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Coffee Shop

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Rating: 4.3/5 (215 votes)
Comments (92) | Views (41,580)

Coffee ShopJohnBLike an updated version of the classic Lemonade Stand game, Coffee Shop puts you in a young entrepreneur's shoes with the power to make or break your budding business. Buy ingredients, adjust your secret recipe, and set the price per cup to sell as much coffee to passers-by as you can. Strike a balance between customer satisfaction and profit and you're on your way to java-induced bliss.

Before each business day begins you'll have a chance to stock up on supplies. To make and sell coffee you need four ingredients: cups, coffee, milk, and sugar. You can adjust your coffee recipe to make a creamier, sweeter brew that customers might enjoy. The more you use in each cup the fewer people you can serve, so experiment to find a comfortable in-between.

Adding even more variety to the mix, customers have different preferences for their cup of joe, so you won't be able to please everyone all the time. And on cold days more people want a warm drink than hot days, so be sure to drop your price when the sun is blazing. Customers let you know what they think about your brew with icons floating over their heads. Keep a running tally of the overall opinion and adjust your recipe and inventory the next day.

Analysis: Coffee Shop is an excellent update to the old Lemonade Stand game some of us were hooked on back in the early days of computer gaming. The brief tutorial makes everything seem much more complicated than it really is, so read through it and dive right in. You can always adjust things later.

Excellent visual design and well-balanced gameplay, the only slight bone I have to pick with Coffee Shop is if you run out of ingredients and your stand closes, you have to sit there and wait out the day. Of course that kind of rubs in the fact that I didn't buy enough coffee to feed the hungry masses, so maybe the forced wait has a purpose after all.

A polished and highly addictive game. Makes you crave coffee, which can be a good or a bad thing.

Play Coffee Shop


Tip: If your coffee stand gets popular enough, you'll get visited by special characters. I hope you guys enjoy the game.


...and you're on your way to java-induced bliss.

You know you've spent too much time programming recently when you read the above in a coffee-shop related post and you automatically think the game must be an applet.



Very hard, I cannot get past day 3.

I would like it if the time was restricted to 14 days. Would be good if their was an infinate mode.



Hah! I seriously thought I was the only one. *goes to try the game out*


I mean it would be better if you could choose a difficulty, be able to choose a time preod.

Sorry about mistake in above mssage, im tyred and its getting late...


The pope just visited me on day 12! yay!

deflective November 16, 2007 9:59 PM

a solid implementation of the lemonade stand with some crazy stats available.

one thing i would like to see is the cost to make a cup as the sliders are moved (either calculate the average price/ingredient paid or just use the last amount paid).

Chrysanthemum November 17, 2007 12:50 AM

I'm intrigued.

The price slider is REALLY difficult to adjust with any accuracy during the course of the day -- any way to fix that?

TheGreatMrChibi November 17, 2007 1:44 AM

I just finished with full reputation and a score over $1,000. I did it Starbucks-style: the highest quality coffee for the highest price. As long as they're satisfied, you're golden.


I got the pope on day 10!


Hey guys! This is James Dalby, the guy who did the art and animation for Coffee Shop.

Thank you for the gracious review! If you're interested, feel free to stop by our production blog any time you like! I've recently posted a character animation sheet of all Coffee Shop game characters! You can see weekly behind-the-scenes pics and updates of all of the other games in development at ArmorGames Inc!


Let us know what you think by dropping comments. I'd love to hear what you have to say about our upcoming projects.




How were people able to make almost $1000? The most I can make is about $300. Great addicting game!


any tips for a starter


@ErikaM: You'd be surprised how much people are willing to pay for a cup of quality coffee.


$1030.10, wheee! :) Very nice little game!

As someone said earlier, the trick is to go high end. Most expensive recipe, start off with relatively cheaper prices (5-6 bucks), then gradually raise them.

Didn't get the pope though!


I got $1053.35 profit, pope came on days 7, 11 and 12. :)

But when i submitted the high score...it changes to $0.00 hence i'm right at the bottom. i think you can't go over $999.99 if you wanna be at the top?

It's alright. I've beaten the game! yeah!


No fair! It doesnt post money amounts above 1.000 on the score board. I made 1212,15 dollar, but it registers as 0.

Spartanwka November 17, 2007 1:04 PM

I got the Pope on the 8th day!

On the first day get 25 cups, 40 tsp of coffee, 40 cups of milk and 50 tsp of sugar. Next, make the tsp of coffee per cup 2.5, make milk 1.5 cups and sugar 2.5 tsp and sell for $2.10. After the first few days give more sugar, coffee and milk and raise the price.

This worked for me... I hope it does for you too.


