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Electric Box

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SonicLoverElectric BoxA new, creative puzzle game has surfaced, and it rocks: A little gem from Candystand that's called Electric Box.

The premise is quite simple, and I'm sure that you'll agree: You've got some power at point A, so get some to point B.

It doesn't sound that hard, you say? Well, you had better doubt it, 'Cause if it were that simple, who would make a game about it?

There's many tricks and gadgets you will have to use to win,
Like doodads that give power out, or things that take it in.

The levels of Electric Box are built to test your mettle;
One stage, you might reroute the steam of an electric kettle.
Another might use mirrors to shine red lasers here and there,
And if you're not prepared, you'll end up tearing out your hair.

Analysis: Electric Box is quite a pleasant sight;
Its chain-reaction gameplay makes me want to play all night.
The sounds and music are spot-on, and really suit the mood;
The graphics, too, are lovely fits, if I may so conclude.

There's only one small quibble of which I wish to complain:
The built-in levels go as fast as dragon-beasts are slain.
I conquered all fifteen of them in less than half an hour,
Which left me hungry to supply more targets with more power.

But Candystand has thought of that, and here's how I was shown:
A simple level editor will let you make your own!
So make and share your levels—make just one or make a twosome—
(But use some spoiler tags; the codes are often long and gruesome!)

The built-in levels don't quite count; the spotlight's on creation,
So let's all play and share until we lose all motivation!
You'll want to play this game until there's cobwebs on your socks,
So what's the holdup? Go right now and...

Play Electric Box

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

There is a problem with posting levels on an HTML page when the level code contains angle brackets.

Since angle brackets designate the start or end of an HTML tag, they do not appear when the page is parsed and rendered. The developer should have omitted those characters from the level code.

As a workaround, you can replace any < characters with &lt; and replace any > characters with &gt; (semi-colons are necessary).

As an alternative, you can also post your levels to http://pastebin.ca
Then copy/paste the url to the level here.
Just make sure to select "Never" for the expiration date(!)


Can't solve the last one:( any help?


Level 4 anyone?


Level 4 response

i cant seem to pull the detector...


nevermind. i got it.


Please help! Level 14


Stuck at level 13...


Level 14 has me stumped. First time commenting, too. :) love this site and have been lurking for 5+ years.


Somehow, after playing for quite a while, bugs will occur. like the transport thing would move through the block.
Is it just me or what?


Nice game, well implemented, but the complete disregard for reality bothers me slightly (light only travelling in 4 directions, electric current taking time to reach further bits of the circuit, and so on).

Obviously this is necessary for the levels to work, but I wouldn't recommend playing this game if you're meant to be studying for a physics exam ;)

fuzzyface January 20, 2009 9:58 AM

Wonderful idea! Wished I had it ;-) Nicely implemented too....(well i had a slightly different idea (luckily), playable in a few months, hope so)


Any help on level 15?


How about help on 14? I am completely at a loss.

masozravapalma January 20, 2009 10:15 AM

I am not able to pass the level 14 yet. Maybe when I get home and have more time for it...


Help with level 12 please.

muchosnachos January 20, 2009 10:17 AM

For level 15,

you don't need all the inventory items.

you only need eight of them


A nice gun, managed to complete it, but only because on level 15 a bug caused something not to work how it should. I don't think laying the level over and over until this happens is the proper solution :)

Pooh_digger January 20, 2009 10:22 AM

Level 13:

You have two laser receivers

That might mean you may have to move the mirrors around during the game to change where the laser is going to...

Like the laser bot, but you might need to tell it where to stop...


OMG! I playtested this game months ago and loved it from the very beginning. It looks like he got another graphics overhaul since then. It looks great!

Congrats to Twinkle Star Games for making one of the most fun puzzle games I've ever played!


For level 14:

You might just need to detach the two fans you have to start with and after that move an extra fan that helps you take the steam to the right

For level 15:

You only have one mirror that reflects the light upwards, so try to keep it moving! By the way, start with the charger light and don't forget to move the IPS battery at the end

masozravapalma January 20, 2009 10:25 AM

level 14: I figured that.

but that stupid robot seems too slow for me...

repairmanman January 20, 2009 10:28 AM

for 14 you need to use the3 magnet to pull away one of the steam detectors


masozravapalma (level 14):

you can't let electricity reach the circuit with 6 fans, you need 3 fans pointing to the right and and extra one after you detach the two pointing to the left. Ah! and you'll need the magnet to get a steam detector out of the way...



That's what the magnet is for.


Could anyone give me some clues/hints on level 13?


need help eith 8


Can anyone give me some help on lvl 13?


Help! I'm completely stuck at level 15.

repairmanman January 20, 2009 10:54 AM

rube goldberg machine
{!2%#2()2)+0+,1.302:0$;04?2>@[email protected]@[email protected]@D09I0#J0?K0?L0?M0?S0(Y3)Z0B^15_0)`15a0)c0+n12o06q1&s1(t06u1(v04~-9/52.!-%(%2%~!6}


I know someone's already asked for it, but any help on level 12?
It's really annoying me!


