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Duck Life 2

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Rating: 4.4/5 (442 votes)
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joyeDuck Life 2Sometimes a little duckling in the gutter has got dreams. Big dreams. Dreams of a training montage that ends with a big, shiny crown placed on its feathered cranium. Well, thanks to Sims5000, you can live out those dreams in the new training sim Duck Life 2. It's bigger, better, and duckier than ever.

The goal of the game is to take your little duck through four areas with three races each, and then compete in the championship semi-final and final in Japan, for which the reward is not only the shiny gold crown of your dreams, but a ton of gold, some fun cheats, and access to a level editor. But if you try to leap right into the races, you're going to fall on your little downy behind. You need to play four minigames to train up your stats in climbing, running, flying, and swimming.

All four minigames are controlled with the [arrow] keys and are primarily tests of your reflexes: if you see a ball coming in the running test, hit the [up] arrow to jump over it; hit the [up] arrow to jump over obstacles and the [down] arrow to dive under them in the swimming test; use the [left] and [right] arrows to dodge obstacles in the climbing test; and finally, use the [up] and [down] arrows to avoid obstacles in the flying test. The longer you last, the more levels you will go up at a time, but even if you really suck at a particular event, it's not a big deal, because even if you only last a few seconds, you'll go up at least one level, and then it's a matter of slow and steady winning the duck race. You also earn coins, which you can spend on increasing your level limit, and on building your energy, which is necessary for the races.

Once you've trained up your duck's stats, the actual races involve no player input at all. Instead, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the clever artwork (the Japanese levels are particularly cute, as is only right). Winning races also unlocks various customizations for your duck, such as hats and paint schemes. You can even deck your bird out in various national flags. Unfortunately, once you've beaten the game, there really isn't that much of a reason to stick around. You'll already have bought everything there is to buy, and the level editor just isn't that much fun. Yes, after getting your crown, you're nothing but a lame duck.

If you took to Gone to the Dogs like a duck to water, you'll want to get all your ducks in a row and try this game. Or else leave yourself a sitting duck to further puns. I've got an idiom dictionary and I'm not afraid to use it!

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Hmm... be sure to do your math. You get as much benefit spending 5 coins on yellow seed as you do spending 15 coins on purple seed. The purple seed was a lot more valuable in the first game.


Pretty good game, though i'm not too keen on the running and flying minigames

Black Drazon July 13, 2010 4:46 PM

I think I would have wanted a chance to play in the final races. Gives more sense of meaning to them, and would have been a nice sense of variety and a better tied-together product.


A bit too challenging on the minigames(training fields). But otherwise quite interesting.

CHocolate_bob July 13, 2010 5:45 PM

Whenever I jump in the races, my eye colour turns blue. Does this happen to anyone else?

VDOgamez July 13, 2010 6:07 PM

I'm having trouble entering a name. When I type, I can't get a capital V, or the letter z at all. After testing, several letters don't capitalize, some auto-capitalize, like f, and q also is broken.

Alex Kantal July 13, 2010 6:17 PM

This game has so many bugs in it that I wonder if the guy actually tested it before he released it. It's not like the glitches are game ending or anything, but they can still be very annoying and easily noticeable, so how he missed all of it is beyond me.


I enjoyed this, but I feel like it's even less balanced than the first one; the coins do essentially nothing. I only needed to feed my bird a bit at the beginning to get my endurance up a few levels, then I never needed coins again.

In the original, you could use coins to power up your duck and skip some of the training, which I kind of liked.

Also, like the original, I find it odd that you do better in the final race if you are actually WORSE at flying than your opponents, because you need to get below the overhanging ledge.

Anonymous July 13, 2010 7:06 PM

Yeah i agree with Alex Kantal, this game has way too many glitches like running minigame - wouldnt jump at times when i start and the climbing game can go off screen at times so you have no idea where you are as well as the game crashed at one point for me. it can get quite annoying at times. should have tested it more before releasing i think.


I find this a pretty poor effort. The mini games are more luck and patience than anything, particularly in higher levels when the action moves too fast to do anything but wait it out. And why aren't we allowed to control our bird in the actual competitions? The whole thing feels quite amateurish and thrown together.

Alexiorsay July 13, 2010 7:40 PM

I'm really not sure why this is here- It's not attractive, it's not addicting, it's not fun. It seems to me that, with the addition of climbing, it's exactly the same game as the original, which wasn't much fun either. Disappointed.


The minigames straight up break at the higher levels. In swimming, I'd end up double jumping. In climbing, my duck often vanished into the rock wall. In running, he would occasionally shoot forward a bit mid-air. Still, the bigger problem is that, even when the high-level minigames aren't bugging out, they aren't fun. The randomness combined with the speed results in nothing but a lot of retries (which will eventually let you hit the level cap anyway). The first game was an interesting time-waster, but this sequel manages not only to not innovate but to actually break what was already there.


Oh great. The final winning screen bugged out. Anyone know what it said?


the paint unlockables are all off
(eg. "Blue" is actually pink, all the flags come at the end, "Red" is actually orange)

Jim_in_Oz July 14, 2010 12:15 AM

I was kind of glad when the entire game screen went blue on the final Hawaiian race and I had an excuse to stop playing.

I was getting a bit sick of having no hope of flying any great distance without, basically, having to guess the first half a dozen obstacles. If that game was meant as a test of reaction speed then the person who developed it doesn't understand the limitations of human reactions.


Jim, you get three full blinks of the warning sign before the obstacle appears, always, irrelevant of your flight speed. I found flight training to be outright pleasant compared to the other minigames.

