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How Cartoons and Gaming Influence Children's Development

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Watching cartoons is part of every kid's routine; they know exactly when their favourite shows start and can't wait to get involved in the next adventure of their beloved characters. Cartoons play a crucial role in children's development because, besides representing a visual experience that keeps kids entertained, they also help the little ones learn new things and shape a perception of life. Animated cartoons promote a sense of well-being through vibrant colours, funny characters and jokes while helping children boost important cognitive and imaginative skills. In this article, you can find the various ways cartoons influence children's development:

Improve cognitive skills
Animated cartoons contribute to the development of kid's cognitive skills like logical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making, which are essential aspects to improve the overall reasoning of children. Cartoons are usually stories that involve characters who face some challenges, and they need to find solutions to get over a difficult situation, help others and save the day. By watching those scenes, kids are more likely to effectively apply what they've learned from the characters in real-life situations. This happens because children understand the connection between the actions and the outcomes, learning to think critically and even build a strategy beforehand. Moreover, cartoons boost analytical thinking, which enhances kids' overall brain growth, as they use multiple abilities during the streaming experience, including their senses and memory.

Develop kid's language
Kids have a great memory; they can easily remember the lines of their favourite characters and repeat them every day. Parents are usually surprised when kids use new words and expressions they've never heard before. This proves that watching cartoons can be an effective way to develop children's vocabulary, as they can be an engaging way of learning. In fact, many animated cartoons' goal is to encourage the little ones to enhance their vocabulary, highlighting the words they should learn and encouraging them to repeat them. Furthermore, cartoons like Dora the Explorer are interactive, as they seek the viewers' help to solve mysteries and encourage the kids to respond to the various questions in English, which is a great way to improve language fluency and understanding. So, animated cartoons can help kids communicate efficiently with a broader vocabulary and clarity.

Promote laughter and joy
Happiness is something that every kid should remember when thinking about childhood, and children are usually full of energy and laugh a lot. Many scenes in cartoons can make kids laugh, promoting a sense of joy. Humour plays a crucial role in children's development because it creates emotional well-being; laughter triggers the release of endorphins, also known as the happy hormones, which are natural stress relievers. Also, cartoons communicate specific emotions through colours, that's why you can always see bright tones that can give a sense of happiness and joy. Moreover, funny cartoons can create a positive atmosphere, and kids can create lifelong memories when they feel relaxed and happy. Laughter is also a precious tool to share with others, creating a bonding experience and encouraging a positive interaction with the environment and other people involved in the experience.

Foster emotions
Emotional intelligence is one of the main traits that help kids improve social skills, adaptability to any environment and understanding towards others. Kids usually get fascinated by cartoon characters and create an emotional connection with them, that's why they ask their parents for gadgets and toys that represent their favourite animated role models. So, if you want to encourage your little one's passion, you can purchase Pops! which are figures that represent the most beloved cartoon characters, like superheroes, Disney princesses and other fairytale figures to get your kid closer to fantasy. Through cartoons, kids can explore their own feelings because they might relate to the animated characters' emotions and identify them in others as well, promoting a sense of empathy. Moreover, kids quickly assimilate the values and morals transmitted by cartoons; hence, they embrace a new way of thinking and improve their emotional intelligence, keeping the principles they've learned forever.

Have educational purposes
Animated cartoons have become a main source of education that overcome the traditional ways of learning. Educational cartoons are designed to capture kids' attention with bright visuals and interesting storylines while focusing on specific topics that might boost their academic skills. For instance, many kids' shows focus on scientific exploration of various ecosystems, the human body and even space, keeping the little ones intrigued in the learning process. Also, numbers are commonly used in animations to help children foster basic arithmetic skills with no boredom. Still, not all cartoons are educational, as many of them can negatively impact kids' behaviour because they promote violence, and the children can be inspired by what they see, affecting their behaviour. So, it's crucial to monitor kids' and make them watch cartoons that create a positive development.

Enhance imagination and creativity
The world of animated cartoons can boost children's imagination consistently. Through the colourful realms, talking animals and extraterrestrial characters, kids can learn to think beyond real-world boundaries and explore a new perspective on life, creating their own world that knows no boredom. Hence, when using imagination at its fullest potential, children become more creative. Creativity is something essential for a kid's development, as it can foster new passions like drawing, singing or dancing or even have a positive impact on the overall learning processes and social skills because creative kids have the ability to think outside the box and, hence, perceive the world around them more positively.

The bottom line
As you might understand, cartoons are more than just fascinating visuals on a screen; they play a crucial role in children's development thanks to their multiple educational purposes. Kids usually get inspired by their favourite characters. If they watch cartoons that focus on essential values and foster the right emotions, they can shape a positive perspective on life and form a lifelong emotional intelligence.

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