I need help on level 13.

I need to know how to place the robot so it moves the mirror, and where to place the laser.


reimon: thanks! I got 14 and 15 from your hints, although still with a lot of effort. So, in case anybody wants hints that almost totally give it away:

for 14:

The magnet pulls the right middle steam generator out of the circuit with six. Also note that in the solution the steam does hit that pesky middle circuit, but not for long enough to charge that ball dropper perched above the target.

and for 15:

Start with this; obviously only one choice for where to put the laser, but then, put the up-reflecting mirror directly in front of it, and put one robot below that. Hopefully the rest will make sense then!


For 12:

I didn't think my solution would work at first until I realized that the fan moves steam but not water. Row are numbered top to bottom, columns are lettered left to right.
lightbulb at H3
fan at H4
solar panel at H1
other solar panel at A3
refrigerator at C2 and D2
mirror at A6
laser at H8 (aim left)
laser detector at B6
ball dropper at F1

repairmanman January 20, 2009 11:56 AM

the point of a rube goldberg machine is to gaze in gazemazement at the workings of the machine. and if you don't like it make your own not criticize mine.


help on 13 please


Having trouble with level 14? Theres a glitch... When the robot starts to move, the ball won't knock the fans off... but the robot is then able to move through them, but the steam still acts like they're there. Anyone else have this problem?


@Koikoi and @Catt312

Level 12

The ball dropper will detach any objects in its path -- including that column of blocks ;-)

Russell Scott January 20, 2009 12:17 PM

Level 15:

I was able to do it with only 7 items.

Charging the lamp first is correct, then remove the first laser detector and clear the way for the light


Try this...



I still am not able to get past lvl 14, I have everything hooked up but I don't know what to do with the bot.


Heres my level. Hope you like it.

{"0$#0"$15%0"&0"'0"(0..0"/0#00$10+90#:0#;[email protected]>E0#G22I24J16K0"L0(M0#O0#P0"S0"T0&W0#Y0#`0$c2Ae2)g1%h09i0?j0#l0"o0#t0"u0"v0"w0"x0"~(-934)&9~!G"G#)[email protected]/607C@>AD}


I had the same problem. I went to the menu and restarted the level and it started behaving. Try that.


Can anyone help me with level 13 please?


Level 15, using all the items in the inventory:

On the first line: all three ball droppers, one on each cables.
On the second line: mirror, laser detector, mirror, laser detector, mirror, laser detector, mirror, mirror, laser detector (you'll have to ajust them so that they reflect the laser)
On the third line: nothing
On the fourth: mirror next to laser device all the way to de right.
On the fifth: Bot under mirror (facing left, away from Main Power Supply).
On the sixth: Nothing.
On the seventh: Bot under IPS Battery.
On the eight: Nothing.
On the ninth: Laser detector (Again, watch it so that the mirror provided by the game reflects laser)


I *still* can't do level 14, despite hints! Anyone able to give more specific advice??
Fab game tho, had me fiddling on and off all afternoon!

Le Putsch January 20, 2009 1:09 PM

What about the moving bot in the lvl 14? I can't see where to put it. And also, where to put the last fan, which helps theoretically after the magnet clears the road for the steam?
I put the two fans in "A2" and "A3" (first column, 2d and 3d raws), plus another in "A8", but where to put the last? Please, help (and forgive my lame English).


This is a bit silly, but try it out:


...Get it?


got it.


I made another level, but when I copy the level code, it comes out incorrect in the preview. TOEY's code also seems broken. Any suggestions?
Also, I have had problems getting it to run correctly on Opera. electricty would stop mid-wire, interactions would not occur, etc. These seemed to dissapear when I tried firefox.


It seemed like a good game, until it got bugged on level 7 and the power supply wouldn't turn off. I'm not sure how the difficulty curve is for the rest of the game, but other than level 4 it seems to be spot on for the early levels.

Ewan Whosarmy January 20, 2009 2:00 PM

For anyone who enjoyed this game, there was a very similar equally excellent one called Launchball a while back. It was hosted by the London Science Museum, but their site seems to be down at the moment. For when it comes back up, here's the link:


REALLY FRUSTRATED January 20, 2009 2:10 PM

Okay, I'm calling all of you out, you who claim to have solved Level 14. There does not appear to be any solution whatsoever, and I highly suspect you are all lying about having found it. Prove me wrong.

katha1960 January 20, 2009 2:11 PM


Yay! good one!


Excellent game, a bit short on levels tho. Maybe you can do an update with added levels from users.

Anonymous January 20, 2009 2:46 PM

could someone please help me on level 9?

fuzzyface January 20, 2009 2:52 PM

level 15 is easier thank you might think:

Too bad in are only so few levels, kinda strange when you consider how much work went into graphics/engine... suppose they are playing the "want user content" ball here.