I find the fact that a strong creamy sweet cup of coffee is considered good quality by all people is kinda odd. More odd than all people liking sweet fruity lemonade. In this game it would have been nice when the coffee could have been too sweet, or too creamy? Or maybe when people just had different tastes?

Further nice presentation, good gameplay.


I was stormd by some nazi storm troopers at level 1000 and adolf hitler closed my stand!


How do I upgrade my mocha


w00t, i got the pope to come on day 3, 2 times on day 6, 2 on day 8, and a grand total of!!!!! 1,188.30!!!

i found it best to start out with max ingredients. and go from there. :)


The pope comes way to much I got him on:
5, 7, 8, 9, 13 (twice).
It your be cool if there could be more special chracters.
The "Limited By" is a nice feature.
Fix the price slider to hard to control quickly.
Rep bar is to easy to max out, I got it on the 3rd or 4th day.
Fix the high scores.
Good game other wise.


Hi. I'm the Coffee Shop programmer. My sincere apologies for the bug in the high score table. It's fixed now!

Spector17, I hear you about reputation being too easy to gain. I'm considering tuning that.

And I, too, would like to make the price slider easier to control. I could make it bigger, I suppose. What do you think?


Jeff just have a plus and minus sign on the bar, no need to make it bigger


I only managed to get the pope twice. It wasn't a big whoop. Although, I did manage to do something that I personally found a lot more entertaining.

If you sell your coffee with a really bad recipe. Perhaps no sugar, minimal milk and a lot of coffee (I don't remember how I did it exactly) you can make your customers vomit. My favorite is the little old lady.

That entertained me for the remainder of the "day" since I couldn't change the recipe till the day ended. I say give it a try, you might get a kick out of it.


Yay for vomit!

Um, yeah. I liked this one, once I finally figured out that "quality" to a game is not really what would be considered a good cup of coffee to all people (i.e. me)
sucked however that even after the high score table was fixed, it still shows my score as $0.00 instead of the $1217 it was supposed to.
Que sera sera.


Hi wendy. The high score table fix takes a little time to roll out via the server. It should get through early Monday.


Oh man, now I feel like an idiot. Sorry, Jeff.


Jeff -

I'm running Ubuntu with Firefox. Every time I try running Coffee Shop (within the browser), I get a big panel that just says "Error" in the corner of it. I get this using both adobe flash plugin and gnash plugin. Any thoughts?
(I'm sort of a linux newbie, just fyi)

- Crawford


Wow you can even make money selling horrible sludge.

I find it rather hard to get popularity below -50-something. Much harder than getting to 100 actually. It seems to happen because the rating is only influenced after someone bought coffee, not if the price is too high. In other words, its rather hard to lose this game.

Fred M. Sloniker November 18, 2007 6:49 AM

Since the designers are apparently reading here, I'll mention a bug that I noticed (I already mailed it in, but I'm not 100% sure the mail got through): calculations for how many cups you can make with a given recipe appear to be a bit wonky, with rounding errors of some sort. Specifically, when I maxed out all the 'quality' sliders, giving a 1-4-2-4 ratio of ingredients, buying 10-40-20-40 should let me make ten cups, but it only let me make nine. Also, fiddling with the sliders would sometimes indicate that the number of cups I could make was going up or down (if I was adjusting the restricting ingredient) even if the actual displayed value hadn't yet changed. On a related note, I'm not a coffee drinker, so I don't know if the 'best' recipe passes a sanity check: can you really make a beverage you'd call coffee with two whole cups of milk? That seems like a lot.


great game.
but how come everyone in this $10 coffee world is white?


Heres a tip for beginners. People love it when its creamy and sweet but not to sweet


i made the pope barf in his hat... whoooo!


Yo! I sorta got hung up on this game. I like it.
I got 969.50 score, by reducing the quality of the coffie the last three days, and selling it overprised (at like 9.5 or so) people are puking and stuff, but it wont affect the the score.

I wish there could be a "regret" button or something, for when you buy ekstra milk (or something), and you suddenly see the consecuensens is that you cant buy any more cups or something like that.


Thanks for the reply Josh.
yes, the pope definatly come to much I got him um I think 5-7 times.
Ca you make the game harder, don't let the people buy $10 coffee. Would it be possible for the weather to gradualy change, so you don't have 78 degrees one day and 20 the next.
I like the puking :)

Great game, I love it.


One more thing, I just got 0% of your coffee has gone stale.
I know its random, so I think you should change that.


i can't start the 2nd day? the "start the day"button is greyed out!!

any help!?


Hi Crawford. The crazy "Error" message seems to come up for users who have older versions of the Adobe Flash Player installed. Try upgrading to the latest version.


It's not loading or something - I get people wandering back and forth when I hit Play, then that just goes on for EVER??


Haha! I had four popes at once. My coffee must be really awesome.


