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Creeper World: Evermore

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Rating: 4.8/5 (1444 votes)
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Kyhcreeperworldevermorescreenshot.jpgKnuckle Cracker is at it again, bringing us another iteration of its popular Creeper World series. In Creeper World: Evermore, a new level of real-time strategy play is offered every day!

Evermore uses the same game functions and controls. Use the mouse to select units to build for gathering energy to use for fire power against the ever-present Creeper. And if you ever get tired of getting Odin City to escape this galactic menace, you can flip the survival mode switch to disable the totems used to warp it to a safer land. Seeing as how the Creeper is indestructible, it becomes a matter of how long you can stave it's reach before it inevitably destroys the last vestiges of humanity. Creeper World: Evermore promises to offer a great daily fix of this fun strategy game, so be sure to jump on it now before there are too many levels to handle in one sitting!

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It doesn't seem like the creep gets progressively stronger in survival mode. I've driven it back to the pools about an hour ago, and it hasn't broken through my (thick) line of defense yet. If it doesn't get stronger, there's no end to how long you can survive.



That's always been a problem with this series. The first 5 or 10 minutes of every level is the only 'dangerous' section. After that, if you're willing to end the level with an awful score, you can be as cautious as you like and be basically guaranteed not to lose.


pezz: right. When a level begins your task is to find a small area that can be defended. Once you have that, you have as much thinking time as you want, to try various types of attack until one works. If you don't figure out how to defend your initial small area, you lose.

The real strength of this series is in level design. Designers arrange things so you can't expand in a convenient way, denying you sight lines or good positions for your units. This is best shown off in Creeper World: User Space. The Evermore game is built on randomly-generated levels so it can't give you the fun and variation of clever level design.

Put the two together, however, and you get the Creeper World game you can buy, which has both designed levels and the ability to generate endless randomly-generated ones. The best of both worlds.


Did anyone else think of Minecraft when they saw this?


Yeah - I don't see the point in the Survival mode either. You can completely subdue the creeper on any level once you get it pushed mostly back by flying a couple of blasters up to next to the source. You can have the area around the sources completely colonized and safe. So Survival mode seems pretty pointless.

I also agree that the fun parts of the game are with clever level designs. The randomly-generated levels don't even have variation in the tileset they use; they're all the same drab browns.

User Space was a lot of fun, but Evermore seems a bit of a miss to me.


On the other hand, the creep *does* get gradually stronger in survival mode. You can see an "Emitters" number where the "Survival" button was; my guess is that this is the equivalent number of creeper emitters being piled up underneath the starting emitters.


I just found out that it is possible to activate the three totems in survival mode and escape.
Has anyone else done this?


No, but I just found out that the game is broken, and Will Not Start. The ads roll, then a grey screen. Please have knuckle cracker fix this...


It has since been fixed.


The weirdest thing happened to me last week. I played this game on my desktop, but the game did not keep track of my wins day to day. Has anyone else had this glitch?


The game remembers me on my laptop.


I think that jay should add a commercial loop ANYWHERE on Every game page, like this one, and just play a new 15 second ad every 60 seconds. Then they could simply remove the ads from the Start Of The Games. Who thinks this is a good idea?


Do you have any plans for April 1st? When this game, and 100's like it, I assume, will no longer be paid by Mochi?


Is it worth telling the community your plans? Assuming you have any, that is...


:(. Well, good bye 100's of games from this site for now...... Else Jay HAS a plan and has yet to tell the community...


Cool!! They got cash flow worked out with knuckle cracker!


Any chrome users having to reload a few times in order for the shockwave plugin to load?


8Px500. I hate feeling like a spammer.


Anyone else's shockwave player not loading the first time?


Anyone get a score of 6,666? Besides me yesterday?


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