Try my level:


fuzzyface January 20, 2009 3:08 PM

Heres a lvl, isn't elegant but its my first try:

{!1%"0$#09&0D+0$20D52270DI0#P0#S0"T0(U0DV2)Y1G`0$g02j0#m0)q0"r0"s0"x14y0&~*&5::9&!#%~!D"5+C,[email protected]?@@[email protected]?K?}


"According to my inbox, someone's trying to accuse those of us who completed Level 14 of lying about it. Apparently there's no solution. Well, if there's no solution to Level 14, then what do you call THIS?"

My level 14 is different and your solution doesn't work


A slow computer or low memory can really slow down or screw up the circuit. I had to run the solution for 14 three times before the timing worked out correctly.


Can't get 13...


I still can't solve level 4. It seems impossible-

I can get the magent to move the detector to the proper place, but if I move the kettle with the other magnet it either: 1) Powers up the detector, then gets pulled to a place where it has no power and so can't do it again and thus win, or 2) Gets pulled away from the detector before it has a chance to use its steam to power anything. This appears impossible.


Can anyone help me with level 13 please?::)


Here's the level I made during the betatest. It looks like it still works!





I've loaded Fuzzyface's level, and I don't really understand why it has two lasers and no receptors... Is it meant to be like this?

fuzzyface January 20, 2009 3:55 PM

No, there should be one on the level, something got broken :-(((


There is a problem with posting levels on an HTML page when the level code contains angle brackets.

Since angle brackets designate the start or end of an HTML tag, they do not appear when the page is parsed and rendered. The developer should have omitted those characters from the level code.

As a workaround, you can replace any < characters with &lt; and replace any > characters with &gt; (semi-colons are necessary).

As an alternative, you can also post your levels to http://pastebin.ca
Then copy/paste the url to the level here.
Just make sure to select "Never" for the expiration date(!)

fuzzyface January 20, 2009 4:05 PM

Right! Or alternative a smarter weblog software could recognize if it isn't a href, b, br/ strong, em, ul, ol, li, code or spoiler command within 2 brackets, it might actually be just that, a bracket :)

[Edit: The CMS we use is actually very smart and doing its job by stripping any tags that aren't in the list of those we allow. ;) -Jay]


vegas style.... don't turn the top right laser sensor to get the full effect of the marquee. {!2%%1.&0$'29(1>)0&+0#00210#50971>80+;0"


Level 14:

First column from the left is A
First line from the top is 1

Fans on: A2, A3, A8 and G5. All fans have to flow rightwards
Bot on G6. Bot has to go leftwards
Ball on E1
Steams on: D1 and G1
Magnet on G4


since angle brackets don't work, I have replaced my left brackets with (!!) and the right ones with (@@). copy the code into your text editor of choice, change it, and it should work.

Here is another level I made.

{"0@#1(@@)$0#%1B&0"'0"(0")0#-22.0"/0"00"10(20#30#50#60?70#;20(!!)0#=0#?22A0"B0"C0#D16F0&G0#I32J0"K0"L0#M0"[email protected]@Y0@[0@]29^0?e0?g1%h0"i0"j0"k0"l0"m0"n0"o0(r0?w0?~(-934)&9~!G"G#G+D,D-D5)6C?/@/A/I(@@)J(@@)K(@@)}



Are you supposed to be able to solve your level with just two mirrors and a magnet? Only it seems a bit *ahem* simple...


Great game - and mega thanks to SonicLover for the solution to level 14!


You can also post your levels to http://pastebin.ca
Then copy/paste the url to the level here. :)
Just make sure to select "Never" for the expiration date(!)

Here's fuzzyface's level from above:

fuzzyface January 20, 2009 4:34 PM

Thank you Jay!

(for those who wonder, yes there are a few red herings in there on purpose, otherwise for me it gets too easy to fast what to do next)


Level 15:

First column from the left is A
First line from the top is 1

Laser on I4
Detectors on F2 and H4 (tuned to the rightside)
Mirrors on G2 (mirror turned to the bottom left) and G4 (mirror turned to the top right)
Balls on F1 and H2


I need help with level 10!


I liked your level fuzzyface, inventive and fun.

Here's my first attempt at a level.



Here's my 1st level. I hope you like it!


please help with level 4


For Level 15 easy way:

Columns are A - I (left to right)
Rows are 1 - 9 (top to bottom)
Laser Detector on F1 (facing right)
Downward Pointing Mirror on G1 (reflecting left)
Ball Dropper F2
Ball Dropper H3
Upward Pointing Mirror on G4 (facing right)
Laser Detector on H4 (facing right)
Laser on I4 (facing left)

The laser charges the detector which charges the light and subsequently drops the ball on the detector and battery. The laser then hits the mirrors connecting to the other detector above and dropping the ball eliminating the barriers and allowing the light from the charged light to hit the solar panel ending the level.


wow, i just got to level 14 and i can see it's gonna take a while O_O
awesome game though, thanks!!