Just missed $900. Maxed out ingredients per cup and started at $5 per cup for 10 cups, then went up by a quarter each round unless it was warm, then I held the price, all the way up to $8. However, I got lucky with a lot of cold days. I've had other rounds with mostly hot days and got screwed.


I've got the same error as Crawford, also running Ubuntu. I'm pretty sure I've got the most recent version of flash available for linux. Appears in both Opera and Firefox :(


Actually, it looks like I've got a newer version of Flash than is available for windows or mac:


Infinite mode (or even 100 Days) would be cool, but would definitely need more frills, like money to be spent on advertising, or buying a location with more foot traffic or a fridge for the milk or something.

snowmagnolias December 2, 2007 5:07 AM

Haha this game was funny!
I took the vomiting advice and mixed it with the high income advice...and I got the pope to visit me on my last day, pay 10 dollars for a cup of really good tea and still vomit! The pope vomited in his hat! It was really interesting! (Maybe it made him sick that he paid so much for it)
I somehow fluctuated between really expensive weak coffee with zero ingredients on a few cold days to start me out at the cost of getting a temporary bad rep,(everyone vomiting at 5 dollars a cup or so) and mixed it with really cheap (5 cents) and yet really good quality coffees (for the rest of the time). Of course, I still made sure I earned enough to keep going (around 80 or 100) after the first few days. Really good coffee for 10 bucks can still make people vomit...which I find interesting (10 buck coffee sell-able only if you've got a pretty high rep).

Anyways, in the end with this combination of overpriced good coffee thanks to my blessings of freezing cold starting days, the pope (visiting of course thanks to my high rep grown by the ratio of low and high prices to control opinions) vomited his ten dollar gourmet coffee with others in front of my stand on my last day :-D.

Perk Me, Baby! December 30, 2007 1:17 AM

It seems that when a lot of customers are drinking in front of the stand, more customers are attracted to buy. Or is that just a glitch? :-)


Ha i got the pope on day 2!!!

just put everything all the way up on your recipe. it's expensive but it works

btw does anyone know how to get the people to vomit. like the exact recipe. i cant get it


To make everyone barf, nikki...

keep the ingredients to the minimum (like making the coffee just like colored water) and raise the prices...

It really is fun to make everyone barf. Haha!


I got 2 popes in one day!!! Wahoooo!!!!


the strangest thing in this game is that 60 degrees is "cool"!! that's not celcius, i hope. lol


LOL at you Diego, where do you live? Pluto?
And your cel*S*ius joke is just absurd.

Great game by the way.


I didn't see that as a joke, Jim. I think many people in the US think that degrees can only mean Fahrenheit when, in fact, most other countries have adopted Celsius as the primary scale for all temperature measurement.


I don't know how you guys get up in the thousands in profit. the most i can make is $500.

Get your rep up to make people buy coffee at high prices.

I got my rep up really high and got bored so I decided to play with the recipe. I made it an awful mix. At this point of course the Pope decides to show up!!

Watching him throw up in his hat is hilarious!!



With all honestly, completely and truly, I think this game is extremely overrated. People keep saying it is polished or upgraded, but the only thing going for it really is that I guess it looks nice graphically, and I guess there are pretty graphs.
Although I do admit that the little things like the vomit and the popes are rather nice, I fail to see much that is polished or upgraded about it. It seems really basic to me, without even a fast forward button like in the oldest/most badly drawn version I recall playing, nothing other than the basic three ingredients the somewhat erratic weather with a set amount of days in a set area with people who have a somewhat illogical and identical set taste.
I mean, there is even less control on the few options left for us to control, what with the shiny sliders. I understand that the slider problem has been taken into consideration (I think), but it was not the best idea!

I was amused by this game for about two playthroughs, but there's just so many things that are so not-great about this game, I don't see how it got popular at all when there have already been so many other better lemonade stand clones.


What's wrong with this game? Can anyone kindly direct me to a site where it is possible to play.... there seems to be some type of error where the game can't be opened on several websites (including the link to this one) & the game can't be played :-( HELP!!!

[Edit: Seems as if you're having a local issue that's preventing you from playing, because the links above work fine. Try updating your Flash Player, and if that doesn't help, try disabling any extensions you may have running in your browser. -Jay]


The following is just a suggestion for those having a hard time getting started.

PREP MODE TIP - You start with $30, I suggest buying:

25 units/ cups
40 tsp/ coffee
20 cups/ milk
50 tsp/ sugar

This will give you about 11 servings if you follow my recipe.

RECIPE TIP - For the price I'm going to recommend they seem to like the following recipe:

3.5 tsp/ coffee
1.7 cups/ milk
3.4 tsp/ sugar

I usually don't mess with the recipe at this point because it sells and it's good for the reputation.

