floating off in the ether someplace.

silent george August 10, 2015 11:10 AM

Oh, and I'm currently stuck at the top of the tower. Holy moly.


Wow, this was ridiculously hard and addicting at the same time. Great game.


Saviour-V teleports in...

Can anyone beat my current stats?

Time: 80:57.
Deaths: 245.
Flips: 2223.

Got a C when I first finished the game. Stage 19 (The Final Trial) got me quite a fair bit.

Actually, these were originally much higher, but you can replay stages to get better stats. With enough ingenuity, it IS possible to clear Stage 11 (Displacement) with 1 death and both keys. It requires a bit of careful flipping to get the red key, though.

Saviour-V bows, and teleports out..

Yor The Hunter August 13, 2015 10:51 AM

This is a fantastic game. It's a rare 5 star from me, not because it's a perfect game, but because it does what it does just so well! I felt the difficulty was appropriately ramped up from the beginning. I quit twice, but went back and finished with complete satisfaction.

silent george August 13, 2015 11:07 AM replied to saviourv

Gah, you're trying to suck me back into this game! It is truly addictive, and bettering your score is tantalizing. I finished with a C, but my stats were way worse than yours. How do you see your letter grade after you've finished? I'm currently at 231:19 (don't tell my boss), 1040 death, 7319 flip. Lots of early levels to go improve.

saviourv August 17, 2015 3:57 PM replied to silent george

Saviour-V teleports in...

Well, considering the ending isn't too much, after you finish the final level, you'll see 3 grades, indicating how well you did.

You can revisit stages in order to improve your overall grade, but there is no additional ending for better grades.

I spoke with the creator of the game himself (Gabriel Robertson), and apart from his wish to redevelop the game to have significantly less lag, he supplied me with the following useful information for "A"-rank grades (this is taken from the email he sent me, by the way):

Less than 1400 Flips: A
Less than 40 Deaths: A
Less than 45 Minutes: A

That's the requirements in a nutshell. Also, some levels tend to glitch up on some occasions, Level 17 (Monitor Labs) being the worst one of them. Sometimes turning off the GFX (after quitting and re-entering the stage) works. It is annoying whenever you get the upgrade you need, but can't progress because the door won't open.

Oh, and given the above requirements, that means that you are only allowed a maximum of TWO deaths for a stage. Expect some trouble in Levels 14-17, 19, and 20, unless you get pretty lucky in Level 20 on a replay and get through without a single death, like I did.

Good luck, either way. If you need some tips, I'll try to help out.

Saviour-V bows, before teleporting out...

saviourv August 17, 2015 4:17 PM replied to silent george

Saviour-V teleports back in for a moment...

If you want to challenge yourself further, aside from the maximum of 2 deaths, keep your flips to a maximum of 70, and your time per stage to a maximum of 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

You can get sloppy in some stages, though. And some stages will force you to break the maximum flip limit, so improvise whenever possible.

Good luck, again.

Saviour-V bows, and teleports out...


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