ThemePark January 20, 2009 6:31 PM

Unfortunately, the issue Dweasel mentions, also causes some bugs in the game, specifically level 14 at least, such as the power button not working, or the fans not being removed when hit by the ball.


I must be really dense because I'm not getting number 9... Please help it's driving me insane! >_


please please please can someone help me with level 9?


Now I definitely feel like a complete dunce...

Put the kettle on the same line as the Main Power Supply, facing right.

Put the magnet in the same row as the kettle on the line with the refrigerator, facing the kettle

put the steam detector to the right of the refrigerator

put the IPS Battery on the same line as the refrigerator

Hope that helps!


For level 9:

Put the Battery to the left of the Refrigerator, and the Steam Detector to the right. Then put the Kettle two squares below and one to the left ot the Steam Detector. Finally, put the Magnet three squares to the left of the Kettle, and you're good to go!

waycooler January 20, 2009 7:37 PM

Wow. This game is pretty cool.
I was stuck on 14 for a while... until I found out that the

magnet was on the wrong side of the vents.

For 15, I managed to figure out how to beat it using everything, as in Luli's answer. Because my mind sees items left over, and assumes my answer is wrong. And I don't know why people are complaining about level 4, I beat it pretty easily... Then again, maybe that's just me.


Here's another level for Electric Box. Warning - I suspect it might be very difficult!



Cheers for trying it SonicLover :)

Here's another one:


Now I really must stop :)


Well spotted SonicLover. The extra lightbulb is for you, you bright spark :p

Here is the fixed version

HYDRO (fixed)

And a final one - a simple level to illustrate a "two-state" alternating system. (Hydro does the same thing, but more slowly.)


darkscythe July 25, 2009 3:07 AM

yall want a crazy one?.... hehehe

{!3%"0"#09&0@)2|+0#/0"00"50$;22?0#E0.G0#I0#K26Q0&S0#X0?Y0$]0"^0"_02a16b0#c0#d0"e0#g0$h0"k0Dl0#m0)o2Aq1+r0"u0Dx1)~+$!2+3#94(%~!?"+#/,|-|54657@[email protected](IBKCSG}

try that out.

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


My first attempt let me know what you think please.

{#1.$1B+0#/1600"[email protected][email protected]"M0$U0"V0"W0#`0Dg0?o29y0%~,-!923+.)'(4~!2"+#?+2,|-?5A6)[email protected]@U@}

Tatsumiblade August 6, 2009 10:57 AM

Try my level. It's

{!2&"3D#1D$1D%1D&1D'1D(1D)2D+2D,2D-3D.1D/1D01D11D22D32D52D62D72D83D91D:1D;[email protected]%N2DO2DP2DQ2DS2DT2DU2DV1DW1DX0DY2DZ2D[2D]2D^2D_1D`1Da1Db1Dc0Dd2De2Dg2Dh1Di1Dj1Dk1Dl1Dm1Dn0Do2Dq1Dr1Ds1Dt1Du1Dv1Dw1Dx1Dy0D~)/.%4/5#(~!G"G#G+G,[email protected]}

Tatsumiblade August 6, 2009 11:08 AM

Here's another easy level:

{!3%"3D#3D$3D%3D&3D'3D(3D)2D+3D,3D-3D.3D/3D03D13D23D32D53D63D73D83D93D:3D;[email protected]T3DU3DV3DW3DX3DY3DZ3D[2D]3D^3D_3D`3Da3Db3Dc3Dd3De2Dg3Dh3Di3Dj3Dk3Dl3Dm3Dn3Do2Dq1Dr1Ds1Dt1Du1Dv1Dw1Dx1Dy0&~-%!39,%6%,47/~}

Tatsumiblade August 6, 2009 11:14 AM

Here's a better one:

{!2%$0@%0@&0?(0D)[email protected][email protected]?:0?;[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]?Z0D[0#][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]?y0|~)7()#(/.%~}

Tatsumiblade August 6, 2009 11:31 AM

My 4th level:

{!2%"15#0|$0"&19'0|(19)0)+05,26-0D.0D/0D00D10D20D32(52660572|81990|:19;0)z0D=0)[email protected]#A05B2|C19D0)E0#F0DG0#I0#K26L05N2(P0DT26U05V16W0&X0)Y2(Z0D[2(]26^05_16`0+a1.b0(c0)d0De0)g05h16i0+j1.k0+l1.m0(n0Do2(q16r0+s1.t0+u0"w1.x0+y0.~,7%)2$30)2!,~!6".#++5,|-95(667(?)@5A)}


Here's one I really like. Let me know what you think!

