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Rating: 4.6/5 (51 votes)
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This time, you are the puzzle! Eyezmaze is back at it again with some original gameplay in DIET. Although still set in classic point and click format, this latest browser game takes a break from the Grow series. Players are transported to a world in which one is unimaginably gargantuan and desperately in need of a weight loss regime. Russian nesting doll meets sliding block puzzle as you navigate a building where codes serve little purpose, and the key to unlocking doors is yourself.

The game design and visuals in DIET are extremely simple; however, Eyezmaze still manages to capture players' curiosity and engage them in a narrative. There are several points at which players may get stuck, often in seemingly empty rooms that have been thrice checked over. Logic, creativity, and persistence are required to conjure a solution. Additionally, those with attention to detail have a considerable upper hand.

DIET's cartoonish nature defies every rule of physics and biology, further lending whimsicality and comedy to the game. The main character personifies a game piece, like in chess or Monopoly; the twist is that solutions often involve transforming oneself instead of one's surroundings or another object. Indeed, this added element makes the game unique yet consistent with Eyezmaze's mode of operation.




The first dumbbell

Click on the player to lose weight, until it reduces in size.

Go down, go right, and go up. Click on the dumbbell.

The second dumbbell

Click on the player to lose weight, until it reduces in size.

Go down, go left, and go left. Click on the buttons in order. First click 1, then click 2, finally click 3.

Go up, then click on the stairs to go upstairs.

You are now on Floor 2.

Go right, go right, and go down. Click on the dumbbell. If you stay too long in the room with food, you will gain weight.

The third dumbbell

Click on the player to lose weight, until it reduces in size.

Go left, go down, and go right. Click on the stairs to go upstairs.

You are now on Floor 3.

Go up, then go left. Click the button until the upper door opens. Go up. There's a door that needs 99 coins to open. First go upstairs, then backtrack.

On Floor 1, two rooms down the stairs, a map is there. From now on, all rooms are referred by their coordinates.

After you have 99 coins, go to 3F:1-B to unlock the door. The dumbbell is in 3F:1-A.

The fourth dumbbell

Click on the player to lose weight, until it reduces in size.

Go to 4F:2-B and click the button 1. Go to 3F:2-C and click the button 2. Go to 3F:3-B and click the button 3. The door at 4F:2-B is now unlocked.

Go to 4F:3-C for the dumbbell.

The fifth dumbbell

Click on the player to lose weight, until it reduces in size.

4F:3-A can only be accessed if your size is exactly one square. This room is not required for winning the game, though.

Go to R:1-A and click on button 1, 2, and 3.

Go to 2F:3-B and click on the yellow button. You will fall through the trapdoor if you are one square or nine squares in size. Go through the portals until you arrive at R:1-C, where you should click on button 4.

Go back to R:1-A and click on button 5.

Go to R:3-B and click on button 6. The red door will open.

Go to R:3-C and get the dumbbell.


Click on the player to lose weight, until it reduces in size.

Go to R:3-B and click on the chasm. You will reach R:3-A and take the key there. R:3-A is unreachable with a positive weight.

Unlock the door to 3F:1-C and 3F:3-A. Familiarize yourself with the route from 1F:1-B to 3F:3-A. (From 1F:1-B, go down, go left, go up, upstairs, go down, upstairs, go down.)

Go to 2F:1-C to make you size nine squares. (weight 110kg or above)

Go to R:1-A and electrify yourself to death. Then, rush to 3F:3-A before the electricity wears off. (You can't do this without dying; the switch at 3F:2-B won't switch fast enough.)

The road to 2F:2-A now appears. Take the meat in that room.

The ultimate dumbbell

Go to 2F:1-C and get to maximum size.

Go to R:2-B. The door is now unlocked. Now click until you can fit through the door.

Go to R:1-B. Use the meat the distract the guard dog. Open the chest and take the ultimate dumbbell.

Click on the player until you win.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr September 12, 2018 2:27 PM replied to Pulsaris

In the second last segment where you

rush to reach a yellow room, the electrification wearing off is determined by the number of rooms you move through (not counting stairs). So that particular puzzle can be done at a slow pace once you know the required route.


And it continues the developer's longstanding tradition of being next-to-impossible without a walkthrough.


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