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How to Recruit a Friend in Destiny 2: The Complete Crossplay Guide

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Destiny 2 crossplay opens up social opportunities across platforms. This guide teaches you how to populate your in-game friends list with fellow Guardians on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Gamers interested in building or joining fireteams can use the Destiny 2 LFG game app GameTree, it has excellent features to match players based on platform, skill level, play style, and preferred game modes. Gamers can easily communicate to coordinate gaming sessions too. Learn to send and accept invites directly. Read tips on vetting new connections, managing game invites, and building ideal fireteams. Whether you want to lead an unstoppable clan or just play casually with buddies, we'll cover everything required to leverage Destiny 2's potential. Say goodbye to LFG gambles and embrace coordinated strikes, raids, and PvP with reliable comrades.



How to Find Gaming Friends
With Destiny 2's crossplay feature, you can connect with fellow Guardians across platforms to enhance your multiplayer experience. Here are some tips for finding reliable gaming friends:

Use Companion Apps and LFG Sites
Tools like the Destiny 2 Companion App and LFG sites let you browse player profiles and posts to find like-minded gamers. Search based on platform, age, time zone, playstyle, skill level, and preferred activities. Vet profiles thoroughly first before sending friend requests.

Friend Request Players In-Game
If you meet players in matchmaking that you work well with, send them a friend request afterward. Open the Roster tab, hover over their name, and select the plus icon. This lets you stay connected for future play sessions.

Active clans coordinate gameplay sessions, discuss strategies in chat, and provide a pool of regular players at your skill level to befriend. The Companion app has a clan finder to browse groups aligned with your style.

Making gaming friends amplifies Destiny 2's fun and creates a supportive community. Using crossplay tools makes finding ideal teammates for raids, Nightfalls, Crucible maps, and more activities easier than ever. The right connections can lead to countless laughs, victory dances, and memories.

Getting Started with Destiny 2 Crossplay
Crossplay allows Destiny 2 players on different platforms to play together. You can build your in-game friends list and fireteams with Guardians across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This enhances the multiplayer experience as you have a wider pool of players to connect with.

Crossplay makes activities like raids, dungeons, Crucible, and Gambit more accessible since it's easier to find teammates. It also lets friend groups stay connected even if they play on different systems. Overall, it opens up Destiny 2's social environment for deeper relationships.

Platforms Supported

Destiny 2 crossplay is available on:
-PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
-Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S
-Steam on PC
-Epic Games Store on PC

As long as players are on these supported platforms, they can send friend requests and play together.

Adding Friends in Destiny 2
Using Bungie Friends System
All Destiny players have a Bungie friends list that connects them across platforms. To add a crossplay friend:

-Open the Roster screen and select "Find Player"
-Search for their gamertag or Bungie name
-Select their profile and choose "Add Friend"

Once confirmed, you will see them on your friends list. You can then invite them directly to your fireteam.

Sending Friend Requests
If you meet a player in-game, you can send them a friend request during or after an activity:

-Access the roster tab and bring up the player list
-Hover over their name and select the plus (+) icon
-Type a message (optional) and select "Send Request"

They will receive a notification which they can choose to accept or deny.

Inviting Friends to Play Destiny 2
Inviting Friends for Crossplay
Once connected as friends, invite them by:

1.) Opening the Director menu
2.) Going to the Roster screen
3.) Selecting the friend and choosing "Invite to Fireteam"

This will queue the activity and add you to the same instance when they accept.
Managing Invites and Friend Requests

Pending invites and requests can be managed by:
1.) Accessing the Roster screen
2.) Clicking the envelope notification icon
3.) Reviewing notifications and accepting/denying as desired

Enhancing Your Destiny 2 Experience
Playing with friends leads to memorable adventures and makes Destiny 2 more rewarding. Here are some tips:

Building the Perfect Fireteam
Use LFG sites and the Companion app to find players that match your mood, playstyle, and activity goals. Scheduling consistent sessions means you'll develop strategies and team synergy.

Interacting Safely with New Players
Keep personal details private and use game chat cautiously when playing with new people. Check profiles thoroughly before connecting. If conversations become uncomfortable at any point, do not hesitate removing, muting or reporting players.

Bottom Line
Destiny 2 crossplay opens up friendship potential across platforms. Sending requests directly or via the Bungie system populates your connections list. This player pool is the key to forming excellent fireteams for all content. Lean on fellow Guardians for co-op fun, celebratory dance parties after big victories, and everything that makes shared gaming memorable.

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