{!15#0$$1D%1D&1D'1D(0")09+0$,05-0#.2G/0$01D11D20#30D50#62670#90#:2G;[email protected]"B0"D0#E0#F0"G0#I0"J2DK0#L0$O2DP2DQ0#S26T2DU0#V0#X0$Z0#[0#]0&^2D_2G`2(a0#b0#c0#d2De2Dg2%h2Di2Dj2Dk2Gl2Dm0Gn2Go0#q0(r0)s0)t0)u0)v0)w0)x0)y0)~&34%6%~!)[email protected]?@@@A.I?K+S?T?U|}


Here's another:

Divide and Conquer
{!2%"1.#0"$0"%0"&0#(2G)0#+0#,1.-0".0"00"[email protected]#50#61.70"80$90#:26;0Cz2D=0#?0+C0(D0"E0#F2DG0)I0DJ0DK0DL0DM0DN0DO2DP2DQ0DS0$W22X0"Z0#[0@]0"^0"_04`0Da0"b0"c1|e0?g0#i0)j0"k0"m0?n2Do2|q0"r1)u0Dv16w0"x0Dy0&~&34%6%~!C"C+/,[email protected](T(}


And another...

And The Wall Comes Crumbling Down....

{!0$"0"#0#$2G%0$&0#'15(0.)0D+0#,2(-0#.0#/0#00"10"20"32D50.60.70G80G91G:0G;[email protected]+A0"B0"C0"E0#F0"G0DI1%J0"K1DL1DM1DN0DO0#Q2&S0$T16U1DV1DW1DX1DZ0D[0#]09^0$_1D`1Da1Db1Dh0#i0Dj0Dk0Dl0Do0#q14s0Dt0Du0Dv0Dw16x0"y0/~&34%6%~+),)[email protected]|S/T/}


{!2%#2()2)+0+,1.302:0$;04?2>@[email protected]@[email protected]@D09I0#J0?K0?L0?M0?S0(Y3)Z0B^15_0)`15a0)c0+n12o06q1&s1(t06u1(v04~-9/52.!-%(%2%~!6}

Try this level!!!


Fan Delivery Service



Level 15 solution for those who have the following problem:

The mirror with the green arrow pointing to it is fixed.

(by the way, this is my first post)


sorry, turn the top left laser detector around.


this is my easy level

Anonymous August 25, 2009 1:47 PM

my level


it is my first try, tell me about some error

{"0@#0@&0#)0#+2|/1?00"21.53/60"70581&90|:0@?2DA0"C0"[email protected]#K0"L05N0"W1%Y0@[0?`16a09c0?m0#q0"r09s0?v0"w0+~%-%33~!2"2#2-?54647@[email protected]+K5SCT(U)}

[Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


Twin Props
(Way easier than it looks)

{!1%"0"#0"$0"%0"&05'0@(1|+1),0"-0#.3D/0"00"10#20#30D70"80D90$:0"[email protected]$B0DC0#D26E0$G2DJ0#L0DM0&N09O0"P0#Q2|T0#U02V0DY0$]24^0"`0Dc0"d0#h0$i0#j3Dk0#l0$m0#n0#o2)q19s0"t0Du0"w1?x0"y0D~&34%6%~ICJ(KATGUG}


Here's my own level:
Took me long, kind of.


Try me level named annihilate

{!1G"1G#1G$1G%3G&1G(0")0&+0D,0D-2G.0D/3D01D11G21G30G50#61|80D:3G;[email protected]#=0D?0"@
0"A0"B0"[email protected]"G00I2)K0$M1GN3DO0"P0"[email protected]?]1|^0"_0#`0Da0#b1|c0"d0"e
0#g29i1?j1Do2Dq0%r0?t0Du0"v1+x0"y0D~)4!+54!+5~!/".#0+|,|-0526)70?A@([email protected]@[email protected]@U?}


need help with level 47, not sure I have the fridge in the right spot. Any hints out there??

Jai in France September 14, 2009 2:08 PM

This level is hard and wet...

Four Falls
{!2%$0"%0|+2D-0".0"/3.00A22)[email protected]#B0(D1)[email protected]+Q0#T0?V1)W09[0#^0"_0"`1(a0"b0"c0"d0#e05h0?i1|j1Ck0"l0"m0+n0"o06t1/u16v0Ax1)y0&~'2!.$/-~!0"G#2+?,@-C5B7+}

Jai in France September 14, 2009 3:52 PM


The code included in my post above is not correct. Below is the proper one. Please delete the earlier post. Sorry.

This level is hard and wet...

Four Falls


Tell me what you think!

Anonymous October 29, 2009 6:07 PM

Yo SonicInterface, i tried ur "And yet so far" level. Got stuck, help pl0x :D



Try this it is the hardest level ever...

lol xD

Ashaya Luitel November 13, 2009 11:13 PM

Level 13 please


Re "Four Falls"

It can be solved using only six pieces.


i just created my own level, please try it's not really hard

address: {!0$"0"#0"$0"%0"&0"'0"(0")0#+0#30#50#:0#=0#?0#D0#G0#I0#N0#Q0#S0#X0#[0#]0#^0"_0"`0"a0"e0#g0#i16j0"k0"l0&o0#y0%~'0!429+~!9"|#++B}


here is my level


lucius flame December 13, 2009 4:08 PM

yo its my lv



Hey im stuck on level 45 on the app, can anyone help??


stuck on level 45 too, i don't know how to use the magnet.