PRICE TIP - If you want to make money everyday I usually slide the gauge between $4.10 on a warm day and $4.95 on a freezing day.

MISCELLANIOUS TIPS - I rarely sell more than 20 units per day, but buy enough ingredients for 20+ servings (just in case). Sliding the price up to $10 before the customer reaches the stand doesn't work.


I'm addicted to this game! :)


Great game! The only thing I would change is what is shown under 'inventory' during the day. I think it would be helpful to see how many more customers you can serve rather than the amount of everything you have left. (or maybe both?)
I really like this game!


Great game! The only thing I would change is what is shown under 'inventory' during the day. I think it would be helpful to see how many more customers you can serve rather than the amount of everything you have left. (or maybe both?)
I really like this game!


thanks daniel it works but not to much!!!!but thanks hmmm!!!


It'd be nice to be able to buy a fridge for the milk, and to be able to adjust the recipe during the day, plus maybe a few other upgrades, a longer run time, other locations, and a big one would be to be able to buy an iced coffee machine for hot days.


Can someone who got $1000 tell me how they did it???


I would like it better if it weren't so spontaneous.
Ill have the same recipe one day and they will love it, and then the next day, they hate it.


hey could someone please post how to make the pope visit me

dirtbiker82004 April 20, 2008 3:38 PM

i had 100% reputation since day 3 and never got the pope to visit me...

good games, but needs more extras and upgrades. maybe a way to keep the milk from spoiling? or new locations and more stuff to sell. rather than just coffee maybe iced coffee for hot days.


I love this game, however didn't get the pope to visit even after 4 days with 100% rep- seems weird when other people had him coming all the time! Game needs to be longer though with more options (cup/location/drink upgrades). Please bring out a second upgraded version?!



In order to get started with a good reputation, use a lot of milk, its cheap and the limit is pretty low, so first day buy 40 as use 2 cups


You can skip if you run out of inventory. Luv this game!

Inspiriit June 10, 2008 5:02 PM

Uhmm.. Unfortunately the Pope never showed up.
Though I did follow the Starbucks Style, and actually made it through the game.
So thanks for that.

So now for some feedback.
I think that you should have more diverse characters in the game.
And also more options, like other coffee products like Ice-Capps and ect.

Though great game!


Well I played this game many times and my winning recipe is to put all the ingredients up and at first buy the most possible for each one. Make the price about 7.00 and they will love it and your reputation will increase!


i cant get past day 6, whats wrong?


Wow, the updated version is great. You can fast forward, change price and look at scales and diagrams. I'm on day 124 and have made over $10,000.


Wow I got the pope on day 7! This really helped. Thanks!


What updated version? I don't see any updated version...


$152.50 with -52% rating :)


How do you get over $1000 on this game? Is there a certain recipe? Price? Please respond back :(


How do I get over $1000? Someone please tell me!


Sickness recipe:
Maxed out coffee and milk
No sugar
Price 7.00
LOL,i also passed 100.00 with sickness.
Coffee 3.7
Milk 0.3
Sugar 0.1

Emsalee April 5, 2009 4:51 AM

I made $150.90 with -47% reputation!

1tsps coffee
0cups milk
0tsps sugar
and charged at around $5 most of the time! LOL!:)


How do you get the pope to visit you?????
I already have the perfect recipie,but he never comes.
can someone tell me exactly how to get him to visit?


my stand is called tea shop


luvv this game but how the heck do you get 1000 dollars!? and i only got the pope once and i already had 100 reputation! and i would really like if you could make another game please because i really like this one but im getting bored of it. or maybe you could make it like 3d and we could actually see the inside of the coffee shop and actually make it ourselves kthanks :D

Cupcakegirl24 April 14, 2011 5:21 PM

OMG! I'm making everyone throw up! So funny! Especiall when the old lady throws up in her cup!

Cupcakegirl24 April 14, 2011 5:58 PM

I didn't get no freakin' Pope!
I played through the ENTIRE game, even had it so every person that came by stopped, and I didn't see no Pope! >:(

Cupcakegirl April 14, 2011 6:07 PM

OMG, I'm making everyone throw up! Apparently everyone likes to upchuck!

Kogoron May 8, 2011 3:35 AM

Wow, I like this game. My recipe was 4 tbsp of coffee, 2 cups of milk and 4 tbsp of sugar. Charged for $5.00 each and it was a success! Didn't get the Pope, though.


I got the pope on day 5 with a reputation of 98% :)


It's the strangest thing. I've been playing this game for years, and today was the first time I ever saw the pope. I was so confused I had to google it to make sure I wasn't seeing things. yippee!

Hello There! February 11, 2012 3:26 PM

I have no idea how you guys are finishing the game with 1000 dollars, but here's how I finished:

The Pope came on day 8, (what does the Pope do anyway?) and I finished with $520!(:


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