As others have said, Climbing becomes not only buggy at high levels, but absolutely impossible to travel any significant distance - jumping from one side to the other sends you closer to the bottom of the screen than it did when your skill was lower.

Running training is just a pain in the ass for me... it's just the way that the hopping mode of movement interferes with my ability to jump, and it's very difficult to judge whether I need to jump over the next two logs together, or seperately.

The game froze once on me in the middle of a race, and during the semifinals one of the competitor ducks just didn't start flying at the edge of a building - he plummeted down and was not seen again.

Chaotick July 14, 2010 2:38 AM

Highly flawed. In addition to what already has been mentioned, the climbing minigame sometime has the narrow chasm go off screen entirely, causing an instant loss. This needs new things, not more of the same.

Anonymous July 14, 2010 3:13 AM

I can't play.


It's really too bad that the game creator clearly didn't think testing his/her game was necessary. The crown I got at the end is only visible if I turn the black crown cheat on, and then it rapidly strobes between gold and black (very unpleasant if strobe lights make you feel sick like they do for me). There is no Japan paint, even after unlocking everything (but that's okay because I've been having fun walking around in my "orange" (read: Scottish flag, blue/white) paint giggling). And as other people have said, there's no point to any of the minigames anymore because they're all so buggy and unplayable at this level.

OrigamiMarie July 15, 2010 12:58 AM

Ooh, and then there's the pink bird that appeared to be air-boarding down instead of flying. And there is a cap to high of a level you can even buy up to (and you frequently get sent directly to the shop to purchase those forbidden upgrades). And poor bird, you have swum onto an island and somehow can't hop off (even though you are actually good at hopping).

If you bounce back up (multi-hop) at the end of a hop in Running, it is much less likely to stop you for landing on a ball. So a good (though mindless) strategy is to just hold down the up arrow.

Eventually climbing practice quits getting stuck in most places. It just skids right over most stuff. Except the big stuff, which you can't skip in time.

There's something wrong with the yellow ovals under the skill levels on the main screen, they don't go yellow appropriately. The skill level at the end of climb practice goes right off the end of the scale.

And it occasionally just locks up. Completely. To its credit, it does save your game state.

If you click the seed when the chick is standing under it with its head at just the correct angle, it slurps the seed before it hits the ground. This actually seems like a feature, if only it was readily repeatable.

No crown. Oh well, I like the ponytail better. The sunglasses keep flapping off.

Extreme practice is amazingly broken.

Yeah, okay, so I test software for a living :P

Mystify July 15, 2010 3:07 AM

I agree, this game is broken in many ways, and suffers from a complete lack of innovation over the first. I'd have to say its downright shoddy.


Fun AT FIRST, until I realized that the purple seed IS COMPLETELY USELESS!!! Also, the minigames are horrible at higher levels.
You jump the first one, and the second one kills you as you land.
Actually, rather enjoyable.
Way too glitchy, three times in a row I was shot off the tob/bottom of the screen at light speed.
At high levels, you go so fast that you pass through the ledges, and it is not possible to survive when it gets wide.


Wow, this is glitchy.

* For swimming, if I land on an obstruction, I should be able to jump off.
* I agree, the energy bit is kind of useless. And I can't see the crown at all.

I have just finished the Hawaii trial, and my max level is 150.

* The emo hair keeps flickering.
* I get no "You've reached your max" when doing flying, running, or swimming.
* I fly through obstructions, sometimes, when flying.
* The bird glitches forward on the first jump, when running.
* At some point, the yellow level progress bar in the final screen of climbing overlaps the right edge.
* I can't tell if I'm supposed to be able to go through outcroppings when climbing, but I can, for the thinner ones.
* Whoa, and i just disappeared into the cliff face!



Very fun time-waster, though it's pretty disappointing that the crown is broken. D: Still, though, quite fun (though really easy) and the glitched up training levels when you get near the end are hilarious. XD

Anonymous July 18, 2010 11:28 AM

There are a LOT of glitches some aren't so bad but.
1) When I was about to take off I went half way in the ground.
2) Complete spaz and every single menu, race, game and every thing tried to appear at once. (Had to refresh)
3) Finished the end then it spazzed and kept going to the loading screen.
4) ....Level editor is a complete fail. nothing works. The duck can swim through the air -.-
5)A load more...

Still love the game :D


I don't know if you call the swimming in midair thing a cheat or glitch that needs a spoiler tag, but here you go...

You can swim through the air in level editor by placing 1 single water block at the beginning of the level. (You must have nothing but air between you and the next block, though.)

P.S. I can barely move in level editor. If anyone could help, that would be great...

corey jc August 6, 2010 8:20 PM

I found this game to be quite lackluster in comparison to the original. In the original, the purple seed was amazing (it was blue, but oh well on the oversight) now I can not even determine what it does.

The minigames are worse than the first one, especially the climbing one, when I was lvl 4 climbing, I went to retry the climbing and at 3.8 thousand points, it froze my browser, the game completely crashed.

This game has many bugs, and is in no way representetive or even in the same league as the original.

Anonymous October 31, 2010 3:57 PM

There is no level editor! how do i get to it if there is?


I cant swim fast enough its too hard! (well I think so)


really I don't know why you have to unlock the races seriously I don't like that part at all way way to complicated for me.


When I use the level editor my duck either can't run at all or runs like it's lvl 5 but everything else works. I also can't make my levels go higher but I can put the other duck's to 200 or higher. Plus when I put water as the 1st block my duck fell and I couldn't delete the water.
During swimming training the duck just disappeared. When you do extreme swimming the duck can go through all the walls, extreme flying you go through the obstacles, during extreme running you can't jump and the sunglasses won't work. Plus the paint is really mixed up, it's giving me the wrong colors.


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