I've been playing electric box on the iPhone and I can't figure out level 19.
Any help?


A little late to comment now, but Steve, "Fan Delivery Service" is genius.


I call this one "GRIDLOCK:"

{!3B$0#&0"'0|(0@+0#,16-0&.2D/3D50#61G70#80#90#:0@;2Gz0$=0#?0"@0#B2DE0#F2?G09I2%J0"K0)L0)M1AN1GO0)P0)Q2AS0"T0"U2DV1.W0"X0"Y0(Z0#[0#]0$^0._0+a0"b1Dc1)e0#g0$h0"k0"l0"m0"n0"o0#q0Ax1)~(39,/#!4~!C"C#C+(,[email protected]}


I call this one, "RELAY RACE:"

{#0$$1G%0A&2)'2&(2%-0).2A00A20251G60)80#;3B=0#A2(B2DC2GD1)E0#G0(I3DJ0"K0DL2DM0)N2AO0#P16Q0(S2DT2(U0#V2DW2AX0#Y0"[2)]2D^0#_0#`2([email protected]#i0(j0#k0"l2|n0?q0Du0Dv0"w0"~(39,/#!4~")#++4,)-C5/6)7G?9@)A0}


Need help on level 13.

Sorry im new how do you type spoilers?


Please try out my puzzle. It's my first one, and its easy!


{!1%"0"$0@%19&1)[email protected]#71680"90":0#;0Dz0D=2.@0#B0"C0"E0DF0DG0#J0"K0"[email protected]?N0"[email protected][0#][email protected]?c0Dd0De2([email protected]+q0"r06u0?w0Dx0D~#7'~!5,25G62?|@(I)}



try it


Please let here the level 14 solution.
Thank you.


I tried making my own level, but noticed that it is impossible to detach the main power supply with the ball dropper, which was necessary for my level. Upsetting.


The level 14 solution (sorry for double-posting) is on page 1 or 2 of the comments, Shiinu. Click on the URL, and copy the image!


{!1%"09#0@$0@%0@&0@'0@(0@)0@[email protected]@[email protected]@:0@;[email protected]@=0??0@@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]?U0?V0?W0?X0?Y0?Z0?[0@^0@_0@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]?i0?j0?k0?l0?m0?n0?q0?x1|y0&~%!3$&~}


Try this level, it's pretty fun and challenging!:

go to http://pastebin.ca/1788506 or just copy & paste {!2%%0$&09'0@+0",0#/0|`2Ab0#c0#h16i0"l0#r0"s0"t0"v0"w0"x0"y0&~&+9,%2~!5"@,?546C?2@)I9J|S?}


Level Code looks ugly and might be long
This is my first level. I dont know why the heck it says Level code looks ugly and might be long, but wutever. It's pips guys.


Sheesh, been stuck on Level 64 on the iPhone version for about a day now. Does anyone know the solution to this one? Please help. Thanks! :)


[email protected]$A0#B0#C0#D0#J
#^0#c0$h0"i0"j1%k0"l0"~'&%***%~} try this XD

AGrimReaperQuix April 3, 2010 6:39 PM

...my level....



Can't seem to get past level 19, generate elec and get the target to turn but the game does not take me to the next level?

Wizards1234 April 9, 2010 1:26 PM

Help. Level 5. Plz help.


is there any type of walkthru for all the levels? im stuck on level 18 for the app

newmmar May 12, 2010 10:38 AM

first try at making level....too easy?

{"0"#0"%0D&0D'0D(0D)0D,3%.1)/0A10"20":0D;[email protected]#D0DE0DF0"J0$K0"N0DO0DQ0DT0+X0DY0D[0D]0?_0D`0"a0#b0Dc0Dd0#e0Dg0Di0?k0#l0Dm0Dn0&o0Dq0Dr0"s0"t0"v0Dw0Dx0Dy0D~-9/52.!-%(%2%~!6"6#6+5,5-)5B7@?|@([email protected]}

Anonymous May 16, 2010 8:04 PM

Awesome level.

Infinite loop if you can figure it out.

{!0@$19%0"&0|)0@-1G.0"/0"01G10.@[email protected]|C0&_1(`0"a0%h0?i1)j0$k0"l0+q0?t1|u09y0?~)(5*!#+53~T9}


i need help on L 12


all of the solutions 4 level 15 dont work cuz u cant move the mirrors they put there, u guys keep sayng put a detector in front of laser but theres a mirror in the way ughhhhhh

xdragonaite June 6, 2010 8:20 AM

For level 15, using all the tools:

(A to I from left to right
1 to 9 from top to bottom)

B1,D1,F1 - Ball dropper

B2,D2,F2 - Laser detector (face the right)
G9,I2 - Laser detector (face the left)

H5 - Transporter bot (face the left)
H7 - Transporter bot (face the right)

A2,H2 - Mirror (/-slanted)
C2,E2,G2 - Mirror (\-slanted)

The steps are:
1.) Charge the IPS battery and bot in the largest circuit.
2.) Move the fixed mirror near the supply to clear the three columns of blocks with balls.
3.) The laser reaches the detector at the bottom and charges the second bot
4.) The second bot removes the IPS battery from the charger light.


