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Geru Geru Panic (Gel Gel Panic)

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Rating: 4.2/5 (37 votes)
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Panzo and the Alien Gel from Outer SpacePanzo the Panda bear got more than he bargained for in this Shockwave arcade action game from Japan. The title, Geru Geru Panic, roughly translates to Gel Gel Panic, a reference to the gelatinous goo that the aliens appear to be made of. Although it may seem odd, what I can tell you is that you don't need to speak Japanese to enjoy the amazing good times packed into this little gem.

The game is like a cross between Asteroids, in which the player shoots at large objects that break apart into multiple smaller objects, and Pang. Once the objects are at their smallest size, one more shot obliterates them, and they go away. In place of asteroids, this game offers up gelatinous alien blobs that bounce around the play field, and you control Panzo the Panda and his fierce little ray gun.

Control is entirely with the mouse. Simply move the mouse to aim and click to fire. An energy bar along the bottom, filled with pink when you start, depletes its energy as you fire. Upon releasing the mouse button, the bar slowly fills up again. You will need to conserve your fire power to the best of your ability, especially in later levels.

To make the game even more fun, there are many different types of power-ups that sometimes drop from the gel-blobs when hit. You will find all sorts of crazy items like: timers that stop all blobs for a moment; shields that protect you from one hit; instant refills of your energy bar; power-ups for your weapon; one-ups; bombs that split all gel-blobs to their smallest size (watch out for this one in later levels! It's not such a good thing!); and even more.

The game is nicely polished and of commercial quality. The sound effects are fun and fit the action well. The background techno tracks, while uplifting, are a bit repetitious at times, and yet the excellent sound effects make up for it. Thanks to Tonypa who sent me the link to this game, I accomplished next to nothing for the next several hours except for scoring 157,000. I just can't get past Level 12, it's insane!!! This game is fantastic, just try it and you too will be hooked.

Play Gel Gel Panic


310121 at the end of the game~

Level 12 is the last level too. LoL



Great game. Great fun. My friend robotduck has informed me of a similar game that this game is probably based on: http://www.emuparadise.org/reviews/superpang/

The preceding game has interesting elements like blockbreaking which is nice!


my girlfriend informs me that the name of the game is geru geru panick. which is how japanese people would say "gel gel panick". those crazy japanese.


Wow Nick, excellent score. I am amazed that you were able to beat level 12. I must have tried 50 times before I gave up this morning and went to bed. =)

Thanks Charles for the translation! I've updated the post accordingly.


interesting game....very similar to bubble trouble except in this version its the attack of the face-sucking fried eggs... very entertaining!


Deathbaron January 27, 2005 1:28 PM

i beat it with 450824!!!!
they kept dropping life
i did level 12 like 5 times without running out of lives
so i guess its a fluke

Deathbaron January 28, 2005 7:54 PM

never mind
it wasnt a fluke
i just got 594879!!!!
and if anyone dosnt beleave me ill email them a screen shot


DB - have you thought about competing professionally in the WCG? =p


ugh. i'm so addicted too. help!

also.. in case you missed it.. the rest of the games are here: http://www.netkun.com/panzo/g-index.htm


Thanks, Mileena. I did see that huge list of other Panzo games, yet I just can't put this one down long enough to play anything else! =)


I know Squize has done at least 1 similar game called "Dynamite Kat" (he might have more then 1 re-skin), but I liked the "Geru Geru Panic" more. Somehow it all fits together better.

Deathbaron January 29, 2005 1:56 PM

no JAY, i havent thought about competing in, where did you say?,
and by the way jay, you have a kick ass sight, and i recomend it to all my buddies who need a pass time.


Thanks, DB! =)

WCG is the World Cyber Games, the 'Olympics' of video games competitions. Click.

There are other pro-gaming organizations, such as the CPL (Cyber-athlete Professional League), and games competitions such as Quakecon to check out if you're really exceptional with playing games... and it seems that you are. =)


Beaten it yet, Jay? :)

I finally got through Level 12 last night. The first key is to hoard those weapon and energy-meter power-ups. Avoid the little blank (?) power-ups that take away all your other bonuses -- it's better to get killed, since you'll restart with full weapon power! If you lose your weapons bonuses or have to continue, and you're past Level 8 or so, just restart -- you'll never get enough power to beat the game.

