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Forgotten Hill: Surgery

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Rating: 4.1/5 (87 votes)
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Forgotten Hill: SurgeryBOO! Did I scare you? No? Well not to worry, FMStudio is here with a new chapter of their Forgotten Hill saga that will fill you with proper terror. But before we go further, you might want to get in the mood by playing the first two games in this haunting series: Forgotten Hill: Fall where you had the brilliant idea to invite yourself into a house with the lights turned off and its continuation, Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer.

Have you gone and played the prequels now? Are you shaking in your boots or other footgear? Good, because this is where the real fun begins! Maybe you had a bad experience with a nurse in a hospital once? Was she a monster with tentacles under that dress, hellbent on having your chest and your brain cut out and operated on for some nefarious purpose? The trouble begins with you locked in your own decrepit cell, I mean hospital room, and an intimidating list of rules posted to the yellowing wall. These include obeying the nurse and not leaving your room, but when the door creaks open and a creepy, childlike laugh echoes off the wall, you realize conformity is probably not your best option.

Forgotten Hill: Surgery

Forgotten Hill: Surgery tests players with puzzle after puzzle linked up in complicated ways. Plenty of backtracking will be required to unlock and explore new areas, and discover the keys to resolving puzzles. Don't succumb to the temptation to inspect things willy-nilly, though. One wrong move and you might find yourself consumed alive by flies, devoured by an angry leech, or one of assorted other unpleasant ways to meet your demise. Fortunately, you are thrown back to the menu screen and your game can be resumed from immediately before your fatal decision. This leaves you none the worse off (save maybe some soiled clothes and hair on the back of your neck standing straight up) aside from the trauma of the jump scare.

Forgotten Hill: SurgeryThoughts of surgery don't typically conjure up warm fuzzy images, and as you must be getting the idea by now, this game is no exception. It is going to require all your perseverance and will to be spooked. The game is played entirely using the mouse to point and click, as well as dragging objects to complete puzzles. If I may, I offer a small piece of advice to those brave souls who manage to escape the medical compound: run, and don't look back. For though it might be brave to enter the world of Forgotten Hill: Surgery and the nightmarish complex it houses, you would have to be utterly foolish to remain there.

While there is certainly a massive improvement from the developer in the atmospheric elements and the sound, a few things are left to be desired. The walls demonstrate an apparent odd compulsion of the author to smear unrealistically precise and ubiquitous bloody handprints, sometimes several in each scene, shattering the immersion and genuine feeling of the setting. Mumbling accompanies the few lines of spoken dialogue in the game rather than voice acting. Despite these sometimes over the top details, other effects like the echoing laughter in the distance and flickering of lights at the oddest of times successfully redeem the experience. The compelling hints of lore and underlying story scattered throughout the scenes serve to put the captive in captivated, keeping you alert and focused, not letting you put it down just like a good book.

Please bear in mind that the thematic references and scare atmosphere of this game do not make it ideal for everyone. If you're not the kind of person who enjoys few good scares tossed in with your puzzles, consider this your fair warning!

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zoyciteyouma March 24, 2017 1:26 PM

The link isn't taking us to the game, it's just bringing us back to the jayisgames review.


Seems to me the entire Forgotten Hill series is severely lacking. The games are heavily saturated with simple-mildly complex puzzles, there is little to no story element in play, and the "horror" (if I dare even label this game as such) is playing off the idea that blood = scary. This being the thought process, the games are loaded all kinds of blood ridden objects, severed limbs and other creepy "scary" things

like tentacle alien nurses


If you're looking for a mildly entertaining time waster, this isn't a bad choice. But anything deep, engaging and/or moving can be found elsewhere.


there might be a server issue with this game as at leasrt 3 times it froze forcing me to restart the game. fortunately it has an auto save. secondly a few of the puzzles were very hard to understand. The last one I left on:

the pins and rubber bands where you have to drag to certain points in the board, it really didn't match what the real game had. I tried over 20 minutes and I was really confused.

I might try that puzzle again if I get better help on it but i'm not sure. Anyway...


I gave up trying to solve the clock by myself, and I found the video walkthrough almost too fast to follow. I had to go through the clock sequence several times, riding the pause/play button so I could write down the steps.

Numbering the buttons 1 2 3 from left to right

  • Click 2 3 3

  • Click 1 until the minute hand (with the moon sign) is at 9

  • Click 3 2 1 3 1 3 2 1


I gave up on the 4 dials in the experiments room too.

Naming the 4 controls

  • LA - arrow on the left

  • LR - rotator on the left

  • RA - arrow on the right

  • RR - rotator on the left




  • LR LR

  • RA RR LR

alfredk April 6, 2017 3:35 PM

This concerns the ending. It doesn't really spoil it, but just in case: I would have liked if

he found the house in the distance where there was a mirror. He looks into the mirror to find himself a disfigured monster and says "Oh thank God! At least they didn't mess with my face!"


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