I need help on level 22 plz

Jaimeybond14 June 20, 2010 6:13 PM

To anyone that is stuck on level 18 or under look it up on YouTube.com. I am currently stuck on level 19.

Anonymous June 30, 2010 8:30 AM

a very hard one^^


whatever July 8, 2010 12:10 PM

Help with level 9!!!


Here's my first level ever, don't say you hate it, because I don't care. I'm looking for positives, not negatives.

{!2%+0(-0".0"/1530#=0#F0"I0DS1GT0"U0"V0"W16]0Dg2)i0"j0"k0"q0&~'3(!$/7~!)#9+(,[email protected]?6|72?C}

Tinnykins August 3, 2010 6:53 PM

Try my level!!!!! It is

{!2&"0"#0"$0"%0"&0"'0"(0"+0#,0$-0".0"/0"00"10"20"50#60#70"81.90":0";0CI0)J0"K1/L1DM0"N0"O0"P0"Q0(U0$V0"W0"X0"Y0$Z0"[0)e2(h2(k0"l0"m0"n3Do0#q0"r0"s0"t0"u0"v1+w0"x0"y0%~*4)..9+).3~!?"@[email protected][email protected])KDSGTG}


My level:

{#2)(2A-0#01G10"20#70#z0#A0"[email protected]|U2+Y0D^1%_0"`09b0?k16l0"m0"n0"o0&~',/#+/.~}

Ghost Ant August 28, 2010 6:15 AM

I named this alternate state level Tic Tac / Light Up :

+9,[email protected])K)S)T)}

Ghost Ant August 28, 2010 6:17 AM

Another alternate state level named Kettle Loop :


Ghost Ant August 28, 2010 6:44 AM

I named this level Gas Plant :

@[email protected]#B14C0+E26F0DG0#I0#J0?K0|L29M1&N0.O0(Q09S0)T0DU0#V0)W2+Y2)Z0?[2|]1(^0._0#a0|c02d0#e2Dg0#i0.j0?k19l04m0Dn0#q0%r0Ds0+t0"u0"v0)w0"
x04y0D~)'!30,!.4~!+"B+(,A-A5)[email protected]@[email protected]}

The goal was to fill in the game surface with a spiral progression.

This makes me think about a challenge :

  • Who can build the level with the longest playtime ?

(duration between switching ON and "Level complete" displayed)

While not built with this idea in mind, this level lasts 1 min 50 : think you can do better ?


Level Too

{,[email protected]"M0#W0#a0"b0"c0"~),%6%,4//~!."+#9+|,[email protected]??@}

Ghost Ant August 31, 2010 12:52 PM

Sylocat, your level GridLock is *great* !

I loved the "left or right ?" kettle dilemma at the beginning, each orientation leading to useful consequences !

I really enjoyed spending time to solve it.

Ghost Ant August 31, 2010 12:56 PM

Please note Electric Box 2 is available, with a plenty of innovations !


A brand-new level!
Sure, it's complicated, but you people like that! Tell me if you find any bugs.

mrcubfanguy September 6, 2010 12:36 PM

Yes! I finally got my first level made!
Here is the code:

{.0$/0"00"10"20"[email protected]"80"90":[email protected]/C0"D0#G0#L02N0#Q22S0?[0#]1%^0"_0"d0#e0#n0"v1&w06~)%0)#,6,)~I9S|T0U+}

Hope you like it! :)


help me on level 8 please


here is a good level i just made

{!2%#0"$02&0$'0"(1B+0#-0D/0$00250#70D90#?0#C0#I0#M0$N0+P16Q0&S0#U0DW0#]0#_0Da0#g0#h0Dk0#q09t0D~&4/--9~"|#2+45@??@[email protected]?S@}


TheMastadon - my first attempt at a level.

{!0@&0$'0"(1B,0@-0".0"/0"60?70"?0?K0#P0$Q06S1%T0"U0$V0+Y0"Z0"]2&g0"h0"l0"m0"n0"v0"w0"x0"~,4(%-!34!$/.~!C"6#6+),[email protected][email protected]@}


a easy one

{"0"#0$$0"%2G&0$'0"(0B+0@,0D00|80#:[email protected]#C0#D19E0#J2AL0#M0#O2)P0#S0"T0$U0/V0#W0#Z22^0._0"a1.b0"c0"d0Dj2+s1+t0%v1&w0"x0"y06~(39,/#!4~?.@.A/IGJGKGS+T+UC}


Just found this game - playing on iPad. Fantastic game! Can anyone help with lvl 19?

