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Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe - Chapter 2 - Two Sisters

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Rating: 4.4/5 (34 votes)
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The beautiful warderobe bought cheaply at the local market had one flaw - the seller didn't have the key. But then a miracle happened - after river fishing, the owner of the locked warderobe found a golden key inside one of trouts he caught. What a luck! Hmmm...was it luck, really?

The second chapter of spin-off series set on Forgotten Hill by FM Studios is here and it's a big one! Again you find out that magical worlds behind warderobe doors can be dangerous and dark....

sisters2.pngAs supposed, the golden key from the trout's belly fitted the warderobe lock nicely. Probably. Martha and Abigail, the wardrobe owner's daughters, were missing and so was the key, and their father had the only option how to find them - get through the portal in the opened warderobe and bring them back. Though is the warderobe unlocked, the portal is not active.

First he needs to search his daughters' rooms for clues and soon is clear, that there are ways how to enter the portal and not just one - each daughter figured out how to get to her perfect world through the warderobe. Their father discovers a lot about them and needs to learn much about birds, ways they talk and also about flavours and how to mix them, and in the same time avoid dangers in two magical worlds. Living in a magical world is not and has never been for free...

The FM Studios' horror is quite mild comparing to their previous games. It is a dark adventure with few nasty moments, but mostly you care about puzzles and they are many indeed (the walkthrough takes about 30 minutes). Awesome art and good story are FM Studios trademark and we haven't got such a long and good adventure for a very long time - wishing you happy playing!

The game is controlled by a mouse and has autosave.


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Forgotten Hill: The Warderobe (Android, Android Tablet)

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New Forgotten Hill game! (Does a little happy dance in the background…)


Can someone tell me how to move around? There are no arrows? Or is this a one scene game with a couple of puzzles? I clicked on the puzzle that looks like a pipe kind of puzzle but there is no way back to the scene, I guess, until this puzzle is solved.

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Never mind. The arrows are so pretty that they blend into the background. Just click around the edges and you will find them.



Too many slidey puzzles for me. The bird shadow thing was impossible for me. I had to consult a video walk through for the pseudo pipe puzzle and that was the first one. I'll wait for the next one. Normally I like these games. But this one is too frustrating for me from the beginning.

Still a beautiful game with a great music theme. Sometimes, even if I don't finish a game, I will leave it open just for the music.

stuckinabasement November 5, 2021 6:28 PM

I was pumped for this, but once I got to the translation of the "languages", I lost interest.

Either I don't understand the instructions in the book, or they're inconsistent. But my interpretation of the different calls was different from what the walkthrough suggested.

For the crow ...

I assumed it would go in reverse order to what the walkthrough had, because the instructions said sounds are read from right to left.

For the horned raven ...

I am at a complete loss on why the solution is what it is.

A shame, because the other puzzles and the storyline were promising.

Snarfhead November 6, 2021 7:27 AM

Two questions:
1) Is there a hint somewhere for the "pipe" puzzle in the opening scene? Or do we just need to figure it out by itself?
2) Is there any other doable puzzle besides the pipes from the start?
Thanks for any help!

Snarfhead November 6, 2021 7:29 AM

Sorry, a third question, or more of a request:
3) Can anyone hint at the significance of the marks on the side bars of the pipe puzzle, please?

vadasz November 6, 2021 10:25 AM replied to Snarfhead

@Snarfhead, regarding the pipes puzzle:

there are no clues about the puzzle that I could find

the markers on the sides show you where the pipes enter and exit each line, so once you've matched up the beginning and end points, it's just a matter of finding the matching pieces for the middle slots


Wow—this one was hard. I mean, like, learning-how-to-count-to-one-thousand-in-D'ni hard. Not at all like their other games, and complicated in a way that was not enjoyable.

All that bird language and aroma codes was difficult enough, but why make you go through the "serve a sweet" puzzle three times? Some great ideas in this one, such as how we used our old pal the Pico. But in general, I don't like the direction FM Studios took this one. Harder is not more fun.

Like others, I had a lot of trouble with the duck call. It became terribly frustrating, and yes, I'll admit to hitting a walkthrough over that. And wasn't I just saying something the other day about how we hate slider puzzles? That puzzle with the colored jars—that sucked.

The graphics and sound were brilliant as always, but as chrpa mentioned, this one did seem to be missing some of that lovely spooky ambience we love in Forgotten Hill games. Chapter 1: Other Friends was great, but this one was a bit of a disappointment. I hope we can look forward to their next one being more like old favorites like Puppeteer and GrandMa's Delicious Cakes.


Beautiful engaging game however some of the puzzles were so hard I had to resort to the walkthrough to figure them out. The deal breaker for me ended up being the colored jars on the circles. You had to rotate in a certain order to get them to line up properly. There was no real way to figure out in what order and finally gave up. I really wanted to finish but the frustration level finally got to be too much. For folk with short term memory issues these type of puzzles are a nightmare. It would be nice to have a hint after so many tries.


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