Once you're on Level 12, the secret is to divide and conquer. Break the enormous jelly in two. Split one of those again. Pick half of that and concentrate on it, leaving the bigger, slower-bouncing jellies alone -- they should be pretty easy to dodge!

Your weapon should be big and fast enough by now that if you aim well and concentrate fire, you can catch a medium-sized spacejelly at the height of its bounce and blast it into nothing by the time it would've hit the ground. Let as few of the tiny, fast jellies survive as possible. Don't split a big jelly until you've eliminated as many little ones as possible, thus keeping the total number of jellies onscreen as low as you can. Avoid bombs at all costs!

Love your site!


Thanks, Hannah! =)

And thanks for the tips on this great little game. No, I haven't yet conquered level 12 yet, but I will take your advice and be more selective with which power-ups I go after. My problem is somehow I always get those bombs that break the blobs into their tiniest pieces. lol.


lol, the score resets after you get above 999999. Now my high score says 066455 when I actually got 1066455. Oh, and it is possible to beat level 12 if you get a bomb. Just make sure you also get a clock, and are at full or near full power. In this way it is possible to beat level 12 in under 10 seconds. Quite satisfying to see swarms of little blobbies disappear so quickly.


Got a score of 321137


The game owes far more to Pang than it does Asteroids. And it is excellent.


Thanks, Gregor. You're absolutely correct, in fact, the game is a remake of Pang. And after taking a look at the original from 1989, and playing one of the many clones available on the Web, I believe this Panda version is much better even than the original was in terms of gameplay.

Zengief June 7, 2005 3:28 PM

I think that if I was going to improve the game any it would be the scoring system. As it stand now, the best way to score high is to kill all but one or 2 blobs on the last level and then die. Rinse and repeat for each remaining life. It would be better to reward the player for each remaining life at the end game, preferably by more than what they can earn by dieing as said before.
Another area where scoring could be changed to make the game interesting would be subtracting points from the score each time a blob hit the ground. the smallest blob would subtract 1 point and each size up would subtract 3 times that. This would encourge 3 things:
*finishing the level quickly
*breaking the bigger blobs quickly
*shooting a skillful stream of fire to keep them off the ground

Finally, I think that more of the power ups should give you points, especially the max recharge when you are already full.



This game is awesome, the only problem I have with it is that sometimes the powerups are not visible, and I'll run over a bomb or question mark on accident. It's not a big deal though, adds to the challenge.


awesome game
on level 12 i got a question mark and thought i would die but i kept getting clocks and full-energys
now what do i do with my life



Terror Byte (Adeel) July 30, 2005 2:52 PM

I've finished it like 5 times so far..

Great game, my highest score is around 570000.


The original Pang game was very difficult (I thought) --- this one is less tactical, but also less stressful than Pang, so it's the one I come back to ;)


haha!! Finished it!! COOL GAME!!


i finally beat lvl 12 !!!
i had to continue a few times, but finally got the flow of the game.
my only complaint with this otherwise awesome game is the occasional invisible power-up, like that bomb that reduces all the gels to their smallest cell.
anyway - thanx jay for another fantastic game!


Beat it with 303645 !!


Green Eggs and Ham 2: The Revenge


Phew, finally beat it...despite getting the question mark halfway through level 12. I wasn't going to let myself die this time!!!

This is a really classic flash game, similar in difficulty to that game by the "grow" guy where you have to use the numpad to hit the cyclopses with a hammer. what a great game. while high end 3D PC games and console games are more and more about the graphics and flash, it's games like this that are about the gameplay and challenge..this really is the best modern platform for just plain HARD games. And it's free!!

That list of other games on this site is overwhelming!! does anyone know which other ones are any good, and don't require japanese? i feel bad for that panda, he looks kinda freaked out.


What wrecks this game is the possibility, as occurred to me, for a ? to randomly appear on the ground on the exact spot you are standing on. This is not bad game design, it's cruelty because of how good the rest of it is.


It's easy to get a really really high score in this game. If you play the last level over and over with all your lives, you can get 999,999 pretty easily. I've played it a lot, and a difficult challenge is to be able to get the lowest possible score. Try beating the game with UNDER 100,000. I've done it, but only once.


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