Reaverblade November 22, 2010 5:05 PM

check out my level. see how many ways you can win!

{!3%"0"#1D$0"%1D&0"'0D(0D,0D-0$.1D00D10D20D60D70#82D:0D;[email protected]#B2DD0DE0DF0DJ0DK0#L2DM0"N0"O2DP0DS0"T1DV2DW0"X0"Y2DZ0D]1D^1D_1D`1Da1Db0Dc0#d0Dg0$h0"i0"j1Dl0Dn0Dq0&t0D~,2%!6%2",!$%~!G"G#(+(,)-A5)7C@)}

HappyChappy December 9, 2010 11:30 PM

Level 4
Place the kettle on the right side where it gets direct power source. Place the magnets facing right on the loose ends of the circuit powered by the steam detecter. When you turn on the power the kettle should power the detecter, which then powers the magnets to pull both the detecter and the kettle to the new positions. The kettle should now power the detecter and send electricity to the target.


how do you turn off the light bulb on lvl 5?


i did level 1-12 without a walkthrough, but i wanna beat 13!

and FAST then! >:(


using your own angle-brackets from A1-I9 for me like at this way:

level 13-14-15

-lvl 13-

-lvl 14-

-lvl 15-


Im stuck on level 23..help please


my level:

{%0"&0"'0#)0#+0$,0900D30#50$609:[email protected]&G0#I0$J19K0"L0"M0"N1DO0"P0#Q0#S0$T09X0DZ0"[0#]0$^09b0De0#g0$h09l0Do0#q1%r09v0D~-9/52.!-%(%2%~!|"G#|+?,@[email protected]}


This game is not fun.. I am stuck at lv 47 and im damn sure it is impossible to solve..


Level 26!
Where do I put the transporter bot to shut the power off? HELP, it's driving me nuts!

kelseyh11 March 25, 2011 9:01 PM

play my friends game please :)

{!1%$0D%0D&0D(0")0#.0D/0D00D20D80D90D:[email protected]|W0"X0$Y0"[0D]0#_0D`0Da0Db0#d1.e0#g0#i0Dj0Do0#q0"r0"s0"t0"u0"v0"x0Dy0&~$"%.~!9"@#@+?,[email protected]}

pokedude583 April 16, 2011 1:39 PM

OK, don't be surprised if it's rubish because it is my first level so, here you go

{!2G$0"%0"&0"'0"(3@)0#+0",0"-0".[email protected]:3@[email protected][email protected]#S0#U3@[29][email protected]@h0+o29y0%~)0/+%$5$%~!9"9#9}

[email protected] April 24, 2011 3:07 PM

Try my game!
{!0@(19)0%,0D-0D.0D/0D00D10D20D30D50?=0@[email protected]$K0$L0$M0$N0$O2|Q0?S3DT0$U0$V0$W0$X0$Y0#Z0D[0D]1(^0"_0"`0"a0"b0"d0De2&g2)i20j0#l2Ao0)q0"r0"s0"t0"u0"v0"x0Dy0D~,,)'(450,)&%~}


how to beat level 8?

please help

ERICFREAK May 18, 2011 1:32 PM

here is mine

{!0#"0"#0"$0"%0"&0"'0")0#+0#,24-0".0"/0"00"[email protected]#80"90";[email protected]#A0#B0#D0#E0#F0#G0#I0#J0#K0#L0$M1&N0#O0#P0#Q0#S0#T0#U0#X0?Y2.Z0#[0#]0#^0#`1)a0"d0#e0#g0#i14j0"k1+l0"o0#q0)r0"s0"t0"u0"v0"w0"x0"y0%~*%2)#&2%!+~!0"(#(+9,[email protected]}


if you have done it correctly it should look like this https://jayisgames.com/images/hs_ericfreak_customlevel_elecricbox.jpg

anonymouse January 20, 2012 2:49 AM

try this cool code for electric box!

{,0$-0".0"/0"00"10"20"[email protected]#G0#J0#Q0#S2&[0#]0|e0#g1%h09o0#r0"s0"t0"u0"v0"w0"x0"~&-!$$)~!?"@#@+?,@[email protected]???}

rbgamer100 October 22, 2012 10:22 AM

HELP IM STUCK ON LEVEL 18????????????????????

henbag01 April 8, 2013 12:28 AM

for level 13:

Place the laser gun thing next to the power source facing left. Place one of the laser detectors at the top of the longest wire, facing left again. Two squares left from the target, place the transporter bot, again, facing left. Put the block six squares left from the power source. Turn the leftest mirror once. Place the other laser detector three squares from the left on the top row, this time facing right. Place the fan on the highest piece of the lowest wire, facing right. Put the kettle facing right three squares under the transporter bot. The steam detector goes one below the target, and the water dispenser two from the left on the top row. Lastly, the water turbine goes four left of the kettle. Press on!


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